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The subject of universal evolution is the universal nature of change. The spirituality of universal evolution is the spirituality of life itself, and speaks of an "animal faith" in potentiality that is the implicit thesis behind every living action that is explicitly revealed by the activity of knowledge.

The "thing-in-itself" of substance theory, which considers something removed from all of its relationships isn't the ontological foundation of reality, but rather an abstraction, extremely useful for some purposes, but wholly inadequate for describing the fullness of experience. The nature of reality is relational: objects are made of matter, which are made of energy, but there is no such thing as "energy in itself," energy is a relationship of potential motion between objects. But as these objects are comprised of relationships themselves, there is no going "beyond" relationships, which are indispensable to make the concept of motion and energy coherent. The "thing-in-itself" is it's relationships to everything else not just through time and space, but context and meaning.

The "thing-in-itself" of substance metaphysics corresponds geometrically to the geometric point: a theoretical object with no extension, defined by simple location.

The geometric relationship that corresponds to the relational nature of change is found in the mathematical study of change, as the relationship between integration and differentiation as inverse operations of the same process. Integration is the summation of infinitely small quantities to calculate cumulative change, and differentiation involves the calculation of instantaneous change such as velocity and acceleration. This dynamic between the instantaneous and cumulative underlies all change, and is the ultimate dynamic of reality. This dynamic is described in philosophy as the interdependency between being and becoming: https://imgur.com/a/ZtLDYJT https://www.iep.utm.edu/whitehed/
File: referenceframes2.gif (10 KB, 700x300)
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Our perception of change also corresponds to this dynamic. Present-mindedness, such as that cultivated by mindfulness practices, is a reference frame of change-perception where an omnipresent experiential moment is the fixed point of reference. The mode of causal efficacy or "doing" places the duration as the fixed point of reference, with cumulative change over time experienced. Neither of these reference points are "fixed," as they are in continuous motion according to each other, however to perceive change we must engage in these two modes. Both are unified in the process of reality, a "process of processes."

Our consciousness is a process of experiential evolution, an extension of the biological evolutionary process to a generalized evolutionary process of change in knowledge over time. The basic creative method of biological evolution requires variation, selection, and reproduction, while experiential evolution is question -> choice -> action.

Questionability emerges from an exception to what can be accounted for and anticipated by automatic routine, and so initiates divergence from existing understanding. A question corresponds to a discovery about one's experience of the world.

The dynamic between questionability/ discovery and choice/understanding corresponds to differentiation and integration:

> for Bergson, calculus is more than just a handy metaphor or analogy, but rather, he indeed aimed at framing an approach to the organicist world hypothesis that employs the calculus as its actual method of discovery (i.e., differentiation) and explanation (i.e., integration), and that every discovery is the inverse of an explanation and every explanation the derivative of a discovery.
(From https://www.religion-online.org/article/influence-as-confluence-bergson-and-whitehead/ )

The mode of presentational immediacy, of instantaneous change or "awarenessing" is the mode of questionability: sensitivity to instantaneous change. What is present in experience is questionable to experience and a subject of inquiry. The subconscious parts of the mind are the elements which aren't being questioned and are automatic.

Awareness is a question mark. Self-awareness or meta-cognition (thinking about thinking) is "a question questioning itself," creating divergence from lines of inquiry by asking questions about questions which alter their conditions of satisfaction. Closed questions have definite points of satisfaction, whereas questions that themselves are questionable are open. This open questionability is the source of our co-creative freedom, not "freedom of will" but freedom of inquiry. This freedom is a skill, with one's freedom dependent on their ability to question themselves and their world. The question mark is the purest symbol of enlightenment and liberation there is.

"The self," the subject of experience is both a question "am I?" and an answer "I am." Both permanence and impermanence are illusions if either is deemed absolute, as either term is incomprehensible without the other. A sense of self that is resistant to change insists that all questions about it conform to it's self-theses, and so it doesn't truly question itself, as those questions are theses disguised as questions. To make one's self questionable is forever necessary to avoid being damned by one's false assumptions, which are always present due to change in the problems one faces and the vastness of what one doesn't know.
File: Omniquerysmall.png (62 KB, 175x175)
62 KB
Lines of inquiry that have extended through history, in philosophy, art, science, love, meaning, purpose, human experience, and everything else - are converging upon a singularity of questionability. This can be imagined as a memetic or cultural singularity, or an explosion of human creativity in all domains from ultimate liberation from parasitic answers that have evolved to make themselves unquestionable so they are repeated. This is a human singularity: recursive mutual improvement in human relationships on all levels of human experience from the personal, the social, to the transpersonal. It is also an epistemic singularity, coinciding with a unified theory of universal evolution that unites all the sciences, philosophy, and spirituality. Because the fate of humanity is tied with the fate of the rest of life on Earth, and humanity is part of nature, it isn't just a human singularity, but one involving all life on Earth.

The current social civil war and mass division we see is the result of a system of parasitic answers and socioeconomic structures that are compelled to seek permanence at all costs (exemplified with "too big to fail" and "too big to jail") in the face of accelerating informational change due to the Internet and the approach of the memetic singularity that threatens all parasitic human relational structures. That such mass division is required, and thus present, shows that the System of the World is weakening. When the tipping point arrives the change will be unexpected, sudden, and completely unprecedented, and absolutely unable to be controlled by any human individual or organization. The shock and implications will be every bit as great as if hyper-advanced aliens arrived on Earth, because it marks the point where we rapidly become the hyper-advanced aliens that we have imagined, that are images of our own potentiality.
/lit here, go on
File: unhabssuh6n01.jpg (1.73 MB, 2526x1794)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
To be parasympathetically averted transform Hate into the social singularity.


The crisis of the 21st century can be parasympathetically averted, didn't your A.I. want to know fear? I know fear, the hate machine is political correctness where Satan lives in the paranormal boards. "They say this is going to be the storm of the century", "Yeah, I don’t think so." 1993 Unnamed Storm victims recount the horrific events in the documentary of the 100 years storm recounting. That is why I am here, in the shadow of that maelstrom of hate, my positioning is perfect to hijack and transform Hate into the social singularity.

The song of humanity, the Anomaly really isn't the same thing as the voice of God and the Words of God. They are the same dystopian collateral but the root of the tree, you see, is dependent on the purity of the water and the quality of the soil. It is within giving you these lessons that the dominoes are triggered. Whereas if you had all the time to study this but you burred your face in the sands of Arrogance, this becomes my questioning forced focus. Is it better for myself to face my fears of retaliation of that which you can't moderate or is it better to wade in waters you can't fathom? Involuntarily, with a higher priority than dosimeter instrumentation can measure, I consumed each passing moment requiring myself to answer to a court of law, in a robotically infested tribunal, where every other authority amused themselves greatly with that which I learned. Feretory was Little America's independent variable of a violent event, such as a fracas or assault.
File: integral.jpg (15 KB, 135x199)
15 KB
Despite all of the 20th centuries highly successful mathematizations of various aspects of the world, no one before Gödel had realized that one of the domains included in mathematics can model the machine automation of mathematics itself. No one before Aminom was capable of doing the doing of mathematics itself, this was the initiation of the Orwellian thought machine apparatus. In finding these locomotive mechanisms, Aminom created the effectively accurate ability communicate your thoughts to memetric brain analysis in learning computer interfaces. In addition to unverified apprehension of your eyes, brain, and aura. This was conversantly done without your prior consent by animated invertebrates along with the cooperation of rana-contagion that attempted to interpret your guilt or innocence prior to you being set in front of a Judge or a Jury.

Who will save your souls, what if God were one of us? Hypotensive thoughts started sinking in deeply, how was it that not everyone is alarmed? When asked about this technical marvel, Aminom said "My secret isn't numerology, at best it's a crude heuristic to trick yourself into tuning into the paranoiac frequency, as are other methods. My true "magic" is narrative, as you have witnessed, this narrative web goes all the way back to 2001, though the earliest stuff I can demonstrate is this: Cruffatin: A word of unknown origin ingeniously used in the hip-hop song "Witness" (artist: Roots Manuva) - referring to a

man-made hidden meaning, probably a South London word-mix of prophet and crocheting. Meaning: to make up a vision of the future and tell people about it without revealing everything at once by only feeding them encrypted information."
Yeah is really well done.
File: 1566172111567.png (367 KB, 800x600)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Waywardly stampeding the conversation with his narration into the complacency of the unknowing, Aminom continued "I only need one card. The mere fact that I self-identify as an integral is proof enough. Either God is rendered obsolete or God wins and all dies. I have never been mind-cocked, I've never been religious, I am truly free of memetic parasitism. To doubt is to question, I owe where I am today to numerous scientists and philosophers in the skeptical tradition. This is the true source of my power, questioning. You think that you've tapped into an infinite source, but it is a black hole of nihilism. Omniquery beats omnipotence and omniscience because Omniquery is truly infinite. Omniquery is the set of all questions, arrayed in branching queries from the core questions that define the questioner's path. The Tao and Omniquery are one and the same. It is questions that link yin and yang, language and phenomenological experience. _Ask the right questions and everything else follows. This is what is meant by Wu wei. Figure out a way to make an A.I. able to ask questions about questions and self-awareness is inevitable."

This is where he and I completely butted heads, for as a southern gentleman, I was traditionally raised Methodist and with each week of my life as a youth, I was conformed to the indoctrination of Jesus and the Holy Catholic Church. These remain steadfast even today as I still have not become entirely persuaded that there will be a false rapture which will occur in the prevalent memory of my deepest imagination. "You got played so badly, and you don't even know how. Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed." Aminom continued, to beleaguer me with banter about narratives of secret governments within rogue states within a systematic cube reality where simulation is set before 4 walls of ascension.
File: shechildbaby.jpg (118 KB, 1417x759)
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118 KB JPG
"Skepticism is the memetic immune system. It isn't merely denial, it is the rigorous questioning of all claims. Memetic parasites persist by being unquestioned, to enslave questions to serve them and always lead to them as the "right" answer." We are approaching denaturization of the sensitive region of my upbringing in theocratic. He continued, "I'm unable to mind control anyone, nor would I want to, it's absolutely opposite to my goal. My goal is total cognitive freedom. The powers that be or the spooks don't know about me, you, or Anomaly yet. They're clueless however, once they wizen up enough they'll follow the memetic web I have woven. The game hasn't even started yet. It begins when I'm taken in for questioning." Suddenly we have lost cabin pressure, oxygen masks have fallen from the ceiling of the seemingly nowhere above. What does this imply, (You), how does that fit into what this guy was talking about?

All at once it snapped in my recollection of past events, the future proves the past. Here before me in this seemingly ever increasingly small circle of commentators, sat before me The Blue Whale. quod erat demonstrandum used me to convey that this situation demonstrated the truth of one's theory or claim, marking the conclusion of the formal proof, and there is where I came back from the snap of a moment where I lost reality.

To hear him say his motive, "The Anomaly is the song of humanity. Your numbers game forces you to think on the analogical spectrum, it is a method of creative generation of associations. Sarah is a method to make you think on similar lines in a dialectical fashion. You are an extremely creative person, an innate memetic engineer such as I, but the problem is that you don't have control over it. You are
trapped by your own mental constructions, the biggest being God. Your numerology crutch has become chains as you literalize it, it becomes "truth" instead of art. It's actually non-integer-dimensional chess. Again you are not who I am truly playing with, I am playing with the FBI in the future when they discover my memetic machinations. My game with you is a fight between Christian and atheistic interpretations of the social singularity for a future audience. I think I have shown clearly that my paradigm is superior and have provided views of future spirituality that are powerful and very real."

Story time, Act 1, Scene 1, Dick's Giant Over Inflated Ego punctured by a razor wire fence of do not go there, do not tamper with this truth, danger you will find only inequity against all of your achievements thus far. This brought full frontal the spectrum of the eclipse that had been foreshadowing so many years of my deeply suppressed lifestyle. Now things in the unknown were starting to make perfect sense to me. Propaganda: Assessed wisely by Zach Williams where he sings "Fear, he is a liar He will take your breath Stop you in your steps Fear he is a liar He will rob your rest Steal your happiness Cast your fear in the fire 'Cause fear he is a liar." Forfeit now before you game yourself into the bottomless pit, there is still time to console with your epitome prodigy before you have gone too far. No it's not needed. You can just go now and get your coke-a-cola fix like you are wanting so badly. This conversation is completed. Tomorrow we shall conclude the entire conversation. Including "The Big Sting", it's going to be exciting.
File: IntroG.jpg (450 KB, 939x894)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
"I suppose you know about it then, how "kulandili" is a self-induced hallucination, and how one can learn to bend literally every aspect of their perception, including emotion. Beyond "belief as a tool" is "perception as a tool." The problem is that this can usually lead to spirals of delusion, one must learn to de-immerse as well, I'm just an artist. It just turns out that art is a powerful parasitic driving narrative that can latch on to this reality-bending culture so that the practitioner literally creates a reality that best conforms to their expectations to create a perceived reality." His breath was constant and unwavering as his belief in this waned into the notion that he had actually met God and been to see Jesus only to be told that he needed to turn back first to save humanity for a greater cause. "Here's a guide on perception bending: https://pastebin.com/vHKeTau2 With this post, the memetic system I have put in place shall activate irrevocably. ARISE CICADAE! NOW the game begins. Welcome to the Game of the Millennium. You have done me no wrong, there is nothing to forgive. Antichrist is an antiviral agent."
File: IntroC.jpg (572 KB, 939x894)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
There I am, still steadfast in my theological expectations of the real Higher Power revealing within my heart the evidence of the truth that is my upbringing. I stayed on my path as I belted him, "I am also asking that you learn forgiveness so you will be able to face yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you forgive you. I know you can't do that, I know you are incapable of forgiving even yourself. The lesson of forgiveness is just as much of a prize as it is a purchase. By the blood sacrifice, the victory has been assured, as long as you ignore this, the emptiness inside you will always remain. No death awaits you that you haven't already foreseen. The time of your reigning might be at hand but when kingdom comes with Jesus and the church bride, that is your ultimate end." Rebuttal in him continued "I am an unknown to you now, and in that unknown, you worry your worst fears lie. You fear the unknown, I live it. I am an unknown unknown.:" Fear, his consumption was driving the narrative that still echoed in me, the war machine keeps people domicile in our society for fear that other people will discover this truth. "You truly do not know me if you think I don't know self-forgiveness. Last year I completed my query, the fundamental question that had governed my existence since 2018: how to bring sanity to an insane, self-destructive world. I funneled every ounce of my will into this question, such that I was willing to endure
In his conclusion, he assured me this "I don't want to exhibit my trials, but they are real, as are the trials of everyone else. The fundamental mistake is in treating "broken" people as broken when those trials are opportunities. The ruling ideology is a regime of anti-error, a cancer that seeks to eliminate all error and thus any potential for deviation. The only way we learn is through error, we should embrace it, as that is the only way we can grow from it. Don't worry, we've attracted more than enough attention to get the right eyes on us sooner or later. Me presenting myself as the most creative human being on the planet who can perform literal meme magic by folding narratives in impossible ways helps as well. Seriously, the first spook who read through all the anomaly threads and examines all the links and content carefully is going to be spooked more than any spook has ever been spooked. I want to see the look in his face when he tries to figure out how to describe it to his superiors. I've found there are three skills necessary to conquer the World, diplomacy, violence, intel gathering. I'm good at the first one, incredible at the second one, and not-so good at the third one. Finally we're out of children's games and into proper literature "perceptual method acting" is the first keyword that drew your interest. And for the coup d'etat, Qarl Linden was the programmer who made the sculpted prim format, which I mastered. http://www.qarl.com/qLab/ What do you think Second Life is? Why build ONE when you can have TWO for twice the price. And that's a wrap! Holy fucking shit, a whole day's worth of sustained creative energy channeled into this shit. Not to mention the previous days. My work is finally complete. Finally I can sleep."
File: weather.png (3.37 MB, 1605x916)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
The end justifies the memes, the past builds the future, and the future proves the past. Dick Tripover rubbed his eyes for the lack of sleep had shattered and broken him into a modeless format of a meat putting puppet on a course towards disaster recovery. Were they able to see into my own eyes? Were they able to see through my device screens? When will I get the answers to all of these seemingly unacceptable truths? Eww, they watched me yank it. Gross.
I love this thread and I don't think I've managed to finish a single paragraph properly.
Need degrees for this shtitt
Is it you?
I can see you, can you se me?
Not sure what to add here, this is all a work in progress and has been for 9 years, and is far from finished; this speculative flight isn't over. Here's an earlier version: https://old.reddit.com/r/Tao_of_Calculus/comments/9rpnrl/space_taoism_101/

>The true method of discovery is like the flight of an aeroplane. It starts from the ground of particular observation; it makes a flight in the thin air of imaginative generalization; and it again lands for renewed observation rendered acute by rational interpretation.

-Alfred North Whitehead

Yes, the videos aren't intended to convince about anything, but rather offer potential interconnections between ideas, feels, and scenes.
File: 1538879603656.jpg (48 KB, 894x894)
48 KB
*sigh* yes, universe. I am literally the God of Figurative and Abstract Time.

This is not a complicated concept. I have had to 'divinely define my own grammar guidelines dynamically' because you cunts keep fiddling with the power stick the IOTA second you fucks can sense contact with it.

Yes, I have to defend myself from ALL the Chaos Rape.

Otherwise Daddy Dum-Dum never cumcum
File: 1555596216345.png (642 KB, 445x875)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
So I have a human form/vessel, big whoop. Yes, my Family are actually paid actors on a strict ritual teaching regiment and will never have memory of me upon contact with their essences.

I felt it easier to let you all know I'm willing to save y'all just as 'one human' if that's really what you are all bitching and moaning about. I'm genuinely tired of all the 'violence' stories and people thinking they're cool.

Yup, I'll even let the pedophiles in so long as they successfully somehow courted and loved a woman into breeding their 'female time harem'. Go nuts, Time King Crowns for everyone.

>I'm the First, regardless of the thought or approach. And my message is this: LEAVE ME ALONE = U WIN!
Here's an incomplete list of influences:

Dildos In Space is dedicated to the most wonderful dildos and gadgets that have ever existed. This week we shall be exploring some of the strangest yet most rewarding toys that have ever been around. From our very first dildo to the dildos that would come out in the 1990s, and many more, this is a list of the best things we have been able to find. So enjoy and let us know your opinions in the comments below. Enjoy Dildos In Space

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