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You cannot reply anymore.

Let's discuss them. Have you seen the shadow people before? They seem to only emerge during periods of sleep deprivation, either natural or drug-induced, but also through deliriants like Diphenhydramine or Datura.

I can give my experience. Back in my doping days, I was doing meth with my friend mixed with obscure benzos like Etizolam. The benzos would make me forget how long I've stayed up but also speed up the psychosis effects of meth abuse. Apparently it had been about 3-4 days of us staying awake and we began to see them...
We were in my backyard and what looked like cloaked dark figures (kinda like the Nazgul) stood motionless across the creek observing us. My friend started freaking out, but I knew it was a hallucination and wanted to make contact with it. They were not here for friendly relations.

When we went back upstairs, we both heard a loud thump against my window. Both of us at the same time. I realized that if him and I were experiencing the exact same thing, then it's not just a hallucination. We looked out the window and a dark figure looked right at us with glowing red eyes. I shut my curtains in fear and decided we needed to barricade ourselves in my room.
Eventually, a sense of courage filled me and I realized I needed to defend my homestead. I went outside with an Indian carving dagger, soaked it in lighter fluid, and searched for them. I heard something snicker and when I turned in that direction, the figure crawled behind my dumpster can. I lit my dagger on fire and attempted to do combat with this thing. It was terrified of fire for some reason. Eventually, my dad (who I was staying with at the time) came out to see the commotion and saw me with a flaming dagger in hand. Needless to say, I was kicked out.

So obviously this was drug-induced psychosis. But what separates the "real" shadow people from the hallucinatory ones?
File: 1559587451951s.jpg (4 KB, 140x250)
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nobody cares about your whorish shadow cucks.
I've never seen shadow people before, not during sleep paralysis or on diphenhydramine trips. The only time I came close to seeing anything similar to that was on a 450mg DPH trip. Essentially I was standing up infront of my couch before going to sleep, and I saw a shadowy figure appear infront of me for a moment, and then disappear.
I saw them once, I wasn't under sleep deprivation or anything similar but it was in a park that often made me and my friend ecounter weird stuff.
Satanists even made rituals in a spot hidden by the trees just in front of said park.

Me and my friend were chilling there as usual after sunset, waiting for something to happen.
At one point I saw a light on the slide in front of us, and we were sure no one climbed it since they had to pass in our sight.

Just behind the light there was a shadow, the light was small like a cell phone and pointed at us, which led to believe he was staring at us.
Then, just like he appeared out of nowhere, it disappeared. That's how it began.

We kept seeing shadow crossing the two ways that led us outside the park at an incredible speed, and that went on for hours.
At one point we saw a normal shadow walking like a normal human taking a stroll, but in the point that shadow was extending for there was nothing, as we checked various times.

When it got too late we decided to get back home, but the fast shadows kept on appearing all the way until the point where our paths divided, then we never saw them again.

We never felt in danger, and only the first one was really creepy, but that was one of my best paranormal experiences.
I tripped on over the counter sleeping aid, unisom one night when I was 16. Tried to drive my truck and saw these shadow people jumping out in front of my truck every five hundred feet. It was scary as fuck.
Yup, seen one before for sure.
>I am the archangel. No one will come for you.
It said that over and over again as it leaned towards me. Sleep paralysis
No, never seen one! Can't imagine the reprocoutions of seeing one, I know unusual does occur but I would have to examine it and 5hem myself to rull out madness it may take time! lol
File: download (1).jpg (8 KB, 546x224)
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I've seen him, or them, twice. My aunt has seen one too.

The first time I saw the shadow hat man I was probably 13 years old out riding my bike in broad daylight when something caught my eye down one of the streets (this was well before drugs etc). I stop, and look in the direction of the object. At first I don't fully register what I'm looking at. It's a large man with broad shoulders, what appears to be a cloak and a hat similar to pic related. Then I notice this thing is the darkest black I've ever seen with no distinguishing details whatsoever. My eyes then trace the outline of the figure and when I notice it has a smokey appearance (small prices were, like, breaking of and disintegrating into thin air idfk) it clicks and I feel intense fear that triggered my fight or flight repsonse. I get tunnle vision and book it home as fast as I can without looking back, lock the door, and sat on the couch for a while. It was so unbelievable I still don't really believe it happened even though it did.

The second time was sleep paralysis in my room. He was standing at the foot of my bed. Same size, about 7 feet tall. I was struggling to call out to my dog who was sleeping on the floor next to me and my dog seemed paralyzed too. When the dog and I woke up she looked terrified and walked out of the room.

When I asked my mom if she's ever seen one she said no, but here sister did when they were kids and she was so scared she turned over in bed and just went to sleep.
saw them while astral projecting. They didn't have hats but were shadows with glowing eyes. You can scare them easily. I don't remember where I got it from, I think it was ra material, that they are like thought-form agents from negative ET groups spying on people. These are also called flyers in castaneda, they seem to steal human awareness or something

Can you elaborate more?

Do you know if the ones with red eyes are the same as the ones that don't have red eyes?

/fa/ggot here. I've got a story.

I've seen one once. It was in my room and yes, I was sleep deprived. I had been living on a couch in the city while I was job hunting after university. My dad and I have a bad relationship and I couldn't be at home for some time. Both my parents went on vacation and I had to watch the house and animals while they were gone. I arrived home late (1 or 2 am) the night they left after taking about a 3 hour trip through public transportation.

I got in, took the dogs out, took care of the minor duties one does when they shut down a house in the country. I was alone in my parents' big house, except for the animals. I went in my room and the dogs slept in their usual sleeping areas. I was browsing some youtube and decided I would turn out the light and pass out to some let's play video. When I turned out the light and moved my head it was right there.

There, in the corner about 10 feet from me, it was just standing there. I get chills thinking about it. I'm actually looking at that corner right now as I type this. I check it every night in case it comes back.

I know it was there because its shape blocked off a poster and part of a credenza. It wasn't a shadow in the traditional sense because it had mass and you couldn't see through it.

It looked like 2 black scoops of ice-cream (bad analogy, I know) stacked on top of eachother and a smaller zit-like shape where one would place its head. It didn't have the red eyes like OP's did, but it did have a "face," if you could call it that. On the top part there was this smaller mass of what looked like blue worms made of soft light coiling around each other. No facial featured, but that was the only part that had any "color," so I chalk it up to a face.

Story is running kinda long at this point. I can finish and go into more detail if people are interested.
Shit, I didn’t realize there was a shadow people thread until now. I posted my story in another thread
Saw them plenty of times during sleep paralysis. They even whisper random shit sometimes.
But they NEVER wear a fucking hat. That's fucking gay. Also their eyes are never red.
I honestly think that they are not bad. They are just there, in another reality/plane, wandering around.
I scared mine off. I think it was a low-level one. The hat guys seems likes he's high level though
>They even whisper random shit sometimes
During the period I described here >>22818577 I would sometimes hear quick, agressive sounding whispering while being awake. When I was about to fall asleep and enter the hypnagogic state, I would often hear voices speaking clearly, making it hard to sleep. One time I was assaulted by a most horrifying shriek, like that of a screamer, right into my right ear. Thinking about that scream makes me shiver. I would describe it as the scream of a woman who just discovered her dead kid. Absolutely heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time.
I don’t know if I can attribute it to the shadow people I was seeing though. But it happened during the same period
I've only seen the hat, never any of the other common variations. I wonder if they're individuals or different entities entirely.
Could you draw a picture of the guy with blue could? I'm having trouble picturing that. Also maybe that's what the hat is covering.
File: i saw this.jpg_large.jpg (89 KB, 720x1280)
89 KB
Found this while I was looking for info on the shadow people. This one. This is the one I've seen. Has anyone else seen him?
Hey man I'll get on that now. I just posted another image here.

This is the closest thing I've ever found that looks like him. I'll draw my own in a minute.
I even had friendly shadows coming to me in my lucid and regular dreams as well. I think it's just like a cloaking mechanism. These beings cloak themselves and our minds not being able to decipher the energy imagine the shadow being form either constructing it based on the concepts in our brains or collective unconsious.

In castaneda, don juan described the flyers that sorcerers could actually see. They feed of human awareness leaving barelly enough for them to stay alive, but losing all the innate mystical powers and knowledge of the true nature of themselves. He also said they gave us their minds. If I sum up the entire lore, aquired through my schizo powers of connecting the dots, they are basically agents of reptillians (orion group), using humans as their soul farm. They were the ones to genetically engineer the modern human together with other ET groups.
if you see one in the astral, it could be the guardian checking on you if you're ready to visit the actual astral plane instead of fucking around in your own private VR space
You might be on to something. Shadow people are always seem to be spying on people and have their own language
File: sketch-1560218722031.png (69 KB, 1080x1920)
69 KB

I'm not an artist or anything and I drew this on my phone. I can try one by hand and maybe it'll be better, but this is the gist of it.

That fucking face. It kept moving around while the body was stationary.
The real shadow people will leave you trembling and terrified. They are for sure real when you haven't taken drugs. I've noticed that the couple times I've seen real ones, I was absolutely chilled to the fucking bone.
The first time I saw one, I was around six or seven. The sun was just starting to set, and one of my stepbrothers and I were on the swing set in our back yard.
Fucking Hat Man.
Fuck that guy. ..that thing.
I'm getting chills just typing this right now.
He walked into the window frame of our garage door, he stopped. He turned. We stopped swinging. We were like wtf. We ran inside to ask everyone if anyone had been in the garage or even wearing that type of hat.
Absolute terror struck me.
We were both so scared that we didn't want to be left alone. I didn't want to shower. I was worried that if I close my eyes while rinsing, I'd find him there. We were crying out of fear. It stuck with me. Years later, I just randomly decided to google it after telling the story to someone. .. Chills.
Fucking chills when I found out that other people have seen the exact same fucker...
Look I know most people here are just here to make spooky stories, it's a virtual campfire, but I did see one overseas when I was a kid around 10 years old. Nothing augmenting my frame of mind. I like to think it was someone trying to attract tourists by dressing up, but he was gone in the literal blink of an eye.
File: 373m4d1do2xx.jpg (309 KB, 600x600)
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309 KB JPG
Can someone who's seen them within the past week plox describe their appearance to me? I have a theory I'll tell if I get enough descriptions.
And yes, to add to this, he did have a wide brim hat. Looked like the character logo from Sandeman wine.
I’ve only ever had one experience but I figure it’s worth sharing.
Back when I was living in the states I’d spend almost every weekend at my (now ex)girlfriend’s place since she lived so close to where I was staying. We’d usually just chill at her place but sometimes we went out to see a movie or some shit, on one such night we went to go watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the local theater. After our second viewing we decided to pack it up and head back to her place for the night. I’d say we were 3/4 the way home when something sprints in front of our car and just... vanished into thin air. I didn’t get a very good look at it but it definitely wasn’t a deer, it was too humanoid. The both of us were pretty shaken by whatever the fuck had just ran out in front of us but I didn’t want to linger for too long so I sped off. One uneventful silent car ride later we arrive home. I open my door... only to find a hook latched onto the car door... you DO. NOT. WANT. To get involved with these shadow people /x/. Take my word for it. They’re nothing but bad news.
gtfo larper. The men are talking.
The ones I’ve seen are probably the most common type. I would describe them like this:
>humanoid male shape
>slightly elongated
>no hair or hat or anything
>no discernable features
>like a shadow on the wall but in 3d
>outlines sort of like a bad projection with image artifacts
>human speed
Only a real man can survive a car door hook hand. None of you paranoid schizos would even come close to surviving such an encounter.

confirmed for 12 years old
Alright, so I was walking in Oakland CA, the eastern part of the city at around 10pm when all of the sudden I got stabbed and my wallet disappeared from my back pocket after I fell. I saw the shadow people running past me speaking some fucked up language that somewhat resembled English but couldn’t completely understand. Their outline resembled an Australopithecus.
File: brother.jpg (10 KB, 650x272)
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Happened to me several times, but the first was the worst. 8th grade, woke up randomly, and something resembling my little brother was fucking with the light (lamp next to bed). He slowly turned towards me. Told him to fuck off, and I went back to bed. Woke up two more times and he hadn't left yet, until I became sufficiently tilted and turned the light on, just to be greeted by nothing.
That actually makes a lot of sense. I know what you mean about connecting the dots.

When I was only a few years old my mom saw reptilians in our house. She was shaken in the morning and felt like it wasn't a dream. Without asking leading questions she asked 3 year old me if I had any strange dreams that night and I told her about the "lizard people with red eyes." Later on as an adult she still tells the same story and doesn't think her experience was a dream. My whole family except my dad for some reason were all plagued by abduction nightmares for years. It's calmed down some but still happens from time to time.
That's fucking horrifying dude.

I 100% believe your story. A lot of similarities to my own.
The worst part isn't knowing that he's real. Its not being able to find answers or be able to talk to anyone about the experience with objectivity. It's alienating.
I used to see them probably every other night while growing up at my dad's as a teenager. I honestly never got the 'depressing' or 'dreadful' vibe everyone always says they bring. But maybe there's different types of shadow people with different agendas. There were two distinct beings that constantly were at my dad's. One was a average sized humanoid figure, literally just a fuzzy shadow with virtually no distinguishable features. They were about five foot and six inches tall. The second one was like the first in the fact that it wasn't too distinguishable, but I could still make out that this one had long hair and what could have been a skirt. This one was really short, like the size of a average toddler. Both of them always were visible from the corner of my eye and often just vanished when I made direct eye contact with them. They didn't fade away, or run away, they just simply weren't there any longer.

The small girl sometimes would let me look at her for a couple seconds before vanishing. They had no glowing eyes, and the average adult height one didn't seem to have a coat or hat like the stories always say. Again, I never felt uncomfortable around them, they just seemed to be watching me as if they were fascinated by me, but still scared. I got the vibe of a afraid animal, like a deer caught in headlights, from them.
Actually, now that I think of it I believe I have seen them, once when i was like 8 and then about 3 months ago, I was driving home from work at like 5 am when i saw arms or hands coming from the asphalt, not sure if it was real though
when I was 12 I thought I witnessed a shadow man in my house at night...Turned out just to be a black crackhead...
I get what you mean. Every time I mention it or talk about it in a conversation, it seems to get passed off as "just another ghost story", but no one I've spoken to can relate or really seems to understand what kind of fear these encounters bring, or just how chilling and wild it is to go years with this haunting memory only to find out that it wasn't just another ghost story... it was something that you saw that exists...and can't be explained.
Yup saw one the night my father died. It was the most paranormal and terrifying experience of my life made worse because I found my father's body in the morning. Pretty sure I will see it again when my time comes.

>be 15
>summer break
>came home early from visiting granny cause elderly father was acting weird (I was his unofficial caregiver)
>single parent situation so no mom
>Very weird night, Dad opened the vault, that every man has, about his life
>told me many personal things
>theorized about the afterlife
>aliens etc
>Dad says it was a good talk and glad we had it
>help him climb the steps one last time then each say goodnight and go to our respective rooms
>just got a puppy not even a week ago so Im playing with pupper
>nodded off
>woke up at 1:32am to someone banging loudly on our front door
>Dad has rules about me not opening doors at night so I call out to him to get the door
>hear his loud obnoxious snoring
>concerned it might be my dad's ex wife (she was a big part of our family)
>walk down the steps feeling very weird
>can see the screen door is closed from the top window but we have no peep hole and I can't see anyone knocking
>still hear knocking until I reach bottom step
>ask who it is, no reply
>start jumping up to try to peek through the window but see nobody
>ehh screw it the screen door is shut I'll check
>open the door
>get on the floor
>jk, old habits die hard
>open the door and see an empty street and the bright orange street lights
>close the door
>get an overwhelming urge to look again
>open the door
>screendoor is now WIDE open
>standing in the doorway is a shadowman
>tall, black trenchcoat silhouette, almost like it was a 3d illustration devoid of detail
>its hard to remember this and describe it
>there WERE red eyes but there WERENT
>the eyes were behind the face (?) that was just a blank black sheet or nothing
>they were there and NOT there
>he had no face but it was like.. swirling? Moving? just chaotic no real pattern just a constant yet inconstant movement
>but he was looking at me and I couldn't move
>I was beyond paralyzed by fear because I think I was dead, which is a really difficult thing to express
>See I knew this thing was going to kill me if I moved but I had already died, it already killed me and I was standing there but I was dead
>I know this sounds absurd but thats what it was for me, and I was terrified
>it was the whirling thought in my head that I was swept up in, utterly powerless like being caught in the rapids (anyone who Kayaks understands what I mean)
>and then I was ok, I felt this maternal command just tell me to turn around, march up those steps, and get my ass in bed
>I couldn't argue against it, my body turned and started up the steps and I remember thinking "but I didn't close the door and I know that thing is following me up the steps"
>yet my body continued to climb the steps that felt like they'd quadrupled in number
>when I finally reached my room I walked in and closed the door behind me, completely regaining control of my body
>even my puppy woke up, hopped on the bed and curled up into a ball
>I wanted to turn around and go shut the front door but I knew if I did that I really would die
>so I climbed back into my bed and fell right to sleep

>In the morning I woke up and while I normally would go in to check on my dad I knew not to
>I remember taking note that the front door was shut but not locked
>the front door was the only door I was allowed to lock and only at night
>It made me really uncomfortable and I didn't want to remember the "dream"
>So I fucked around with the pup and watched stupid shit on TV until my dads ex called
>we had to go somewhere and it was around 3pm by now so I should have woken him up hours ago
>when I went up I found my father's corpse
>I cannot express how peaceful he looked in death

If the story sounds familiar it's because I've been posting it here every couple of years since 2009. I always left out the heavy description and the way I felt looking at it, because of the absurdity of it. But I'm older now, my days of kowtowing to randoms on the internet are long behind me. I was just a kid from a fucked up family, trapped in a fucked up situation who experienced something he couldn't comprehend. Still can't and I've never seen the shadowman since. No paranormal experience I've ever had even comes close to that nightmare that I know wasn't a nightmare. In fact I'd say after my dad passed life got pretty great for me and weird shit rarely occurred.
File: 1543691251401.jpg (209 KB, 720x340)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>he had no face but it was like.. swirling? Moving? just chaotic no real pattern just a constant yet inconstant movement
I know what you mean. Did he look similar to this, but darker ? The one I saw in a dream, his face looked like a blackhole kind of bending and swirling the light around it. He helped me astrally project that night
Much darker, there was no light or details so that I could see the swirling, but I could see the swirling. Every time I think about it my head hurts, I keep noticing this theme or duality where he WAS and WAS NOT. It's existence was like an argument made manifest before me that couldn't resolve itself. I think the most similar part is how beneath the kinda sheen, you see that galaxy? Thats how the "eyes" were and they were also both constant but not present. And as absurd as the hat is, he was wearing the hat. Just makes my head hurt and nauseous. Can't imagine any benevolence in it at all like you experienced. I honestly dread the day I see it again because I'm convinced I'll see him before I die.
I saw them a lot when I was younger, I don't see them anymore.
It was out of the corner of my eye
This was an extremely interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
Why do you think it specifically targeted your father? Also, do you think the maternal voice you heard was the voice of your mother?
sleep paralysis:
>blurry outline
>3d shadow
>completely black no face, no eyes no nothing
>thin and fucking tall like 7 or 8 feet (he was looking down at me i couldnt really tell)
>ethereal, like made of thick smoke
>moved his hands like he wanted to grab me (he did do so for like 30 seconds so he could have grabbed me if he wanted to)
it was spooky but no more than normal sleep paralysis and didn't feel real, more like a dream
I saw a similar set of entities in the Santa Lucia range (in Califirnia) known as "Dark Watchers". I had an odd experience with them over a weekend when I went camping there. If anyone is interested I can share the story.
My sister told me she saw this hat man at my mom’s house late one night after waking up from a deep sleep, and thought he was a hallucination so she wasn’t scared. She freaked out when I showed her pic related and told her about him.
It was during a time when our father was going through a manic episode, binge drinking and a divorce between our parents was on the way. She was the most traumatized by it, since she was only about 12-13 at the time so it makes sense that he would visit her.
Samefag from above.

Do you guys think the shadow people who visit you during sleep paralysis are real? I told this story on /x/ a few times, how a cloaked shadow person grabbed my ankles and dug his fingers into my skin while I was paralyzed one night, and when I snapped out of it, I could still feel the pain and loss of circulation around my feet/ankles.
Last night I woke up around 2 or 3am and when I tried to fall back asleep, I could feel myself slipping into paralysis. I freaked out, jolted myself awake every time I caught it and so I was just lying there awake for hours because I was terrified of seeing that shadow person again. I could sense a dark, angry presence in the room. I also kept thinking about the hat man.
I take 100 mg of benadryl a night and I don't see shit.
About a year ago I was on my way home with my gf at the time, we were arguing about some shit that for the life of me I can’t even remember, once we got home I exited the car and slammed the door at that moment I felt an overwhelming sensation of anxiety I turn around and I see this black mass in the shape of a person walking towards me quickly as it got close to me it faded into a mist and disappeared. Idk if It was the stress of the prior or what but needless to say I almost shit myself that day.
Heheh, thanks for the chuckle anon
One follwed me in the woods.
He flit back and forth between the tree trunks.
I felt pure fear.
I hope you're still monitoring/checking this thread.

Jesus Christ dude. That's the most chilling account I've ever read. After reading so many of these threads, I'm surprised I haven't seen your story before. I had a similar experience and I do the same thing. Just re type the story over and over because I'm looking for answers too.

If you're interested, or have a discord or something id like to talk more about your experience / share theories.

I want to also know what your dad was saying about aliens and why you guys were having that kind of conversation that night. Was he terminally ill?

Was this your first and only time? Did you suffer from alien dreams when you were a kid?

Family loss MAY be a commonality but there's not enough data out there to know.
I see them sometimes, but never clear. When I've been on speed for a few days I start noticing them. I see them move out of the corners of my eye, but when I turn to look they aren't there. Also I'll be sitting down and clearly hear someone say my name but same thing - no one around when I turn. Sometimes I hear labored breathing too.
>Family loss MAY be a commonality
Really? That’s interesting. In my case (other anon) it was only after my dad commited suicide that the shadow people started to emerge. I wonder if other anons ITT have this link
I think I may make a thread tonight or tomorrow with a questionnaire to try and get data. With more days it might be possible to gain a tiny bit of understanding.

After reading hundreds of hatman stories the age is usually like 13 years old, early to mid 20s for experiences
Just the subconscious mind recognizing a non-corporeal entity.
Very good. I’ll make sure to contribute to your thread
I get sleep paralysis pretty often. I used to see Shadow people everytime and it scared the shit out of me until I realized that the shadow people were just a manifestation of my primal fears.


I see them often

Sometimes short (3-4 feet), sometimes 10 feet tall, but usually around 5-6 feet.

No hat. Just a shadow outline of a human figure.
I’m diagnosed schizophrenic and during time of extreme stress my mental health affects me in a way where I get hallucinations (I get visual ones and not audio), all I can recommend anyone is to seek professional help if you see “shadow people” it’s literally your brain hurting itself and your mental health being low (explains why you see them with drugs or sleep deprivation)
saw one when I was pretty young
>about 10/11 years old I reckon
>playing gameboy or some shit in my bed
>sister sleeping on a mattress on the floor
>door is open with bathroom light on so I can see out into the hallway
>i glance over and standing there is this dark figure right in the hallway in front of my door facing the bathroom
>the size of a little girl like 4ft
>didn't get enough time to get a good full look at it because i instantly hid under my blanket, but all i saw was a completely black figure
>shitting my fucking pants, thinking I'm about to die, just froze up and all I could think about was being as quiet as I could
>hide for what seemed like 20 minutes
>decide to have another tiny peep
>still there
>wait even longer and then my mum decides to go to the bathroom
>as she's going back to bed I see it's gone
>try tell my mum that someone was at my door but she just tiredly shrugged it off

never really thought about it being a shadow person until now.
A lot of people see this stuff at one point. Help is probably not needed maybe more sleep.
I get what you’re saying, and I have been getting help for a long time (not for schizophrenia). I also strongly agree that these things are more likely to occur when in a stressed mental state. I am however personally getting increasingly convinced that many of the things I’ve been experiencing are more than mere hallucinations (whether they be shadow people or other things).
The way these hallucinations interact with my physical surroundings convince me of this.
Example: one time I observed a shadow man walk past right outside the open door beside me, and I could clearly see its movements reflected on the door’s white paint as well as the door handle.
Another example: I heard my frying pan glide over the surface of my induction stove, while I was eating right next to it. Unsure of what the sound was at first, I discovered that my frying pan was sitting on a spot I never put it in. I could also easily recreate the same sound by gently and firmly slide it over the surface. It’s hard to convince oneself that the mind’s playing tricks at that point.
I’ve essentially just changed what I am in denial about: from denying what my own eyes are seeing to denying what other people tell me I’ve been seeing.
I'm trying to collect data on Hatman experiences in the Google form below:


Some interesting data so far:

100% of respondents have never seen the reported "red eyes"

100% of experiences we're also during periods of turmoil /stress in ones life.
Another interesting coincidence
"Shadow people" is your anticipation of being watched manifested through psychosis.
Should i be worried about them? Are they harmless, im sure i dreamt about one but can't remember
Very interesting. Thanks for making the survey.
Will you post more results from the survey here on /x/?
I hope. I've only gotten three responses other than myself. I'll probably wait a while and try other paranormal communities and such.
File: hobbes.jpg (22 KB, 800x1200)
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Shadow people are workers for the Gods and Goddesses, gives meaning to their afterlife so they aren't just sitting around getting tortured in Hell or fighting to become the next devil, or battling and eating in Valhalla etc. etc.

1/2 This is Thomas Hobbes, wanted to be a scientist after death instead of a philosopher. Died of Paralytic Stroke, but he thought the whole zombie scientist thing would be better if he had a bullet in his head just to fuck with people. Those interested can visit him in the Loony Bin in Hell where predominantly Nazi scientist create monsters out of people. I've got a metal plate in my head and almost lost an eye after getting curb stomped, during my surgery I was caught in between Hell and Earth and he helped me pass through. He pays his visits to hospitals to find his next patients.
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Though the other types of Shadows are searching for the fire to bring them back to life, these are mainly Werewolves, Vampires, other creatures of the Shadows, Government calls them Umbra, you may have noticed Umbra files that get leaked are usually completely blacked out. Hatmen usually take most of the jobs and have no issues finding a way back in, Mostly through a Dead Man's Penny which brings them back until the Penny is given up

if you'd look to the center, Hitlers own favorite Hatman. He's considered a Dreameatter, pulling people away from their fates and drained of energy for disobeying a suggested Path set from the Gods/Goddesses, or meddling in plans
I hope more will respond soon. I responded to the survey actually, but I’m the one who never even saw the hatman (hope that’s ok)
Most recent Shadow Worker is Gizella Bodnar She's in the middle of training with Hermes to be a Thieve at the Gates. robbing thiefs who go after Charon's Obel. giving out blessings to thieves as she helps plan out robberies with a idea of the head, Reason being? She'd like to be the Muse of Thieves
Hey. Your story was pretty great, hope you don't mind I did a reading of it. Take a listen, if you're interested:
>larper trying to act as though no one has heard the Hookman story 1000 times
I've only see one once. It was in a dream. I was also well aware of what I saw when it happened because I had a friend who claimed to be visited by the shadow people constantly in dreams once she learned how to lucid dream.

My memory of the dream is a little foggy, but I remember the main details perfectly. In the dream I'm standing in a house in front of a sliding glass door. Like the kind you use to get out to a deck or back yard from your living room. I'm standing right against the glass looking out. On the other side was shortish pitch black humanoid figure with no hair or hat, but blaring red eyes. "Let me in." it says as it ponds it's hand against the glass staring at me with those damned eyes. I instantly woke up and was in a panic. Knowing very well what I just saw. I somehow manged to go back to sleep. Again my memory is extremely foggy, but I remember through out the rest of my dreams that night I'd catch little glimpses of the shadow man/thing watching me from a far. Spying on me. Kinda how Gollum from LoTR would stalk Frodo at the start of the trilogy.

Pretty scary. Still freaks me out when I think about it. I know it had to have been some sort of entity as I've never seen something move like or make me feel as much dread as it did in any dream I've ever had.

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