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File: ynvyPP0.jpg (303 KB, 640x457)
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So, NVidia is still able to do SOMETHING for freeā„¢.

1:11 is blender (right) vs maya (left)
what's new ?
Not unless Toon Rooseendaal gives a shitty excuse against implementing PhysX in Blender, because of "Not invented here" syndrome.
>because of "Not invented here" syndrome.
Yeah because CUDA wasn't part of Blender for many years either
CUDA. Interesting example. It's SDK terms (https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/eula/index.html#limitations-driver) are quite similar to Autodesk's FBX terms. So why one and not the other?
>So why one and not the other?
Ton works in mysterious ways...
I was going to say that wouldn't make sense given PhysX is real-time and an offline physics simulation would undoubtedly beat it, but what does Blender even use for its physics solver?
it's because nvidia is focusing all their time and money on AI and enterprise-grade solutions. It's so that they can predict what you're gonna buy next. But also, hopefully better AI in single player games and AI rendered maps.
Bullet, I believe.
Also, given that it's real-time, it could pair well with Eevee.
File: 1446400439312.jpg (19 KB, 566x302)
19 KB
>with realtime physics
I think we just saw the first ever robotic AI ragequit.
I didn't really like the look of Eevee that much, maybe I'm doing it wrong.
Meh, it looks like UE4 did three years ago. Not bad, it's actually a good foundation from which to build.

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