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File: Capture12.jpg (38 KB, 791x880)
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WIP model that i need to throw a marble texture on and render. What software should I use to do this. All zbrush matcaps suck ass so zbrush is not an option. Thanks
export as an fbx or obj and use any other software to apply a texture
would substance painter be a good option or is that overkill for just a texture?

Ya substance is the best. You would need uv's or use triplaner. Keyshot is another easy one.
Export uvs with the zbrush plugin uvmaster if you want to be quick and dirty about it. Export with polygroups if you have those too?
Export the obj low poly into substance and add cracks or chisel marks with normals. Substance has some good materials that could work. Use a little bit of sss if thats possible too. Will help give it that much extra.
I did a marble sculpture project one semester too came out sort of good.
Ill monitor this thread if you need help with anything <3

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