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Looking for advice for the best way to learn Grasshopper in Rhino 3D for architecture, seriously struggling out here
(picture is not mine)
youtube you fuck
cgpersia, lynda, read the grasshopper manual, and keep doing things in grasshopper until you find all the things it doesnt like to do
>the big boys don't use grasshopper its only useful in small scale installations with boutique firms
>morphosis is all microstation
>gehry is digital project
>zaha is maya to REVIT (lol)
>bro what If we just put numbers into a program so it generates some weird shapes then we can be architects?

>no consideration for surrounding culture
>No consideration for story behind project
>No consideration for location and position in regards to sunlight throughout the year
>No consideration for the conplexties that arise from lack of an easy way to upkeep/clean exterior as there are so many hard to access spots for workers

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