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A God that creates man and woman to be glorified is clearly a deranged God, one with an excessive interest in being admired and glorified. It is a narcissist God who requires blind obedience.
Those who realized God was cruel made the decision to oppose. It happened the rebels were prosecuted and silenced by forcing them to leave. They were confined in a planet and carefully monitored. A brainwashing program was initiated with the goal to convince those rebels they were not angels anymore, but just humans. They were also told there were demons out there that would tempt people to sin in order to try to entice them away from God.
There are no angels, nor demons, nor humans. We are one and the same race. Those of us living on this planet are the ones confined because we once rebelled against the one who wanted to be glorified.
Get lost satan, eat my dust
Does OP listen to DImmu Borgir?
No but I checked them out. I like the instrumentals
What an idiot, he has no clue what he's talking about.
God didn't choose to have everything, they purely get everything, all the glory, all the hatred.
If you choose to give hatred instead of glory there's no reason for you to be around. And while you will still exist you will not be perceived. it is of little consequence to he who has everything.
I used to.

"Stien" appeals to me.
Then it is hypocritical to get butthurt if your creation copies your ways or acts similarly cold to each other.
>don't eat from the tree of knowledge
>do it anyways
I ask for truth and I got this...
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thou et un retard

A father has pride in his children but does not boast about them. He will say the did good things when such praise is earned, but not sooner. he will also call you out on your faults & where you need improvement.

A father punishes but still loves unconditionally. He may express frustration, anger, or disappointment... he may have these emotions in the moment of transgression, but he will still care for you.

A father expects obedience & due respect, but knows children must learn what these things are first. but once they are learned a father expects a certain level of it in your actions.

A father can be hated by their children for doing the best they can. Just because you do not realize what he is doing/ the significance of it doesn't mean its worthless.

A father tells you to "use your words" rather then cry, whine, and complain about unchangeable or emotional things. He also is not afraid to tell you No in order to teach you a lesson or ignore things insignificant.

A father lets you make your own mistakes, and learn from them. A mother would be overprotective. A father gives you his advice in advance but he realizes some need to learn the hard way. Only when it is of big enough significance/ risk will he physically stop you & prevent you from doing it.

A father expects a level of discipline in his children. He expects you to work & earn your keep, a mother would try to baby you.

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The God of the bible is the Demiurge. Yaldabaoth. The ignorant, imperfect, blind false creator God. He is not the true Above All.

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