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File: 20180121-sch_orig.jpg (51 KB, 709x458)
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>Be me
>make a thread on /pol/ yesterday saying whites should form an alliance with the Islamic nations and destroy the Zionist Occupied Governments.
>It gains extreme support
>almost hits bump limit
>Very productive discussion between whites and Muslims planning to agree to peace until the ZOG is destroyed.
>Suddenly at 290 posts the thread is deleted and I get banned
>reason "off topic"
>Next day the cathedral is on fire and there's tons of threads on /pol/ saying "So what were you saying about forming an alliance with Islam?"
Guys is this my fault?
No you were just woke at the time and now you realize how the Dance of Reality is poetry.
It's not your fault but you might have felt it before doing the thread.
your words ring true brother
you guys are gay faggots
File: 1548237819339.jpg (162 KB, 1492x630)
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162 KB JPG
>I triggered the Notre Dame fire
Takes a fag to fuck a fag
File: change1.jpg (342 KB, 1920x1080)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
and this is why you should never take credit
>Be Elders of Zion high council
>edgelord faggot posts antisemitic topic for the 2,343,588th time on pol
>”Oy vey, we must stage a fire in Notre Dame to stop faggot edgelord-Islam alliance.”

Like that, faggot edgelord?
I think I might be your biological dad.
Fuck off glownigger
>Wanting to unite with Islam, which at its core is basically the same as Zionism.

Muslims hate us OP. Because we aren't Muslim. You also cannot simply heal nearly 1000 years of Europeans and Middle Easterners absolutely hating eachother because they had spheres of influence that overlapped and caused conflict.
No you’re not important enough and your thread was most likely meaningless.
File: 1555125629572.jpg (177 KB, 1024x682)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
this kek
i unironically just reported OP to scotland yard and the FBI.

White culture in a picture.
I know it's hard to understand anon.
A good basic gestalt is the barbarians actions do not speak for the sages.
but we'll see how it plays out. Satan can not succeed.
Okay well I live in America and haven't been to France since 2017
if you live in america you have no right to be suggesting we side with muslims.
i actually live in a country/city where muslim gangsters have taken over, they are fucking savages and not our allies.
as opposed to gangsters that go to christian churches?
nah,just /pol/
being a jew is programmed in a jew's head, it's irrelevant if they're in some phony larper club.
Here's what OP is saying.
>The Jews work by manipulation.
>Mossad and CIA have both been proven to have connections to Al Qaeda, ISIS, and pretty much every "muslim extremist" group.
>Jews control US politics using AIPAC and blackmailing presidents
>By forcing the western world to hate Islam, it distracts the west from realizing that Jews are running their lives.
>After destroying Muslim cities and nations for oil and opium, they send the refugees to the white nations.
>this creates a racial conflict and reinforces the preprogrammed fear the west has been conditioned to have for Islam.
>Convince west and islam to go to war
>Perpetual distraction away from Jews.
>This has been going on since the 11th century
>The cycle will only end when Islam and the west realize the Jews are forcing them to clash by combining their societies against their own will
>Eventually either the west and Islam will destroy one another the Jew can step in and take total control, or the west and Islam can form a short term alliance, take out Zionist governments, and then return back to their nations to rebuild separately and form a peace treaty.
This is the only way to break the cycle.
Israel did 9/11.
It is funny because this is blatant manipulation by white people to weaponize muslim antisemitism against jews. I've said it on here before: everything white supremacists say is evil about jews is a dark reflection of tactics they themselves employ without shame.
File: serps3678db0c85113_1.jpg (122 KB, 722x562)
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122 KB JPG
Jesus said it first.
Also I'm not a white supremacist. I'm open to a mixed society.
Society should be based on merit, not race. Each race has its shit tier people, whites included.
File: IMG_20190316_104449.jpg (195 KB, 444x770)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
precisely my man.
It's crazy how /pol/ loves Memri tv for discussing Jews and their lies, yet can't accept the fact that most Muslims are either
>Redpilled and just want a peaceful land for their families without Jews/Jewish controlled US military ops bombing them
>people that like to fuck goats in the desert.
and they know ISIS never attacks Israel yet they can't put two and two together, their prejudice won't allow them to.
My best friend growing up was a Muslim from Pakistan and I've spent time in Muslim countries.
Didn't see any people hate me for being white, everybody called me brother, gave me hugs (and kisses, which was kind of weird at first,) and the food was great.
Also it's funny that Kingdom of Heaven and the 13th warrior are considered /pol/ movies yet they preach the exact same message I'm trying to spread.
If you haven't seen those films, definitely check them out.
File: thunkeded.png (252 KB, 1920x1080)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>massive conspiracy since the 11th century
>*hand rubbing intensifies*
Those arent the qoutes at all. They're actually blatantly misqouted to obscure the real meaning. Nice.
no. just no
File: 1555335760154.jpg (93 KB, 1024x768)
93 KB
>but this special jew told us that regular jews are evil
>needing permission from a jew to dislike another jew
File: serps2.png (511 KB, 564x770)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
>get banned
>the next day

Ban evading I see.
was a short ban
yea I've been told (no joke) that the crusades were like... caused on purpose.
Pilgrims getting robbed was a coordinated thing by "the cabal"
Templars and all the shit that came out of it.. it was all planned.
Here you go brother
>The jew tells me you want to kill my people and cut my head off
>they tell me the same about you.
all bans should be permanent, if you break rules you should be removed.
Go live in Iraq for a year or two, see if it goes any better than those hippies who got beheaded trying to prove humans are good".
I have lived in multiple muslim nations before.
All that happened was everybody hugged and kissed me and fed me till I could barely walk.
Have you? How can you say that if you have never truly experienced it?
you believe everything the ZOG tells you?
You sound like a muslim practicing taqiyya to get closer to these dumb kids who dont know any better before you stab them in the back, as you accuse the Jews of doing. I suppose all those rapes and murders in Europe are just more ZOG lies too arent they?
I grew up around arab muslims, they are loud and violent monkeys even in the west, who should all stay in their desert shitholes until they either learn to behave or kill each other.
Some arab Christians I met were good people, but you pedophile worshippers are disguisting.
Oh hi Shlomo

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