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File: 630_quixel.jpg (189 KB, 1103x620)
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/3/, have you seen this? Substance has a new program in development in a closed beta called Alchemist. https://youtu.be/bfabw9RDHDY
This is fucking insane.
also has anyone tried Quixel yet? https://youtu.be/lpS8vtjyWs4 we are living in the future, anons.
Shit lemme try that. Anyone know where I can get a DL link for alchemist?
>inb4 Adobe shuts down its development
quixel is too bare bones for any kind of painting, the brush tool alone has only 2 things you can toggle, the size dynamics and the flow. quixel is literally only ment to slap materials together and mask them.
and alchemist looks like ass.
also quixel mixer and quixel suite are too completely different things dumbass OP.
Yeah, I feel like Painter's greatest strength lies in how theres kind of a "mini Designer" in it powerful enough to make materials from scratch.

I think Quixel said theres some procedural stuff coming in the next update, so lets see.
I would not be surprised if alchemist was a cloud application since it's a machine learning software with a massive data set it's been trained on.

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