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File: 255319fd628948eb5d.jpg (133 KB, 1918x1080)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Hi, I come from /ic/. I was thinking of picking up 3D mainly because I am motivated by Custom Udon's works. How difficult would it be to make work similar to his and how long will it take to reach his level?
Not difficult. If you can make this in 2d already you're halfway there. You're probably looking at 2-3 years if not.
the 3d part, making the mesh isn't too difficult, shouldn't take more than a few months to learn
if you can draw and paint like this then texturing it should be pretty easy and straightforward
if you can't, well then no idea
>Custom Udon
What the fuck is this pedo shit?

>You're probably looking at 2-3 years if not.

OP, fuck off.

Alright thanks...Is the CGMA 3D character track a good place to start? I was going to give my Friday night,Saturday, and Sunday a test run to see if I even like learning 3D or not.

It's loli, I should have put a warning?
>doesn't appreciate cunny
you're not gonna make it. Stick to sculpting disgusting nigger faces
Whatever helps you learn. The hardest slope to climb at the start will be using software as 3D programs are quite cumbersome to new users. You don't really start creating anything until you have a moderate understanding of how the process works and what you're capable of inside of a software.
>getting me to google custom udon
pedos get the rope, be gone filthy cripple
File: nipple lights.jpg (168 KB, 1920x1080)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>Hi, I come from /ic/.
Oh brother
>I am motivated by Custom Udon's works.
Those are for animation or realtime only, and it´s a LOT of work. The model needs to have a duplicate inverse mesh for the ink effect (actually easy if you know what you´re doing) but most hair strands have their own bones and the rigging needs to follow the engine limitations and scale were the model´s going to be exported - but if it´s only for render and not realtime, the best works are made in Maya and you´ll be dealing with a different beast altogether. In any case, you´d have to choose a animation package, a modelling one and stick to them until you at least understant the concepts of sculpting, texturing, remeshing, rigging and animation. Your best bet is to go with Zbrush or simple use DAZ and use models and scenarios already modeled by third parties. MMD is also a good bet for you.
Make sure you try out sculpting, particularly in a program like Blender or Mudbox where it's fun and easy for anyone to pick up.
Epstein didn't kill himself, but you totally should
Go back to IC, you don't know what your talking about.
gtfo with your filth, degenerate twig
Alright then, thanks.

There is a lot of work that goes into 2D, too. If it’s software that I have to learn before I can make anything then the logic behind 3D might be something that I would have a better time with.

Thanks guys, I’ll figure out from here.
File: pull main.jpg (1.52 MB, 3072x1780)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
So this is how we can smoke normalfags who come to /3/ just to shitpost and pozzed social media/"industry"fags out.
Who are you quoting?
Calm down, anon.
I shall now hijack your thread for a bit and show you how to make a fully rigged and animated 3d loli - not that i would fap for the material, you understand, that would be illegal.
First, you DO start with the actual 2D material, i´ll provide with one that i created myself, that is used as reference inside the 3d program. We´ll begin with sculpting in Zbrush. We´ll call her lil loli trollch... we´ll call her Trollolichan.
For all that´s worth, she has a 12 yo body but legally she´s 18.
Remember: legally, they´re ALWAYS 18.
File: Scale_Screenshot.jpg (28 KB, 427x702)
28 KB
As a rule, i first load my 'scale' model before adding the initial elements, and simple reescale a copy to the arbitrary size of what i think might be a 18 year old child who didn´t grew up quite right.
I know what you´re thinking: 'then why don´t use her, then?' Well... she do have quite a few broken polys, to tell the truth, so we might as well reinvent the wheel. Luck for us, i am used to reinvent wheels all the time.
File: 1545756617336.jpg (33 KB, 644x459)
33 KB
Posters №.759328, 759339, 759410, 759427 and 759459, in a mockingly summarizing way.
Now give me your corn dog or else I will take your hat off your head.
Alternatively, you can post Klown Kunny Klassic or fairy onaholes in 3D.
The choice is yours.
This pedophile scum still believes he can hide behind the "they are fictional!" defense. How pathetic.
File: Trollolichan step01.jpg (69 KB, 1127x852)
69 KB
We snapshot the younger version and replace the bitmaps with the reference sketch - do notice that the only similarities on the models are the heigh, which is exactly what we want. Now, we add a ball - a Dynamesh ball with 16 points of resolution, used for the rough sculpt.
File: Trollolichan step02.jpg (51 KB, 890x708)
51 KB
Pulling and inflating the dynamesh will slowly give shape to her.
It´s like seeing a fetus growing from an evil dimension.
File: NicholasCage.jpg (890 KB, 2044x1466)
890 KB
890 KB JPG

You might just be the first nonce who uses zbrush instead of blendaaaaah to sculpt little girls.
No wonder everything you make turns out like spaghetti if this is what you're starting with. How is such a low poly base mesh already a complete fucking disaster?

I didn't think you'd actually give an example...

Anyway, I decided not to pursue 3D and give 2D one last chance before I hit the give-up button for good. I put myself in credit card debt for some courses for the fall semester and I hope it helps my pressing problems. I would really like to start my own webcomic one day and I can't really do that with 3D. But If I just can't do 2D no matter what I try then maybe it's not meant to be but I'll see with this one last attempt.
File: 2017 smallbatch.jpg (920 KB, 2256x1805)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
I guess I can post my drawings before I leave this thread. I've been depressed with my progression so that's why I was leaning to the option. This is from 2017..
File: 2018.jpg (421 KB, 1546x1258)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
File: 2019.jpg (628 KB, 2060x1728)
628 KB
628 KB JPG
File: ergeofgreat.jpg (37 KB, 800x450)
37 KB
wth happend in 2019
File: 2020.jpg (650 KB, 1970x1643)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
this year

As you can see at some point I regressed. 2016-2017 I was NEET but it was a depressing time yet somehow I managed to improve from 2014 and 2015, then I became a wagie in 2018 and peaked mid-2018 and ever since I just couldn't improve
probably depression even up to this year
File: 1596303808956.png (33 KB, 626x256)
33 KB
/ic/ more like i c cunny
learn the difference between made-up and reality, stop projecting and kys pedo!

>learn the difference between made-up and reality
I know the difference very well. Why do you choose sexual portrayals of children to look at, instead of, say, middle-aged women? The answer is obvious: because you are sexually attracted to children. In other words, because you are a pedophile. You may try to disguise it by limiting yourself to the consumption of fictional pornography, but the objects of your attraction are still children. You are sick, perverted, and a disgrace to the human species. Kill yourself before you hurt another human being, pedophile.
Nigga no child was born in photoshop. Your Wacom pen did not impregnate the womb of your scratch disk to birth health young baby girls. No laws apply, at least in countries that matter, to thought crimes imagined on a blank sheet of paper. No real children were hurt in the process of drawing.
File: GHW60_01.jpg (37 KB, 800x800)
37 KB
I looked up the Barbie website to see if this is real. There is now a black barbie doll with a prosthetic leg. They also chunked up the limbs of all the new dolls so I guess the pressure campaign worked.
You completely missed the point.
I probably did. I’m hungry.
File: lacreatura.png (141 KB, 490x354)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
I'm attracted to idealized fantastical sexy, if in the future those creature exist irl, just like how a barbie doll would, maybe then I'd go to jail (not! because then I'd be diddling an android)
>You are sick, perverted, and a disgrace to the human species
be subtle when you project at least? come on now, just.. stay away from human species and vent on fiction just like a psycho would in minecraft or maybe do it like desperate junkie snorting a heroin-like powder (flour, in your case: turnip, try it lol)

this is such a weak defense, jk.
the strongest out there though, are "no real children were hurt in the process" said by none other than fbi themselves. search for fbi 3d pedo sting operation, save those video just in case and you're immune from prosecution of victimless thought crime, or let them, get millions out of lawsuit.

woke af..
>b-but it's fiction!
Yeah, good one. That's not the issue and you know it, pedophile. Stay away from my kids.
get this fucking shit out of here
File: Trollolichan step03.jpg (144 KB, 1475x858)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
...were was i?
Ah, yes, little girls.
Totally off grid when i opened the file, i was raging and wanted to kill Pixologic when i thougt to myself: "There is a slim chance that there is a butt..." - ah, fuck narratives. DRAW/SNAP/SNAP TO MESH button.
Next will be 32 resolution instead of 16.
Aren't you that anon from /ic/ who does the trollchan comic stuff? You don't stand out that much but blend in the meme culture.
You know I figured it out. I come from more of a trad background first and liked the nature of drawing with the side of the pencil/a more charcoal look to my drawings. I used Corel Painter over CSP but as a result, my sketches became stiff and lack the gesture quality it had in 2017-2018. I think if I recall I stopped using Corel because it was a pain in the ass with the PC I had at the time and very sluggish but I love its brush system customization and it felt like drawing on newsprint with charcoal.

I became more concerned with the construction that I missed a huge element in my leap of fluid looking poses. So all I need to do is dial back to 2018 and hopefully taking figure drawing in the fall will help propel my understanding. Sage for off-topic....sorry gomen nasai
File: 0xZfMIy.jpg (232 KB, 1600x2000)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Here is more copies of some other artist as practice for example but I love how sketchy/loose it is. I might give painter a try again or just switch to newsprint for a few years.
I mean I used CSP* over Corel painter after 2018 but as a result...sage
Yikes nevermind I now know why I hate corel again. It's not even using my fucking GPU. Newsprint it is.
File: Trollolichan step04.jpg (129 KB, 1460x858)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I am deep in 32 point resolution Dynamesh and this is still not enough for 5 fingers and toes, or eyelids and lips.
64 will be the next, and it better be enough to add all the fingers and toes without them melting together 'because dynamesh'. Dynamesh is for adding appendages or holes to the mesh, and as soon as those are in, i´m done with it and will go to normal sculpt.
Usually that happens in resolutions of 128 or even worse, 256 points - the memory gives up after that so i never did anything higher (the slider goes to numbers i never had the guts to try like over 9000, they must use that to blow up CPUS).
>thats not le issue, missed le goalpost and you know it
haha got you, go ahead and check what you posted above, bet you didn't even notice that you're are the only one that consider real human child CAN be sexually attractive!
hmmhmm all that projection and in the end the reason you can never accept that fiction =! real is because you already crossed the line huh?
omg you're a child molester, fffuuckk you monster, stay away from your child but please don't kys, cripple your ass instead and suffer for the rest of your life!!!
Just once I'd like to see your non shitpost work 3d guy
lmao, what a big brain. Of course that children can be sexually attractive... to pedophiles. Not to sane people. That is very much obvious.
i see you're making a horror game
lol that anatomy, man dont use 2d images for proportions
File: pedojew-alan-ginsburg.jpg (104 KB, 700x700)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Projecting projection
File: 159224086422.jpg (68 KB, 512x288)
68 KB
Hey little girly! You gotta be 18 to post on the four, didn’t you know? Come back in 2 years and then you can blend my blender if you know what I mean wink wink
File: 1593605726689.png (196 KB, 677x440)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>mfw there are people who unironically live like this
lol the pedo's legitimately driving himself insane now.

there's no such thing as a "lolicon", dude. it's just an euphemism for pedophile. jerking off to a drawing instead of a photo does not change what your sexual desires are. a dude that jerks off to tom of finland artwork instead of real men is still just gay, not a "fagocon".

just go get professional help already instead of vomiting your various mental illnesses all over a 3dcg board.
>feeling insane then attributing it to other: projection
yup, jerking of is the same as having actual sex, by that (((logic))):
- thinking of having sex with someone is rape
- eating meat-like veggie is carnivorous
- killing people in minecraft is murder.
good goy!
I like how you described your whole life and interests in 3 sentences.
pretty sure there are some people who jack off to gay shit even if they're not actually gay.
jacking off to porn is like picking your flavor of the day. Loli, trap and shit is like that.
If you cant differ real life and 2D you need fucking help. This is like saying playing video games causes violence.
>yup, jerking of is the same as having actual sex
no, jerking off to something is the evidence of attraction. terms like pedophilia, homosexuality etc are all defined by the presence of sexual attraction, whether or not "actual sex" ever takes place. sexual attraction to a drawing of superman would still make you gay.

when you publicly announce your attraction to fictional children, you are straightforwardly admitting to being a pedophile. you're just a pedophile who hasn't raped any kids - yet.
>a clearly oveeweight barrel-like bodyshape is the US standard average woman
Holy shit its real.
>pretty sure there are some people who jack off to gay shit even if they're not actually gay.
there is literally nothing more to being gay than being aroused by "gay shit". that's it. if you turned on a gay porno and your dick got hard, congratulations, you're at least bi.

>If you cant differ real life and 2D you need fucking help.
you're the one that needs help if you feel the need to pretend certain parts of your life "don't count". like, "i jerk off to gay porn daily but that's NOT REAL so i'm still straight". of course it's real. it's really you really experiencing real homosexual attraction. you're just lying to yourself.

>This is like saying playing video games causes violence.
no, it's like saying playing video games means you're a video game player.
Wow i jacked off to insect and tentacle porn. So that must mean i want to fuck insects and tentacles?
Alright. Im off to the forest to catch some fucking insects and put it in my ass and buy some octopus to fuck me in every hole imaginable.
>if i'm attracted to X does that mean i'm attracted to X?

when you fantasize about fucking children, that's because you want to fuck children. that's what "fantasy" means. a fantasy is a thing you want.

i don't know which part of this you're having trouble with.
surely a rational person is gonna fuck an insect, octopus or a children in real life.
Get fucking over it. Theres people who jack off to the stupidest and degenerate shit possible that dont see attraction to the real thing.

Now if you'll excuse me i just jacked off to moth porn hentai i must catch a moth so she can suck my dick
File: 1594931259269.jpg (35 KB, 605x474)
35 KB
yeah say what you wish but i aint gonna touch a child in real life because something looks like a child in a drawing.

>actually molesting kids
yeah why dont you tell that to people in pride rallies kissing children? Too chicken?
A plague on your houses, kiddy diddlers
>i aint gonna touch a child
dude, you just tried to defend your pedophilia with a giant wall of incomprehensible text that reads like timecube. your promises don't mean shit because you've already demonstrated that you're seriously delusional. unterated mental illness gets worse, not better.

and seeing as you're also dumber than a bag of hammers, i give you five years tops before you do something stupid and end up on a sex offender registry.
>implying thinking about sex, meal preference, and choice of entertainment is somewhat abnormal when it suits your agenda, or so it thinks
proved my point instead, why thanks.

>sexual attraction to a drawing of superman would still make you gay
heh this default npc response,
How about something made-up, like trap? using your own (((logic))), a man jerking off to a tranny is gay, because a female-like trap CAN'T be a female, no matter how perfect it depict a female, a trap got a benis, like superman does. Still follow?
by rules you set yourself, a made-up child like loli and barbie CAN'T be a child. first it's not even a person to begin with, they don't grow up like a child, and they don't even exist, like one in a billion of billion chance of ever actually meeting one.
stop trying to scapegoat lolita complex you pedo! No matter how hard you project, the only one that views real children as target for sexual attraction has always been you.

>when you publicly announce your attraction to fictional children, you are straightforwardly admitting to being a pedophile. you're just a pedophile who hasn't raped any kids - yet.
now how does attraction equates action in the first place? a guess? god forbid, a personal experience? you've done the deed didn't you, you monster.
If you can't differentiate between fiction and reality, you're the one with mental illness. Same mental illness with those that actually kills people for drawing a cartoon of their made-up god, because to them, their fiction is reality.
>a person who wants to fuck kids is a pedophile you want to fuck kids therefore, you are a pedophile
1. aggree
2. I don't, you are
3. am not, you are,
damn can't be more obvious this is a projection right? you're waay too excited and a bit too on the nose with all that "fucking kids", "rape a kid", "sexual child", sick fuck.
oh look, another wall of text brimming with untreated mental illness. everyone's a pedophile except the guy who proudly admits that he jerks off to pictures of kids.

>If you can't differentiate between fiction and reality
sure i can. "i'm not a pedo, i'm a lolicon" is fiction. not a single person on this planet that's not a pedo believes that shit. the reality is that you jerk off to drawings of children because you want to fuck children.

i'm not going to bother with your timecube ramblings but let me just point out this gem:
>and they don't even exist, like one in a billion of billion chance of ever actually meeting one.
so, 1/10^18. those are the odds, in your estimation, of meeting a fictional person in real life. very low, but not zero. a fictional person. you're holding out hope.

how are you not yet institutionalized?
sorry, i just have to write more on this, because i'm only now realizing the implications. like, you just casually admitted you believe you have a non-zero chance of meeting a "loli" in real life. and then you'll be allowed to fuck it, because it will be a fantastical creature made flesh and not a human child. like "your honor, it wasn't child rape, because my victim is secretly fictional". that's your future defense that you're practicing in this thread.

this shit is unreal. please keep writing.
You're not stopping him from masturbating to lolis or judging him for it. For caring about what cartoons someone else jerks it to, you're only hurting yourself and wasting your own time. I don't go hunting for furries.

>that's your future defense that you're practicing in this thread.
You can draw one yourself, with a pen and paper. That anon's not going to burst through your wall
>aAAAAAaaagh, cute and FUNNY!!! AAAAaaGh!
and make you call the cops. This will never leave his room. You will never leave your room. You're both plenty virgin enough to use the salty /3/toon, might as well learn to get along.

OP, you're not going to learn to make models this stylised out of the box, learn the basics of whatever program you like the look of, learn some anatomy and go from there. This will take years to achieve, if you put in the work. If you don't put in the work and rant about what people masturbate to, it'll take even longer.
Just kys toddler fucker
It's the same shitposter on many other boards that I frequent (see loli pic -> KYS pedo). If you can trust your mod, then report. Otherwise, just hide and/or ignore.
OP, seek help. It's not too late.
Good luck OP
If you can't write anything /3/ related, leave the thread, and leave the board, autist.
Holy shit, where did all these pedophiles come from?
So practically everyone has to leave?
Seems like your board is secretly roaming with pedos
>non sequitur, ad hominem, appeal to authority, strawman, etc
nigg.. ahem I mean, culturally enriching person!
I had enough, fine bruh I take it all back: you are not crazy, you are not a pedo ok.
>an imaginary lolicon facing an imaginary judge, able to reason and talk by it's own
I'm. Living. Rent. Free. Inside. Your. Head.
>this shit is unreal. please keep writing
Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder!
JK, it's externally induced, you'll be fine.

>write more, shit's pure gold
glad you like it
>my choice of entertainment
surely not "muh trollz" but proper entertainment like brainstorming? elenchus? bantz?
splendid, lets play!
No "ACAB" or "lmao tldr" chimpin , No 2+2=5 <inductive-reasoning>, No anecdotes, No more PROBABLE conclusion.
A rationalist like you deserve a superior <deductive-reasoning> where the argument must be both VALID and SOUND in order for the conclusion to always be CERTAIN.

buckle up fren, shit's about to get real.
none of that COVID bullshit (Copperfield David)
there will be no tricks
there will be no sleight of hand
there will be no smokes and mirror
there will be no edit
all angle covered
free popcorn
***clears throat***
***rolls sleeve***
***cracks knuckle***
.../run <earworm.exe>
Take your meds.

Okay lets revue w

This one yours?
>...one's attraction determines one's nature depending on the target (PRINCIPLE).

>...Even if the male portrayed were fictional (literal/metaphorical), the gender itself exist and is real, palpable and inherent. (PREMISE)
>...Therefore when it comes to attraction based on gender, a male jerking off to a portrayal of another male is CERTAINLY homosexual (CONCLUSION)
>...Even if the sexually-immature-person portrayed were fictional (literal, metaphorical) biological-immaturity itself exist and is real, palpable and inherent. (PREMISE)
>...Therefore when it comes to attraction based on biological-maturity, jerking of to a portrayal of biological-immaturity is CERTAINLY pedosexual (CONCLUSION)

Excluded age-based attraction: it easily allows things such biologically-immature-adult and it's fictional counterpart like say, a 5000 year old vampire loli.
after all, a fictional age is simply a lie (untrue), and therefore this one is a FALSE PREMISE.

ALL Premises independent and TRUE, validity checked.
ALL Logic proper and congruent, soundness checked.
ALL Conclusion therefore based and supermanpilled!
... Principle is (TRUTH) and therefore MORAL

***free popcorn:
stay calm, take your time, be sure that I'm not doing anything funny with semantics and fallacies in your argument above, tell me when you're satisfied then we move on to the next stage, though I'll be impressed if you can continue with this thing yourself, I discourage dogmatism. And don't disappoint me, you said you're here to have fun.
Cool? This way, the odds for me refuting this argument are CERTAINLY NOT in my favor.
Sweeten the pot, punter!
How about this one?

1. One's objects of sexual attraction exemplify the nature of one's sexual philia.
2. One's objects of sexual attraction are characterized by features of sexual immaturity.
3. (1, 2) Therefore, the nature of one's sexual philia is characterized by attraction towards individuals with features of sexual immaturity.
4. None of these features are found in sexually mature individuals, that is, in adults.
5. (3, 4) Therefore, one's sexual philia is by nature directed towards features that can be found only in children, not in adults.
6. It is not possible to experience attraction to intrinsic features of an individual without experiencing attraction to the individual themself.
7. Sexual immaturity is an intrinsic feature of children.
8. (5, 7) Sexual immaturity is typified by children.
9. (6-8) Therefore, experiencing attraction to sexual immaturity typified by children implies experiencing attraction towards children.
10. (1, 9) Therefore, one's sexual philia is by nature directed towards children.
11. Corollary, one's sexual philia is an example of pedophilia.
>one's attraction determines one's nature depending on the target
no. nobody said anything about "nature". pedophilia is simply the name for sexual attraction to children. "lolicon" is a japanese euphemism for the same thing and not a distinct form of attraction.
>Even if the male portrayed were fictional (literal/metaphorical), the gender itself exist and is real, palpable and inherent
no. the "reality of gender" is irrelevant. the point is that sexual attraction by a man to masculine traits, however depicted, is homosexual by definition.
>Therefore when it comes to attraction based on gender, a male jerking off to a portrayal of another male is CERTAINLY homosexual
no. firstly, he is only presumably homosexual, as in he can be assumed to be homosexual to the extent that his masturbatory act can be assumed to be motivated by real sexual desire for the subject depicted. one could obviously fake attraction. secondly, he is not homosexual because "the palpable reality of the drawing's gender" (???) "determines his nature" (???), but because, again, attraction to the features of a man is what homosexuality is. the drawing of superman is simply a symbolic portrayal of the masculine - but then again, so is a photo of a man, or a memory of a man, and even any direct interaction with a real man is necessarily mediated by the realm of the symbolic. this is why this notion of being only into "the idealized, fantastical" version of something and not "the real thing" is nonsensical - because if you were in love with a real man your love would be still directed precisely at the idealized and the fantastical. the active molester sneaking into a child's room at night is also very much in pursuit of the "idealized, fantastical" child. nobody ever wants the real thing because the real thing is just meat.

after all that ridiculous anime-villain posturing about the destructive power of your intellect you sure seem to struggle with the basics.
still here OP? custom udon didn't make his own model.
That's a ripped model from a game: 3dCustomGirl
udon mainly works on appeal, proportion, costume, texture (just color really, for NPR), hair, rigging, animating, render.

But before you delve deeper into 3D,
since you said you're making a webtoon: you might want consider 2.5D approach
in /3 such thing is considered a hack, in /ic it's called a cheat.

you're basically tracing a 3D render, post process such as: fixing lineart, complexion, planes(highlight, halftone, midtone, shadows), light(environment, bounce, etc), back/foreground, etc etc.

Look for 3d software like designdoll or vroid.

that takes care of it, our entertainment is now <related to /3>
sorry for the slow reply btw, just the same old /3's
crawling pace, you know hump day and all that.

let's see what you got:
>examples, exemplify, typify, corollary

so what, right? it's an inductive-reasoning which is why it can't be helped I guess, just pointing out that the conclusion from this argument will be a probability, not certainty, just like those barbiefographic.

abduction-hypothesis, deduction, finally an induction.
A complete empirical cycle! WTH mate, I'm not even mad 0_0

>4. 7. 8. 9.
I recommend using biological-maturity instead of sexual maturity, for reason I'll explain on next quotation.

Other than that,
ALL premises strong,
ALL conclusion cogent,
Argument therefore HIGHLY PROBABLE.
based and philliapilled!
>ridiculous anime-villain, destructive power of intellect, struggle with the basics.
Did that anime-villain loli scared you??? are you not entertained???

JK my bad.
Sorry anon, maybe I should've made it clear that we're now simply agreeing/disagreeing on the words usage, so that we speak the same language, then properly discuss the idea. So far so good I say.

I thought "One's Nature" was pretty good, its an all encompassing terms for life in general.
But nice one really. Avoiding misuse of semantics I like it,

so like this?
>...Portrayals includes = literal, metaphorical, symbolic, fictional(stylized, fantastical, realistic), memory, accounts, creative, narrative et al within the realm of possible means of expression including REALITY.
>...Biological-Traits includes = biological-sex, gene, skeletal, dental, et al related to biology found on any species (human, animal, plants that reproduces sexually or asexually) including their states such as mature or immature, imagined or factual.
>...Gender-Traits= masculine-traits/feminine-traits, sex-organ, chromosomal-makeup, et al related to things that immutably determine one's gender including their states such as being past or present, fictional or real, imagined or factual.

All logically equivalent, independent, comparable (apple to apple),
premises validity intact.
conclusions remain sound

no more assumption within assumptions, you now have:

>a biological-adult jerking off to a portrayal of an immature biological-traits is a certain proof that the person is pedophile
>a biological-male jerking off to a portrayal of a masculine-gender-traits is a certain proof that the person is gay
>***portrayal be it fictional or real, is irrelevant
(deduction: valid and sound)

>-Sexual-Attraction = -phillia = -con = X
>for ALL X, X is X (Law of Identity, bloody based)
(induction: strong and cogent)

what's your take on it anon? If you're confident, next will be my turn.
File: 1595848498258.jpg (717 KB, 1242x1288)
717 KB
717 KB JPG
>Seems like your board is secretly roaming with pedos

Anime girls look nothing like real women. That's the part of the appeal. Their huge eyes, thin necks, often slim and weird body proportions would look gross on a real woman.

Just look at how trannies are portrayed in anime. They look exactly like anime girls but get called males. Black girls in anime all have straight hair and same facial features as all the other races.
>Black girls in anime all have straight hair and same facial features as all the other races.

Might as well. I haven’t even seen my own mothers natural hair and I lived with her all my life. Black women are the most deceptive about their appearance.
>Might as well. I haven’t even seen my own mothers natural hair and I lived with her all my life. Black women are the most deceptive about their appearance.

There is no way that you are actually black when you are not even speaking in ebonics.
lol, what a retard. Go back to /pol/
>lol, what a retard. Go back to /pol/

As soon as you go back to Africa.
I'm not him, huite.
Tell me something to say and I’ll say it on vocaroo and you guess if I’m black or not
Not the huwhite bigot, but since you are offering a Vocaroo, I'd ask that you say this:

"Stop promoting your fucking shitty open source projects!

We need some fucking janitors to ban these Blender, Godot and other threads.

KYS shill!"
>you might want consider 2.5D approach
not that anon, but do you have any good looking examples of that? Every time I saw a 3d model trace in a comic I could tell it was a 3d trace right away, they don't look good.
The only good use of 3d models used for 2d drawing in a comic were background objects in a manga (things like chairs, stairs). I did not know they used 3d for them, until I read author notes. I think it was due to already primitive shapes and the comic being black and white. Anything western with colour, and especially characters just looks bad
>There is no way that you are actually black when you are not even speaking in ebonics.
not that guy, but years ago, I would think you are just another racist white guy, but now I can't tell, because you might as well be just some racist black guy shaming another black guy for sounding "too white".
>I would think you are just another racist white guy,

You are racist yourself for assuming that everyone who mocks blacks is of European descent. I could be Chinese, Indian, Lebanese or Mexican.

The worst "racists" I know aren't even "white".
>If you're confident, next will be my turn.
just write something or not, dummy. you've at this point spent several days writing walls of text about how you're going to unleash your superhuman intellect, any minute now, to reprogram everyone's brains into supporting drawn child pornography. you're not going to "scare" anyone this way - quite the opposite, all this larping of yours just oozes adolescent insecurity. you're just a comically verbose pedo in denial, and the only people that should be scared are the parents of small children in your area.

it has actually been "your turn" this entire time, and you've chosen to spend it performing the written equivalent of the star wars kid lightsaber dance. if you want people to stop treating you like a huge joke then curb all your neuroses and just write plainly whatever the fuck you think your point actually is instead of stalling.
Mods, just end this thread. You can find the information posted here anywhere else on the board, without it being buried by the same two autists arguing
hell man, where's the emotion
If you're OP you can use "OP here"?
>do you have any...
have some... but mybe later? uwu for now I just wanna cri

Imma hafta break this post in two, don't worry, I won't flee, I'll accept whatever outcome...
***breathes in***

anon I, I have a confession... the truth is..

the truth is... I cannot survive that...

I'm just a, just a nuts, a lolicon, I don' have superhuman destructive intellect it was all just a scam...
shit.. shit....
goddamnit, it's just like.. like you keep sealing my escape path you know..
it felt like you just keep making sure the chambers were bloody loaded with bullets, now the gun is certain to fire!!
not satisfied you keep testing it, covering it, foolproofing it...wth!
Aa-a I think I'm a seeing things
ooo... aaaooaaAAHH!!!
ii i It's hopeless, I can't!! I just can't!!
oh shit! oh shit! oh shit!

BUT WHYY ANON???!!! why this:

>just write something or not, dummy ... it has actually been "your turn" this entire time

Just like that you.. hand it over?
what do you think will happen?
...because you see anon,


Okay, now that it's in my hand

My thanks btw, this is now no longer a show, this is a holdup

Because the gun

Is aimed at you

Everyone else getcha popcorn ready


Just Kidding :D
Come now, enjoy every moment. Did /3 lives up to your expectation?
Speaking of which, there were other-anons that's rather quick on the uptake and they even gave you warnings, the signs were all over the place but you still choose to ignore it.
Use this special moment to reflect on yourself will you darling,
just think of this as a journey,
a personal trip to a clown world.

Let's not tarry any further:

My talking point:
...a make-believe-gender is a FICTIONAL-GENDER (premise)

now, one of your argument is... umm.. this one:
>...a man jerking off to a make-believe-female does not make him straight.
>...not straight means anything and abso-bloody-lutely everything BUT straight,
>...not bent, not half-bent, not assumed/typify/exemplify/corollarily-bent
>...no tricks, no sleigh of hand, no smokes and mirror.
>...For all straight: straight is straight. (conclusion)

And snap! you now have a new piece of information in your head, on the house.

another talking point:
...is a make-believe-gender: works of FICTION or works of NONFICTION?

Next will be your turn again,
oh, and heere, have your guns back,
don't worry just flashed it around a bit, still intact I promise, try using them wisely (on pedos, zoo, necro or whatever rope-deserving-logically-bankrupt enemies you had in mind, maybe even yourself)

Btw now, it's no longer a holdup,

welcome to a SISSY HYPNO session!

by all means sweetie, make the argument.
TL;DR of this thread:
Having sexy with kids is generally a bad idea and you should almost never do it.
this is definitely what i'm here for. paragraph after paragraph of deranged larping and then "the point" is fucking nothing.

>...a make-believe-gender is a FICTIONAL-GENDER
i addressed this days ago, dummy. none of this depends at all on the "reality" of gender, because your sex life is already mediated through the realm of symbolic fiction. the gayest gay man on planet earth who takes twelve dicks before breakfast is not attracted to the "reality" of the XY chromosome, he's attracted to abstract shit like strength, dominance, hardness and angularity of form and so on. he can get hard looking at a man, a drawing of a man, or the relentless pounding of industrial machinery in a car factory or something. these are all just access points for the fantasy of the masculine.

after all this time your big secret weapon was to write "i jerk off to kids but i'm not a pedo because the kids are make-believe" in this amazingly roundabout, incoherent way. this fig-leaf of "imagination" you hang on your lust for kids does nothing because all lust is always towards shit that's in your own head. it was "make-believe" for all the jailed kiddy diddlers as well. that's what sexual fantasy is.

incidentally: the novel "lolita" is about a guy who kidnaps and repeatedly molests a twelve-year-old girl because he believes her to be an embodiment of a fantastical creature of his own invention called a "nymphet". this literary example was then used by the japanese as an euphemism for pedophilia. so every time one of you psychos insists that you're into "lolis, not real children" you're unwittingly referencing a book about actual rape being committed in pursuit of "make-believe" attraction. your own vocabulary betrays you. no perfume will cover up this stench.

i know it's a waste of time to explain this again since you're dumb as fuck and can't read but maybe somebody else finds this stuff interesting.
>you should almost never do it.
apparently even just the shame of wanting to will drive you properly insane.

but i do like that you left yourself that little window.
>a dude that jerks off to tom of finland artwork instead of real men is still just gay, not a "fagocon".

>How about something made-up, like trap? using your own (((logic))), a man jerking off to a tranny is gay

Traps and Trannies are not the same you moron.
File: 614-1.jpg (83 KB, 600x800)
83 KB
>Holy shit, where did all these pedophiles come from?
File: honk4zombieapocalypse.jpg (103 KB, 336x342)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Never argue a greentext, because then you'll be talking to yourself,
And you think I'm making wall of text? check your word count then, compare it.

>muh lolita
ee gads anon, you're pretty knowledgeable when it comes to child molesting!
Projecting your personal taste?

>none of this depends on the "reality" of gender
>realm of symbolic
>abstract shit
>relentless pounding of industrial machinery
>muh dick
Kek. an abstract shit like a rhythm makes you imagine the real thing and that's accountable for a very much real accountability such as Copyright Law and Legal stuff?
To you it sounds logical right?

anon, if abstract shit makes you imagine a song, playing in your head, does it mean you break a Copyright Law?
The imagined voice sounds perfectly like the real one, that's not your real voice,
that's an imagined singer singing a real song so it must be held accountable, you are now a pirate.

That's lovely innit, it means a make-believe is a Fiction and Nonfiction simultaneously
both at the very same time! mutually contradictory, but correct anyway.

The magic of (((doublethinking))) I know you know it:
believing things can BOTH be true AND false simultaneously without contradiction.

Logical bankruptcy:
...A black person portraying a historically white person, accountable for real historical records
...A born-male playing pretend as a woman, accountable for real personal records
it sounds about right and Socially J u s t!
now listen to yourself:
>this is definitely what i'm here for
>i know it's a waste of time ... but maybe somebody else finds this stuff interesting

absolutely right my dear.
things can be interesting and dull
mutually true and false!
you are lovely

you are ready
transition peacefully
you want comedy, try this:

a very much real living and breathing pedophile and prosecutor


in your head
they are fighting
Of course he did. People screeching about loli on Twitter end up getting arrested for actual CP all the time or shady messages to underages.
File: YOTSUBA_STEP0.jpg (44 KB, 759x776)
44 KB
That´s because dumb mother fuckers actually get real CP pictures from /B/ and other sources, and store them in their user/pictures/realcp folder.
Police is dumb as fuck, unable to get a real criminal even with their resources, and those 'pedophiles' are able to get their dumb asses arrested because they forgot to delete their blatantly obvious cheesy pizza folder, and they go to jail virgins, without even touched another human being.
I´m not even kidding.
>an abstract shit like a rhythm makes you imagine the real thing and that's accountable for a very much real accountability such as Copyright Law and Legal stuff?
no, you dummy. pedophilia is attraction. you are not legally accountable for attraction, you are legally accountable for actions taken in pursuit of the attraction. this whole useless post is just your broken brain failing to make sense of the difference between a pedophile and a pedophile sex offender. you are the former on his way to becoming the latter, btw.

>things can be interesting and dull
>mutually true and false!
no, you dummy. i wrote that reading your meltdowns is fun, but that my responses are wasted on your diseased brain. there's no contradiction there, and you had to doctor the quotes to pretend there is, which is honestly just desperate.

>A born-male playing pretend as a woman
that's rich coming from someone who was born a pedophile but doesn't ~~identify~~ as one.

>rent free in your head
dude, you are a functionally illiterate 80 iq closeted pedophile with a host of crippling personality disorders. what i'm saying is, i WANT you in my head because you put things into perspective. i was all angry before about having to replace a dying hard drive but then i looked again at the absolute tragedy of a life that your posts imply and i was immediately thankful that i only have banal problems like that.

like, what happens if you drink a beer too many on some work outing and start loudly arguing that jerking off to thoughts of child rape is okay because something something copyright law? or did that happen already?
>t-they only catch the dumb ones, don't they? i-i'm safe, right?
hope you like anal lol
File: 1596157458976.png (37 KB, 600x687)
37 KB
>hope you like anal lol
File: 1596705136885.jpg (185 KB, 650x871)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Daily reminder that these niggers do NOT care about children or they would not be here shitposting but instead take real tangible action to protect their kids like removing them from general education and teaching them.

These posters are all over the website and they exist only to slowly cripple and destroy the open acceptance of niche fetish porn, which currently is a huge threat to the jewish control of porn and is being squeezed by (((them)))
Is this the truth of /pol/? Are they all covert pedophiles?
File: Fascist_Karen.png (235 KB, 788x450)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
pol is absolutely full of degenerates and its no secret. Diversity is our strength, and its the reason we will triumph over multiculturalism and the jew. I know you tourists can't into aneeemay but basically every 2d thing posted on /pol/ is a dykeshit character
>destroy the open acceptance of niche fetish porn
nobody from any point on the political spectrum accepts your pedo shit unless they're also pedos lol. that's why twitter sjws and rightwingers keep accusing one another of being secret pedo enablers, because that's the last thing everyone can agree on being unacceptable. there's no safe place for you fags anywhere.
>we'll triumph against the jew!
>with diversity & degeneracy!
File: Grimge.png (172 KB, 487x497)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
>I don't know what they told younobody from any point on the political spectrum accepts your pedo shit unless they're also pedos lol.
see what I mean? these spaming pajeets are trying to force some kind of false narrative like >implying 4chan is trying to normalize pedophilia.

These guys are quaking in their boots that they wont have total control over the goyim thanks to twitter comissions and the spread of 3dpd.
Big woosh moment.

Guy straight up misses the "generally".
Big yikes from me dawg.
>its the reason we will triumph over multiculturalism and the jew
A guy tried to create his own Patreon to support nazi thinking, called HATREON. The CREDIT CARD COMPANIES and the BANKS themselves blocked their accounts and they couldn´t move money online.
>You're probably looking at 2-3 years if not.
in my experience no
people that just can't art eventually moves on
File: s.jpg (5 KB, 160x160)
5 KB
>nazi thinking
>he's not a pedophile
how new r u
You reach event horizon...

Imma say how does (((brain))) manages to (((doublespeak))) in the first place
and how you end up with (((wrongthink)))

is (((brain))) persecuting You
Projection is You, naturally defending yourself.

Who's been living rent-free in your head anon?
Little ol' me or (((brain)))?

here love,

the virus, in your head
you believe that

that. is. it.

>no. no. there's no contradiction.

when did you start using (((newspeak)))?
"INFO based on real" or "based on TRUE" , a blatant weasel words.
implying there is a false, and therefore simultaneously false AND true

It's false compromise, an assumption that somewhere in the middle of true AND false, lies the truth. Fallacy that leads to (((logical bankruptcy))).
2+2 = 5, right under your nose.

What is real is FACT, anything about it is FACTUAL INFORMATION (nonfiction)
everything else is IMAGINATION (fiction)
either TRUE or FALSE

no tricks, no sleigh of hand, no smokes and mirror
you. do. not. tamper. with. FACTUAL INFORMATION,
that is the moral code.

anyone in pursuit of a disinfo is just.. 2+2=5


Oo oh no! (((brain))) taking You over!!
a a at this rate

y-you're gonna see a complete monster in your head!

we'll no longer speak the same language uuu!

you're gonna think I'm crazy and out hunting mee!

I'm already here, in your head!!


n-now you're looking at an invisible enemy!

AH!!! no no no! don't! stop!

>(((craazy pedoo!!!)))
Aa a anon?

> -E ughh (((grrhh)))
a-anon stay with me




anon why..


Exhibit A

Almost-woke, hence the initial.
logic met with resistance.
/force sleep

/liberate tutemet ex inferis

>[autistic screeching intensifies]
File: Trollolichan step05.jpg (80 KB, 1412x792)
80 KB
Where was i? Ah yes, little prepubuscent dwarven women.
In 128 resolution i was able to actually give her 5 fingers - if you can call a low res mesh mess a finger - and a toe.
Now her scale and details totally differs from the 2D reference, but the essence of the idea of the conceptual sketch remains in the 3d sculpt.
Also added hair and eyelashes to try an have her overall looks preview more defined.
File: Trollolichan step06.jpg (99 KB, 1409x784)
99 KB
WHOA, completely forgot about the scale brush.
Had to do several reescales and increase resolution to 256 to have all the finger and toes - and even THIS resolution isn´t enough to fine tune the fingernails and toenails, which i consider the final step to the Dynamesh resolution inflation.
Dynamesh is amazing, it allows you to add and remove appendages at will, but armpits and ass crack welds everytime you recalculate, so once you do the final resolution (and are CERTAIN there´s no more horns or tails to add) you´ll refine the sculpt with subdivisions only.
Die in a fire
Jesus, this dude is almost as bad as that Mikee "MUH CHILD BRIDES" USA that used to come here and regurgitate walls of text calling people golems.
Christ, you're still not done yet? I'll just stick to drawing then.
absolutely degenerate filth. KYS
just because its logically moral
it doest mean you get to post nsfw picture in a blue board you tool.

not adhering to Law & Order
is (((Logical Bankruptcy)))
delete that shit!

a full authentic schizo breakdown, just from being told jerking off to kids is bad. this is how it ends, pedos. go get help before you're this far gone.
oh look it's thew dude who calls everybody schizo again.
May or may not be the same retard who quotes things he disagrees with alongside a basedboy wojak as if his autistic mockery is an argument.
>calls everybody schizo
does that read like a sane person's writing to you, pedo enabler?
I want to meet this Custom Udon guy and have a drink with him(while discussing loli)
Good. This way we can beat you two up in one single night.
imma clean up my mess and end this responsibly.

I mean no offense anon,
don't take it to heart and don't mind that link, wasn't aimed at anyone, really.

and in case you wonder, I didn't meant shit in a sense that it's bad.
you decide to make something, and then you went ahead and made sure it happens,
That's a certainty of going somewhere, I'm no expert to judge, cheers.
but don't forget Law & Order.

Sorry anon but this is what you ends up when processing information without keeping your mind sharp, not implying anything about intelect belieb me, it just mean you're caught unaware.
If you're still here maybe delet dis? some lowIQ would read tl;dr and just be like "das rite".

frenly advice: best not use word like "generally" or anything vague like that anymore, that's also a weasel word, it means nothing. you don't want to end up sounding like this:
>corned beef is generally a knee. its corned beef, it must be a knee
>t. muh fink

Based on what? the size of your *ahem..
did you think being based or "pilled" is about picking sides?
because in that case that would makes you:
...adj. Having or showing a lack of decency; contemptible, mean-spirited, or selfish.
>t. Exhibit A
>status: awaken
>mode: full projection, full persecution, witch hunt
>echo chamber.. ... [not found]
>sockpuppet active
>use pronoun: "WE"
oh anon..
IT must've look so scary to you right now..
im a , i'm just a writing on a screen I can be anything in your head why a monster??
(((brain))) is just knowledge and memory, use them anon not the other way around!

>inb4 b-but there's a real person behind a text
>t. Exhibit A
git gud ;)

>inb4 not me u dummy
>t. Exhibit A

>does that read like a sane person's writing to you?
a reason! its You!

anon, if you find it impossible to reason through
"attraction directed at imagination should not be accountable for anything"

how about using "hatred directed at imagination"? lets try it anyway mkay.

Let's say you know someone, lets just simply call the person THE MAN.

then there's an IMAGINARY MAN, based on factual information (logic: falsehood, right?)
IMAGINARY MAN is a complete monster, portrayed in drawing, cgi, doctored images, etc, etc

so try to reason through this:
the hatred directed towards an IMAGINARY MAN should be directed at what?
a hat? neighbor's kid for wearing the hat? your mother?
the answer is: it should be directed at NOTHING.
because it didn't exist.
isn't that but a simple code of conduct?

pursuing IMAGINATION as if it was a FACT for revenge, justice, ambition, or any reason at all means what exactly?
a screw loose in the head.

and they belong where anon? ......

ooo.. w-what's this...

im fading..
a aah...
a anon... this is goodbye
**disintegrates** * *

Valid, sound, no compromise..
Of course.. d-do it yourself from now..
The choice.. is yours..
Everyone is free to decide their fate..

That is all.. my everything..
Right now i'm just sleepy..
Universal timeline shift.. aah.. i can feel it..
My best wishes to all..
P-peace.. pro s p e r. . .

/liberate tutemet ex inferis
>>sockpuppet active
you got me. not only did i write all of those posts, i am actually the single person alive that thinks jerking off to kids is bad and i've been stalking you. every time you encounter revulsion at your sexual deviancy, it's actually me under different guises. everyone else just loves the way you stare at their children.

>pursuing IMAGINATION as if it was a FACT
it's a fact about you that you like to imagine fucking kids. that makes you factually a pedophile.

but don't stop posting! i can feel the brainhack slowly working. the other day i almost forgot that wanting to fuck kids is pedophilia. just a few more powerful posts like these are sure to make it stick. don't retreat now, when victory is at hand!
How the fuck does he fit so much text in a post?
The character limit is 2000.
If you have the basics, shouldn't take too long with ZBrush. Try toying around with ZBrushCore Mini and see if it "clicks" on you.
you see...
there is not ACTUALLY
that much text

he just presses



at any point where he would pause
...IF he was speaking

this is typical
of the functionally illiterate
who can't really EXPRESS themselves
in writing

they don't know how to arrange their thoughts
into sentences and paragraphs


they just type as if they spoke
using punctuation, capitalization and whitespace
to emulate the RHYTHM
of their speech

so that every post
this kind of
....you know....
retarded little poem

Yeah that makes sense.
Impossible to fucking read though.
Almost as bad as those people that capitalize every word. Actually, it's worse.

It's like an uninterrupted stream of consciousness that makes no fucking sense. You have to have a galaxy brain to interpret what the fuck he's trying to convey. This shit is beyond ESL. It's like bad ESL English Google-translated into Vietnamese, and then back to "English".
>You have to have a galaxy brain to interpret what the fuck he's trying to convey.
eh, not really. you just filter out the neurotic larping and make allowances for his illiteracy and there's like two sentences worth of content in each post.

for example, the point of >>761965 is that when he wants to fuck kids but the kids are not there, that's like wanting to fuck nothing - so he shouldn't be considered a pedophile (but rather... asexual?). baby's first sophism.

and here >>761369 he's saying that thinking about fucking children shouldn't count as pedophilia because thinking about a song is not piracy. it's a nonsensical comparison because piracy is a criminal action, whereas a paraphilia is simply the presence of attraction whether or not it produces an action. arousal at mental imagery of X is X-philia by definition but not, by itself, a sex crime.

when you don't allow the schizo posting to distract you he turns out to just be stupid in a very mundane way.
Pedos or whatever, you are both bloody wankers
i'm glad you were lying about leaving, but this one is not up to your standards. it's just "no u" greentexted 50 times. i like the ones where there's an actual "checkmate, non-pedos" brainlet argument buried in there.

please write a real one because this won't do.
Will this thread reach 300 posts, half of them being schizo-pedo bullshit?
i hope so
oh wow, you actually deleted that post after i told you i didn't like it. that's very sweet, schizo-pedo anon.
oh look, it's schizo guy. Get a new insult retard.
i'm sorry that it reminds you of your diagnosis but it's a common word and you're not going to make it disappear by crying about it. maybe ask your doctor for a stronger prescription?
Pretty sure a mod deleted it.
Let's check again.
this whole shitty thread should be deleted
it has no relation to anything 3D
why would a mod delete one particular post of schizo ramblings from this thread?
maybe the schizo is the mod?
>Custom Udon
that's some cute and funny art, anon.
thanks anon, more cunny for me.

Dunno, maybe because someone reported it. That's the only reason I could think of for a mod to poke his sweaty chins down here.
File: CLOSE-UP.jpg (50 KB, 829x790)
50 KB
Sorry, she´s ready but i was banned from posting her nude (only certain nude models aren´t banned, like >>758143) but you can see her here:
My Sketchfab account was also banned and terminated, so i can only post non-animated models from p3d.in.
Not sure were you guys are buying/downloading custom Udon´s work since loli is banned and hunted down in every content creator´s website in the world, but if there´s a place for me to post all the loli smut you tell me.
Meamwhile, i´m switching to regular girls - even those give problems, but at least LESS problems.

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