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The Anti Christ rises, will appear July 4th as the ressurected JFK jr.

You will see a great accusing of the brethren and the persecution of Christians will begin. John "Q" Kennedy Jr. Will be made to rise to power along side of DJT and will then become the 46th president after His term as VP. The head wound will be given to DJT in 2021 and will be delivered as a price for bringing the Anti Christ to power.

This has been considered a false prophecy already. You will denounce this because you are all already under the persuasion of the great deception. Watch as these events unfold as I am telling you and mark this thread with a watchful eye.

Already the accusations have began. I gave you everything you needed to be able to know this before hand and you still fell for his trick.

In his own words, John "Q" Kennedy Jr. Said to me.
"We will destroy you
You are exactly what we’re fighting
Donald Trump and I will and you
You probably are not that popular in your own town
Do you believe in all of this New Age shit in Cabela’s
You’re totally crazy
This is the Cults happen"

Thus the great accuser has spoken.
Fuck off you dumb piece of shit larpfag
Shill. Obama and Clinton are anti-christs.
Anyone who sees anything holy or righteous in Donald Trump is pretty foolish desu. I mean just look at this lmao
Cabelas. The Sporting good store?
pretty sure he's just dumb and meant Kabbalah but

i got banned for posting a thread about this in /pol/. interested to see if it's true
The true antichrist will stay behind the scenes while pulling the strings through astral projection. Anyone in public view is just a puppet.
No he won’t, stop trying to be some sort of prophet. This guy is literally not even jewish.
the "antichrist" types like a retarded 12-year-old.
basically makes you 11 for believing it.
Ah yes cabellas the place where I can purchase training equipment for my dog to chase ducks, firearms, fudge, and fishing poles. Truly the anti christ is the fifth element
take your meds, anon.

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