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File: Free Resources thread.jpg (88 KB, 1280x1280)
88 KB
/3/sources General
- Teapot Edition -

>Pastebin with free resources

>Last Thread

Use this thread to post any free resources or anything else that you'd want to share with your fellow anons. Textures, materials, brushes, models, references, tutorials, anything that you think might benefit another anon, please post it here.
It might help to check the Pastebin before you post, in case there might be duplicates, but it's not a problem if you don't.

Almost everything on the Pastebin list should be free. That doesn't mean it's CC0, so if you're wary about copyright, it might be a good idea to check the license of what you're downloading first.
Some sites may require a signup, and some might be sites that are "free" but limit how much or what you can download.

Let's get to it!
Can anyone point me to free Blender shaders that resemble this sort of stuff?

No, but for what it's worth, almost every one of those are just a variant of the exact same thing.
It's just using the "Shader to RGB" node and using the output as a mask. Then you can put all sorts of effects in the shadows pretty easily.
Or you can plug that into a color ramp, and get color banding like the "Hope" example in your image, or take it to the extreme like the "Prism" one.

It's all so easy you can do nearly all of it in like 4-5 nodes. Shader to RGB is pretty powerful. Though it only works in Eevee.

Only one that doesn't fit in is the "Kismet" wireframe one. Though I highly doubt that it's the shader doing the work. Odds are the dude slapped a decimate modifier on it, and then used the wireframe node.

If you need help with replicating one of those, I can see what I can do. They all look pretty darn simple.
Arnold Rendering Blog:

Includes alot of useful information and guides for arnold, aswell as OSL which is usable in every renderer that supports OSL.

OSL Parallax Occlusion Mapping Guide

Is 3ds max specific but OSL workflows can be used in every renderer that supports it.

OSL for Production:
Added, thanks for contributing anon.
Two (blender) channels with barely any views but good content

Rigging and animation tips

A course about rigify (not complete yet). Some advanced chapters are behind a paywall apparently but the videos he's made for free were super useful for me.

A few other good resources that aren't about blender

Real-time/game effects tricks and analysis

Anime sculpting in Zbrush
And another playlist

Meshroom, a Photogrammetry software (CUDA only)
Added the blog link and meshroom to the list.
The blog is definitely pretty interesting. Definitely gonna try a few of the tricks on there.

I'm avoiding putting YT video tutorials on the list though since I don't really think it's the right place to put them. Since they're not really "free resources" in the sense that they're something people typically pay for. Since they're YT videos and all.
That being said, feel free to post them in the thread though.
looking for non phot realistic hand painted textures
Anybody got any links for ZBrush brushes as well as clothing patterns for marvelous designer decided to plunge in and create outfits
Did you check the pastebin? There should be a few links to brushes in there in the "Brushes and Alphas" section.
As for clothing patterns nah there isn't any (though if anyone has good links I'll be sure to put them up there). Best advice is to check up on pinterest for that sort of thing, or sewing blogs.
not working anymore
Thanks for the heads up. For now, I just put up that it's not available. Just in case it does end up coming back up for free.
If someone does have it and wants to put up an alternate link to download, I'll add that to the section as well.
Yo this would be great!
kind of sucks that Cycles can't do it either.
Sorry, dunno why I included the link from >>742979's post.

But my point still stands, it sucks at how Cycles sucks at non-PBR shading and rendering.
>it sucks at how Cycles sucks at non-PBR shading and rendering.
That's just not what it's for. It's like trying to use a hammer to drive in a screw. Sure it can do it but there's better ways. Cycles is mainly for "realistic" lighting conditions and renders. It can do NPR absolutely, but there's better ways.
If you're doing NPR, then there really isn't any reason NOT to use Eevee.
That being said, I do wish that the Shader to RGB node was in Cycles. There's quite a few use-cases that aren't NPR where it'd be useful. And currently, there's no way of taking incoming light and using it as a way of masking in cycles without doing either compositing tricks, or using vector math that only really works with one light.

I don't know much about programming shaders/renderers or what have you, but I do wish there were more screen-space effects and things in cycles. Shader to RGB being the main one, but also the bloom from Eevee is pretty nice. Being able to turn it off and on and work with it in the viewport over doing a bunch of compositing is nice.
Bumping the free shit
Sorry I don't have anything to add friends, but is there a buildings pack from textures.com or is there anyway to download the higher quality images from there without an account?
File: hairs.png (511 KB, 803x636)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
Where can I get decent hair textures/PBRs?
I don't know. I've been wondering that myself. Maybe check on CG Peers if you've got an account there.
Depending on what you're using it for though, what's there is enough for things that are far back, or rather small.
>Maybe check on CG Peers if you've got an account there
I don't ;_;
>what's there is enough for things that are far back, or rather small
It was going to be pretty big and close up ;__; I'm sure I'll find away. Thanks anyway. If I do manage to find a pack or anything useful I'll post itt.
Can’t believe this is free. Procedural Clouded Sky HDRI by Spooky Iluha.


https://gum.co/procsky - 0€

Originally posted on Reddit with gif preview: https://reddit.com/r/blender/comments/gl0ko9/revamp_of_my_sky_hdri_shader_download/
Really cool. Def gonna play around with it.
Added it to the HDRI section.
Thanks for contributing anon.

I've got an account there, and I did what I could to search for textures.com textures, but I couldn't find anything.
Depending on how you use the free ones there though, you should be able to get away with using them close up. How are you wanting to use them?
You might be able to try using an AI upscaler as well that fills in the details if you're really desperate.
Stop that, this thread will last for weeks without you bumping, you stupid newfag.
If you insist on bumping then do so with content
Don't tell me what to do. I've been the one taking care of these threads and curating the general. It hits page 5, I bump it.

There's a good amount of new people to the board that probably won't check more than a few posts/pages down, and will just make a thread asking for this sort of shit. Bumping it every few days keeps it up there for those people to see. Got a problem with it, hide the thread.

>If you insist on bumping then do so with content
By all means you first.
Anyone got a cgpeers invite?
user limit reached
Whoa, this looks really nice
Yeah, but I gave it a try and all the clouds look really 2d and bad. Not to mention it pretty much breaks if you mess with any of the settings.
>download daz studio (free, but use fake email or get spam)
>get free male and female human models
>can export base mesh to sculpt over or export fbx
anybody got Adam Crespi's lecture from >>750765 ?

this is an excerpt
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpjNste7axk [Embed]

could only find it for free in suspicious sites. Anything similar to it is appreciated
File: hand_example.jpg (306 KB, 2400x1294)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
This site
How do they even do stuff like this?
You learn a shader language, look at the source to various shaders to figure out how they do what they do.
Once you start to understand how the image is calculated you can start modifying them to create new effects.

If you know your highschool trigonometry you can go straight to learning about vector products.
Once you're armed with that knowledge you can sink your teeth into writing shaders.
Read this >>743043

Don't kid yourself. Each one of those "shaders" are piss easy to replicate. They don't need any high-level knowledge or coding experience or a "shader language". One node is doing all of the heavy lifting. Shader to RGB. That's it. Using that as a mask, you can do all sorts of crazy shit with it.
Daz assets are horrible
File: Dimensions guide.jpg (722 KB, 3840x1940)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
Here's a great site for people that want to use real-world dimensions, but have trouble finding them for random objects.

It's in the pastebin, and I've been using it for a while, but I don't think it was ever mentioned in any of the threads.
It's pretty useful to find some rough/basic dimensions at a glance when making objects. It's not a blueprint site and it doesn't give you every little measurement, but it's perfect for getting the right scale for things so you can keep things consistent in your scene, or build a library of objects.
Meshroom is very interesting. I have downloaded Meshroom but I'm yet to use it. I'm skeptic about it because the other photogrammetry (paid) software I used in the past was bulky AF. Meshroom is super light in comparison, the results in the youtube videos look fine, but I dunno, seems a "to good to be true" situation.
Thanks anon
thanks anon
File: 1579155651167.gif (3.77 MB, 506x530)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB GIF
Does anyone know where i can get this model?
Here's a stunningly relevant gif I found when looking for shoulder references to help me understand how to rig them.

>Aaaaagghh, I'm riggingooming!
anyone has a set of skin textures?
Lmao pls somebody have this
Bro. You can literally count the polygons.
In the time you've been waiting for someone to post a model that no one has, you could have downloaded blender or pirated max/maya, gotten a basic understanding of them from the ground up with 0 knowledge, and made it yourself.

This isn't a thread to spoonfeed you faggots, go to /r/ for that shit.
This is a place to post things that people can use in their own work. Not for you to beg for shit.
Bumpin for the anons
Anyone got some good tutorials for maya? im kinda scared of doing the project based stuff, and the one page a recomended me has it's "best stuff" behind a paywall.

You're better off asking in the questions thread.
This isn't so much as a place to request things, as it is to post things you've found that are useful and other anons might find useful.
Not sure if relevant, but does anyone have any pics of eye shapes? Everything I find is plastered with make up
Bumping from page 8.
why do you need a whole thread for cgp
Don't be retarded anon.
I'm glad someone got it.
Well, I'm sure people did, they just didn't say anything.
Someone post Fluip Fluids pl0x
This isn't a piracy thread, or a thread to circumvent paying for paid addons/software/resources.
This is a list that provides links to resources that are freely available for everyone to begin with.

Besides, Flip is free (like all Blender addons). Just grab it off of the github page for it. The only thing people are paying for, is to support the dev, or they're to stupid to actually grab it from the github.
If an addon doesn't have a github page or similar you're shit out of luck, but "pirating" addons isn't technically illegal, just frowned upon.
>The FLIP Fluids addon is developed in our team's own private repository. Due to licensing restrictions, the project source contained in the public GitHub repository cannot contain the royalty-free content (See LICENSE_Standard_Royalty_Free.md) of the Blender Market product and cannot contain features that depend upon the royalty-free content. The public repository will often not be up-to-date with the private development repository. The full source code including all features and royalty-free content is distributed with the Blender Market product.

wait is this actually the full addon?
Thank's anon
All it's missing is the presets. Which are pretty much useless unless you have all the exact requirements for the scene that they had when they set up the preset.

If it's a version or two back, it's not a big deal. Since the functionality is all the same.

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