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File: alien-skull.jpg (126 KB, 1565x620)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
does this alien skull I made in zbrush look good?
File: 1595631654862.gif (789 KB, 200x200)
789 KB
789 KB GIF
short answer: NO
long answer: use the fucking questions thread or the fucking WIP thread or even the DAZ thread to post your abomination (it doesn't belong there because you used another program, but hey its a den for degenerates and you alien skull looks like a tranny-selfmade flesh tunnel).
Don't you fucking dare to open a new topic for a stupid question like this that you could answer yourself.
Protip: If you can't tell if its good, then it isn't good.
Now fuck off.
dragon vagina? where can i order one?
That's a god damn alien vagina and you know it
I can't believe you're actually this autistic.
Cease communication.
File: 60n13qa.jpg (171 KB, 920x680)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Short answer: It looks like a coral vagina.

Long answer:
An alien species can look like anything. But humans have this strange requirement for aliens to at least look somewhat recognisable, even if it's in the uncanny valley territory.

Your alien skull appears to have only one orifice, which depending on the ecology of the creature, it could be a maw, a nose, or an ear. But without context, it's just a cavity.

If it's meant to be a nose or throat, think about us. Do we have a solid bone tunnel that food slides down?

Generally speaking, any biological creature above arthropod we know has a mouth and nostrils, so your skull could benefit from having those at least.

Skulls aren't usually one solid mass, and in most of nature as we know it, they are extremely minimal, with the largest parts of bone mass being around the brain, the eyes and the nose.

You'll also see in nature that skulls are connected plates, not continuous masses.

Adding something like a lower jaw would help give reference to what is top and bottom. You could do a twin jaw like predator over the central cavity, add teeth.
File: 3 is retarded.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
>Short answer: It looks like a coral vagina.
No Bad Dragon....
Your alien "skull" does not look good
Stop trying to shill your latest flesh light design
File: 1575924938346.png (361 KB, 602x405)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
looks like an alien vagene
File: rare elliot.jpg (20 KB, 440x247)
20 KB
This is clearly a troll thread.

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