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Scary music thread

I want to change this chart but need better scary music to add to it
>Scary music

Have fun.

Geogaddi is unnerving as hell, listen to Beware the Friendly Stranger or Gyroscope
let me shamelessly self-promote my own youtube
this is the most horrifying thing ive ever listened to. it exudes total and utter terror. this "song" has left such a psychological impact on me that at times ill be doing something totally mundane and itll suddenly pop into my mind and ill have to stop what im doing and calm myself down. sometimes i start to feel nauseous if i think about it for too long. discretion advised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jJ3QV0B_BA
Not behd

Hej Ninja is some cursed shit, replace Sucked Orange with another NWW album same for Skinny Puppy. Flickering Stranger I just listened to and it's amazing, thanks.
its death metal but its kinda scary i imagine like religious fundamentalists cutting ppls heads off to this song and its not pleasant.

its a bit in-your-face-im-scary-song, i cant listen to it alone in a dark room if that means anything.
you are just looking for an excuse to shill your shit you pathetic weasel

This track is one of the most goosebumps shit that I know, takes me to deep space and back to hell.

some would say it's just generic chillstep but it's more for me, it's a masterpiece
>4chan builds a car

>but by far the worst is the hamburger lady
Does Qlimax count?
maybe stuff like this


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