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whats the most paranormal thing that has ever happened to you
Not really the type of paranormal you’re thinking of, more of a glitch in the matrix type thing but anyways

>be 5-6 years old
>sitting on the counter at my grandparent’s bodega roughly 4 feet off the ground
>decide I want to get off
>jump to floor
>shit you not, I fell in slow motion and watched myself slowly fall to the ground from a 3rd person POV like the bullet dodging scene in The Matrix (I had never seen the movie or even seen “bullet time” yet in any of my kiddie shows or pop culture)
>tell grandparents what just happened
>they just smile
>still tell this story to this day
>every time I tell it people just smile and probably think I’m crazy
>gif related
incarnation, with the ability to behold the "I"
i was like 7b years old and tasked with vacuuming the house. i was using a hand vacuum on the stairs so i was on the 2nd floor alone working my way up the stairs. i finally get to the top and make my way to the bathroom entrance.

the curtain wisps up suddenly and falls back to its place. the blinds did not move at all. i started crying and ran to get my stepdad. he went in to bathroom and the window was shut and no monsters hiding in the shower either. idk what moved the curtain as i did not feel any air exit the bathroom
got my dick sucked
>Be me a couple of years ago
>Up at about midnight watching the Perseid meteor shower
>Suddenly, see a transparent triangle moving very quickly across the sky North to South (looked a bit like pic related)
>Stare at it dead on for about 10 seconds.
>Lower than the clouds, no sound, too quiet to be a plane and too fast to be a satellite
>A few seconds after it disappears, see three lights in formation fly in the same direction
>Wonder what the fuck I just saw
>Go on watching the meteor shower
>About an hour later, see the same shape going South to North. Get an even longer look at it this time
>The same lights following it afterward.
>Freak the fuck out for the rest of the night.

That was the first and only "paranormal" thing I've ever experienced. I wonder if it was a legitimate UFO or a military test aircraft or something.
female mouth is quite the phenomenon, ill give you that
Forgot about this one experience I once had that was actually paranormal.
>be 8 years old
>at a big family party in this local auditorium
>the auditorium was once a military outpost
>people died obviously
>tons of legends about hauntings and ghost sightings
>people claim to hear horses running through buildings, see people over walls too high for any human being to see over, the typical spooky war related paranormal activity
>back to my experience
>dicking around with cousins in the auditorium once party was over at around 1-2 AM, only a few family members remained
>cousin, probably 12-13 at the time, tells me that the specific part of the auditorium we were currently at was once the hospital of the fort
>points to a locked door directly in front of us, says that you can sometimes hear footsteps of a general/leader walking around, visiting his wounded men and seeing the devastation war has caused
>”yeah right lol”
>cousin puts ear up to door, claims he hears something and laughs
>”y-yeah... ri-right...”
>i walk up to the door and place my ear against it
>in the far end of the room, i can hear them
>slowly and methodically, going from one side to the other
>”clack... clack... clack... clack”
>if you’ve ever worn dress shoes or cowboy style boots on marble flooring, you’ll know exactly what sound I’m talking about
>back away from door, nope the fuck out of the area, and head back to wherever my parents were
>tell my parents what I just heard/experienced and they don’t believe me. as a result, i’ve only ever told a handful of people throughout my life
>still get chills when I think about it because I have literally no explanation for what it could’ve been. the door was locked and as far as I know, no one besides maintenance workers are allowed back there, and there were no maintenance workers seeing as it was roughly 2 AM and it was a private party
File: 1520006087957.gif (1.18 MB, 165x115)
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1.18 MB GIF
OP here. Fuck off reddit niggers and give me some real experiences
cool story bro
your not OP
not at all
also whoever posted that claiming to be op is probaly the child in the file
File: 1529787864791.jpg (94 KB, 478x487)
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My grandparent's previous house had some kind of shadow entities living in it. They looked like vaguely humanoid 3D shadows. Every time I'd stay the night I'd always see them out of the corner of my eye. They never really did anything spooky aside from hovering just outside my field of vision and on only one occasion I heard one walking down the hallway when nobody else was home but me. Once my grandparents sold the home and moved elsewhere, I never saw them again, which makes me think they were tied to that particular house for some reason. Probably not the kind of spooky paranormal thing you were hoping for, but that's all I've got.
I remember a complex, winged, entity made out of light visiting me in my bed at night when I was 5 or 6. I don't remember what happened after it came through the wall. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.
Was 21
>Notice that closet door is cracked open every morning though I closed it the day before. Happens several times.
>Tell my roommate and he makes fun of me.
>Decide to tape a piece of paper to it and mark every time it opens on it.
>Next morning paper is on other side of the room and door is cracked open again.
>Next day tell my roommate about it. We decide to put papers on every door and cabinet in the apartment and record everything that opens. A third friend is there when we do this and thinks we are nuts.
>We go out shopping and to get lunch
>We come back and everything is open and all of the papers are scattered all over the room.
>A lamp on the wall starts shaking and cutting off at night in my bedroom but only when I am not in it, others see this. I sleep on the couch. >A friend tells me to talk to it and put a candle out for it.
>Problem ends. True story. There is more if you want to know.
File: scuttlebug.png (51 KB, 205x148)
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My friend told me of a strange experience they had.
I believe he and his mom were driving around at night owl-spotting. They stopped on the side of the road, presumably thinking it was a good place to see them birds. Searching the area, my friend noticed that right next to his side of the car was this blobbish area of complete dark. No actual form or figure, just a black inexplicable region in space. They booked it out of there.
I have a memory of being out in our front yard with my older sister, near our neighbor's fence.
I held my hand out for reasons unknown, as though I was to be presented something. Upon my hand, from out of the sky a red, chunky liquid fell, and dripped down my fingers. I don't know what it was, and I seem to have forgotten what happened next.
The liquid makes me think of salsa, but not salsa.
File: 1554402508137.jpg (64 KB, 593x796)
64 KB
I still have very fond memories of me having the ability to levitate when I was 9 years old and younger. The way I did it was similar to balancing on a skateboard while doing a wheelie. For the longest time I thought it was a normal thing to do until near the end of high school I tried doing it again with no success. I have a bunch of other paranormal experiences but I rarely talk about this one and it still annoys me that I can't levitate anymore.
One time my dad pooped in the neighbors yard and lied about it.
dude this SAME thing happened to me. unless it was a super vivid lucid dream I have no idea what it was.
I had it allot too,pretty sure its our dreams
I'm 100% sure it happened IRL but it being a dream would make a lot more sense. idk I still try doing it time to time but of course nothing happens.
>Staying at my grandpa's place
>Dog barks incessantly
>I don't want to wake up so I ignore
>Discovered the dead dog with eyes popped out
I have seen curtains move and saw a shadow dart across the room in my grandmother's house several years ago.
My first ever paranormal experience happened when I was about 14.

My step sister and I were home alone watching TV when we heard this enormous crash come from the kitchen. It sounded like someone throw a coffee mug as hard as they could, shattering it. We were both like, wtf was that??

We investigated and didn't see anything unusual. I thought, maybe there's a mouse or something and it knocked some dishes around. We opened every single cabinet and drawer. There was nothing broken or out of place. Very strange.
uhh one time when I was real small, a girl in my building complex fucking shrank. She was normal 12 year old height, and then she was the height of a 6 year old. Like she was riding one of those toddler plastic 3-wheel pedal dealies (think about the 90s). When I asked some of the elders they said "This always happens to her"

She was wearing the same bathing suit the entire time, apparently the transition happened when she got wet???

I only attribute this to Retard Child Brain. Sometimes I think about it and go "man... what the fuck"
Oh also at some point she "Grew out of it"

I've always been like ??????????? about it
My mom and I both saw the ghost of our cat the day after he died
Maybe you buried the wrong cat.
I asked God for a sign and then I saw a sign that said "You asked for a sign - God"
Could have been a stealth jet? theyre the same shape. do you live near any military bases? im assuming you're in US.
it was probably bird shit, nigga
File: 1519935080240.jpg (20 KB, 328x384)
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When I was younger, (maybe 5th grade at the oldest?) I had a chest in my bedroom that my mother had as a kid, that one night me and my little sister heard the whispering of my name coming from. We tested in for a short time and it seemed to happen for a good few minutes. Scared the shit out of us and I refused to sleep in there that night. Never happened afterwards tho.
Red birdshit?
Is that a thing?
this picture of gacy always reminds me of one of those cartoon character ice cream bars.

I've had some shit happen that was unexplained but not necessarily unexplainable. I guess one of the most unexplainable was when I was walking across the college campus and saw this dude. I was completely sure he was someone I knew, but as I approached him and started to say hi, I realized I couldn't place him at all.

you know how when you see someone you know, you recognize them, and your brain instantly recalls their name and some stuff you know about them? this felt exactly like if you were walking down the street and saw an old buddy of yours, but in the split second between recognizing his face and your brain retrieving his name or anything else, you suddenly completely forgot everything about him - his name, how you met, everything - and your brain was left with an empty file folder under "this dude's face."

this startled me so much that my greeting came out as "hi! who are you?" or something dumb like that. I was so embarrassed that I'd said that to an apparently random person that I apologized and walked away. I suppose it could have just been some kind of false positive/misfire or something in my brain, like the opposite of when you see someone you know but don't recognize them? but I've never heard of something like that happening.

I guess the only other really unexplainable thing was when I was 13 or so, chilling in my room, and heard 3 or 4 knocks from the inside of my wardrobe. it wasn't like something falling in there and knocking against the inside or anything like that. it was exactly like someone knocking on a door. no matter what other objects I banged on or knocked on, I couldn't come even close to replicating the sound except by knocking on the inside of that wardrobe. I can still hear it in my head thirty years later.
maybe there was an eagle or some other raptor flying overhead bringing a ripped-up rabbit or something back to its nest, and a piece happened to fall off. why it occurred to you to put your hand out at that instant, I don't know, though.
One time I opened a can of Dr. Pepper and there was Big Red inside instead of Dr. Pepper. No way to prove it once the can was opened because people would assume I just dumped out the Dr. Pepper and refilled it with Big Red.
maybe he ate some spicy food
I was at the beach at night looking out over the ocean and I saw a small, star sized dot moving horizontally across the sky and then it made a 90 degree turn and went straight up at what had to have been at least a few thousand miles per hour and then it was gone. I still cant figure out what it was other than maybe a meteorite coming towards me that appeared to be going up because of my perspective. That's the only thing that I legitimately have seen that I can't explain. Another time in college I had my window open and heard an alien sounding shrill screaming sort of whistle noise. Later when I became interested in bird watching that I realized it was a eastern screech owl call.
Probably this. I had a great horned owl nest right above my window in a really tall tree and sometimes mutilated rabbit and squirrel parts would land on the roof outside my window.
File: 1559576534825.gif (1.62 MB, 320x240)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
Not paranormal, but scared me as a kid.
>playing in my room with toys or something
>be like 10? forgot when this was
>had window open
>hear a loud ass HISSSSS, but like, plegmy, coming from just outside the window
>scary shit
>recently watched snakes on a plane so that didnt help
>too scared to move. if im gonna die im gonna die now
>lay motionless for like five minutes before i get the courage to close the window

>realise much much later, we often had hot air balloons float across our town
>must have had one fly kinda low, and we heard the gas heater go off or something
File: Adorpurrble.jpg (51 KB, 500x500)
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When I was 11 or 12 I saw an orb of light fly around while I was at a cabin.
I had a dream about a black kite with black severed hands as a ribbon.
as if someones fictional story became real inside my head
who am I kidding it is from a creepypasta.
Those little guys are everywhere.
File: 51opoXRMkAL._SX355_.jpg (21 KB, 355x349)
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Having my name whisper in my ear while feeling the breath and not seeing anyone near me.
I woke up one night and saw a ginat pair of green eyes looking at me. just eyes. i could still move so idk what it was.l
eat a big weenie, fag
Was it warm? Lukewarm?

Biiiird shiiiiit
Sometimes bird shit is red, yeah. Depends on the bird. Birds can vomit in mid-air too if they eat too much

Vacuum cleaners expel air as well you idiot.
File: thrones1.jpg (405 KB, 1007x1163)
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405 KB JPG
Not mine but from my aunt. Happened when she lived in a large, old house in the Scottish Borders around 1976.

>live in old house called Abbotshill
>haunted by old lady called "Granny Cochrane"
>uncle comes home from pub late at night
>walks up driveway to house
>sees someone at window behind curtain
>curtain flicks back as husband approaches
>uncle just thinks it's auntie with a "oh he's come home finally" attitude
>waits for comments as he enters house
>no one in downstairs, lights off.
>go upstairs into bedroom
>auntie wakes up as uncle enters room
>it's obvious from auntie's face she had just awoke
>it was Granny Cochrane at the window

Another one - Same hosue

>Auntie had newborn (my cousin(I wasn't even born yet))
>cot at foot off auntie and uncle's bed
>auntie woke in middle of night.
>looked down at foot of bed towards cot
>shadow figure sat on edge of bed looking into cot at baby
>figure turned head towards auntie and smiled
>figure was Granny Cochrane
>Granny Cochrane looked back into cot
>Granny Cochrane faded away

Neither my uncle or auntie had a problem living with her. She didn't scare anyone and seemed friendly.
Okay having said this, I remember seeing a dream of a box or container, embossed and decorated, almost golden looking, floating in the clouds. It was almost like it was unfolding by itself, to reveal another such box within it. Later I learned about Matriyoshka dolls, then thought it might have been like that, but then recently I learned about higher dinensional objects interacting with lower dimensions, looking like it is in constant motion.

Holy shit like what if I saw a higher dimensional entity in my dream as a child?! Wtf does it mean?! I've had a fascination for things like Angels and their classification and Demonology, but this just seems like a category to it's own in terms of experience.....
Possibly, but if it was a jet it was the quietest jet ever made because it didn't make any noise

Is this a joke? Obviously it was a hang glider
prey mantis are pretty kool, if u kno....
I am bad at explaining things so forgive me, not really paranormal, don't know what to call it.

A few years ago I used to walk my sisters dog everyday on the same route, I would bring her to like a nature walk area but had to cross a busy main road to get there. Well one day when I was waiting to cross that road with the dog, I waited until the road was clear and when I stepped out to cross the road this pure white Mercedes with all black windows flew past going super fast out of nowhere, missed me and the dog by inches. Now I know for a fact that there was no cars coming from either end of the road as where I was standing you could see 200 meters looking each way before you cross and it was empty. The car sped off and the dog was barking like crazy at it, she is a good dog and is usually good at sensing danger yet she walked into that road with me like normal, and the car literally missed us by inches. This is the weird part though, as I got to the other side of the road I suddenly remembered the dream I had the night before, and it was about exactly what had just happened, every single detail from the colour of the car to the dog barking to how close it was, all happened in my dream the night before and I forgot about it until it happened in reality. Still fucks me up to this day and I can't explain it, I told it here before and an anon gave me a name for it as some sort of unknown phenomenon or something but I can't remember it.,
get something original
I lived in a "haunted" dorm for a year in college. Building was a hundred years old and used to be a monastery. Supposedly a monk lived there and used to be a pedo who hung himself over guilt. One night the closet doors started slamming for no reason. Shit would turn on and off and shit would be moved. Freaky.
saw the literal death of my soul after murdering my twin flame, she's still not aware she's dead and at this point it is if she acts out random mental archetypes from my psyche that got a little bit of her energy left, it's quite sad but it amuses me.. heh
That's so shitty...
a doctor put their finger up my ass cause they thought my spleen was ruptured.
that was not normal at all.
Everything that led to this exact moment.
it's actually hilarious to watch her clinging to existence, was so mean to me... poor thing, I'm now like Tanel, incomplete, but at least I'm avenged, feels sickly good man
i love it when ghosts are bros
You've never had head from a fella I guess. True paranormal.
We (/x/) should focus on how to magically block reddit retards from comming here rather than succubus sex
People evolves as memes do. We need to up out memetic immunity, but nobody is sapient of how to do that because they're all newfags themselves.
>go to Gettysburg in Boy Scouts
>me and two friends go out to walk around at night
>reach the edge of a clearing near woods
>get that generic feeling like we’re not alone
>have one of those mega lantern flashlights cause it was Boy Scouts
>shine it towards tree line
>see what looks like black silhouettes of people moving along the tree line
>only thing is they were up toward the top of the trees not at ground level, was extremely hard for me to explain to people for years
>we freak out and run
>go back next morning to see
>see the same thing except now the figures are translucent almost whispy
>all 3 of us saw it so we know it was real
>years later watching some faggy top 10 scary video list
>see the famous Gettysburg ghost footage
>literally the exact same thing we saw that day
>get closure that I wasn’t crazy
File: orb.jpg (5 KB, 480x360)
5 KB
I'm curious if there are any folklore or sightings surrounding blue 'electric' orbs.

I'm wondering cause a few years ago I witnessed a floating blue light slowly make its way across my neighbours backyards when I looked out my bedroom window one night.

My attention was drawn outside cause I heard what sounded like a zapping electric noise outside, almost like a bug zapper.

I then saw a fairly prominent round blue orb floating in my neighbours lawn. What was strange, was that it was slowly making its way to the left horizontally, and when the orb passed in front of their house, all the lights inside suddenly turned the same shade of blue. (different from their usual 'yellow' lighting)
At this point I also brought my brother into the room and we both watched as we were able to see it clearly.

Anyways, it then passed into the other neighbours lawn to the left, and when it did their dogs who were left outside suddenly starting barking and freaking out. From there it kept floating on-wards out of our sight.

I'm also remembering now that our next door neighbours were having a loud and audible fight during all this. I also tried capturing this on my camera but sadly the orb did not show up in the film (although I could faintly hear the zapping noises it made)

Does anyone have an idea what it could be?
One time when I was around the age of three, something very odd happened to me:
>wake up, normal day, light coming through blinds
>toddler bed next to parents full sized bed, notice upon awakening that my parents are not in their bed, they must be up and doing this
>get into a particular trance, for no particular reason, staring at one particular window for what seems like a minute or two
>i then blink my eyes
>day immediately turns to night
>empty bed with no parents suddenly becomes full bed with them fast asleep
>still standing in same spot i was just at, havent even moved a single centimeter
>completely dumbfounded, even at this young of an age i knew what i had just experienced clearly defied reality
>wonder to myself what happened for a few minutes longer
>cant think of any logical explanation, give up and decide to crawl into my toddler bed to sleep
>wake up the next day and everything is completely fine.

I never knew what happened to me that day, and I'm 100% sure it was not a dream. I used to always wake up in random places in my house too. I will never forget the day I woke up, and fucking smashed my head on the coffee table because I woke up under the coffee table in my living room. How did I get there when I clearly had a vivid memory of falling asleep in my bed the night prior? No history of sleepwalking, and I highly doubt I was placed there as some sort of a prank by my father or anything, he wouldnt have been there to witness the punchline, which would have been me hitting my head. Everything about my early childhood was very odd to me, almost psychedelic in a way.

Not to poo poo on your story bro but if the latter part of your post talking about sleep walking and waking up it seems, to me, that the first part you stood up whilst asleep and dreaming about being in that room during the day but you then woke up instantly and you were still standing from your sleep. It was still the same night you went to bed before this happened.
That's awesome
Two hanggliders, one with lights on and one without?
When I was in second grade I witnessed a rabbit jump into a nonexistent hole. My stepsister couldn’t explain it either. Only other experience I had was witnessing a slow floating craft in the shape of two long tubes fused next to each other with a triangular red sail on top drift higher and higher into the sky until it wasn’t visible anymore. Haven’t seen anything since then
You are literally fucking retarded then because if you would have actually have read and processed the words like a normal human being, you would have noticed I said I have NO HISTORY of sleep walking. That means I couldn't have been sleep walking that time, and all of the times when I mysteriously woke up in random places in my house. God, you people can't even fucking read.
ball lightning
it was sometime in 2006. i was working at walmart. all the sudden my ears started ringing. and i fell into a trance. then i start receiving what i can only describe as a mental radio transmission from another dimension. and it showed me stuff that happened in the past and stuff that hadn't happened yet. about 4 years later the things i "received" in that transmission all came true.

come to think of it what happened to me seems a lot like remote viewing in a way i guess.
Chill the fuck out, sleepwalker.
How do you know you don't sleep walk??? Someone watch you constantly while you sleep???
I gain weight even though I feel I get plenty of exercise and don't eat too much!
example of the things that happened?
you know brain scans are 800 dollars, so I'm never getting one. I have no memory lapses yet so that's how I figure I'm doing functional. but still, I've told this before on a different board and they said I might be a schizo. I've heard voices and have trailed off into different realities. Not as much now but definitely in high school. I followed a spirit into some shit at the laundry mat that I had known for a while at this point. It was a spirit animal. I remember doing a spell multiple times to become an animal. I said it alot. and it was right after about the ninth grade where it started messing with me. It told me to do weird things like certain stretches, and I talked to it alot about personal things. but one day I had decided it was indeed an evil spirit and I tried casting it out, and after a few times of doing this it left me. One time though it haunted my dreams and became a bear and ate everyone in my family. this mental break was quiet till recently. For about 7 years I hear nothing till one day another spirit claiming to be an angel comes up to me and introduces themselves in a form that I liked, and I spoke to it multiple times. I felt it was sort of like that show wilfred from fx which maybe subconsciously it was. I just imagined this being in the spirit world doing things as before when I was young. except it gave me advice and told me about things. but out of fear I haven't spoke to it in a few months now because I felt I was going insane. I also would understand if it didn't want to speak to me so it wouldn't make me insane. I still remember the conversations we had though.
A friend of mine snowboarded during a shroom trip, and he watched himself on the hill in third person. Felt like a videogame.
nothing significant. just life events. job changes. i saw the new house i moved into 4 years before i ever started even moving. the transmissions still come in from time to time but what they show me is usually weeks away or days rather than years like before.
Maybe you should ask them to send you the winning lottery numbers
I seen a cop talk, and while talking having two of her front teeth flattened, out of two different shades of dark green for a short time, possibly indicating presence of corrosive acid in her teeth.

I don't really know what 'most paranormal' means to you.
>be 13 years old
>move into new house seems pretty nice at first
>ff 2 days
>sleeping when I hear stomping coming from the stairs right next to my room
>hide under covers till I fall asleep
>talk to family next day and they say they all heard it too
I got more stories like this if you guys wanna hear them
how is that paranormal?
how is that paranormal?
As a kid i was diagnosed as high functioning autism, but my mom knew that was pretty much a sentence to special needs nonsense for the rest of my schooling and I was waaay ahead of my grade level in most academic skills so I was much better off in normal classes so she just put me in normal schooling, to give me a chance with a normal socialization. Which probably worked out for the better - as nowadays I probably would be diagnosed as just on the spectrum rather than full on autistic.

In kindergarten I didn't make any friends at all (in my mind), I just focused on doing the school work and stuff, and playing with my neighborhood kids when they were around - but there was this girl, who I will call Cynthia for purposes of anonymity...

Cynthia essentially adopted me, and sort of took it on herself to babysit my autistic arse throughout the school day, helping me get acclimated to school. My mom might have had a hand in this, but she never admitted this (she taught at the same school.).

Cynthia was older than me, she had been held back a year because she had some trouble with reading/writing basics - which I was really *really* good at, for my age, another possible reason for our pairing. She was always there, often leading me around, dragging me from the (huuuge, it was a wonderful suburban school) recess yard where I'd wander off searching for some sort of wildlife to study, or classroom to classroon, hand in hand to make sure that I got where I should be instead of where my whim took me - if we weren't glued to eachothers sides.

I honestly took her *completely* for granted. Like... I barely even acknowledged her - in retrospect it was RIDICULOUS how awful I was to her, how exasperating I must have been. But she took it all in stride, and treated me with immense patience and kindness, and when summer came, and we parted, I really missed her. We even got to hang around a couple times when our parents worked to let us hang around a bit and I acknowleged her then as a friend which was cool.

Come first grade, we ended up in different classes, (my mom actually tried to get us together she said later but teacher politics can get nasty and Cynthia was not a good performer and the teacher my mom insisted I be with did not want such a student - in fucking first grade, jesus christ. But my mom got her, and she was one of the best teachers in the state, so, goood). Nonetheless, we were glued to each other (even though of course girls were gross), between classes and she was still my guide/attendant in the social world heh. The school year went along normally, Christmas, Winter Recess came and went, then it started to thaw, and things changed.

>took 8 tabs of acid cause life suck
>start to habitually go to the onions field behind my house (Nebraska)
>don’t know what happens here sorry
>begin abusing Ritalin daily to avoid sleep and continue tripping
>I am at this point taking at least 6 tabs daily
>sometimes it’d be closer to 30 considering dosages and just general want
>the memories I associate with the onions field are almost uncomprehsible
>all i know was i needed to die
>sometimes I’d see things but I wasn’t afraid anymore
>the hat man, dead family members and friends, and my world
>I’m still not afraid
>I have over 400 Xanax bars (2mg) and the day is coming
>mom comes over cause its been 5 months now
>I’m making money doing odd jobs coming through the drug ind
>she sees me and calls ambulance
>go to rehab

This was almost 2 years ago and haunts me everyday. I am incapable of interacting on an emotional level with anyone and i can barely see any person i was before. I’m not sure its paranormal but i was so changed by it it must be spiritual
Stop pretending you guys don't have a whole field with just onions, anon.
Onions have layers just like the fabric of reality
File: sign-at-night.jpg (8 KB, 300x201)
8 KB

This is a pretty spooky thing that hapenned to me
>be 20
>Doing acid
>Peak at around 12
>Fast forward to about 330 AM
>Coming down, not really hallucinating as much
>Sitting outside smoking a cig with gf and dog
>gf goes inside to make some cookies for us
>Just sitting outside on porch with dog in silence
>Live next to a busy road, so usually theres at least a few cars regardless of time of day
>For about 20 minutes its just complete silence, no wind, no cars, no random animal noises anywhere
>Notice this and get a little uncomfortable
>Blame it on the drugs and just keep smoking and relaxing
>All of a sudden hear an extremely loud 6 second inhale
>Hear a loud noise that I cant describe. It sounded like part human part coyote? But it was a lot deeper than either usually sound and it sounded distorted
>Just hear this snarl half laugh
>Dog shoots up and immediately starts shaking violently
>Dog usually runs and barks at any noise in existence
>But this time dog stands up and shakes
>I grab dog and sprint inside
When I was a teenager my mom and I were pulling out of the driveway. We looked both ways, and seeing that it was clear, started pulling out to the left. As soon as we got onto the road a black SUV speeds by right in front of us, out of nowhere. I have no idea how that car got there that fast, because it had to cover at least a football field in less than a second (about 300 feet to the right, the road curved behind the trees). To this day that event confuses and amazes me.
me to anon, you even described the stance perfectly.
Constant dream predictions
Shrek was a Psy-Op?!
It was a normal school year until just after spring break a late outbreak of what first seemed like flu hit. I caught it, Cynthia caught it, a lot of the kids in the k-3rd wing of the school caught it.

It wasn't the flu. I ended up being taken to the doctor getting a big shot, and had to take pills a few times a day for a week. Nothing big, I was showing a fever, but I always tend to catch a cold come spring for some reason.

I came back to school, and for some reason, Cynthia was mad at me. She was there, and she would still hang around with me, she still led me to class holding my hand, and everything, but something wasn't right and I didn't understand it. We never talked much, we just sort of hung around together with me wandering and her following in my stead asking questions and me answering, but the questions were few and far between. It went on like this for a while, I don't know how long to be honest, because well, first grade, this was for me about 40 years ago now, and even at that, given my age at the time, time's flow was sort of a hazy thing. We were sitting in front of the school on a rainy late April friday, I was ready to walk home, but she had to wait for her bus - I usually walked home straight off, because I was purely self absorbed but she asked me to wait with her that day.

She was very stern with me, and I was kind of sore at her, because I still didn't understand why she was angry at me (I couldn't read people AT all back then or handle when they were being emotional with me). She said that this was her last day at school and she couldn't help me anymore. I said I could talk to my mom, I told her I liked her. She said that I could try, I should, but I had to listen to her. I had to pay attention to the time and go to class on time now and be nice and listen to the other kids. To be sure I did, even when they were boring. Because it made them feel happy and that was important. She said some more I don't want to say now... tbc.
Well I don't want to relate it because it's got me in tears already heh, but the bus came and that was that. When I went home, I waited for my mom to show up, and I told her about what happened. And asked her if she could fix whatever was wrong and making it so Cynthia was moving schools.

She was kind of confused by the situation. Then she kind of got a really sad look on her face, and took me in the living room for a long talk. That flu that had happened earlier - that was actually meningitis. A few kids got *really* sick. Three had died. One of them was Cindy.

It doesn't chill me or anything - I only have warm memories of her. And a lingering sadness. Because in my heart, I believe we were supposed to have a lot more time together, that fate robbed me of something then.
File: c700x420.jpg (167 KB, 700x420)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I've had several "glitch in the matrix" experiences, as well as intense premonitions, but I'll share the two juiciest paranormal encounters I've had.
The first one occurred when I was about 17 and went on a camping trip with my family. We stayed in an old stone cabin in a state park, pic related.
The first night there I woke up suddenly and felt a strange presence. I looked around the room and pinched myself because I didn't understand why I would wake up so suddenly. I looked at the digital clock to make sure I wasn't dreaming. It read 2:54 AM very clearly. I could see my mother and baby brother sleeping on the air-up mattress next to me. I suddenly became aware of a tall black silhouette at the foot of my bed. I lay there and stared at it for about three seconds and it vanished in front of my eyes. The strange thing was that I didn't feel paralyzed, or even feel threatened or frightened. It was simply unnerving. I lay awake for about ten minutes and ended up falling back asleep.
I've ran the scenario through my head hundreds of times - the memory is very vivid. I am sure I was not dreaming and I have never had an episode of sleep paralysis.

>woke up in random places in house
>not sleep walking
One time I solved the most important unsolved problem in mathematics but then everyone else in the world pretended like I didn't. It was pretty spooky.

Stayed in a bed in breakfast in Lafayette, I won’t say it’s name, but around two in the morning the house was full of activity. I left after trying to tough it out for ten minutes or so. It was happy, whatever it was.
File: 1556165108862.jpg (8 KB, 412x314)
8 KB
probably being abducted by an grey

unless seeing a naked time traveller try to break into your house, or dying and experience an altered repeat day a la quantum immortality is more paranormal

id share more stories or go into more detail but im tired and need to go to bed
> be me
These are the only two experiences I have that something supernatural is out there:
>did mushrooms once, talked to the god of animals, who explained our whole reality to me, including different dimensions of consciousness, akasha, and the interdimensional satanic assault on our planet through technology
>me and my gf have developed some kind of undeniable precognitive telepathy. We'd sense all kind of happenings, words, numbers... a few seconds before they manifest in our physical reality
I came
Could’ve been a Grand Cherokee trackhawk or a trailblazer with the big ass Vortec engine. Those are the fastest SUVs I’ve heard of, the trackhawk can even hold it’s own against a Ford GT.
i hate densely crowded ares because i can hear everyone's thoughts at once and its overwhelming
>be 8 year young me
>didn't poop the day before
>have a nice big poop, or so I thought
>no poop on the toilet paper
>no poop in the toilet
>scream and run to mommy
Once I heard 3 perfectly timed knocks from around the house. I got freaked out so I checked the door and circled around the house a couple time. Nothing on the roof, behind the house, nothing. Next week find out my next door neighbor died for a long time, and we didnt even know. Occasionally we would hear knocking from around the house.
I used to collect haunted objects and I went down the path of collecting dozens of haunted dolls. To my surprise I would find out soon after bringing these little dolls into my house that a entity would be festering inside. I would come home from work sometimes and feel incredible amounts of rage. I never forgot about reading this book about Angels when all my houses security alarms were set off. The one thing that really creeped me out was when I was opening a box of haunted dolls from Ebay in front of my old collection of dolls and my REM pod went CRAZY as soon as I started taking the dolls out of the box.

I don't EVER take haunted dolls or objects for granite anymore after my personal experience with them.
Id like to think at some point your house became like a fight club for ghosts and demons since each doll harbors its own entity.
Read this with Karl Pilkington's voice
File: 1551705500151.jpg (15 KB, 540x540)
15 KB
A sandnigger cast a spell on me while I was sitting in from on him.
With me nothing, but with my brother one day he said that there's was a shadow walking on his room and with my little sister her closet opened by himself
My aunt died last year, and the die that she died, I was in the bathroom and, mind you, the door was locked and the bathroom door flew open while I was taking a shit. It was scary as hell.
When i was really young a ghost (who took the form of my uncle) used to sneak into my room and make me suck him off. I've probably swallowed gallons of its ectoplasm over the years. It was a pretty spooky experience
>Be me
>20 year old singer in a band
>Had a gig in my local pub
>Finished for the night, around 12-1
>Hadn’t drank that night
>House was only 4 minutes away, decided to walk.
>Said goodbye to my friends, started walking alone.
>To get to my house, had to go down a street my parents claimed was haunted. Skeptic me thought it was bullshit.
>Walking, humming a song in the dead of night, barely any noise.
>Felt something latch onto my back.
>Could feel hands around my neck and chests. Whatever it was was strong, but light enough.
>I sprinted home with it clawing and pulling me. Screaming like a girl a whole way home.
>Fucking terrified. Bust into my house. I’m freaking out still and my parents come in.
>Whatever it was was no longer there. Could still feel where it grabbed me. Tried to explain to my parents but was too terrified.
>Slept with the light on that night.
To this day I still have no idea what it was or what the fuck happened. Never walked home alone again.
File: 70620-full.png (22 KB, 272x204)
22 KB
I fell through the ground once. I was walking in my house and i just kind of....fell? I felt the rush of falling and all of a sudden I was in the floor. No damage, nothing. I have no idea what happened but I had to tear up the kitchen to get myself out. nobody beleives me and thinks im a skitzo or something, but I swear to god I just fell into it.
File: Screenshot_1.png (63 KB, 216x435)
63 KB
Saw a shadow person, I woke up late at night and saw something looking at my brother while he was sleeping, i panicked and called out on it and it just stared at me, i remember i couldn't speak when it looked at me because i was really spooked, i just rolled over and cried like a pussy until i fell asleep, it looked extremely similar to pic related, i really simplified the story but that's the gist of it, i still wonder why it was looking at him though and i guess i can never get an answer
Nada. I have had psychosis where I could feed reality coming apart but it was exactly that: psychosis. Nothing more. I have had numerous sleep paralysis episodes but those are just hallucinations. Every supposedly haunted place I have ever visited has been perfectly normal. I've gotten weird "vibes" from Mission San Francisco Solano, but that was probably my imagination. I have heard ghostly footsteps that are most likely nothing more than my house shifting around due to temperature changes.

If I saw a full-bodied apparition right now, I would just assume I was hallucinating unless somebody else saw it with me.
>ghost tour in Port Arthur during school camp
>group of probably like 10-15 kids
>in the unfinished church hear a woman’s scream far off in the distance
>not loud but still pretty clear
>only me and 2 others heard the scream, no one else knows what we’re talking about
I had another experience personally that night as well if anyone wants to hear it.
Fucking hacker. This is what happens when you try to noclip on an official server.
This it's definitely a misremembered dream, I've had that too.
lmao u were molested brah
sorry for ur loss
Not all too paranormal, but when I was laying in bed in the dead of night on my phone, I look to my right and see a faint red light on the wall adjacent to my bed. It wasn’t like seeing phantom light after staring at a screen for a long time, I could very clearly make out an emorphous shape of light on my wall. There was no electronic device in the room that would’ve caused a possible reflection and the vanity mirror on my drawers couldn’t have reflected light onto the wall either as it was positioned away from my bed. Haven’t seen it again and I still don’t know what caused it. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me, not out of sleep deprivation but from the effects of staring at a phone in the dark for too long.
File: 1537273337225.jpg (133 KB, 800x960)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>smoke alarm won't stop going off when I cook
>has a 10 year battery built in
>read about some guy who had a similar issue with his alarm clock
>get an idea
>find out the battery will stop working when exposed to humidity
>put it in the shower for six hours
>find out that it makes a loud shrieking sound when the battery dies
>stab it repeatedly with a knife
>repeatedly slam it on the ground
>beat it with my fists
>stab the back of it with a screwdriver as that's what actually disables it
>maintenance replaces it for free
>new smoke alarm
>same brand
>same issues
>pull out a knife as I go to turn it off
>mfw it shuts up
>mfw it still shuts up
Phasing is about as rare as flaring and the most experienced in psionics can barely control flaring as it requires more energy than most people are able to control. I would consider actually taking up psionics as if what you're saying is true, you have potential.
>be me
>Go hunting in the Shenandoah with my dad and cousin
>hunting deer
>get a deer
>hear growling
>see something that looks like a bear, human, and goat combined.
>Starts rushing at us
>Get a few rounds off at it on my SKS
>it continues to rush
>Jump into the back of my dads truck and we haul ass
>it starts to gain on us
>empty more rounds from my sks into it's skull
>the thing trips on a branch and we are able to get the hell out of dodge.
this was a year ago
File: 1557690788772.png (151 KB, 396x382)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>be me
You don't have to say that when you are doing a greentext about yourself. It has and always will be unnecessary to do that.
I mean you're wrong about how to go about it anyways. A succubus isn't a demon. They're a thoughtform. They're the end result of men blaming their improprieties on the supernatural, like how incubi are the end result of women blaming infidelity and birth defects on the supernatural. People need to learn that their thoughts shape the world around them, and how to control said thoughts and the actions that are tied to them. Just like how Reddit needs to learn how to tie a fucking knot.
I think it's YOU that needs to fuck off back to Redshit. Green text stories have ALWAYS started with "be me" you fucking wannabe autist
One time I decided to try falling asleep with a strobe light going in my room, pointed at the wall I was facing. I drifted off a couple times, but kept waking back up. Finally, right as I was falling asleep, I saw the figure of a man lunging out of the wall directly at me with one arm raised above his head, as if he was going to attack me with a hatchet, or something similar.
I freaked the fuck out, fell off my bed, ripped the cord from the wall, and turned on the main lights. Never tried that shit again, but might someday.
Ironically you would have better luck making a tulpa and having sex with that. But that's something Reddit latched onto and subverted by trying to think that it was some Harry Potter identity politics bullshit, when it's really about self introspection, self improvement and self love. They've more or less made it soul bonding on steroids at this point. Fucking otherkin.
They quite literally did not until Chanology brought people from Reddit and Tumblr to the site. I know because I coincidentally learned about 4chan around the same time and got my shit corrected. Lurk moar. Also stop diagnosing yourself shitboot, that's another thing wrong with you millennials.
>They quite literally did not until Chanology brought people from Reddit and Tumblr to the site
Been around for a while, bro. You're wrong.

>Also stop diagnosing yourself shitboot, that's another thing wrong with you millennials.
I have absolutely no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
Satan is reading my mind
After my mother died there was a ton of fighting in our family. I was staying at my Dads one night. He has a flat roof. I was up late watching TV and I clearly heard hoves on the roof. It sounded like they were dancing. I really think it was a demon dancing on the roof. I was fully awake and I could hear it as clear as day. It was so loud. My brother who I wasn’t speaking with heard the exact same thing a week later. That was my only paranormal experience.

I was like 5-7 and was using the bathroom at my nana's house. When I went to pee a loud boom occured and a deep voice yelled get out. There was nobody else in there.
>be me
>16, playing melee with my other cousin(same age)
>we're home alone for 2 weeks because of reasons
>day 4 into paradise then suddenly it sounds like someone is beating the bedroom door down like a mother fucker.
>*BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM* Double fisted door door punches for 10 seconds straight
>"uhh anyone there"
>kept playing melee and nothing happened again ever
>Microwave didn't stop beeping
>I unplug it
>Still beeped for like 5 minutes before turning off
Is this paranormal
Not really paranormal, but when me and a friend were kids,
we used to crap our pants over those creepy voices,
that could be heard in the backround if you listened carefully on the old xbox
When i was 17, i remember waking up to what i felt like someone slapping me hard as fuck
Got me eyes wide open and i searched the area only to just go back to bed still feeling dull pain on my cheek from the slap
Nothing fell from the ceiling or whatever
Just fucking weird
It’s called a manual, not a wheelie if you’re doing it on a board
>Paranormal poop

I got one

when I was a little kid, my family would sometimes go to visit my grandma and by extension lots of extended family, since most of them live in the same town. My rich ass uncle bought the house for my grandma. It was an old bed and breakfast kind of house, two stories, and it was from the early 1900s or late 1800s or some shit. The front door opened up into a long hall way, and on the right side of the hallway, was a staircase to where the guest rooms were. Going by that staircase always gave me the fucking creeps. When I was about 6 or 7, my grandma died. around that time I had a dream that my dad was in the upstairs section (which I had never seen before). My dad was running away from a demon-like being that had a black shadowy body, a white skull face, and shadow like spikey protrusions coming from its head. The demon jumped on my dads back and my dad said “Help me! Help me Anon!” But I was frozen in fear in the dream. When my grandma died and we had to clear out the house, I went upstairs for the first time. The upstairs was exactly how I dreamed it was. Green wall paper with several doors in a long ass hallway. I was fucking creeped out.

Fastforward to last year, I decide to tell my dad about the dream I had. I told him about the demon and how I forsaw how the upstairs looked. Then he said “funny you mention that, I had a very disturbing experience upstairs one night when I was visiting mom in my 30s.” He slept in one of the rooms up there and said a grotesque demon with a twisted skull face slowly poked its head out from the foot of the bed. My dad said he rebuked it in the name of jesus (dads family is very pentacostal, I’m not). Then the demon said “I just wanted to make sure” and slid it heads back down making no noise and no indictthat is gone. My dad had never told anyone about that experience before.
>stabbing into live circuit with a knife

Probably not enough current to hurt you but I wouldn’t do that in the future.
Might have had an internal battery so you could still tell time on it/microwave something once or twice before it turns off.
How is that paranormal?
I want to know what do you mean by "it"
i one saw a frickin ghost dude a srsly frickin ghost
Based Demon bro just wanted to chceck on your dad if everything was ok with the room
In 1991 I was living in Kansas City and was home alone. I had the kitchen light on and the tv on. I fell asleep and woke up sometime later around 11:30. When I woke up I was facing towards the tv across the room and then I looked down at the end of the couch and there was this shadow looking figure staring at me. I was scared as hell and didn't move. It maybe stood there for a minute. Then turned and went down the hall.

haha it kinda was. There were some astral projection dolls I collected along with dolls dating back to the civil war. Satanic dolls used in rituals to an old morse code machine that was haunted. Also had a 1930's Ouija Board that had been used pretty heavily. There was a lot haha
>15 years old soldering some shit
>Strip the insulation off a wire
>Do some shit like blowing my nose or something
>About to solder that wire in place
>Look at the wire
>Wtf the insulation is not stripped although i stripped it
>Feel kinda weird about it but whatever
>Continue on doing my shit
There were only a few wires on my desk, and it was the only blue one
I have a very similar story
>Be me, about 13 years old
>Fucking around with fireworks
>Light a small rocket like pic related
>Go a few meters away
>It starts heading in my direction
>Time slows down
>Try to quickly cover my face but slow motion
>See it exploding in slow motion
It was kinda cool, but weird at the same time
Shit forgot the pic
When i was 7 a bright light fell into the woods behind our house and then some men in suites came nocking the next day
Had a similar experience at my old job. I was working at a group home by myself and all the clients were asleep. I was just sitting in the living room and i heard a loud noise. I mean it sounded like someone dropped a book from the ceiling and it landed on the cover. Like a loud smack. I went around the corner and there was no sign of anything. Nothing out of place except that the basement door was open. That house was creepy in general though. Still no clue what made that loud noise
Lol'd at this too
Had this exact same experience it was late at night I was probably 7 or 8 maybe younger I was laying in my bed when I heard my name being whispered from my closet a crossed my room went on for several minutes every time I would call my parents in the voices would stop but then start back up again once they left, scared the shit out of me.
I was praying one time and a greeting card with Jesus on it appeared on a golden cross I had lying down. Now I have no excuse not to believe. My mom doesn't believe me.
Sorry to hear anon. This was a sad story.
I get paranoid sometimes that a ghost is gonna punch me in the dick as I lie in bed
It's what I would do
I have one that was kinda spooky
>Be me, 11-ish.
>Over at my friend’s house. Playing Cod upstairs.
>His mother and sister go to the shop to buy food for dinner
>House completely empty, we just play.
>Hear noise downstairs
>Mute the TV.
>After a few minutes of being quiet, we hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Not light steps, like heavy boots.
>Both of us are terrified. Stay dead silent, looking at each other.
>After a minute, we go to investigate. I lead as I’m bigger, holding a hurley (wooden stick for hurling)
>Look out, go downstairs, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.
>Go back to the room, about to start playing.
>Hear the footsteps going down the stairs, and eventually disappear.
>We just look at each other, confused
>Go back to playing.
We still talk about it to this day, after 10 years. Craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.
In the summer of 1977 or 1979 in Akron ohio I, along with neighbors saw a jagged purple circle appear in the sky after thunderstorms went through the area and lighting struck the brick road we lived on.
I dont even know if it really happened anymore, but it's one of the few childhood memories I have.
File: MQC00886_large.jpg (38 KB, 480x480)
38 KB
This story is decidedly not Paranormal. But it is my most surreal experience.

I'll tell you all a tale of the not-quite-exorcisms my mom used to drag me to. My very catholic mother had a friend who thought she was possessed. She met this woman at her rosary vigil group. She had 3 boys about the same age as me and my 2 brothers and just had a baby girl. Well, this lady thought that she was cursed years ago by a witch that went to her community College she went to years ago. Thought that there were demons fighting within her for control of her soul, and she would pray all day every day when she wasn't doing house work or making food. She was a stay at home mom. She claimed her house was haunted, but her husband always just laughed it off. He supported her beliefs but I don't think he thought she was possessed. I spent the night there several times never witnessed/felt anything.

Onto the "exorsism" stuff. She couldn't get official approval for a full exorcism so she convinced a priest friend to do mini-exorsisms to weaken the demons power. This was at a tiny church in a smaller town outside of the big city. So my mom being the great friend she was brought me and my little brother, 12 and 10, to help hold this lady down while the priest says the prayer. Demon lady brought her 2 oldest as well. They also have this burly grounds keeper for added muscle. The priest was actually a pretty funny guy. He starts off the prayer and she's cool. Couple minutes later she starts to twitch and drops to the ground wrything around. Starts digging her nails onto her arm scratching it up bad. My mom tell me and my brother to each grab a leg and her 2 oldest grab her arms while grounds keeper and my mom keep her shoulders and head pinned. "Demon" shows up and starts swearing at the priest. Sounded pretty much like someone doing to an impersonation of the girl from the exorcist.
Ball lightning?
The priest starts talking shit to the "demons". Has a crucifix and is making the now wrything lady kiss the little Jesus on the cross and she starts spitting at crucifix and priest. Full on loogies. Priest doesn't care. Continues on with the prayer. She switches to a little girl voice and starts "speaking in tongues" just babbling like a more adult baby talk just slamming syllables together. Priest makes her kiss Jesus some more. She fucking chips her front tooth trying to bite little stone Jesus's head off. After she chipped her tooth the Priest sped it up a little and continues through her swearing at him and everyone in the room. Finishes up the prayer and she starts to go limp. Finish it up with some other smaller prayers and kind of pats her face till she comes to. She's normal again. We all go to McDonald's for ice cream after. I did this probably 4 or 5 times pretty much the same thing each time aside from the tooth chipping but she always managed to harm herself. I think she dislocated her shoulder once.

Couple years later her husband got cancer and passed away and she got fat stacks from his company. Lady starts spending like nuts. New cars and wardrobe. My mom trys to help guide her so she doesn't squander all the money and fuck the kids over because this lady has no job experience whatsoever. Lady tells my mom to fuck off and she's just jealous of all the nice stuff she has now/wants her money. My mom says OK but don't call me in the future when you're fucked.

Found out years later that demon lady and her sister were super molested. Her sister got therapy and some meds and has decent life. Demon lady got hooked on opioids shortly after she stopped talking to my mom and is addicted to this day. Demon lady's oldest son molested her daughter/his sister. Second oldest just finished seminary and is a full on priest now.

Aaaaand they were on Dr. Phil. Not about the demons. It was about the molesting.

I once received what sounded like an AM radio broadcast through my lower right side molars. Lasted about 10 seconds. No metal filings in my teeth and happened when I was about 12 yrs old
Few experiences. Not all of em are ghost of aliens or spoopy. Just not really normal. One of the ones that still fucks that I'm fairly sure the drugs I used to do caused...

>partied harried night before, standard Friday night for me when I was 20
>normally I did coke or adderall but just ended up mixing xanax and alchohol like a fucking retard
>wake up
>on street downtown apparently passed out there, ofc, xanax and alchahol = no memory
>downtown was a good 10 miles from where I started though, kinda weird I didn't just pass out there or end up at home or a friends place
>tons of people downtown, per normal
>none of them are moving
>trying to yell at people and cause them to flinch. No response
>huh must be a flash mob or something
>trying to call friends and parents for ride, apparently all phones are disconnected
>fug it I'll walk home it's only 2 and half miles
>whole way home everything is sitting still, people, vehicles, animals even the wind.
>time kept moving though
>mile in a dog starts to follow me, looked like a blueheeler and a Lab had a pup. Was chill. Had a lil mad max buddy
>finally get on my street, pup yelps, weird ass buzzer goes off
>wake up in my bed
>Its Monday now, everything is normal other than me having no idea why Sunday is a blank
>wow weird fucking dream
>walk outside for a cigg
>suddenly that same dog from my dream jumps up into my arms and fall on my ass
>dad is also out and says "Son you're lucky that dog you brought home is so cute"

I've since gotten sober, but the fuck brain.
sounds like its possible, lots of ball lightning sighting thru history

>I stick my dick in guys' asses
>I'm not gay
File: honkhonk10.png (138 KB, 325x325)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
>I was 20 at the time
>was working demolition at a university campus
>building being remodeled used to be morgue and infirmary
>whole building had an off vibe about it
>I had to go get something from the top floor by myself
>Other workers are 2 levels below me so I'm all alone
>I hear footsteps then someone coughing behind me
>grab the tool I needed and got out of there
> Be me
> Be around the age of 4
> Be a fan a Teletubbies
> Have a Teletubbies doll of Laa-laa
> Go to sleep with the doll every night
> One night when I was getting in bed Laa-laa fell off
> Instead of hitting the floor it when through the floor
> Got out of bed to tell my parents that Laa-laa disappear
> As I walked across the hall I found Laa-laa sitting in rocking chair.
> I didn't think much off it and took the doll off the chair and when to bed
> Still have the image in my head on "how" Laa-laa when through the floor to this day
I didnt expect to get hit by such feels.
She departed as kindly as she could , you should cherish that in spite of the sadness that comes from knowing she is no longer in this realm
A girl asked me for my number. I was so blown the fuck out, I told her I didn't have a phone and just walked away with spaghetti dribbling from my pockets.
How would you know, you're asleep when it happens
Not really paranormal but

>Have a change of life period
>getting off drugs, going back to school, studying, etc.
>not hanging out with other kids my age because I need to focus on becoming a better person
>still occasionally do drugs alone, mostly only adderall and weed, but not copious amounts of either
>one day take an adderall to do a full day of course work and studying
>take a melatonin to go to bed
>have a dream i'm driving in a desert with giant insect egg skeleton features spread across it.
>i'm in the passenger seat and a south american lookin guy is driving
>tells me "you know you'll marry a nun one day"
>I say "oh wow, I always thought I would marry a nun"
>I start thinking about why and how he knows that, and why it feels real
>I ask "are you an alien?"
>immediately he disappears and I start to see static and everything is warping out of my consciousness
>wake up absolutely freaked out and convinced that everyone I know is an alien and they're all doing some kind of social experiment on me
>was literally convinced that my roommate was an alien, my parents, the rest of my family, everyone who i'd seen/met in my classes
>try incredibly hard to remember that everyone is an alien so that I don't fall for their tricks and that I can escape wherever I am
>trying to figure out of I'm in a simulation or not
>incredibly tired and eventually (and surprisingly) fall back asleep even though i'm the most freaked out i've ever been
>wake up and realize that everything I thought previously as stupid and there's no way that's true.

The feeling I had when I woke up made me start believing I could have some schizophrenia or something in me. I was once diagnosed with schizophrenia, but I was also doing a lot of drugs at the time and I'm pretty sure the psychiatrist that diagnosed me was just looking for the money. These guys get paid a lot by companies to prescribe stuff.

It still freaks me out after 6 years, is still think about it
Lets see if this hotel wifi will let me shitpost.

>be living in the barracks as armyfag
>finally get around to getting a ouija board as always interested
>that night, alone, ask it a few questions.
>not getting anything solid.
>last question, ask about getting freaky powers or someshit.
>planchette moves to 'ha ha'
>get mad, put it away and go to sleep.
>just laying in bed
>start hearing my keyboard getting banged on repeatedly
>*chink chink chink chink*
> Speeds up.
> Sit upright and look over to the noise.
> immediately stops.
> feel all wierded out
> too spooked to go back to sleep
> have to be ready for 0530 work call on no sleep(fuck I'm so glad I'm out).

I want to get another board and try again but that experience right there solidified my belief in the paranormal.
For a period of about three years there was something in our house that liked to hide things.

Incident 1

>Late August 2011
>Mom and stepfather moved into a new house together, we've only been here a few months
>I'm about to leave for college so we're getting ready to go out for dinner that'll serve as my goodbye/birthday dinner since that was coming up
>Some important documents meant to go to my sister were sent to the house instead, so my mom plans to bring them to the dinner
>As I'm getting ready to leave, notice my mom is pretty stressed in the kitchen
>She had the documents in their envelopes by her purse, but they're no longer there
>She tends to overreact and get unnecessarily stressed so I start helping her look
>While searching for the documents, I hear a weird noise that kinda sounds like the meow of our cat that's been dead for over a year
>Shrug it off
>We keep looking but can't find the documents
>We literally strip every single countertop in the kitchen bare, but they're nowhere to be found
>She basically gives up and says that the documents will just have to be re-sent
>We both have our backs turned to the countertop that we just stripped bare
>We turn around, and surprise: the two envelopes we've been looking for are now sitting on top of the bare counter, laid across each other in an X
>My mom is standing there with her jaw hanging open while I start laughing hysterically because wtf just happened
>She notices me giggling and assumes I was playing a practical joke, but I insist that wasn't the case

This wasn't technically my most paranormal experience (don't wanna get into that one), but it's the only one I've ever experienced with another person there to witness it so it's always stood out to me. There were two other memorable incidents so I'll continue in the next post.

Incident 2

>A year has passed, so it's now late August 2012
>Same deal as last time, it's the night of my goodbye/birthday dinner so we all head out to dinner
>Earlier that day I remembered what happened a year ago and was wondering why nothing weird/strange has happened since then, as I was expecting that incident to be the start of some real haunted house shit
>Was petting one of our cats in my mom's bedroom while remembering this, so I decide to get bold
>Call out the "ghost" and ask where it's been and why it hasn't shown anymore signs of its presence
>Nothing happens of course, so I just laugh at myself for how dumb I probably sounded
>Anyway it's time for dinner so my mom and I head out
>We get hibachi, it's supposed to be a good time but we find out my sister just broke off an engagement so that sours the mood a bit as she's quite upset
>We do our best to enjoy the evening
>The time comes for me to open my cards
>I get a nice card from my mom, but notice she's making a weird face as I open it
>Ask her what's wrong
>There was supposed to be cash in the card, but it's no longer there
>She empties her purse but the cash is nowhere to be found
>Says she is totally dumbfounded and knows for a fact she enclosed the cash in the card before putting it in the envelope
>She specifically mentions that she had done this quickly on her bed before we left, and I immediately remember that's where I had challenged the ghost earlier that day
>Keep this to myself
>When we get home, I decide to try something a little unorthodox
>I happened to have some shrooms I was saving for when I was back at school
>Decided to eat a small amount
>Once I could feel the effects, I basically meditate in the basement and basically communicate my thoughts to the ghost, telling it that I apologize for challenging it and want my birthday money
>Nothing strange happens so I just watch a movie and play some games

Cont'd next post
>Next day it's the middle of the afternoon and I'm downstairs
>I suddenly hear my mom yelling for me to come upstairs
>She sounds kind of freaked out so I rush up
>She was removing her bedsheets so she could watch them and wouldn't you know what she found on the bottom-most layer
>My fucking birthday money
>Remember, when she put the money in my card and enclosed it in an envelope the previous day she did so on her bed, which was made
>She's totally confused as to why the money is there and notices that I'm laughing hard again
>I explain to her what I did the previous day
>She doesn't find it nearly as funny as I do because she's the one who has to live in the fucking house year-round, lol

Again, nothing strange had happened between then and the first incident, and then another year passed with nothing happening before the third incident. This one is by far the most mild and didn't involve anyone else by myself, but nevertheless it confirmed for me that that there was 100% some weird entity in the house that only seemed to be active in late August.

Incident 3

>So, late August 2013 now
>I'm in the process of packing my things for junior year of college
>Birthday/goodbye dinner still happened but isn't important this time
>At some point I notice that I can't find my main set of car keys
>I worked as a delivery driver for a local restaurant whenever I was home so not having my keys is pretty inconvenient
>Luckily I have a spare set that manually locks/unlocks so it isn't the end of the world
>Still, I can't believe my keys are missing, it's the easiest item for me to remember as they're always in the same spot in my bedroom when they aren't in my pocket or my car's ignition
>I then remember what happened the previous summers and naturally wonder if this is somehow related to it


>Anyway it's my last night home and I'm finishing packing
>Sitting down on the floor in my room folding clothes into my suitcase
>Out of the corner of my eye I see a weird black shadow on my door, as I look up the shadow darts out of my field of vision into the dark hallway
>I'm sitting there wondering if I just saw what I thought I saw
>Remember, previous two incidents didn't involve any sort of apparition or shadow
>I stare at the hallway for like a minute before I turn back to my suitcase, which I had just closed
>The fucking set of keys that were missing are now sitting on top of the suitcase, dead fucking center

That's the last time anything strange ever happened in that house. I moved away some years ago and only go back for Christmas/special occasions, but my mom will officially be retiring next year and is gonna move out of the state so the next couple times I visit home will are gonna be my last in the house. I kinda wanna try to see if I can get anything to happen again, whatever lives in that house clearly isn't malevolent, it just likes to mess around which is kinda cute in a weird way. Like I said, this thing wasn't my only brush with paranormal shit so it takes a lot to actually unnerve me.
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I am shocked how many people on the internet have stepfathers.
I got a few

So I used to have these thoughts, random thoughts. I don't have them as much anymore, but it was almost like they were foreshadows to things that would happen in the future. Sometimes it would just be minor-ly related to something that hasn't happened yet and then it would end up happening. Like one time I just had this random thought to replace the batteries in the smoke detectors in my house, I'm 17 and don't normally ever think of these things. So I went and bought some of those D batteries that u put in the smoke alarms. I replaced them and then the next morning my brother wakes up before everyone else to go to work. He makes toast, then stupidly forgets about the toast in the toaster somehow and he proceeded to get in the shower. The toaster got stuck down and didn't pop up. (we've had this toaster for years and never had a problem with it). The toaster catches on fire and my brother is in the shower while no one else is awake. Luckily he heard the smoke alarm go off and got out of the shower immediately and ended up throwing the toaster that was actively on fire into the backyard. Idk what made me think to replace the batteries but if I didn't our house would've almost definitely burnt down, I also have a lot of younger siblings so it would be hard to get all of them out of the house if needed. This isn't really paranormal but this is just one example. I have multiple others and they're creepy as fuck.

Also, one time I was just laying in my bed, not really for any reason. Then out of nowhere I hear this voice under my bed. It sort of sounds like it's electronic but not really. But it said alot of things that I don't really remember but then it said that no one cared about me or my well being and that I should kill myself cause no one loves me and no one ever will. At that point I fucking bolted out of my room and texted my mom (which was out of town) and she didn't believe me. This was when I was around 14-15 yrs old.


I was about 15 yrs old, just got home from doing yardwork atmy grandparents house. I got dirty and decided to take a shower, when I got into the shower I felt like something was waiting for me to get out and was in the bathroom with me. I was terrified because it was a very strong feeling. The all the sudden I can't see anything, it's like my eyes are closed, ( no the lights didn't shut off and it was still light outside and there's a little window in the bathroom). Then I see the most fucking terrifying face of a demon/goat with such great detail. It was like it was right in front of my face. I could finally see and I got out of the shower as quick as I could without slipping and breaking my neck. It felt so real that I still get chills thinking about it.

another paranormal experience, I was about 13, we we're at a cabin in the woods. It was in the mountains at a place in Virginia called shannodoah valley or something like that. There weren't any house near us, and we hadn't seen a single person for the few days we spent up there. One night I found a book on this shelf, my mom said not to touch it because it was full of demonic stories. I ended up reading thru it a little after everyone fell to sleep. It was about 1 am and I read a story about a couple that went on a trip through the woods in their car, ended up crashing the car by sliding off the side of a huge hill, the wife let out blood curdling screams because of the pain she was in after the crash. she later died after a few hours and the man went to get help. He had a lantern and ran through the woods searching for help but never found anyone. And it's believed that he/his spirit is still running thru those same woods with the lantern. I put the book away, then before going to sleep I swear to god I heard a women scream from far away. I look out one of the glass doors and I shit you not I saw a man running thru the woods with a lantern. It was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me.

This happened just last week. Me and my brother go to the gym late at night because there isn't anyone there, so all the machines are opened. It's a 24 hr gym and it doesn't have alot of members but it's a very good gym. Me and my brother finish a workout and we were out way too late. It was about 2 am when we left, we decided we were both thirsty and stopped at a gas station to get drinks. We assumed the gas station was opened because the lights were on but we didn't know cause we'd never gone to that particular gas station before. We walk to the doors and they were locked. Almost right as I pulled the door this car comes out of absolutely no where. It made no sound whatsoever until it was just behind our car that was parked. We could barely see who was inside cause the windows were tinted but we could tell there were two people. The car start honking non stop for about a minute then sped off. Right when it turned the corner there was no sound coming from the car at all. Me and my brother were terrified because we thought we were about to get robbed or worse. We both tried to figure out why the car wasn't making any noise when it turned the corner. I still don't have an explanation.
It's not paranormal to me but my co workers think I am clairvoyant. I am an air traffic controller and several times a month I react well in advance to emergencies or unusual events to keep things running smoothly. They stopped believing me when I tried to play it off as pattern recognition, because they saw the emergency strip I had wrote up with details of what was happening before the pilot even declared. Fortunately air traffic controllers are some of the most jaded and cynical people in the world, so they don't give a shit, just work with it and accept its happening.

It's a great career to train the ability.
yes please
I saw 9/11 on the news when I came home from school on September 10 and had massive deja vu in school the next morning when they told us what happened.

I also had those kind of dreams, in my case they were only parts of my everyday life, for example one time i was dreaming about playing pool with a guy in a blue tracksuit and was having kind of an argument with my girlfriend. Next week we go spend the weekend in a friends house and while we were playing pool i remembered about the dream when i saw the blue tracksuit and just got off the argument
Noice. I noticed that for some people paranormal activities follow them throughout their life. Not all of them are necessarily "crap your pants" scary but they make for interesting anecdotes.
Is the mother on the video,demon lady?
I need to start doing drugs
maybe it was someone that only looked like liked someone you knew except for some small details that your brain didn't notice till you got close?
Me and a friend playing with ouija board when we were teenagers. Hear a bang or loud cracking sound further up the back yard. We NOPE'd out running from the back of the house to the front but along they way we both see a figure in one of the rooms we passed and someone sitting a car parked near it. We are both really skeptical with stuff like this and need some hard evidence to actually believe something happened but still to this day we both agree we seen the same shit. I don't know if that's just coincidance that both our young minds imagined seeing the same shit but still hard to explain or understand to this day. We threw the board in the fire and it did make a high pitched screaming sound that i found out after is what can happen when they ate burnt but something in still sure was just the type of wood that made it do that.

Basic story but I know what I seen and to have someone else say they seen it aswell is never going to l be easy to accept that it's just paranormal shit. We don't often talk about it.
I want a playful ghost cat
Once a month for about 2 years:
>wake up in middle of night, awake for a few minutes before anything starts to happen
>hear the doorknob to my apartment turn, old creaky knob and door in building that's over 100 years old
>squint at knob to see if it's moving, looks like it is
>door begins to open slowly
>large dark figure 7-8 feet tall slowly moves into my room and door closes behind him
>I'm paralyzed and pretend to be asleep (or maybe he doesn't see me)
>he opens the door to my bathroom, turns on the light, and closes the door behind him
>as soon as he's behind the door,i can move again. I grab my gun on my nightstand and throw open the bathroom door
>light is on, but of course nobody is there.
>when i went to bed i turned off every light in the apartment

for some context:
No history of sleepwalking until i was in military. Extreme sleep deprivation (less than 4 hours a night for months on end) brought out the sleepwalker in me, but i usually only do it when sleep deprived.

As the dreams continued to occur they got worse and worse. Eventually i could make out his face, glowing eyes, and that he was wearing some kind of trenchcoat. The climax of these dreams was on where I saw him come in, rummage through my apartment a bit, and I thought for sure I was laying so flat that he couldn't see me. When he went to enter the bathroom, he opened the door and turned around and looked directly into my fucking soul and I think had a heart attack.
Shit happens to me almost daily. I'm trying to get used to it. Still words me out. Nothing too mind bending yet thankfully. Probably because I have a guardian angel watching over me. They help me deal with my fear.
Certain events that I expierence in day-to-day-life Ive dreamt of throught my life, for instance; I will run into a friend in the grocery store and instantly I'll remember that I've dreamt of this exact encounter a week ago.
I've had one obviously paranormal experience so far in my life.

>be me
>mid twenties, spending a Saturday night at my gf's friend's house and partying with a small group of people
>the friend lives alone in a moderately nice suburban house
>gf informs me that her mother, who used to live there with her, was murdered a while back in the house (in a break in I believe). She understandably is uncomfortable living in the house and so it's nice we can all keep her company and cheer things up a bit
>play drinking games and generally have a fun time
>Eventually, other friends leave and gf and I go to bed in a guest room. Her friend leaves briefly to do some errand (odd late on a Saturday night but I think it was something she needed to prepare for work the next day)
>Drift off into a semi-wasted sleep in the dark room. The hall light was left on and a ribbon of incandescent light shone under the closed door
>After a little while, wake back up. Gf is fast asleep
>Have an unreal sense of dread for some reason. Something felt wrong. Still somewhat drunk but this cut through it
>Look down to the bottom of the door as if by instinct. Slowly, light shining under the door begins to darken and take on a deepening red hue. As it gets progressively darker and more blood-colored the sense of wrongness increases. I lie there and don't do anything as this escalates to complete unreality
>Suddenly, as it seems like some breaking point has almost been reached and Something was about to happen, hear the garage door opening on the other side of the house. there is a sudden transition and uplifting feeling, like wooshing up out of a pit, and everything snaps back to normal. The friend is back from her errand
>Eventually drift back to sleep to the sounds of the friend coming into the house from the garage
>Don't tell either of them about this

I have no idea what was going on but it wasn't good. Since then I have experienced a few other instances of this unreality but positive in nature.
people will say it's common in sleep paralysis to get these visions because you're still in your REM or whatever but KNOW you cant move so there's an added fear to your dreaming. Like in a dream where youre having trouble swimming or dribbling a ball because youre sleeping in an akward position that's preventing motion.

I'd get a pet though.. maybe 2 dogs
Ghost killed dog?
I fely another persons leg in my bed i freaked the fuck out looked under covers and nothing there
ooh, is this one of those red light experiences? You're lucky, anon. People vanish after experiencing these... Or so they say
I was in a mountainous region waiting for a bus to take me away from a university. In the distance, I saw a beam of light, which appeared to be the size of a city block, stretching up perpendicularly to the ground. It continued upwards until it became a point, never growing any less brilliant. I could see some sort of compound (in the structural sense) beneath it. I spent a few minutes watching it, hoping anyone else would come outside to see it with me, but no one was around. Later, I checked the general vicinity of the beam on Google Maps, but it showed nothing but forest.
Bael's toad face, in front of me when me woke up, he was rubbing his hands
>be me
this new
File: 220px-Elephantmary.jpg (20 KB, 220x307)
20 KB
Not me but my parents
>Be parents
>Early 20's
>Driving home from party near midnight
>See something on the side of the road
>It's an elephant
>Elephant is a bit small but what freaks them out is that it's fucking transparent
>Nose flings some trash out on the road
>They stop and get out
>No Elephant
>Turns out they were near where pic related happened almost 100 years ago
>Be you
>Having this much ego on an anonymous anime forum

Come on now
total BS

I meant to add that I never once felt any sense of dread or fear that is associated with these kinds of events. After I found out that she abused and not really possessed I lost what little faith I had in catholicism. I would go to church to make my mom happy until I could get a job, and asked my boss to have me work every Sunday.
File: -_-.png (84 KB, 311x300)
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saw a shadow demon in the corner of my eye on a shroom trip shit was wack.
File: 1559945357587.jpg (5 KB, 259x194)
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> we made it up
Here faggot, mexican doctor here

>Was doing my social service in a shitty town border close to El Paso and Juarez
>People claim that the clinic was cursed but i didint give a fuck, im not superstitious but i find it fun
>Went to sleep one night
>Some tall as fuck shadow stands next to me all night
>Get scared but i was probably dreaming
>2 weeks go by
>another friends claims the exact same thing happened to him
>4 months later the fucking shadow choke me
There is always screaming in Port Arthur lol
>found a dirt road that was supposedly haunted after an amish family was murdered there
>road is in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest town, without even any houses nearby
>college friends and I drove out there in the middle of the night and waited for anything paranormal to happen
>sat in our car in the rain and spent hours just watching the woods, no other vehicles drove past the entire time
>at around 2-3 am we noticed a man walking on top of a small hill
>he would walk about 10 feet in one direction then turn around, going back and forth
>we watched this man walk back and forth for 20 minutes straight, unable to look away
>suddenly he disappeared and all four of us got massive headaches all at the same time
>we decided to leave and stayed up all night watching horror movies
i used to see things in a red tint during meditation, its like your minds recreation of your surroundings based on sound or the air around you
This kid I knew in high school told me a very similar story about seeing a black "blob" one night. What are they?
this scared the shit out of me when i was a kid why did this happen
So welp i dont think its really a paranormal experience, but still it was weird. So a couple of days ago i was dickin around with my friend at his house and after some time i heard a loud knock on one of the doors. I was quite confused as i was the only person on this floor. I proceeded to open them and as usual i found nothing. Later my friend heard it too and as expected found nothing behind them. Its worth to notice that there were no chairs or other things that could cause the knocking and if anyone is interested windows were closed. So i think thats it, i have a couple more stories to tell that are not paranormal, just a bit creepy. So if anyone is interested let me know
Kugelblitz or Lightning Ball
I often have dreams that are sort of like that, except without a wheelie pose. Concentrate hard enough and it's possible to levitate and glide around. A recurring aspect of the dream is trying to show off the power but nobody notices it.
Always figured it was inspired by jet skates in a certain childhood video game.
UFO sightings multiple times.
>be me
>7 years old
>waddling around my room
>suddenly hit my forehead against something that feels like a ceiling or a box
>was standing in the middle of the room, literally nothing was there
>have a small scar on the forehead since then
>mfw hit an invisible floating box that disappeared before i could touch it
>mfw the scar is real and my parents do not know where did it come from
>>be about 5....6 maybe? Sometime around k-1st
>> Its the middle of summer so the night dosent set in till almost 9.
>>It's late at night, mom is pretty chill. Dad is awol.
>> Mom says " hey let's go into town and grab some snacks."
>> Fuck yeah.jpg
>> Town is about 15 miles away because we lived in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.
>>Hop into old red Nissan Truck and start cruising with Mom.
>> Listening to America's Greatest hits cassette (The band.)
>>Driving down particularly lonely stretch of highway.
>>Remember seeing some weird bluish white light come across a field.
>> It gets closer and closer and it's fucking massive.
>>Point it out to mom when it's nearly on top of us.
>>Starts leading us on the highway
>>Light eventually slows down and lands infront of us.
>> My moms screaming " Don't look at it Anon! Don't look at it" the whole time.
>> Next thing I know we're pulling into a gas station.
>> I was scared as fuck but 6 year old me is also stoked.
>> Tell the gas station clerk with all the enthusiasm of a gradeschooler about the fuzzy encounter.
>>Mom is glaring daggers at me.
>> Grab my bag of hot fries and leave.

I know it sounds patchy but I legitimately can't remember what happened between the gas station and that blue light shit. My mom has fuzzy memories of it too. I dunno, keeps me awake some nights thinking about it.
>whats the most paranormal thing that has ever happened to you
I had sex with as asian girl in college. It was fun.
At home in the loungeroom, parents away with my brother asleep one morning (9am ish). Decide to walk to my bedroom. am standing in the hallway in front of my bedroom door like the record skipped. remember planning to walk there but not actually getting there. kinda confused, look at watch, its now early afternoon (2pm ish). sit down and contemplate. brother walks into my room, says "weirdest thing just happened, I woke up and was going to play Xbox, and then I was sitting in front of the tv and it was like 5 hours later, I don't remember playing it and I never even turned the TV o". we both still muse on what coulda happened.
>Be me
>Uni student
>Roommates go out to get drunk or whatever
>Have the apartment to myself for awhile
>Chill with video games for a bit
>Hours go by
>Time to hit the john
>Finish up, washing my hands
>Knock on the bathroom door
>Assume roommates are back, and have to take a piss
>"One second"
>Open the door
>No one is there.
>Lock myself in my room with kitchen knife
>Roommates arrive several hours later.
>Explain the sitch, and search the entire apartment, including their rooms.
>All doors were locked, and no one was there.
>We all agree it sounds creepy.
>Several weeks later
>In my room playing video games
>knock on the door.
>Open it up, and no one is there.

Only happened twice, but damn.
i actually have a few but I'm pretty sure they weren't actual ghosts and im just schizophrenic :(
>heard a strange "laugh" in a small wooded area on the mountain with my grandpa. Sounded kinda like "IAIAIAIAIA" almost like an indian yell rather than a laugh, really. grandpasaid "time to go" and we went home and never talked about it.
Living in a rented flat a few years back. Go into the bathroom mid morning for whatever. Hear a squeaking sound behind me, so I look around. The toilet roll holder, which has a full roll on it, is spinning around and continues to spin until empty. Doesn't strike me as normal DESU.
How is that paranormal?
File: GiornoAV.png (298 KB, 350x495)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
The only possible supernatural thing i have seen was in the middle of the day when i was like 12. I sat in my room playing some game and i looked out through my door to the hallway and i saw a pale woman clad in a brown dress floating by.

I didn't get scared at all, i just thought how weird it was and if i imagined it. But nothing similiar has ever happened to me and i saw that shape very clearly.
i was standing on my deck with my friend then this black helix that was blurry on the outside of it and was about 3 feet tall just went slowing floating by
Woke up on my living room floor with bright lights coming through the windows. Instinctively start crawling towards my parents room but I’m being suppressed by some unknown force. Just as I get to the hallway in front of their door I flip over onto my back and see three greys standing around me. That’s when the memory ends.
This same thing happened to me.
We woke up one morning to find her lying in the hallway breathing really slowly. She had been ill from age for a while now but it was like she stayed alive intentionally just long enough to let us see her pass. After the burial i walked past my mothers room on the way to mine and saw the cat staring at me. I told her about it the next day and moments later she saw her in the same area.
How is that paranormal?
When I was still a child I did not have my own room and still sleeped in bed with my mom, my father wasn't living with us.

I remember at one point I started seeing a white glowing thing floating in my living room just in front of the bedroom.

I spent some time looking at it eery night, I was fascinated by the way it costantly changed shape and couldn't look away.

That went on for a while, until the last night I saw it. As always the glowing white thing appeared but instead of shifting between random shapes it took the form of a girl.

Sh was completely white, couldn't have been older than 20, she had a long victorian style dress and long hair.
Her skin, her hair and her dress were completel white and kept on glowing.

She then began to slowly turn her head towards me,but retutn to her original position every time I blinked. She was facing the wall in front of her ad i could see her profile.

At one point I tried my best not to blink and let her face completely rurn towards me, her face was completely flat, like those mannequin for drawing human figures that art courses use.

The strangest fact is that I wasn't scared at all, I was actually fascinated and kept thinking that she was really beautiful.

But after seeing her face I blinked and whisper to her "Okay, that's enough for today. I'm clearly too tired. See you tomorrow". I closed my eyes and ignored the fact that she was still turning her face towards me and fell asleep like that.

After that day I never saw that shapeshifting white glowing thing again.
>be 7
>window is right next to my bed
>pull the curtain back and its nighttime
>close the curtain for a few seconds
>open it again and its daytime

i never forgot about this and i always find myself thinking about it from time to time. i could have sworn time just shifted. pretty weird.
paranormal how that is
I think I saw a ghost once
Around the early 90's my family went to buy a dog from another family, my parents went into the house to buy the dog, my brother and I stayed in the car, an old VW golf 1 I 1984, we were exited about the puppy and talking about plans to take care of it. I was looking at the the stars and suddenly I watch something in the sky, it was not moving at all, had the shape of a Puck, I don't remember what color was when it was not moving, I told my brother and we kept looking at it, suddenly it started moving un incremental speed and was changing color while doing so, turn red, blue, green, yellow and white (not exact order, white was last Tho) and then move so fast it disapear. My and my brother still remember it to this day.

This year I was shocked when I heard Bob Lazar describing UFO's and this changing color as go faster thing
noises you didn't check on and you actually believe that's paranormal? fucking stupid conclusion jump
can't even name Edison's stunt. lame bullshit, but that's the /x/ world
I actually have an early memory like this too! Right outside my kindergarten gate I can recall floating just a foot or so off the ground, legs crossed. Logically, I think it’s probably just a dream that got mixed with a childhood memory, but it certainly feels real to recall

I had something similar happen when I was younger. The problem is I dont remember it, but my aunt does

So I have a lot of family who live in this shitty valley in Colorado that has all kinds of paranormal shit going on. Books have been written about the place according to my grandma but I havent spoken with them in years and I cant recall the name.

Anyway, my aunt told me about a time when I was younger when her, my grandma, and I were driving to my grandma's house after visiting some of our family members.

She said that there was a huge light that started booking it toward my grandma's car. The valley is a really small place from what I can remember so it would be pitch black dark at night. She said my grandma told us to hold and my grandma floored it to get away.

My aunt just casually mentioned this story one day when we were talking about creepy things and I was like "uuuh when did this happen I dont remember any of that lmao"

She responded by telling me "how do you not remember you were the one that noticed the light coming. You were asking grandma why the sun was rising in the middle of the night."

I'm not sure how young I was but I literally have no recollection of the event. She might be fucking with me for kicks but I'm not so sure.
As a kid, I was waiting for my Grandmother to finish talking to someone outside the car, and when I craned my neck up to look at the sky out the back window, there was a giant fucking Bearded Collie dog just floating in the sky, doing a weird running animation whilst shaking it's head.

Also experienced weeping angels as a young child in the mid 90s, don't know if it was a dream or real, but the doctor who versions look identical, bar for being a lot taller.
Lets see back a couple years ago I was in my room playing Yuri's Revenge, my door was to my left and lacked a doornob and I saw a white... light, going down the hallway flanking my room
Another couple of times at my grandmother's house in the room my great grandfather died in i regularly got choked, like strangulation sort of choked since it felt like a hand was around my neck. this happened around, 10 times i think
Probably just your room mate fucking with you. You never saw anything happen and you told him about it each time.
File: screen6085.png (583 KB, 492x419)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
>be my mother
>have a latent interest in photography
>walk with the dog, take some pictures of the scenery
>walk by one of those cliffs that look pretty neat
>take a few pictures within 5 seconds of eachother
>one of them has pic related on it
>the cliff involves a legend where a girl killed herself by jumping off

My mother is not technically well versed and has no idea how to manipulate images in photoshop, nor does she have any reason or intent to fool anyone.

So if we go by Occhams razor:
>while my mother was looking away a woman in a pristine white dress randomly went to the cliff, then immediately left after a single picture was taken
>it was spooky ghost

Honestly they both seem equally unlikely to me and I don't know what to believe

that made me fucking laugh
I got one
>when I was in elementary school I used to share a bed with my younger brother because poor
>one night I wake up and look over to see my brother hovering above the bed
>he was at least a meter up in the air, but his posture was still flat as if he was still on the bed
>I remember not being afraid, more so confused and astonished
>after seeing him I tried to ignore it and went back to sleep
>the next day I chalked it up to a weird dream, so I never told anybody about it
>14 years later, this past February in fact
>I’m driving at night with my younger brother in the passenger seat
>the topic of paranormal experiences comes up and we’re sharing stories we got from other people
>my brother then shares something he experienced
>he tells me about a time when we were kids and how one night he woke up to find himself hovering over the bed
>shocked, I tell him about how I witnessed him hovering
>we both start freaking out a little since we both thought it was a bad dream and never told anyone about it
That’s my story, nothing really happened afterwards but it was still kinda spooky
pic unrelated
The fact that it’s a recurring experience, and that it started at high school (a highly likely place for schizophrenic symptoms to begin manifesting) makes it seem like it’s probably it. At the very least, I would recommend talking to a psychiatrist. Although it’s ok now, it’s possible for symptoms to become more debilitating, and if it affects your social/job life then you absolutely need to seek medical help. Schizophrenia is one of the disorders that is treated with medication in almost all severe cases, and it can seriously positively impact your ability to cope with the disorder/stay in touch with reality. If your symptoms do worsen, make sure to talk to a medical professial, like a psychiatrist, for advice, before /x. Best of luck dude
This happened to me about a decade ago.

>be me
>around 9 or 10
>me and my mom move to a duplex
>small but cozy
>we get settled in and everything is normal
>however, my door would every so often on it's own
>mom just tells me it was just a breeze and I believe her
>around 3 or 4 months into living there, I accidentally break my doorknob by fucking with it a lot
>my mom manages to fix it so we could use it but it was very loose and wiggly
>after that incident, my mom had a particular experience
>she was on the couch watching TV after tucking me in
>she said it was around 11 or so when she heard my doorknob moving around
>she is upset because she thinks I am just playing around with it again when I should be in bed
>she goes into the hallway and sees my doorknob visibly being shaken
> she grabs it and pushes the door open
>she expected to catch me but didn't
>she said I was still fast asleep in my bed
>she said she was spooked
>from then on, I remember my doorknob would then jiggle before being slowly opened
>still have zero explanations on how that was possible

After that my mom said she had a dream of a woman with red hair in a dress opening a door to check on me. We never saw no apparitions or anything, just the door. Anyone else experience something similar?
dudes i told u it was about the molestations
i tried to warn u
So to some this may not seem paranormal but it’s one of those things if you were there you’d understand better, but I’ll do my best to explain
>be a few years ago, winter break in college
>me and the 2 homies are in hometown (Southern California)
>decide to take a night drive to a nearby mountain that apparently got snow
>being from SoCal, snow was a rarity to us
>we leave around 10pm
>it’s a 6000 foot peak
>we make it to the top around midnight
>it’s literally just us on top of this mountain
>the stars are clear, we can overlook different cities, the snow was bright
>we were having fun exploring around and throwing snow at each other
Keep in mind that although it was dark, the moon and stars illuminated the snow so it was very visible out
>as we were walking me and one of my friends heard a noise
>that sound of crunching footsteps in the snow
>only they seemed further away than we were
>we stopped
>other friend stops, he didn’t hear it at first
>none of us are moving
>we look around to try to find where it came from
>dead silence at first
>then we heard it again, the crunching
>”hello” one friend calls out
>crunching gets louder
>we can’t see what is doing it
>we decide fuck this and run back to the car
>speed the whole way down the mountain

Most people I’ve told this to said shit like “oh it must have been an animal” but like I said it was illuminated enough to where we could see everything in our surroundings. If it were some large animal we would have seen it. And the rhythm of steps was similar to as if it were a human walking around with us making that crunching noise. The only explanation we thought at first was maybe a park ranger or security guard, but they would have shined a light or announced themselves, especially when we took off running. I know it sounds like it could have been a lot of things but like I said, if you were there and saw and heard everything you did it’d be a lot more believable
he played new vegas
About 2 hours ago I listened to black magick "ritual music"/chants and my right eye began involuntarily twitching and closing then both eyes began rolling around. I had no control over them because I was purposefully being limp/calm. It just started on its own. Never happened to me before with any audio like that and I've listened to a LOT. That was the only time.
This is definitely a childhood suggestibility thing more than anything, but since I haven't heard of or been able to find this exact thing anywhere else (guessing a friend just made it up) here's a lame description:

As a young kid my friends and I would do this thing, similar to a Bloody Mary summoning ritual, to see the ghost of some dead woman who wore a blue dress. How she died I have no idea anymore, if there ever was a backstory for this beyond "blue dress."

Anyway, the way to "see" this ghost was to close/cover our eyes and repeat this chant, either mentally or aloud. Something like "___ ___ is your name, will you help me play your game?" Not sure now what the exact name was.

When we'd do it for long enough we'd eventually "see" the transparent light blue outline of a long dress against the black. It'd be like it'd come into focus more and more the longer we did the chant. We were really convinced of it at the time and it was just a harmless neat thing to do and tell others about.

I still have the mental image of what the dress looked like but can't recreate doing the ritual and seeing it anymore, so it must've been all in our heads.

I've had two freaky ones.

1) I was getting drunk and playing darts with my family once when one of my older cousins started embarrassingly admitting to seeing a little green man with red eyes in their house when they were a teenager. My other cousin who was sober said he had seen him too and that it scared him. It really freaked me out because I was very young at the time and remember seeing what they were describing only I thought it was a dream. He was a little green man with bright red eyes and wore some kind of clothing that I can't really describe

2) probably just sleep paralysis, but I was laughing at people for believing in ghosts and then later that night I was chocked by what appeared to be a ghostly skeleton in the old timey clothes they were describing. What freaked me out the most was that at the point I could move my hands to defend myself the figure was still there choking me. It was honestly the most horrified I've ever been.
Tell me more about these balls of light.
I was a kid maybe 8 at the most.
My aunt and uncle bought an old dollar house and obviously completely remodeled it.
I remember my mom, aunt and uncle, and my cousins saying there were little balls of light that would fly around sometimes.
They always said it so jokingly like it was no big deal.
I always thought they were just fucking with me.
I was probably around 7 or 8. I woke up one morning in my bunk bed, I was at by the top next to my window. I saw the sun go from rising to instantly dipping back under the horizon and coming up again, with the light fading in out.
I once worked nights at a hospital as a janny. The area where I worked at was rumored to be haunted as it was a former nicu center. Well one night I was cleaning a room and the door was opened to the hallway and at the end of the hallway there was 2 doors that had a button to be activated. Well on one night there was a shadow maybe 4ft of

3t little shadow ball hauled as to the door.
At first I thought it was a co worker. But she didn't come after about an hour later. So confused I started to look around and didn't find one living soul. Still makes me wonder.
>7 billion years old
>afraid of curtains
File: tenor.gif (752 KB, 220x220)
752 KB
752 KB GIF
I saw
Based and pentecostpilled
File: wolfbrigade.jpg (8 KB, 332x180)
8 KB
I dont know if this counts but...
>be me
>greek fag
>went on a walk in athens
>found some blond and blue eyed chick looking at the ruins and taking pictures
>probably some american or german
>talked to her
>managed to get her number
>we going on a date
>this is it im losing my virginity.jpeg
>went to some bar and got drunk and shit
>she asked me to take her to my place
>i cant believe this.jpeg
> after we did it i tried to hug and show she's gone
>dafuq!? Then they came the ayys appeared and abducted me
>i tried to scream but i couldnt i was paralyzed
>they take me to their ufo and put me on a surgery bed
>oh cock.jpeg
>blond chick come out of nowhere
>tried to yell for her to run but couldnt speak
>she comes closer and has a static face...
>she transformed into a ayyyy
>it was all a trap they set me up
>realizing i just fucked an alien
>panicked as they point a large needle on me but then they put me to sleep
>woke up next day with weird scars...
>3 weeks later and still cant forget it
>cant even play destroy all humans now because looking at crypto reminds me what happened
Do tell
What >>22814580 said.
File: matrix_pod-1.jpg (36 KB, 597x357)
36 KB
Being born into this Simulation.

Do you know that the word Matrix means a Womb?
File: 2001-baby.jpg (15 KB, 775x354)
15 KB
Not many of you are ready for the second birth.
>Also experienced weeping angels as a young child in the mid 90s, don't know if it was a dream or real, but the doctor who versions look identical, bar for being a lot taller.
Reminds me of Moffet's inspiration for them. May or may not be related.
It just got unnervingly quiet in my apartment. I don't know how to explain it, but it's like all of the sounds stopped. I don't think I've ever heard it so still in here.
I’ve seen that footage too
Rumor is, Gettysburg was a massive blood sacrifice
you know... this sort of makes you like Larry from Threes Company
File: it me 2.jpg (96 KB, 436x700)
96 KB
Not paranormal but funny to look back on
>be me about 10 months ago
>driving in car near my street
>sun's setting and the sky is pink
>see about 10 bright lights in the sky hovering above the local shop
>go to get out phone to record phenomenon
>realise it's a flock of geese and the sun is relfecting off their backs making it look like they were just floating lights
>feel relieved but disappointed at the same time
If they eat berries it can be any color, even purple
having a girlfriend for like 2 weeks
I have a vivid memory as a child of waking up one night with my mouth bleeding profusely. my mouth stung slightly and I was moping/soaking the blood up on my duvet but there was so much blood. I was a little crybaby as a child but I never made a noise or called for my mother which I still dont understand.I eventually fell asleep or maybe passed out but I woke up the next day and the blood was still there duvet. But my mum never reacted to it or took me to the doctors/dentist which was very out of character as she is more or less a great parent.
Not really paranormal and in hindsight she probably just punched in the face while I slept because I was more than likely had been misbehaving.
>ITT: anon discovers adrenaline and understands the concept of relativity
ur gay af, fag
I pet goat, II
Ntayrt but, I think youre mentally ill.
File: Dem Eyes.jpg (62 KB, 500x562)
62 KB
>Not really paranormal and in hindsight she probably just punched in the face while I slept because I was more than likely had been misbehaving.
More stories faget
Kek this one is amusing

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