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Exactly how old are the younger Daz characters supposed to be?

What age is Olivette?
What age is Julie?
What age is Josie/Kaylee etc?

Its all fairly ambiguous
doesnt matter as long as it keeps dazlets spend all their government benefits on assets
get the fuck out
I would pick Josie as 16.
Julie/Camdyn/Clarice as 12.
P3D Brita as 10.

3DU characters are fairly stylized but I'd pick Cayley/Skyler/Amber as 11, Brynn as 9 or 10, Tamara as 13.
File: MEC.jpg (53 KB, 309x895)
53 KB
Olivette Tween, 12-13
Julie 10-11
Josie Kaylee also tween
>age on pixels
retarded americans
All that aside, how tf does daz work? all i know is that you pay for every single thing from poses to characters and what not. I never got my head around it It looks so restricted. All the characters look generic.
Daz comes with some base models, Gen 3 & Gen 8 (and some other legacy models and derivatives), and everything is built on top of that. They call 'em morphs, those are basically shape keys. So different Daz dolls are all derived from the same base, just with their vertices pushed around. That's part 1 of why Daz tends to look very generic.
Part 2 is the marketplace. This is where you get all your morphs and shit from, but mostly clothing and sets. Due to this "central pool" of assets, things start to look very similar from render to render.
There is a part 3, and it's really more like a part 2.5. Shaders. Or materials, whatever you like to call 'em. Daz comes with Iray, Nvidia's own renderer that many other programs use. Many dazlets just use Iray out of the box, and barely any tweak shaders whatsoever (iray's capable of pretty impressive stuff when tweaked properly). They just rely on all your "ultimate skin shaders" available on the marketplace.
I think this stuff is highly concerning...
American are one of these who doesn't care about that right now.
Shitain and it's bitches, however...

Josie 15
Olivette 14
Tamara 13
Julie 12
Brita 11
Cayley 10
Brynn 9

I do that, I use iRay straight outta box and rely on ultimate skin shader type shit.

What do you do? Do you start with a marketplace skin shader and tweak that? Or build shaders from scratch?
who gives a single fuck
Underage in every first world country I hope.
13-15 is weak sauce desu
File: 1527597485581.gif (2.46 MB, 320x320)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB GIF
Why would u even care how old is a character that doesn't exist?
i like young girls as much as any straight white american, but all those daz younglings are seriously ugly faced
Like good wine, also women need to mature.
I always say: "The older the better!"
based and redpilled
so true

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