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File: 1594157136010.gif (1.28 MB, 330x312)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
>''Blendlet" shows 3 times on a single page

I'm proud of you /3/. Eradicate all blendlets now.

>And now that's 4
Worthless thread, but for a noble cause.

There we go, 5 Autodesklets vs 4 Blendlets, that's it, Autodesk is dead and finished. Now Blendlets rule le industry.
/3/ was a mistake.
fuck Houdiniggers
File: paul_mathias_padua.jpg (349 KB, 1800x1127)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
We just need one Fuhrer mod to ban the usurious Autodesk Tel Aviv jews. Then we can finally unite the entire world under our long-awaited FOSS Reich and have peace on Earth.
You seem to have forgotten that Blender ideals are essentially Eurosuprematist, pro-communist and neo-feminist.
They'll never make as many brave and stunning statements such as those coming from your twin-headed capitalist/marxist enterprises, though.
>We just need one Fuhrer mod to ban the usurious Autodesk Tel Aviv jews. Then we can finally unite the entire world under our long-awaited FOSS Reich and have peace on Earth.

Are you aware than Ton Roosendaal is jewish? That Juan Linietsky is also jewish? Because guess what? Jews are behind open source. Now cope Blendie.
>5 Autodesklets vs 4 Blendlets

You just added another blendlet you donut. That makes 5 adsk vs 5 blendlets.
Autodesk is a Jewish company that makes a Jewish product in a Jewish land for Jewish people with Jewish money.

If you were serious about your convictions you'd quit this Jewish industry and stop posting on this jewish internet that runs in Jewish advertising.
PS you probably have Jewish ancestry
File: 1590462899430.jpg (304 KB, 586x487)
304 KB
304 KB JPG




File: hitler-privato-6.jpg (53 KB, 591x800)
53 KB
You mad, autojew? You mad that I don't have to give money to those that want me dead if I don't wish to because FOSS? Yeah, you seethin' bro~
A thread died for this!?!?!?
File: 1413840953247.jpg (56 KB, 586x587)
56 KB
Requesting "blendlet" get wordfiltered to " https://www.blender.org/download/ "
Only turds.
>muh blender shill threads!!!
>making this thread
Where the fuck did you get that from?
>supporting blm terrorists
Instantly lose all the respect I have for companies/people that condone such violence without any fucking goal.
The goal is the eradication of the white race

I'm pretty sure Ton Rosenthal Khazarstein wants you dead too.
File: 1349438962392.jpg (70 KB, 483x409)
70 KB
Again, you still don't have to give money to him or his Foundation if you somehow believe it's indirectly going to help the BurnLootMurderers or some other cause.
i have the suspicion that so called "blendlets" are much like jews/minorities; they stage hate-crimes to paint reality in their own image.
while i'd say most autodesk users probably don't even engage in software wars, the ones that do have bit the bait.
based and redpilled...

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