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Any thoughts?
Looks like tons of fun. A big step to making animating less disgustingly frustrating.
This looks amazing.
Not worth it until dev plugins are fully realized. It works for anyone who can't animate that well but when you have a serious programming base with animation expertise it's nothing special. But the promised plugin capabilities are in fact worth it for reasons I won't share because you guys are fag poo poo heads. At that point it becomes the best software in the game.
I am not, you can tell me :D
Saw it years and years ago and was interested, but last time I heard about it, it either was unreleased, or didn't integrate with anything so it was pretty useless.
Something like that. I thought it was neat, but I didn't do character anim back then, and still don't for the most part. Still, it has me interested.

Don't know if it's usable in anything yet though. Still seems like a proof of concept / early access product.
It's nice and all that it's free for now while it's still in beta but I'm dreading when announce the inevitable subscription license.
Haven't really looked at in depth, but it seems like it is basically an automated inbetweener for cg.

Probably not advanced enough for AAA content, but for lower quality animation it seems like it might increase productivity substantially.
The auto-pose tool is insane.
It's clearly still in development as you can only work with FBX and DAE. It's a fantastic tool for quick animation blocking but getting that animation in another software requires some technical skills. Same goes for importing multiple characters.
Holy Crap it is op Linux. I think I may try it out

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