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File: aa1.jpg (43 KB, 1028x732)
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Hey, im new to this board. Recently i was thinking about getting in to 3D, probably push it as my career.
I had never made any model or stuff related to 3d modeling, riging etc.
But i got some knowladge that might help me with creating 3d stuff.
I've been drawing for serious for like 6 years now. I got some decent knowaldge of perspective, anatomy, composition, design and lighting.
I started watching blender guru on yt, but i thought that asking here for help would be better idea.
So my question is.
If i want to work in gamedev as concept artist or someone who makes character models or assets in general.
What should i do in first place?
Rightnow as i mentioned im learning blender and for next step i was thinking about zbrush.
But im not sure is it best way. Any tips for newbie?
hey OP
first of, this board is prolly the least helpful place to ask. id try reddit

with that being said, try setting yourself small goals with 3d, just wanting to get into 3d for the sake of being in the game industry is not a good goal to have

say you want to make cute girls, try skulting a head, then the body etc etc. it will take a shit ton of time but thats how you will learn
File: aa2.jpg (53 KB, 446x715)
53 KB
>just wanting to get into 3d for the sake of being in the game industry is not a good goal to have

I get your point, but im looking more about getting a well paid job, and meet some people with similiar interests

>say you want to make cute girls

Yes i would like to give my waifus more dimensions, pic related.

> try skulting a head, then the body etc etc. it will take a shit ton of time but thats how you will learn

Yes i only need to learn how to operate tools to do it, making decent model should be easier thanks
to my drawing experience.

Should i focus on sculpting in Zbrush for now?
people will tell you all sort of stuff about blender, but the truth is its a good tool. give it a try
Ignore this fucking retard.
This is your todo list:
>learn the basic layout of your 3D generalist package (3DSMax, Maya, Blender, 3DCoat, etc)
>after you have a bit of general knowledge immediately download zBrush to learn sculpting
>practice 3D anatomy inside zbrush, get competent
>once you have gained enough skills in the program, create full fledged 3D characters
zBrush is the best sculpting program out of every available consumer program. If anyone recommends Blender for sculpting tell them to kill themselves.

Good luck though. :)
Ok, this seems like proper guidline to begin with. Thanks.
A good tip is reading the stickied post for the board, or atleast the first few posts, it answers a lot of questions you might have about 3D In general, but I'd not advice jumping into sculpting immediately, you might disappoint yourself quickly and throw the entire thing to the side out of frustration. Study and learn from other people.

I of course don't know you as a person, but if this is something you feel passionate about, then don't be afraid to ask for help, you'll learn a lot
I warned you, /ic/ scum was going to eventually flock into /3/, OP is the proof
File: 1562622534275.jpg (11 KB, 316x160)
11 KB
>tips for newbie?
ok, drawing is not like sculpting of modeling, don't expect to get out of the valley of the suck for at least one year or more, you'll spend a lot of time learning different software to shave some hours of your pipeline, you will need to learn small at first, don't try to do a big scene or a complicated character because you;ll end up with more questions and frustrations, you will have to learn a lot of different things in order to be employable, things that don't have nothing to do with drawing, like polymodeling, topology, programming, rigging, rendering, lighting, and a lot more, you'll need to practice literally every day because like you there are probably 5000 more people that want to get into the industry at the same time as you, don't expect to get a job at your first try or at your first finished model, to be employable you will need to know everything posible in order to have a working model, and working model i mean, ready to import into any animation engine or game engine and start working, and also you will need to start small, concept artists are the cream of the crop and its extremely difficult to get at that level, achievable but not after at least 5 years of day in and day out of constant struggle. good luck.
>polymodeling, topology, rigging, rendering, lighting
Those have EVERYTHING to do with drawing, moron. The only thing in your list that doesn't is programming .
not the way you have to do it in a 3d program, you may think you know how light bounces, but dont know how to do it in the program, retard.
also rigging has nothing to do with drawing, weight painting topology has nothing to do with drawing, knowing what loops you have to place in a model has nothing to do with drawing... that attitude wont get you anything but frustrations anon. you better humble up.
You've never read a drawing book don't you? All those concepts are entirely based in the science of drawing, you're not reinventing the wheel
File: 1577056609503.jpg (33 KB, 842x792)
33 KB
>You've never read a drawing book don't you?
yes i have, and i can bet i have been drawing more then you.
>he science of drawing
all your practice making lines on paper wont give you the knowledge to know witch types of light you need to set up on maya to work with vray, or how to set up textures in marmoset to look good for your render, or how to have good topology on the boobs in order to rig them with the physics tool inside maya, and how to export them properly to work inside unity... i sure would love to watch your face and taste your tears of frustration when the you hit a wall, but i cant, ill just take solace that all your uppity attitude will crumble the first time you try to get a nice looking render, or a menial job inside the industry. again, good luck, specially with that attitude.
OP here, im aware that its big deal and route gonna be hard.
When i said drawing gonna make it easier i was meant that i already got good knowladge.
Anatomy, composition and design and i don't need to study that it much anymore.
Wich is very time consuming to learn. That gonna help with creating better final artworks for sure. We are artists after all.
File: 752658.jpg (18 KB, 558x614)
18 KB
You braindead imbecile, nobody here is saying that learning to draw will give you knowledge on what panels to use in Maya/Zbrush/etc, what I am saying is that learning perspective, color theory, composition, gesture etc is what will give people the insight on how to visualize what they want to flesh out
if you're serious about it don't hang around here, go to legit CG communities
bruh you just mispelled "knowledge" twice in the same post bruh.
Don't waste your time on blender if you REALLY want to get into the industry. Start learning Maya if you want to get hired.
File: rree.jpg (27 KB, 896x497)
27 KB
Who cares, you get my point.

My first render. I haven't been so excited for a long time.
Bad. Without real time melting glaze you're a 2bit hack who knows absolutely nothing.
Of course it's bad. I just started learning. Chill out anon.
Here's the truth and you're not going to fucking like it at all. You may even succeed in spite of what I will tell you.

Working GameDev for any company is the very definition of a wagecuck. Working in the commercial art field is generally a fucking minefield of toxic company culture, job insecurity, and exploitation purely because you love what you do. My suggestion is find a career that your okay with staying with, build your games for yourself, do your artwork for yourself, and if you're good enough people will call and you can work for yourself.

Don't expect money to come to you ever, you shouldn't do it for money. If you truly love it keep it as a hobby, maybe post stuff consistently, but do everything with the goal of self-improvement. No one values art, the time spent creating it, or your well being; so at the very least respect yourself, don't do work for free or 'publicity' and do only the work that interests you.
Bad reply. Learn to speak before you act, nobody.
You know what, I'd like to apologize for being a dickhead. However I'd like you to stop posting tutorial models and post your custom models. Why not make a corndog or a whip cream on top of pie?
File: ponns.jpg (56 KB, 922x636)
56 KB
Will do some custom stuff for sure.
I'm following tutorial just to learn how to actually do it.
The minimum size of the particles are too low.
The sprinkles' colours, except for the brown ones, clash with the chocolate icing. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, LARRY, not good enough!
Stuff I think is good: https://www.youtube.com/user/mediagabbitt has good excercise-style videos which are great once you know what tools to use, in a "see this? try to make it. then I'll show you how I did and give actually useful pointers" format, among other stuff.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfjswDVU0XHyBN7UFG0Mi5Q is often more about mentality and stuff, but he's got practical tips, but only if you're into doing characters, also he's comfy, I recommend.
I'm not much ahead of you though, OP. 1 year or so of not enough practice. So don't take what I say as gospel. It's just stuff that I find fun, you'll see how much mileage you get out of it.

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