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File: Untitled.png (14 KB, 1343x776)
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Hey fri/3/nds
I'm trying to do something that I can't quite put into words but I drew a hopefully legible diagram of the gist.

Basically I'm using maya/max/blender to try and render a scene of the geometry of 1 object being repulsed by another. If anyone has any useful links or if there's an in built feature I am yet to discover which does this I would very much appreciate the help.
Max has 'Mass FX' or if you're using a legacy version 'reactor' that can do this type of physics simulation. Mass FX is essentially the Nvidia PhysX library.

There is a PhysX plugin for maya as well and maya has a built in physics engine as well, think it's called 'bullet' but I'm not a maya guy.

No idea about blender.

However in my experience this kinda thing is pretty clonky to play around with in 3D suites.
Depending on what you are doing you may have more luck using a game engine like Unity.
In Lightwave you would use an object (red) as an effector with an effector field gradient to locally drive a morph-shape on an other object (blue).
Super easy.

In Blender, I dunno, maybe dynamic paint?
Thanks for the tip, I'll try this out in Max

I'm not amazing with lightroom but if >>685479 doesn't end up working I'll try this out. Thanks a lot
buildin nucleus engine probably could emulate that
File: 1530218215569.webm (2.77 MB, 1960x1198)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB WEBM
I'm not the author of pic related, but is this per any chance what you're trying to accomplish?
well, who isn't trying to get sex with their mad 3d skills?
File: 8.jpg (46 KB, 852x480)
46 KB

>he doesnt know about tyflow
In blender I think your best bet would be using animation nodes
it's really deep and has something of a learning curve, but you can do some really powerful stuff with it.
I've done this lots in Houdini with SDF's
I was thinking this would be common enough an idea that there would just be an quick and easy plugin that I could just apply to a few objects but seems like it'll be a bit trickier than that.

I'll put these into the mental backlogs, thanks very much <3

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