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File: 34038_dragon_ball_z.jpg (90 KB, 1366x768)
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Hi, /3/. Wondering if you can tell me what program I need in order to help me accomplish something.

I have an image - a cover of a music single, to be specific - the band name's logo has been designed to resemble the kinds of light bulbs you'd see surrounding a vanity sort of mirror in a dressing room.

I would like random "bulbs" in the logo to flash. Further, can flashes occur to a certain speed to match the beat-per-minute of the song?

Also, for the name of the album which is also written on the cover, I'd like each letter to "flash," one-after-the-other and back, repeating for the length of the song/video.

What would I need to accomplish this? After Effects or something like that? I have Final Cut Pro X, if that helps...
I can I help you with this, it's actually not that hard! But I'm not going to, for a few reasons but namely. 1) you're in the wrong board. 2) you didn't ask on the questions for thread thus destroying an old thread.

agh damnit. alright. my apologies & i understand my eff up. sorry bout that.
At the very least, could you tell me what board would be most appropriate to ask this?

>can flashes occur to a certain speed to match the beat-per-minute of the song?
Derivative TouchDesigner is specialized software for this sort of thing. It's quite technical however, so maybe not what you are looking for.

appreciate both responses, Anons.

Kind Regards.

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