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File: ololol.jpg (283 KB, 300x1352)
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post em anons
Zbrusher here
Can I turn the details of a high poly sculpture into a texture to bake it into a low poly version of the same model?
I wish it was that easy to make textures for modern standards today. Yeah, SD is super powerful, but it can still take a while even if you know it well. At least there are plenty of free scanned resources available.

Idk if there are any boomers here, I got into this a few years ago, but I wonder how difficult it was to create 3D art back in the day. I'm sure it might have been harder because the software wasn't as evolved, but at the same time, graphics were much simpler as well, so maybe it balances out?
>Zbrusher here
>Can I turn the details of a high poly sculpture into a texture to bake it into a low poly version of the same model?
Yes. Yes you can.
Switch to the lower detail of the model (and i hope is something with less than 40.000 polys) and then go to Normal Map and Displacement Map submenus under TOOLS - make sure the model has a UV map and that´s at least 4096 resolution (UV Map submenu under TOOLS).
If you´re exporting to 3ds max, a warning: normal maps were created with game engines on mind, they work on max but usually screw up the model. Displacement, however, works wonders but will increase the rendertime i 9999% (depending on the shader you´re using).
Took a screencap. Thank you.
File: pixl8.jpg (649 KB, 2343x1807)
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649 KB JPG
You can use normal textures if you pixelate them. No resizing necessary. Just make sure that things aren't too detailed to begin with and focus on textures that read small to begin with.
Also set your interpolation to closest.
File: slightbumpmap.png (166 KB, 352x352)
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166 KB PNG
Good thread

I misunderstood your wording anon. I stared at that node group for several minutes trying to find where the hell were the normal maps, how they came into play at all. I thought I was crazy. Turns out you just meant "modern" textures, rather than NORMAL textures. Good fake out- I felt like an idiot

Then I started wondering about normal maps. The snap function destroys any use for them, normally. Bump maps still look alright if you tweak the dist and strength. But I'm not sure if I like the way it looks
Yeah I realized that after I posted.
I just meant high-res textures, you know your "normal" library, not specific textures formatted to look pixelated.
You're right that pixelation destroys normal maps, but if you're going for an older aesthetic, you wouldn't be using them in the first place, since they didn't start showing up in games and stuff until like 2003-4 (though I could be wrong).
At most you'd be using diffuse textures, specular and, maybe, bump. Only thing about bump is they weren't common unless filtered. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the pixelation.
File: Paint over process.jpg (309 KB, 2052x1326)
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File: hair4hy.jpg (293 KB, 1000x1000)
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293 KB JPG
At that point you might as well go full early 2000s 3D artist
File: polygon design.jpg (945 KB, 1000x1440)
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945 KB JPG
Does anyone have the video tutorial where this was done?
File: bullet.jpg (386 KB, 600x1200)
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File: screw.jpg (107 KB, 512x512)
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File: esd.jpg (121 KB, 200x900)
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File: AVHiss.png (257 KB, 256x256)
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257 KB PNG
I got into w3d model texturing a year ago on & off using GIMP. Noticed the Overlay filter produces burns, could be the lower layer the culprit but it worked fine before (pic related).

Is there a lighting tool in any app that simulates height\normal maps? Would cut alot of work for me, I'm not good in manual work & don't have much persistence to learn nuance & whatnot.
File: ScreenShot01.png (2.73 MB, 1245x765)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
my mouse is broken so I didn't work on it for a while, could still use the input
forgot to mention I'm limited to 3dsmax 8. Also I don't want to go thro baking & rendering cuz my PC doesn't have the specs

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