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>good news
>you wake from a good sleep
>bad news
>you have sleep paralysis
>worse news
>you see this face
what do? i ask for a friend. he is in danger
I was in an episode of Deep Web Browsing. The episode is called "Satan's Titty Highway", and he wrecked my video with the best critiques in the world.
gay op and gayordinarygaymer
Jokes on you I get sleep paralysis before I fall asleep
I got his intro to deep web browsing stuck in my fucking head now
How do I achieve sleep paralysis? Don't tell me I don't want it. I want.
There are three methods that work, they can also help induce lucid dreaming if you actually fall asleep.

Method 1:
Lie perfectly still, try to relax every muscle in your body and breathe slowly. You could also listen to the entrancement part of some hypno-vid, this could help you relax completely. Then just try to keep your mind awake. There's no guarantees, but after a while you can feel your body falling asleep and boom, this should be it.

Method 2:
Kind of like method one, but instead of listening to hypno-shit or staying awake while trying to fall asleep you could set an alarm to wake you up during REM, of course, this requires that you have a semi-stable sleep-schedule and know when you are in REM. Then, when you wake up, try moving as little as possible to stop your alarm. Now relax as much as possible while at the same time staying awake. This can be difficult, but should be a faster and more guaranteed way of reaching sleep paralysis (or lucid dreaming if you fall asleep) than method one.

Method 3:
I can't really recommend this, both because it's unhealthy and far from guaranteed. Sleep less than you normally would and try randomise your sleep-schedule. These are both things that makes lucid dreams more common and sometimes worse/scarier for people who are suffering from them regularly.

Good luck! I hope you experience what you're seeking

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