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Can we get an oldschool greentext thread?

Screencaps, OC, whatever.
>Can we get an oldschool greentext thread?
>OP doesn't contribute to his own thread
>thread fails
File: ColoradoXpt1.png (258 KB, 1868x610)
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258 KB PNG
Here you go fag, hot off the presses.
File: ColoradoXpt2.png (59 KB, 752x719)
59 KB
File: ColoradoXpt3.png (47 KB, 692x588)
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File: ColoradoXpt4.png (52 KB, 759x544)
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File: ColoradoXpt5.png (89 KB, 1839x557)
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My greentext folder got wiped out so that's all I've got.
File: plague doctor.png (439 KB, 1548x2407)
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439 KB PNG
I want fresh shit
Anyone got the story about the guy who visits his grandpa in the icy mountains? The cabin with no windows and the little gnome people that fuck with them?
Every fucking thread
i remember that one it was good
okay I got you. ill type out a quick story that happened to me
> be me in high schoool
> winter in NE pennsylvania. its like 2 am and i am smoking weed before bed
> betting there will be no school tomorrow cos of snow storm
> blowing weed smoke out my bedroom window.
> look down in yard
> see a dark figure pacing around my front yard.
> duck down
> lights are off in my room so he can't see my easily
> peer over windowsill wathcing him
> watch him for 10-15 minutes
> he just paces around aimlessly in my front yard
> finally he wlaks out into the street
> walks away into the darkness and falling snow
> down the street toward dead end
> creeped out but go to bed
> next day, still have school despite snow storm
> groggy as shit leaving house walking to bus stop
> remember weird dude.
> look at front yard from street
> no foot prints

(it hadnt snowed enough to cover up his foot prints totally)

sorry if its weak, but it really happened to me. one of the only bizarre /x/ type things that ever happened to me
I have a story about when me and my wife had a child. She leaves. Child push’s me to the point I had to give her up because she made me look insane. I couldn’t find my wife. Doctors were telling me things about the baby that were impossible. Baby did not eat for a week yet doctors say baby was fine. Made zero sense. After the ordeal I checked myself into a mental health spot for a few days. Ended up stuck there for 3 years. Lost everything. Finally back on my feet but never heard from my wife again.

That baby was not right and fooled the doctors and made me a fool
I got one

>be me circa 08/09
>family is rich, gets old fixer-upper mansion in rural CO near the NM border as a winter/summer home while housing prices are low from the recession
>mansion built near the turn of the century, loose boards, exposed nails, tacky rugs all
over the place
>teenage me is wandering around the place alone late one evening, brother is downstairs
>go up to third floor
>see an old woman clothed entirely in white wearing a frilly hat walk from right to left in front of the stair case, sinking into the floor before disappearing without looking at me
>run the fuck out and don't go back upstairs until the house was renovated more
>house is now fully renovated/refurbished/installed with HVAC, electrics, and internet
>have seen no ghosts there since

We still own it, but rarely use it nowadays and are trying to resell it
I got some lame sleepy paralysis stories, but I don't think anyone wants to hear them. Pretty generic desu.

Spookiest shit that happened to me is when my 23 year old Jeep cranked up on its own. (It took a good minute to start up too. Had 256k miles on it.) The ignition had went from off, to start and then to run as if a person was about to drive it. I live in a pretty decent suburb, but I still panicunlocked the gun safe to get my 12 gauge in case someone was trying to steal it. Immediately after I load the slug in and pump the shotgun I open the door to the carport, only to find nobody out there. I can clearly see nobody inside or outside of the vehicle. (Around 1pm on a Sunday) I do a quick perimeter with the 12 gauge pointed low, but ready to blast, only to spot my retired neighbor chilling on his porch next door. We know each other kinda well, he sees my gun and gets really concerned.
Forgot to greentext it oops

>I explained wtf happened, he seems visibly relieved that I haven't completely lost my mind.
>He tells me there was nobody outside (he could clearly see anyone in/approaching my driveway from his porch)
>Gun still in hand, engine still burning gas in the background, we rule it out as a bizzare electrical fault. Seems about right.
>Which is kinda hard for me to reason out, since I couldn't hear the starter motor spinning, only the engine.
>Walk back towards the old heap, check again for anyone
>Go inside set the shorty down on the end table
>Get my keys and open the Jeep door and look at the ignition switch, sure enough it's not been disassembled or bypassed.
>I jiggle the plastic thingy that guides the key in the slot and the switch goes back to it's normal OFF position, engine shuts off
>Run inside with the shorty and get my keys
>That night I go the closest auto parts store
>Order a new ignition cylinder
>warehouse won't have it until next week
>Somewhat decent with electrical stuff, I trace the wire for the starter solenoid relay and unplug it from the harness
>next morning around 5:30
>plug shit back in so I can get to work
>Starter turns IMMEDIATELY after I fucking plug in the relay
>Sure enough the ignition cylinder was in START
>but I didn't even put the key in

Yeah I know the story is lame af, but it's stuff like that that makes me think there's an entity fucking with me. Hiding my tools and just generally making shit confusing and
Confusing and nonsensical to eventually drive me insane.*

Somehow to me that's the only explanation, unless I already am insane.
File: Pennhurst Thread 1.jpg (98 KB, 640x481)
98 KB
Posted this once or twice before, typing it up anew since I'm a dipshit who doesn't save his OC.

>Be me in 2008, 17-year-old Junior in central PA
>Good kid, don't do anything exciting, pretty boring life, just school and vidya
>Decide to get in some stupid teen shit while I still probably won't be charged as an adult
>Urban Exploration sounds cool
>Asylums appeal to me; they look coolest and creepiest in urban decay, and less chance of homeless people
>Start doing research on what's in my state, find Pennhurst Asylum
>Shut down for inhumane conditions, some instances of staff basically torturing the resident tards
>Supposedly really, really fucking haunted, by some very, very pissed off spirits. Even the on-site guards don't stay after dark
>As the white kid in this horror movie, this obviously appeals to me
>Further research, on page 8 or so of google find a photographer's website detailing his own visit
>Specifies the route through the forest he took to get there, mentions the guards and why you shouldn't drive up like a dumbass
>Gives some neat facts about the different buildings told to him by weird-ass goth twins giving him his tour
>The whole thing hinged on one thing; they refused to be there after dark. They said the spirits got way too active after dark
>He agrees, they leave as the sun is going down, he claims to have seen floating lights and a face in the window as he left
>I'm a 17-year-old, firm atheist, and the white protagonist of a horror movie, so I disregard
>None of my friends want to deal with the drive time or committing criminal trespass, go alone
>Pack some water, some sandwiches, flashlight, and mom's really nice camera
>Take the car, tell mom I'm heading to a friend's house, drive the ~1.5 hours to get to the pulloff the photographer described
>Hike about a mile total, on a hiking trail, then through the woods to get there, arrive around 3-ish
>Wait in some foliage, let the guards pass, get into the building
File: Pennhurst Thread 2.jpg (380 KB, 1600x1202)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Also no, the pictures aren't mine.

>Careful not to use the flashlight so I don't alert anyone like a dumbass
>Sneak through the buildings, taking pictures, having a great time
>Spend a couple hours exploring, break for dinner, sun is setting
>Decide to stay longer
>Get into the Mayflower building, notice the sun setting, watch the guards leave from the windows, finally free to use my flashlight
>Still taking pictures, investigating, enjoying myself, it's well after dark at this point
>Hearing things, but chalking it up to animals and old house noises
>Really breezy, but sporadically. Chalk it up to the broken windows all over
>In what probably used to be a meeting room, lots of file cabinets, giant oval table in the center, chairs scattered around or broken
>Looking through some scattered papers for shits 'n giggles when I'm overcome by a feeling that something's not right
>Every fucking hair on my body stands up straight
>Half-crouched, ears straining, don't want to move, just listening for something
>Then, the table
>Collides with the back of my head
>Wake up on the floor, wind is blowing hard, papers scattering, table on its side next to me, camera shattered in front of me, drops of blood around me
>Scramble to my feet, sprint out of the building in blind fear, sprinting back along dark country roads
>Pretty sure I didn't stop sprinting until I got back to my car
>Rest for a while until my legs stop being jelly, realize the back of my head's bleeding
>Drive home, make up bullshit about dropping mom's camera down the mountainside while hiking
>Tell my friends what happened Monday at lunch, no one fucking believes me, figures the wound's from hitting my head on a doorway or something
>One kid quietly believes me, but the majority write me off as a bullshitter
File: Pennhurst Thread 3.png (28 KB, 300x209)
28 KB

It would help if I replied to my posts.

>6 years later, 2014
>Friends and I all hit a haunted house each halloween season, have fun, goof around, great time
>One of them notices that Pennhurst got bought and turned into a haunted attraction, they remember my story, want to go see the place
>I'm nervous, but I figure with a bunch of people around, I should be fine
>We go, go through their "rides," pretty standard haunted house shit, but enjoyable
>Place is mostly the same as I remember, a few places roped off for safety, but recognize some of the doors I snuck through
>We're the assholes laughing at the rides, actors thoroughly tired of our shit
>Go through the three big themed ones, come to the one they're most proud of
>"A self-guided tour through the Mayflower Building!"
>"Who knows? You might even see a ghoooOooOOOOoooost!"
>Still, something like 15 people going through at once, with staff to watch for vandals. How bad could it be?
>Go through, it's only the first floor, stairs up and down are gated off
>Ask the staff why it's only the first floor, guy says he's not entirely sure, but management had them gate it off
>Finish going through the first floor, group is suitably impressed
>Leave to go get some funnel cake at the stands, I turn around and look back at the building
>I get an idea of why the staff may have gated off the second floor
>See a face in a second floor window
>Stark white, predatory look in its eyes, massive grin, staring right at me
>A look that said, "Oh, I remember you, motherfucker"
>Fucking terrified, staring at unblinking face for what felt like minutes
>Friend who believed me shakes me, snaps me out of it
>Apparently they'd gone, eaten, realized I wasn't with them, and come back in that time
>Friend sees my expression and how pale I'd gotten, takes the hint and convinces everyone it's time to go
>Leave and never go back

I still Urbex Asylums, but never had anything that bad happen again.
File: spike the cat fish.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
>be catfish
>go hunting
>find strange worm trying to eat god knows wat
>attack worm
>worm is made of some snail shit so my teeth do jack all nothing to it's rocky skin
>too hungry to care or question
>i jolt down and nab the faggots half turd fish thing
>and like that my life changed forever
>a battle ensues for what seems like hours
>at first i seem to be winning
>he digs his pathetic tooth into my mouth
>i thrash his brain and guts about his snaily skin
>but then with the strength of posidon he hurles me out
>so far out
>it was bright
>and very '''dry'''
>i had jumped before
>even hung my nose out to smell
>but when i left the river that day i felt the hands of god take me in
>they saved me from the worm
>i was grateful, untill they began to rape me
>i couldnt stop them
>there were more bright lights, loud strange sounds echoing from these monsters i had called gods
>and then before i knew it i was back in the water
>i gazed in horror through the viel of water and air
>these were the fabled demons
>the ones that row the boats
Jeeps are fucked, my friend had an 03 that you could take the key out while it was running and turn it from off to start to run with just your hand and no key.
>be me 2011, age 11
>Live with mum, gran and grandpa
>mum is working, gran and grandpa are home but argue all the time
>they get into a big fight and i am just trying to play vidya after school
>they start shouting over the volume of my headphones and the people im playing with notice
>i say fuck this shit and go outside(just after dark), sit on the front porch listening to music out of one earphone, the other ear is free
>I hear what sounds like someone shouting my name from off in the distance
>"ANON" louder
>spooked a bit and take out earphone
>The loudest blood curdling scream fucking ever, sounds like it was right in front of me
>I nope and start crying and run inside
>lock the door and im shaking, still crying
>grandparents stop arguing and come to see if im okay
>I explain to them what happened and why i went outside
>they stopped arguing so much after that
>my /x/perience made my household less angry
What was scary is that you'd still have to put some force in to turn the cylinder from off to run to start to overcome the force of the spring though. Took even more force to turn it without the key.

That's the part that really fucked with me.
Based schizo poster. Content like this is why I come here.
Post more please
lern2greentext gayboi
the thread didn't fail.
I have a couple small stories that various relatives of mine have told me. Since I've lived in these damned suburbs my whole life, I haven't seen much spooky shit or even weird druggies.
First one is something that happened while my grandparents were out camping
>be grandpa
>late 1970s
>camping out with grandma in northern Minnesota
>leaving, came across a river in their canoe to get to camping spot
>so, have to pack everything up in canoe and go back across it
>grandma is sitting in canoe while grandpa stands on a small ledge a few feet higher than the water line, handing equipment to her in canoe
>last package of equipment, grandpa decides hes going to just hold it and sit down on the ledge and gently drop himself into canoe
>explains this to grandma
>just barely turns around to start sitting on the ledge when he gets shoved very hard from behind
>goes falling past the canoe and into the river
>its a gentle river so not swept into the rushing current or whatever, just pokes his head back up from underwater
>grandma is pissed as fuck because not only did she expect him to be gently jumping down from the ledge, but he careened forward and as he landed in the water, his legs hit the side of the canoe and rocked a bunch of stuff into the water
>but not completely capsizing the canoe. Grandma is fairly wet with water splashing on her, so understandably she's mad and confused
>grandpa is kind of freaked out, tries to explain how he felt he was pushed from behind
>grandma doesnt believe him at first, just thinks he was being clumsy
>kind of starts to change her mind when she sees how freaked he is
>she wasn't paying attention to him while he was on the ledge, too busy putting stuff around the canoe and not looking in his direction
She eventually came to believe him. grandpa insists he was shoved in a deliberate manner just below his shoulders when he tells the story.
I have a couple more stories if people are interested
blessed schizoposter
>See a face in a second floor window
>Stark white, predatory look in its eyes, massive grin, staring right at me

>rent out old shithole and charge teenagers to lurk around smelling our farts
>head upstairs when on break
>in spooky mask because it's halloween
>some kid stares at me through the window for five minutes straight
Creepy. That reminds me of a story my grandpa once told me.
>be a young man circa mid 1960s
>rural East Texas
>him and a buddy are driving down the road probably going hunting or something
>he notices a car following his pickup truck
>turns off main road onto dirt road
>car still follows them
>he notices two black men are in the car
>he pulls over to the side of the road and stops
>the car also stops
>he grabs his 12 gauge pump action shotgun and steps out of the truck
>points it at the car's driver and cocks the gun
>screams "what the fuck do you niggers want!?"
>car goes in high speed reverse the fuck out of there
>grandpa happily tells this story in all its vulgar glory 50 years later, reminding young grandchildren to beware of niggers
>I miss my grandpa
Oh, I remember you, motherfucker.
One or more of your previous three write ups was screencapped and occasionally pops up.
>I pooped a hammer
Take care of yourself bud
Ok, apologize for poor english in advance.
>be me at the age of 9, maybe 8
>live with my mother, little brother and my moyhers boyfriend, i'm gonna call him faggot.
>faggot turns my mother into the evangelic religion (protestant religion)
>mother was very sick, this is why she put her faith into this church, because regular medicine was not working.
>we begin to go to this chucrch daily.
>the church was very poor and full of sick people.
>at least once per night, some dude or woman was "possesed" by god.
>time passed and very syrange things began to happen.
>my mother began to listen to a satanic radio (testimonies of people possesed and shits like that)
>i remember we watched from our window some old lady throwing some tree branches to the rooftop of the neighbor, and my mother and the neighbor (who was watching with us) got very scared.
>i don't remember why, but i was very scared of some woman that lived close to our house.
>faggot told me to not get close to that house.
>she had some supermarket and the woman's daughter was my friend and she always gave me chocolates and ice cream from her store. (She was my age)
>one day i went for some candys and shit, and this girl gave me tons of chocolates.
>when i was returning home, faggot saw me with my hands full of candys and he beat me up for not listening to him.
>i don't remmember if it was that same night or not, but one night i wake up to go to the bathroom.
>i was sleeping with my little brother because we were poor and shit.
>instead of getting down of the bed, i stand on it before jumping on the floor.
>when i realize that a face starts to appear from the floor
>it was a fucking face with the texture of the carpet floor.
>i started to screaming and crying, it was horrible.
>no one believed me, only my mother.
>aftet that i couldn't sleep without the lights off for almost a year.
>since then, everytime i closed my eyes i started to hear someone breathing heavily.

>no matter where i was sleeping, i always hear someone breathing next to me.
>a year passed and one night i got very tired of not getting any sleep at all, i was angry, very angry.
>i started screaming: "leave me alone you motherfucker, son of a bitch".
>i was not afraid anymore.
>months passed, my mother died, i never saw faggot again, i went to live with my father and i was sepparated from my brother.
>never listen to the presence again.

Other things happen that i didn't mention, but that was the general part. That shit fucked me up as a kid and now i hate religion. Not very entertaining but this is the second time in my life that i tell this story. I'm 32 now.
Is this bait?
The Jeep has been screwdrivered. Nothing spooky. Once you jam a screwdriver into the ignition you can do exactly this
Where’d the money come from.
File: 1553918384437.gif (31 KB, 228x180)
31 KB
>even hung my nose out to smell
>Hiding my tools and just generally making shit confusing

I believe an entity visits me and likes to do this shit to me at least a couple times a year. There have been moments where I clearly put something somewhere, it's not there, but then minutes later it's suddenly there in plain sight. The most obvious time was when I reached into my pockets for a debit card I had, emptied them out, checked for holes, checked everything that was on my body, multiple times for 5 - 10 straight minutes eventually gave up, checked one more time and it was suddenly there. Nothing changed in that time period, I was walking around a street in broad daytime completely sober. The entity seems to be non-malicious/does it for humor so I'm not worried about it.
not really spooky, but paranormal for sure

>be 15 year old me
>friends are over, we're dumb as shit so we decide to make a oujia board for shits and giggles
>insert oujia board cliche story
>we use it as properly as we can, manage to summon a couple spirits
>one spirit we summon says he died around here
>neighbor recently killed himself, wonder if it's him
>try to ask if he killed himself
>friend protests, says they're feeling weak and can't hold the planchette down properly
>figure we should say goodbye and take a break
>they take their fingers off the board before we can
>never knew how he died
>occasionally hear noises in my room since that night
>i have a bunch of cans in my room that i keep around
>hear a crushing noise on and off for years, but none of the cans are ever damaged
>decide to go for a ciggie one night
>put on thick socks, open window and climb out
>snow is covering the roof, it's cold as shit
>i overlook it, nothing's getting between me and my nicotine addiction
>sit up and try to light my cig
>start slipping
>drop is about 7-9 feet down into a tree
>don't fully register that my ass is sliding down into sudden death
>roll onto belly just before i reach the edge, engage in full army crawl
>reach the top, spirit is going berserk
>cans continuously making crushing noises, loud as fuck
>papers rustling, never done that before
>don't know what to do
>tell him i'm okay and that i'll be careful
>noises subside
>finish cig
>occasional can crushing continues
>say i'm okay and tell him to calm down
>noise stops
>kind of in shock, kind of shrugging it off
>ask him if he'd like to talk sometime if i figure out how
>can crush noise

i still don't know why he panicked so much, maybe he was worried? i don't know what to do with him though. maybe i sound ambivalent but this fucker's been chilling with me for years and he's pretty nice. he took my earphones once, but gave them back when i asked. sorry if it's not spooky, it's the best i've got /x/
Wholesome story. He's probably regretful about taking his own life if it's your neighbor. Or maybe it's someone who just plain old fell off the roof. Have you tried contacting it yet?
A friendly ghost is rare. It is a good thing that you are being amiable with him. You should try to ouija board again.
>be me, 16 yrs old circa 2010
>getting home from a friends house
>enter bathrom, piss, enter bedroom
>throw my backpack on top of my bed like a common messy teenager
>the moment the backpack hits the bed a horrible sound comes from under the bed
>sounded like you would imagine a werewolf would growl, horrible sound but not very long, maybe 3 seconds
>have a dog, think that the fag got under my bed or something but that noise was way too fucking horrible for my dog to make it.
>even though i don't believe in this shit i don't risk it
>call my uncle whom was in the kitchen
>"i heard a horrible sound under the bed, called the dog's name but it didn't come out, watch me as i look under."
>feel very uneasy, can feel im going to see some an abomination and it's going to rip my face off
>nothing but my dumbells under the bed, feel relieved
To this day i can't explain that, i heard it clear as water, i wasn't high or drunk, later saw that my dog was outside chilling with other dogs nearby.
Also, kind of related
>year back when i was like 8 yrs old
>fresh summer day, chilling in my living room with the door to the yard open
>suddenly randon dog appears (didn't have a dog til years later)
>literally enters living room, doesn't even look at me and goes straight to my bedroom
>gets under my bed
>don't know what the fuck is happening
>grandma comes because i was making noise by telling the dog to get out
>explain to her what happened
>we conclude that the dog was looking for a place to die.
I don't believe that, the dog looked healthy and young, when we got it out he acted like a normal dog being kicked out of a place, when he entered i'll never forget how he looked like he knew exactly where he was going, weird shit.
not really sure how to contact him again, even with a oujia board, given i don't have his name. any advice is appreciated. glad you guys liked it.
Reminds me of when a dog who very obviously had cancer (BIIIG fucking tumor on his chest) had hopped into my truck while I was getting something from inside. He looked disoriented and miserable, like a 90 year old at a retirement home. The old boy’s face told me he was ready for me to just take him somewhere to die.

I ended up taking him to the vet to scan for microchip, and we found his owner. 99% sure he was put down later that day, I could feel his presence in the house.

Will never forget you, RIP Caesar.
That's like the greentext someone posted about when he was a kid, he and his parents found a couple of those creatures and freaked out so much he suppressed everything out of his memory

Does anyone have the text or how to find it?
I've mentioned this guy before
>uncles friend, Jamaican guy who is like 15years older than my uncle
>my uncle was a weed dealer and heroin addict for years
>this guy must know him through drugs or something crazy
>Jamaican guy was pals with Jimi Hendrix years ago when jimi came to the UK
>the guy saw a small green humanoid run into the vegetation when he was a kid in Jamaica
>he had some kind of poltergeist in his London flat also
>had swarms of flies appear inside his flat in the winter
>the ghost actually touched him on some occasions and made him leap out of his chair with fright

I think criptids are usually just spiritual phenomena. Its a haunting thing but it takes on a strange form.
where tf do you think you are?
File: 1553412946093.png (381 KB, 424x558)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
something happened with me long time ago idk if greentext it would be a good idea.
long story short, got sleep paralyzed and couldn't move but my index finger, felt "it" sitting on my chest, after that saw a dark entity in dream telling me with vague voice "you are me, i am you, you come from me, i come from you, i'm your personal army, you're mine" can't remember exactly but i woke up sweating like a fucking pig.
next day, mom died.
Wtf guys this is the most boring greentext thread in history
They're always messing with people.
Ok I have two very short stories, one is a pretty standard sleep paralysis and the other is a ghost? Anyway:

>be about 13 years old
>falling asleep
>all of a sudden this dark entity grabs me by the neck and proceeds to pin me to the wall, then the roof, then the wall again, and the roof again, and finally just suspended in air
>I’m choking
>feel like I’m going to die
>all of a sudden back in bed, everything is fine

Ghost story:
>chilling in my apartment 2-3 years ago
>probably about 2am
>all of a sudden there’s an extremely loud knocking/banging on my wall, which on the other side of is concrete, it is IMPOSSIBLE for anything to make sound through that wall, and there are no pipes behind it
>manage to shrug it off and finally decide to go to bed
>get in bed, pull the covers over me, and I’ve been in the bed for no longer then 30 seconds
> something suddenly taps me very hard on the shoulder three times
>I am NOT asleep, and am now paralyzed with fear
> wait a minute or two and finally decide to turn around and confront whatever it is
>nothing there

I live across the street from a very old hospital. Pretty sure any spiritual activity I have comes from there. I now sleep with a bible, smudge regularly, and have protective runes above my door.
My mother and her siblings would hear knocking on one of their bedroom walls, but it was on the upper floor and the other side was just the air on the outside. They would knock and it would knock back.
Her house, the next door and the house after would all get wierd stuff going on.
>be me 7 yrs old
>wake up in middle of night and leave room to go sleep with mom because mommies boy
>enter hallway and look at the staircase
>there's a very tall man cloaked in darkness standing on the landing
>he takes up so much space from floor to ceiling
>red eyes
>I just stand there and start crying
>mom opens her door and for a second I was terrified that it might be another phantom
>it's mom
>she calls me to her room and puts me to sleep

My sister says she saw the same thing but while she was out with her friends. She died a few years after she told me this.
>My grandfather had ghostly things happen everywhere he ever lived
>living by himself in his old age, kids long grown up and he was divorced years ago
>would have the bedroom radio turn itself on but at the absolute lowest volume which he would only discover when he went into the room at some point, this would happen for years
>one time a black dog stood in the road outside in the middle of the night barking madly at him up at his bedroom window
>one time in the middle of the night an old lady was banging on his front door and looking through his letterbox at him
>he sat at the top of the stairs and asked he what she wanted but she didnt say anything

I saw a few weird things when visiting him. Flashes of light and other things.
Doc seem like a great guy, to be honest.
File: 1506973883005.png (177 KB, 270x278)
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177 KB PNG
>>they saved me from the worm
>>i was grateful, untill they began to rape me
Best to just stay away from religion. Wise.
Sounds like a nice guy. Don't keep him waiting. Find a way to talk to him.
I heard a noise when I was home alone right before i was going to school. It sounded like my mom screaming her lungs out.
I was home alone that morning as most mornings during that time. I was sitting on the couch in front of the TV and when I heard it i froze for a couple of seconds and then bolted out and locked the door as fast as I could. I didn't dare to look back. Really weird. I'd say it has something to do with the brain, but it sounded as if it came from the second floor and the sound traveled just as if it was real and not in my near proximity.
>Six months into college, moved out to city nearby, so that I can have independence but still be close to home
>Get told to visit my grandma as she's ill and is very likely to die soon
>I visit on my own one afternoon and start making conversation
>She tells me she can't sleep because the people in the window keep making noises at night
>Tells me she's seen my granddad (who's been dead for ten years) walking around upstairs but that she can't follow him due to her inability to walk up stairs anymore
>She falls asleep so I walk upstairs to have a look around
>Dust literally everywhere (she hadn't been on the second floor in years)
>Fresh mud stains over carpet
>Plates with rotting food in bedroom and a pile of clothes in the corner
>Tell mom about what I saw
>She moves my nan into her house because she's worried that she's turning extremely senile OR some weirdo has started living upstairs, leaving in the day and returning at night
>Could explain the window noises
>Could explain her seeing dead granddad walking around upstairs
>Plates of food, clothes and mud stains
Never really got an answer whether or not someone was squatting upstairs, but I've read about it happening in other countries.
Either way it scared the piss out of me,
I thought I was gonna get jumped by some crazy meth head walking around the floor on my own.
Anyone got that one greentext where anon goes exploring buildings all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like, setting up a little a campfire and then coming back to see someone huddled over it?
Thanks doc
File: CabinMemories1.png (1.18 MB, 1840x6060)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Is this the one you are talking about?
File: CabinMemories2.jpg (522 KB, 1335x2436)
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522 KB JPG
File: CabinMemories3.jpg (543 KB, 1335x2368)
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File: CabinMemories4.jpg (262 KB, 1335x1421)
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I have a story I like to call Murder Bus™ when telling my friends but probably doesn't deserve such a dramatic name.
>girlfriend and I are out at night, driving home
>stuck at stoplight and two other vehicles also pull up
>one is a normal looking Holden projecting only the slightest of malevolent bogan energy
>the other is the Murder Bus™, which at first we figured was just an odd looking party bus
>study it closely because it's odd and we were stuck at the stop light for fucking ages in spite of no traffic
>fucking Perth
>it has completely blacked out windows which is normal for a party bus yet it also has short strips of black tape all over it, some are hanging off loosely
>simple white paint job under the tape, though it's rusted and flaking off in certain spots
>have my window down because it kept fogging up and the rental would survive a little sprinkle of rain
>it dawns on me all of a sudden that the bus is completely silent, no music, no people talking or any of the telltale signs of a good time
>completely still with clearly no motion from the passengers
>figure it must be empty then, maybe on it's way back from a gig
>then I hear a set of fucking loud pained screams coming from within the bus, the kind you instinctually know is from distress
>girlfriend and I stop discussing the sketchy bus and keep our eyes front, fixed on the stoplight as the silence falls back in
>feeling watched for the remaining 10 seconds it takes for the light to turn green
>other car floors it not wanting to get on the shit list of the mobile party ice den
File: outside-of-nandos.jpg (23 KB, 338x450)
23 KB
>a few minutes pass and I let out an awkward chuckle
>"that was pretty weird wasn't it honey?"
>"yeah that was pretty... oh shit it's following us isn't it?"
>after we calm down we decide the ideal plan is to pull into the nearby Nandos and pass some time in a populated place
>20 minutes of cheeky fear Nandos later we go back out to the car and we fucking see it
>Murder Bus™ drives past the entrance of the shopping center
>pile into the car and head home knowing it takes a few minutes to do a full circle of the shopping center
>never see it again after that, and sometimes feel it was just us being paranoid babies
>still glad we weren't followed home though, that thing gave off a really bad fucking vibe
>ask about it to most of my more outgoing (read as manwhore and raver) friends
>most of them say that they've never heard of or seen a bus like that before and reassure me that what I had described was indeed a weird encounter
>one thinks it was some kind of art project, which would have been pretty funny in hindsight, and I could imagine some jackass thinking it would be a good idea

I'm fully aware this was probably just some weird hobo or DIY disaster but it still unsettles me thinking about the fact that it was possibly circling the shops we pulled into for nearly a half hour.
>As the white kid in this horror movie, this obviously appeals to me
Kek, you have my attention.
>be me
>just had 1st baby
>baby has all its fingers and toes and its heartbeat is like a stallion so I’m feeling pretty good about myself
>wife is beyond beat but everything went well
>take the family home to start our new life
>wife is still beat and goes straight to bed
>father baby time
>sing and talk to baby
>starting to get tired so I decide to feed the baby so we can get some rest
>grab pre pumped beast milk from fridge
>feed baby and we both fall asleep
>wake up to baby crying but no more breast milk
>go upstairs to get wife
>wife is not in room
>very confused
>call wife but phone is off
>baby is still crying and hungry so I decide to pack her up and get formula
>get home baby is still crying so I try to feed her
>baby won’t eat
>figured I’d wait her out till she gets hungry enough to take the formula
>I try to soothe the baby
>nothing works cry’s get louder
>all night this continues
>call wife again phone still off
>eventually take baby to doctor because baby will not eat and will not stop crying...it’s been 14 hours since me or baby have slept and baby has not eaten in that time
>waiting for doctor the baby stops crying
>I fall asleep
>nurse wakes me up and bring to doctor
>explain that baby has not slept or eaten in 14 hours
>doctor checks baby baby seems ok and tells me to go home...He is sure baby will eat soon
>once home baby starts wailing
>baby still won’t eat
>baby still won’t sleep
>baby just crys
>call wife...phone is now disconnected
>panic sets in
>call police
>police show up
>explain my case and they tell me not much they can do at the moment
>ask me if I’m feeling well as I look like shit since I have not slept in 20 hours due to the baby crying non stop
>police says he’s glad as she must of wound down and not I should be able to get some sleep
>Wtf.jpg because baby is quite and I did not even realize
>me and police wrap it up and they leave
>baby starts to cry again once they pull out driveway
>Defeat sets in
>baby won’t eat
>baby won’t sleep
>only cry
>eventually bring baby back to doctor
>once again explain that the baby has not slept in over 24 hours nore eaten and literally has not stop crying.
>doctor check s baby
>baby as quite, alert and seems great
>doctor tells me it very unlikely that what I say is true due to how the baby is at the moment
>doctor giving me “looks” but give me some anxiety meds, a number to call and says even men can have issues like this. Sends me home again
>baby start crying the second I through the door
>I start to laugh
>baby won’t eat
>baby won’t sleep
>48 hour mark I bring baby to a different doctor
>tell them is been over 48 hours since the baby has slept or eaten
>check baby
>they don’t believe me and tell me it’s impossible
>not wanting to do this anymore with the fear of something happening to me or the baby I tell them I’m just tired (which I was) and that I forgot that she did sleep and eat
>I go home
>baby starts crying
>5 days and I’ve only slept a handful of hours
>baby does not need sleep
>baby does not need food
>baby just cry’s
>can’t deal gunna snap
>I drive 400 miles to drop baby off fire station but I can’t
>take baby to local ER one last time
>once inside baby stops crying
>I loss it
>demand doctors check baby as she has not eaten or slept a week
>police show up
>I’m still losing it demanding my baby gets checked thoroughly
>police calm me down and doctors allow me to stay and they check baby with blood work and a hydration test among other things
>doctors tell me baby is 110%
>meltdown in 3 2...
>demand I be taken to the nut house and clam I am a danger to myself and others so I can speed it along
>just got to away from baby
>end up in the loony bin for 3 years as I will not admit it was possible for a baby to not eat or sleep for over 5 days
>finally get out
>lost everything
>find out social services took baby to wife’s parents after my episode
>call them
>they are thrilled to hear from me
>I ask if they have heard from there daughter and they tell me no
>then they directly jump into when will I be taking the child back
>I tell them they don’t even know what happened to me and I have to seen or talked to any of them in over 3 years...I have nothing, no job, no home so I can’t take the child
>father get upset and demands I come take the child
>hear a child screaming in the background with the grandmother yelling “he needs to get this kid out of here!”
>I say I will stop over
>I arrive to there house in 2 days
>no ones home
> I open door and house is empty and quiet as a mouse
>I look around and go upstairs
>see a closed door with what seemed to be locked from the outside but lock is now gone
>move over lach and open door
>see a small child standing looking at a huge picture of my ex wife that took up the whole wall
>child turn and looks at me
>and started to scream
>I fall over and break my finger backwards on the floor when I tried to catch myself
>in extreme pain I wipe my hand to my chest covering it up with my other hand as I try to get up and run
>right as run I look back at the door before it disappeared from my site I she her face
>she smiling
>by the time I reached the door I could hear her laughing
>running across street I get hit by car
>fuck me now legs broken
>still can see house and child is now looking at me from window smiling
>ambulance shows up and I tell them there is a 3 year old child in the home and it’s empty.
>police go in
>police come out
>no child
>they tell me no ones in the home
>I promise them there is and my eye has not left the front door since I stopped seeing her in the window...she must of went out the back
>they tell me they thought of that but back door lead to backyard that had a huge fence...no way kid could of climbed it
>I want to see for myself and try to get up but medics pull me down and take me to hospital

I never brought it up again. Wife, her parents and the child have completely blinked out of existence. An officer did see me in the hospital asking about the kid I saw but nothing ever came about it because I did not want to look crazy again
What was her experience?
File: 1552585342808.png (437 KB, 647x580)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
The idea of some random creep lIving with your grandma and she doesn't realize it/is senile is so much scarier than a ghost. Fuck that.
Poor little Caesar, RIP. If the dog from my story looked like you described Caesar i think it would make sense, but god that looked like an adult dog with no intentions to die, just with the objective to get under my bed.
I think is that "exploding head syndrome"? Yeah it could be that, but it didn't felt like the noise was overwhelming me or coming from inside my head, that is why i inmediately knew was coming from under my bed, also i think EHS sounds like human screams just like you said, this shit was like a demon dog or something.
I do not like that picture at all.
i wish
I see what you did there
r/greentext apparently is a good comapnion to /x/
She was at a bar and she said she saw it in the bathroom
I was in the throws of horrible heroin addiction, around 2 years of daily use in. I don’t know if any of you have used heroin before, but to me it works like a super anti-anxiety; and while it made everything a bit.. cloud like, it certainly never made me hallucinate. My family had no idea.. my wife and kids.. mom and dad.. brothers.. no one. To make a long story short, I was going through a rough patch, and blasted off a bit too hard. I was at my moms house. Od’ed, and for a moment was dead. I was in my old room. I remember wandering through the woods though and meeting a black figure, I knew it was death. He walked towards me. I wasn’t scared, but I was very numb. I woke up in the ICU days later.. now, none of this would have really.. bothered me too much, but while I was laying in my bed dying, my aunt.. who I haven’t spoken to in years..called my mom and told her to check on me right then. I’d be dead if that didn’t happen. My aunt claims she was meditating and saw me. I will never know how that happened, and everything else I could write off, but that has been somthing I think of every now and then. Did I meet death? Is that what it will be like? How did she know??
Anyone got the one of the guy plinking in the desert in like Nevada and sees monsters
I will 100% hunt cryptids with you anons.
>A look that said, "Oh, I remember you, motherfucker"

you should have waved to your old pal
This one?
this is honestly the scariest thing i've read in a while. where did this happen?
maybe the making noise stuff was trying to get attention of someone else in the home, to come to your aid?
from the sounds of what you described maybe it was just general freaking out about his living pal falling off a roof.

wouldn't you freak out if that happened while you were nonphysical, and the only way you can interact with the physical realm that your pal inhabits, is cause papers to blow about and make noises with cans and other stuff?

I imagine that is maybe how your pal felt. desperation and frustration.

if you can communicate with can sounds and stuff like that- then there is a way for sure, no ouija needed. one thing you could do to find out a name is ask, and slowly and patiently read out letters that you have written down on a grid on a large sheet of paper, ask them to signal with a sound or whatever, whenever you reach a correct letter.

this would take a while obviously.
example - name is brandon:
you would go A - *silence* B - *noise*. then write down a B on a bit of paper. then repeat for the next letter all through until you get to R where you would get a *noise*.
then write down the R. then repeat again for every letter until done.

you could also have a system of one click/knock for yes, 2 for no, stuff like that.

maybe try a bowl of water with some words on cut out bits of paper stuck on the table, around the bowl, and have a twig or a cocktail stick floating on the water, and use that as a sort of "ouija" thing, where they could maybe move the stick to point to words. obviously don't overcomplicate it. maybe color one end for the pointing end to avoid confusion.

you could also try word stuff to find out what they like. "what kind of music do you like?" "rock?", "jazz", "country" etc, and note anything that gets a response with a click or knock, maybe play some sometime. same for drinks or food etc.
maybe leave a beer etc for them
File: 1554681671427.png (1.85 MB, 1088x5200)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
I love this story, such a refreshingly wholesome take on /x/ greentexts
File: Nic Santos.png (1.22 MB, 1286x6889)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
I love that one.

Anybody have any more about people "in the know"?
I have a story of a possible Cryptid I can share if anyone is interested.

It is going to require me to turn the lights on in my house and brew coffee or tea first, though. This happenstance is the sole reason why I refuse to leave my house at night, let alone drive anywhere past dusk without adequate or potent street lights for visibility.
It's not much of a story, but it's my story. Also, it scared the fuck out of me at the time. Still now a little bit, he was probably only a bum, but his eyes, they weren't right

> be me 7
> rough night feel unwell bad sleep
> wake up at 2, have wet my bed
> don't want to tell mum and dad, just rip off the sheets and grab a doona and go to the lounge
> set up a bed on the couch
> no lights on in the house, but very light outside, strong moonlight
> get a slight creepy feeling, not sure why
> about to get up and turn on a light when something tells me to stay perfectly still
> from the streetlight can see a shadow moving on the lounge wall, there's someone on our verandah
> yep, can ever hear light footsteps
> not sure what to do, just stay still and try to pretend I'm not here
> a few minutes pass, I'm still terrified but decide make a mad dash for my room
> sit up, peek out the window
> there's a man sitting on our deck
> as I move the netting just a few milimetres he looks up, locks eyes straight on me
> can't make out much, but definitely an older guy, wrinkled face
> Eyes stare right through me, he looks angry
> Points at me
> Get up and run down the hall screaming
> Dad jumps up does a sweep round
> Im terrified he's going to get murdered
> Mum takes me back to bed 'oh little anon, you wet the bed, I think you must've had a bad dream is all'
> Like fuck bitch, we were nearly broken into, I probably save you from a raping
> Have no idea who tf that was and why they were hanging out on our verandah at that hour
> Could never relax in the lounge by myself at night ever again
Not sure if your still viewing this thread or not, maybe the spirit was a family friend that loved u very much? Was your neighbor close to your parents? It would make sense if it was him and the spirit was still in the area. Wouldnt hurt to get in touch with them especially if they are reaching out to you, you never know what u could learn.
Please do! Would love to read.
Yesssss! Thanks very much
More than enough, thank you!
It's just a smallish rural town in England where my nan used to live, but we moved her out after finding all the squatting shit upstairs, we still own the house but we've had a good cleanup and are leaving it as a "stop-off" for me or my brother to go to since we both live close to it.
Well, it started to make sense, like I mentioned, she kept seeing my long dead granddad walking on the second story balcony (open staircase kinda deal) and the noises from the window.
I wouldn't put much merit to it but as I said, literally every room was caked with dust bar the bedroom where I found the clothes and rotten food.
We never found anyone and nothing happened since but yeah, I reckon someone had been living with her and she didn't know it.
I would have enjoyed it except
> it had been blizzarding for hours
>i got in my car and drove off
Holy shit, it's quality larp!
If I saw somthing I thought was a monster, there’s no way I would cut the lights off while leaving too. Shit, I’d even let the fire burn itself out. I’d get my keys, and fucking scoot
My god I wasn't expecting wholesome in this thread thank you
Jesus christ
>live in a small town next to an old decommissioned jail that is supposed to be haunted
>like the jail is a tourist attraction that people pay to go to because of the supposed ghosts
>ghosts tours go right by my house every summer
>my house itself is old, like from around 1800

But I've never had any paranormal experiences after spending my entire life here, not once.
I had sleep paralysis once but all I heard was someone say "What are you, a faggot?" in a comical cowboy accent next to me.
Decent thread so far, screencapped some new greentexts to add to my collection. Keep it up anons :)
File: Creepypasta Korean Tales.png (953 KB, 1856x6196)
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953 KB PNG
Kentucky fag here. I live on a property that is basically the grey area between civilization and being innawoods. Just a few steps into the tree line and your realize how wild the area really is. While I've never encountered anything like in this story you do get a feeling that the forest is "alive" in more ways than just containing trees and animals. Like it has its own soul. Whenever I harvest any animal or plant from the forest I feel an overwhelming urge to give thanks and show respect for it, which I do by giving a prayer for the animals I kill, by cleaning the environment of pollutants, and by never taking anything I wont put to use. Whenever i'm in the forest its completely serene and feels as if no evil or darkness can reach you there. Like being watched over by some long forgotten guardian. If you respect these hills you have nothing to fear in them.
File: Creepypasta Visitors.png (3.87 MB, 3786x7040)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB PNG
File: Creepypasta Chernobyl.jpg (979 KB, 1524x3119)
979 KB
979 KB JPG
File: Creepypasta Haunted Cove.jpg (2 MB, 3961x1079)
2 MB
>i shidded
Nothing too scary but

> be me in high school
> get home early one day and meet dad before he went to work, he's folding clothes in a room connected to the hallway.
> hallway runs through the middle of the house and stems out from the kitchen.
> walk though the kitchen and see a tall figure in a big white flowing dress, almost like a wedding dress.
> freakout, double back to check again
> nothing in the hallway
> tell my dad what I had seen
> he responds with "yeah I see her sometimes, she doesn't ever do anything so don't worry"

I've had a lot of paranormal experiences but none have been too scary.
>be Californian
>go into mountains
>2 inches of snow
Okay most of this happened when I was really little and is divided into several different short stories. I don't remember too much from them but I will tell them as best as I can.

A little backstory on the property:
The house we lived in was a two story house located in a rural forested area of Appalachia. It wasn't old nor did anything that would typically cause a haunting ever occur in it. It was however located on a property with the ruins of a couple very old houses on it, one being just past the treeline. We didn't know at the time, but apparently one of the houses on the property was the scene of a murder. An old woman died suspiciously from some type of poisoning, I can't remember exactly what she was poisoned from, and her husband was suspected of killing her, though nothing was ever proven and he walked free. Whenever my father and I would walk in the woods we would pass one of the old ruined houses, only the cellar remained, and we would find old mason jar's and various bottles and cans fully intact, even after spending decades exposed to the elements. We naturally (or foolishly) brought them home with us, but may or may not have gotten some unwanted attention from a long forgotten spirit.

First story.
> Parents are watching television in the living room
>I am sound asleep
>Suddenly they very clearly hear footsteps walking across the deck
>Several loud knocks on the door
>My dad goes checks the window and sees no cars in the drive
>He cautiously opens the door
This was the first strange occurrence in the house
Second story
>Parents start to notice things mysteriously going missing
>Little things like keys, remote controls, etc
>They usually would turn up in random places around the house later in the day or a couple days following. Places they wouldn't have ever even been
>One day my fathers checkbook goes missing
>Parents search the house forever looking for it
>Dad searches his truck and still doesn't find it
>Months pass and they have pretty much forgotten about it
>Nothing else has gone missing since
>Parents more or less forget about it
>One day Dad gets in his truck to leave for work and seemingly out of nowhere the check book falls on his lap.
This one was the first thing to really freak them out.

Third story
> me, my mother, and my toddler sister are all home alone
>dad works the graveyard shift and wouldn't be home until early the next morning
>We are all watching t.v. in the living room when we hear a loud crash up stairs
>The crash is followed by footsteps across the creaky wooden floor and the dog we had recently bought goes ballistic
>Mom in a panic grabs me, my sister, and the dog and hides in the basement.
>We spend the rest of the night there and mom doesn't sleep at all
>Dad comes home to an empty house and starts to worry. When he checks the basement he is met by my mother absolutely terrified and wielding a kitchen knife ready to shank whatever tries to open that door. Dad, a former military man, clears the entire house with a shotgun before going back to get us from the basement. We never did find the source of the crash.
Fourth story (this is probably the most unsettling)
>Dad is off at work once again
>We have a fairly normal night and are each sound asleep in our beds.
>Dad arrives home early the next morning
>He opens the door and catches a glimpse of what he thinks is my mother walking into the hall
>He calls her name to no answer
>He then followers her into the hall, calling her name again, just in time to see her enter my sisters room
>He walks to the doorway of my sisters room and says something like "Did you not here me?..."
>He freezes
>Standing over my sisters bed looking down at her is an old, raggedy looking, black haired woman.
>Dad manages to mutter out "The fuck..." before she turns her head and glares at him with an utterly malicious stare
>Terrified dad runs into his room, where my mother slept (the door was like 5 feet from the doorway to my sisters room), grabs his shotgun, and gets ready to blow several fist sized holes in someone
>In the 5 seconds it took for dad to retrieve his gun the mysterious woman all but vanished.
In 20 years he never told my sister about that incident.

The next night dad is at work he (for obvious reasons) is contemplating moving. He tells a coworker and close friend about his stories who, just so happens to know a psychic or fortune teller or something along those lines. Dad, who is normally a very rational man, goes and sees her the next day. I don't know what she told him, but she knew as soon as she saw my father that he was dealing with something dark and malicious. The fortune teller told him to buy two iron crosses and place one on each door. My father did just that and ever since the house has been quiet.
Ive had a coupleweird things happen. Im a Christfag and i believe in spirits, angels and demons. This isnt super interesting, it just revealed to me how areas of sin can affect you

> be me mid 20s in the mid2000s.
>bought into the poker craze. Got good at online poker.
>go to local Hard Rock Indian Casino with dad for first time
>was a poorfag at the time. Playing very conservatively
>2 sharks qt the table, a bunch of guppies and me who is mor guppy than shark but better than most of these boomers
>wait for a decent hand. Took some time. Finally get a shot. Slowplay the shark into thinking hes got me.
I dont really remember the hand, which is partly what this was all about. I remember thinking my odds were very good so i look back and think it had to be trips or better. I really think i had a high straight
>i finally take a shot and reraise this guy all in. He flips 2 pair and I excitedly flip my cards.
>fucking rags. Nothing. Not even a pair
>im flabbergasted. My dad seriousky looked concerned probabmy because of how stupid my hand was but more my expression. I was horrified
>how the hell did i think i had great cards and had nothing??? I checked them a couple times during the round too. I KNOW i had a good hand
>im convinced either my mind was deceived or the cards were changed out
Has something like this happened to anyone? There are a couple things that made this weirder. Firstly i was a big pothead at the time but i hadnt smoked that day because i didnt get high around the family. Second the shark i was battling was very dark spiritually. He had a dark cap that covered his face and had no expressions. Doesnt necessarily mean any thing. He may have just thought i was trying to bluff him but he didnt respond to the win at all.
>that was all the chips i started with so i left after that.
>i remember going outside and feeling immediately clear headed when i went out.
Then as im walking to my car a black dude with dreds runs past me and something white falls on the ground in front of me. I picked it up and it was a joint. But smelled really chemically. I figured it was laced. The druggie in me wanted to try it but i ended up throwing it out since i didnt know what was in it. Lot of coincidences that day

I remember feeling like i learned a lesson that i didnt belong in that place. That because of my status as an ambassador of the most high i shouodnt be involved in those things
Every time I read this my desire for a plague doctor guardian angel increases
Ya, until you get skull fucked by a bear.
I don't, please explain it to a retard
Mine is super dumb

>5th grade, me and my brother's birthday party (twins)
>having a sleepover with our friends
>decide to go bigfoot hunting at night because we're kids and my house is in the middle of the woods
>We go out at around 10
>We group up in about the middle of the fairly large backyard trying to come up with a plan
>We start hearing a bunch of shit in the woods around us
>Mostly branches breaking and shit but it was fairly loud, even hear something that sounded like a grunt
>Sounds are coming mainly from two directions at different points in the woods around us
>We are all scared shitless and decide to go back inside after about 10 minutes
>We line up on the stairs to the backdoor, I'm the last one in line
>I look back behind me towards the woods as the first guy opens the door and see what looks like a huge hairy leg under the treeline
>It looked as if there was a very long-legged hairy man walking behind the trees, and I could only make out its leg stepping in and out of visibility
>For some reason I decide not to tell the others, I think I told myself that my mind was playing tricks on me

I have other paranormal stories from myself and family members that are also short and stupid
Between the NE PA, weed, and snow, this was comfy as fuck
Anyone else have brief experiences? like sort of meeting a strange person on the street and passing them by? cause I've had a few. Told them here in the past before.

First one that comes to mind
>On my laptop, laying in front of it covered in a blanket with a pillow on my chin
>just browsing to try and pass the time before I pass out
>Suddenly smell a very clear scent of wood burning, not like the candles my family usually burns, like a breeze coming over a campfire clear
>Worried something is on fire that shouldn't be, flop over my side and look into the darkness around me
> a couch is in front of me, behind it is the starecase
>See a big, clear shadow figure rush at mach fuck down the stairs
>Vanishes at the bottom with the wood burning smell
>Stare in the darkness awhile, roll back over on my stomach and go back to browsing

second story that comes to mind
>in the same room as the above story, again browsing in the same way as then
>get a feeling someone is looking at me. I am paranoid about people peeking over my shoulders so I know this feeling
>Feel it by the stairs
>figure its one the cat or little shit dog, grab the crap wrist flash light I have by me and shine it up at the stairs to ease my mind
>Clear orange red eyes are staring at me, larger than either of the lil critters I was expecting, like human eyes with eyeshine
>in the edge of the light I can make out the outline of what looks like a girl laying on her stomach watching me
>with that medium sort of bowlcut hair cut girls used to get sometimes
>Stare for a good five seconds, eyes locked with the thing
>turn the light off, roll over and ignore the feeling until it goes away

third story that comes to mind
>going to bathroom late at night
>Closest bathroom is past a short hallway under those stairs
>Flick lights on, close door and catch myself in the door frame for no reason.
>Smiling, looking fine reflection What the fuck is that
>See what looks like a pale face and hand peeking and looking at me down the hall
>Anus loosens in fear as the door closes behind me in the moment I spot that damn thing
>stand there and decide to do my business, quickly scurrying back out of the hallway when I'm done
>Tell myself its the ducks my dad had mounted on the wall opposite of the hall, and I just saw it wrong
>Look at them in the morning.
>they're too far away to be seen in the dark, no where near as white and pale as the thing I saw.
>Fuck. The way I saw it, the thing had to either crawl on the wall or hang by the railing to peek and turn its head into the hall like I saw
>don't look in the mirror for a few days after that, close the door as quick as I can.

Forth experience that comes to mind
>walking down the stairs one night, no lights on as I have good night vision due to being a nightowl
>start to reach the halfway point of the stairs
>Then, in the flash of a passing car's headlights driving past the house coming through the door's little window
>I see a clear figure of shadow
> a little girl in a dress, leaning on the railing
>With that medium bowl hair cut
>Jump back up a step, recoiling
>shadow girl is gone
>Heart starts beating again
>Quickly walk the rest of the way down the stairs

fifth story
>At highschool
>Waiting from bro to pick me up
>its raining, I don't mind, bored as shit and away from everyone else as I'm an anti social autist
>Begin to wander between these portable class rooms, kind of like trailers
>Why? my legs are getting restless and I have nothing else to do
>walk into the "alley way" between trailer classes, just enjoying the rain
>A very clear, feminine and British accented voice rings in my ear, like someone leaning in to talk to it
>in a teasing tone it says "I can see you there, you know?"
>glance around, see no girl
>nor anyone else.
>Closest person is around 20 or so feet, out of the alleyway
>retreat from the alley as quick as my chubby legs can go
had some weird dreams at that school to, while I napped through lunch.

Sixth story
>Now, to start this one off. I used to be scared of the dark. I was an imaginative kid so I saw a lot of things in the dark that wasn't there
>Bro shared a room with me, so I felt safe and hid under my covers if I saw anything
>Just random monsters, kids stuff
>Only saw one more than once
> a sort of goblin thing, an old withered almost mummified man, with scars and a huge ass smile
>Crawling on the walls like a spider, watching me
>scared the shit out of me
>forget it, assume it was just another nightly terror I dreamt up and leave it at that
>until me and my bro start talking about supernatural stuff one day
>He tells me, when we were kids he heard heavy, raspy breathing one night
>I had asthma as a kid so he got worried and looked over at me
> and from this cork board above my bed
>A goblin like head emerged, withered and dried, covered in scars. Aged and with a big smile
>breathing heavily, it looked down at me as I slept
>bro in all of his love for me...did exactly what I would do, and rolled over
>I never told anyone about the crawling man, never thought about it for years
>and bro just gave me a near exact description of the fuck
>Shit bricks and tell him, he's surprised about it to

I've also seen a ufo with most of my family one time, and my saw something in the woods me and my pops thinks was a bigfoot. Things always go missing in my childhood home, and my bro and mother used to hear me and my younger sisters crying out for help while we were at school.

things have quieted down in recent years. Still don't like looking up at the stairs when I'm around that house at night though.
Man that was a grade A greentext. Way spookier and more mysterious than the ski walker stories
I had a very, very similar situation once.
>be little kid, I don't remember the age
>sleep in bed room with my brother on the second floor
>wake up from a nightmare one night
>walk out into the hall to go downstairs and wake up mommy and daddy because I'm still scared
>look down the stairs at the landing
>see tall, pitch black figure silhouetted on the landing
>stand there staring at this figure for minutes trying to tell if my eyes are fucking with me
>conclude this is in fact a man shaped thing on the bottom landing
>very slowly back up and slink into my room
>consider waking up my brother but I dont want him to be mad at me
>cry myself back to sleep
>be me
>had a rough case of constipation
>like old cheddar tree logs in forest rough
>go to toilet
>take a massive dump
>feel like submarine cap launching torpedoes
>smell was so bad i puked
>Mfw from the puke i didnt enjoy what was an honest to goodness good dump
There hasn’t been one of these in a long time and it sickens me


I drive an '06 grand cherokee that you can still do this with. For what its worth, all of the Jeeps this can happen to have a recall on their ignitions, just take it to a dealership and they will replace it at no cost. I never did mine, though, because I just don't care enough. Tell you friend if he still has his though
File: 1507596694484.gif (896 KB, 340x437)
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How old was your sister when she died?
File: wooder.jpg (2.22 MB, 1932x6935)
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2.22 MB JPG
He expanded the blessed shizo-poster from earlier into a full green-text story.
Anyone got anymore wholesome stories? My end goal is to be innawoods cabin living and these stories nake me feel at home. North Georgia fag but from middle Georgia.
I've been meaning to type this up for the longest time, I always lurk in greentext threads and I figure its probably time I contribute something of my own. These strories are from when I was in middle school so somewhere between 2008-2010.
For some backstory my mom and I had just moved into an old duplex in the historical part of my small town. The first storycomes from when my mom was still moving some things into the house and I hadn't been there at all yet.

>mom sitting on her bed unpacking
>bedroom door open so she can see clearly down the hallway
>watches the cat walk into what would soon become my room
>suddenly the cat comes flying out of the room as if thrown from waist height
>slams into the wall with enough force to create an audible thud
>lands on its feet and tears ass down the hallway away from my room
>mom is confused so she gets up and checks my room
>completely empty
>not even a piece of furniture the cat could have jumped off of

Keep in mind for these stories that I was around 12 years old for most of this so I wasnt thinking like the seasoned /x/phile I am now.

>We move in with no problems
>I set about exploring the house once I set up my room
>as I explore I notice small bags hanging from each window and each room has pennies in the corners
>kid brain is confused but doesnt care much
>backyard is crazy overgrown and tiny
>upstairs is where all the bedrooms are


>basically just a single hallway with my moms room and the bathroom on either end
>three doors line the left side
>first to the spare room
>last to my room
>middle door opened to a steep sprial staircase that led to the attic
>from the door you couldnt even see into the attic even if you leaned in and craned your neck up, the stairs blocked the view
>the attic was partially finished, carpet and everything, no exposed beams or pink itchy shit in the walls
>one side became mom's workout room, the other was used to keep all my toys and shit that was too big for my room (i used to make a lot of box forts)
>satisfied with my exploration I ask my mom about the pennies and bags
>she gets nervous and tells me the bags are filled with sage and lavender to make the house smell nice and the pennies are a good luck charm
>buy it and continue on

Another story:

>always sleep with dog
>wake up in the middle of the night
>room is pitch black
>while waiting for my eyes to adjust I hear the dog growling
>make her out at the foot of my bed
>shes laying down but her hackles are raised
>I can hear a low growl coming from her
>shes staring directly at the corner of my room opposite of my bed
>corner is pitch black
>I stare for a few seconds too tired to be really scared
>I nudge my dog with my foot and snap her attention off the corner
>she glances back at me and her hackles relax a little
>she looks back towards the corner but cant seem to find what she was looking at
>she settles back down and we both fall asleep before long

That happened probably once a week, it started to scare me but I felt better with my dog in bed with me so I dealt with it.
It even started to happen at my dad's house when I stayed there. The dog we had there would sometimes wake me up in the
same way in the middle of the night. Just growling at the corner of my room.


>playing Pokemon in my bed late one night
>play with the volume, turning it up and down randomly
>usually play with no sound so eventually go back to silence
>distinctly hear the same stilted segments of Pokemon music I just played from my DS come seemingly from nowhere
>my heart stops
>I look at the volume switch on my ds and my thumb is still holding it all the way down
>sit in silence for a few minutes trying to process what happened
>mess with volume on my ds again
>shrug it off and go back to playing Pokemon

Another time I woke up after hearing my name being called from what sounded like right in front of me. I got up and asked
my mom if she called me but she hadn't. Whenever I would take a shower I would get the most overwhelming feeling of dread
and being watched. Eventually I started taking the dog into the bathroom with me when I would shower just to make me feel
better. I would get the same feeling in the attic of that house whenever I went up there. I was genuinely afraid of going
up to the attic at a point because I just felt totally overwhemled with that feeling of being watched whenever I would go
up there.

We lived in that house with my mom's girlfriend and her daughter for a little while. Mom's gf would talk about the ghosts
in the house all the time. She claimed to have seen a man chopping wood in the backyard and had a hand come out of a cabinet
and grab her ankle that only went away when she screamed no at it. I don't really believe those stories however because she
was absolutely insane but still its more weird shit in that house.

Sorry if this was boring but all that shit really happened to me. We eventually moved out of the house and my mom told me a ton of activity she had seen. She even called a local ghost hunting team in and they did an investigation. There was a video of a shape moving down the second floor hallway thats since been lost. She told me the sage and lavender in the windows and the pennies in the corners of rooms where to help keep spirits at bay. She even said that they had a psychic come in and look aroundthe house. The psychic claimed that the house was home to a portal to the spirit world or some shit.
She said the portal was right outside the bathroom at the end of the hall, right outside my bedroom door.

I think something from that house or maybe just something else entirely has been following me for a few years now but thats another post if you guys want to hear it.
Kinda interesting anon. I'd be interested in hearing more.

Also why do you say your mom's gf was insane exactly
Anybody got the taxi driver of main greentext?
File: 1554931391959.jpg (2.8 MB, 4337x5783)
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2.8 MB JPG
I got it anon
File: 1554931457576.jpg (1.05 MB, 1980x3004)
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1.05 MB JPG
Well fuck regardless. Little evils have always gave me the shakes. All started with the Chucky movies. Good story regardless if it was the original anon or not.
Here's the third one
Mom's gf had some kind of mental disorder, I can't remember what specifically but she was just obsessed with ghost shit- watching way too many ghost hunting tv shows so anything she says is suspect to me. My mom has always been into spiritual stuff but shes pretty skeptical all things considered so I take her word on things she's seen and heard.

We even went on a "ghost hunt" to some abandoned manor near us one time. I'm in class right now but let me type some stuff up and I'll post more when I get home.
Lol thanks I hadnt gotten arouns to posting that one yet
File: 1454347447824.gif (1.41 MB, 350x272)
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>with honey
>making out
>phone rings
>pick up
>wut r u doing wit my daughter?
>tell ur grill
>she say
>my dad is ded
>then who was phone?
>me and my white supremacist friends board a plane to ukraine with guns and freely enter the chernobyl exclussion zone, we then proceed to chill in pripyat until we get attacked by radiation niggers.
File: 1455060810913.png (128 KB, 1094x1003)
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now you look foolish
Well something very tame but interesting happened when i dated a girl who did ouija real young but never said good bye.
>Be me
>Dating girl
> Love /x/ so know a lil bout spoops.
>Girl tells me when she was 7 her and her friends did a Ouija but never said goodbye.
>Says a shadow figure with a wide smile haunts her.
>Says she doesnt see it often but still comes and fucks with her sometimes.
>Staying in my bed one night i get up to piss. Hear her talking to me so go 'what you say cant hear you'
>Cue screaming and me running into room.
>bitch tf my dads sleeping.
> tells me she thought i was standing at the foot of the bed looking at her.
>Get pissed, entity in MY ROOM, without MY invitation, fucking with MY girl.
>Tell entity or w/e it must know I am not afraid and it must follow the universal accords.
>I invited my girlfriend into the house not it, it has broken a universal rule.
> tell it to leave now or I will reap hellfire and whatever else onto its ass.
> I will find every book learn every knowledge to rid its essence from the world if it ever fucked with her again.
>I am energetically stronger than you and if you try to fuck with me you will lose.
Me and girl break up after a few months but she messaged me a couple years later saying that after that night she was never bothered again by entities. Tbh it did freak me out a little bit but I had read spirit puncher greentext recently and a few other new age things saying that all energy entities are bound by universal accords so figured id give the machismo route a shot cause fuck a spirit thinking it can occupy my space without an invitation and evidently it worked.
post it nigger
All malevolent spirits are apparently scared of chad energy, good work anon.
>thread wins
>this remains first post
Got the chad punching ghost story?
>work long hours
>my first day off all I do is sleep
>it's a sunday
>wife puts kids down for a nap
>leaves to run errands
>I was totally comatose when she left but woke up to piss
>no idea my wife is gone or that my kids are asleep
>be dreaming but still able to hear birds outside, cars, lawnmowers.
>hear little feet coming into my room
>hear a little voice say "Daddy"
>feel pressure on my bed off to my right side.
>i'm rolled over to the left facing away
>happy to hear my daughter I reach back to find her
>can't find her
>roll over and look
>get up and realize wife is gone.
>look around my house to see if my kud ran off into the kitchen
>look in my kids' room
>both are sleeping, hard. Snoring.
>realize their door was shut all the way
>she coukdn't have gotten out of the room in the first place
>stay awake all day. Stay awake almost all night.
My '87 Wrangler once started on its own and drove itself into the neighbors yard, almost hit their house before it hit a tree. I had the keys on my and the e-brake was on, too. But I had one of those ignition interlocked devices on it which are chancy as fuck. Only thing I can think of that damnable thing send a charge to the starter.
File: Creepypasta Ghost Puncher.png (594 KB, 1913x3492)
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594 KB PNG
Many praises thank you
Another one that happened recently

>Again, work nights. Sleep cycle is fucked
>Was laying in bed with my wife watching stupid videos because she asked me to
>she falls asleep
>I turn out the lights
>Can't sleep
>Lay there for about an hour
>start sering movement in the hall
>again, assume it's one of my kids
>see a short black figure pop up
>right when I am about to call out to it, assuming it's my child
>gets taller
>pitch black mass gets taller and less human looking
>just morphs into a streak of black and shoots up into the ceiling and is gone.
>where it stood, I can now see light from the windows
>it had mass and wasn't see through
>Just lay in bed confused for hours.

Lots of creepy shit happens now. Dunno why. But I half expected it after we moved in here and found creepy leftovers from the former owner.
Ah, back when you could keep niggers in their place.
What left overs? Chinese ? Home cooking?
Me neither
>playing gen 4 pokemon on a nintendo ds under the cover
perhaps the comfiest feel we zoomers have ever been blessed with

Also, a really dope story anon, I believe you. I think any actual paranormal shit that goes on in the real world is way more subtle than entertainment or greentexts make it out to be. Please share with us your following, I'd love to hear about that
How do I know these stories are real?
You don't some are made up of course others may be true. There is old knowledge lost to time about our world.
It is better to believe that there is some little bit truth to them, you'll live longer
Speak to Father Uhrney and get a ghostspeak amulet, that will help
One more story from my younger years.
>Be me, age o
> Very adventurous kid, natural naturist.
>Go into woods by myself frequently, never scared, felt comfort at all times like i belonged here.
>Live in KY.
>Split time between Dad and GParents.
>Dad lives in city.
>Gparents live innawoods.
> One time be exploring further than usual, never scared woods were my friends, naturally good at finding way home without trouble.
>Come across shrine of some sort. Looks to be covered in moss and some sticks, angled to look like a arch almost like you when you have those menagerie of the manger with jesus and such.
> Few rocks and things placed on inside.
>Sudden wave of sadness can tell it hasn't been used in awhile and that it was missing a few things.
> Gather some sticks and long grass, make a teepee in the middle and something is just guiding my hand and make the sticks into fence surrounding it all underneath this arch.
>Instant feels of relief and happiness once im finished.
>Lose my swiss army knife as im going home and get really sad.
>Next day find swiss army knife against tree on edge of woods.
>figure must of dropped it there so pick it up.
>Go back to altar/art project idk what is was.
>Fucking flowers blooming all over it.
>Kid so just think nothing of this and im like wow its beautiful.
>Add some small touches and other things take some daisies and make a ring around entire thing.
>As im leaving see a big dog, bigger than a wolf in my childmind.
> Not really scared, knows it wants me to follow. So start to follow it. Takes me real deep innawoods which did freak me out a little bit cause im no longer familiar w/ the trees, rocks and dried river around me.
>calm down when i think I can just follow the river home.
>Dog stops in front of a tree and looks at me.
I swear to god tree had a face on it like from pocahontas but less detailed. Had the eyes and mouth but no nose. Just a slight grimace with eyes closed.
>Approach tree and feel feelings of sadness/happiness.
(Age 9) my bad.
>Tree doesnt speak with words but through feelings.
>Tell tree I am sorry for what we have done to its forest and that I will try to help.
>Dog nudges to touch the trunk.
> I of course oblige cause don't wanna piss off Kujo and Treemother.
> Stream of sap comes from tree face and touches my hand.
> Figure this is some blessing of some sort so tell tree thank you.
> Spend day digging up flowers and replanting them near base of tree arranging small river stones in semicircle around base of tree. All while dog is following me.
> Finish around 7ish cause sun is starting to set, get a little worried I might get lost but dog starts off at a trot and looks at me to follow.
> Brings me back to edge of forest line to Gparents cottage.
>Thank dog and tell him that I'll try to visit Tree when I'm at my grandparents house but I would need him to guide me.
> Gparents pissed i was gone for 5 hours in forest without coming to check in like i usually do.
>Apologize and tell them I will next time.
>Tell me for now on i can't be out of eyesight of the cottage unless someone with me.
>So not allowed into deep woods anymore by myself just cause they got scared once.
Unfortunately they moved a few months after so I never did go back to the same spot. Sometimes I would see the dog in the tree line look at me as if it wanted to follow but when I tried asking my grandparents if I could go in the forest they told me no because they don't want me getting lost since I think its ok to be gone for five hours. Alas I never went back to Treemother so my adventures never culminated past this so I'll never know if I could of been some forest guardian or some shit. We always think about the road untraveled and this is one road i wish i could of taken further.
that one's probably one of the most obviously larp greentexts ive ever seen lol
Lol fucking restless ghost hayed and that quest. Ah old school RS it was a simpler time. My pure was awesome pking in free world 40 attk 90 str 90 range 88 mage 1 def 52 pray fuck them for transferring that account to the new RS.
>Be alone at home.
>Noise from upstairs.
>Go check.
>See mouse.
>Mouse run away.
>Look in zoology book.
>Mouse was actually vole.
but who book
Book was phone!
I'm glad you guys believe me and are interested. Its nothing crazy but theres definitely been some weird things I've seen over my life that make me less skeptical of this type of shit than I would probably otherwise be. Anyway, like I've mentioned before my mom was very into the spiritual world, she's a firm believer in the afterlife but not necessarily any one particular afterlife. She's also a middle-aged woman so she loves the ghost hunting shows. I guess that inspired her to join up with a local group of ghost hunters and she only ever told me one story from an investigation but it was fairly interesting.

>local ghost hunters asking around for places to investigate
>talk to a local bar owner and they talk about weird shit in the bar at night >glasses falling over
>weird feelings when alone
>you the know drill
>ghost hunters show up and start hunting ghosts
>mom walks around alone
>finds basement door
>opens it to a dark dusty cellar
>obviously shes headed down there
>on the way door hears rustling
>flips on her recorder and asks if anyone is there
>brushes it off and goes back up
>ghost hunters find nothing as usual and leave
>mom is reviewing recordings, listening for EVPs
>listens to herself in the cellar asking if anyone is there
>she gets a chill as she clearly hears a child say "Mom? Are you down there?"

They got other things but that’s all I can remember her telling me that would merit typing up at least.

I'd like to write up one more story before I talk about the shit that I think is following me potentially. Its about the time my mom and her exgf took me and the gf's daughter to this old manor out in the woods about an hour away from my hometown. Bear with me and I'll type it up.
Don't know if its really X but I have a few personal stories from my childhood about a serial pedo stalker.

It started when I was 9. He, a sixty-something-year-old man who I shall call D, would drug me with sleep-aids and other shit when he babysat me so I don't remember much. D always made me kiss his mouth and sat in the room when I took a bath or shower to make sure I did it right. D moved away when I was about 10 and ended up fucking with another set of kids for a bit (found out later). All the really crazy shit, aside from gross pedo shit, starts up the summer after 8th grade.

I lived in a small suburb outside of the main town, and it was still fairly rural. There would be big stretches of woods in between neighborhoods. Some street barely had any lamps. One of my neighbors even had goats, but we all thought he was a bit weird even for our tastes. I rode the bus to school and had to walk all the way to the end of our neighborhood/street to the bus stop. Certain times of the year this meant walking before sunrise on a very dark street. Of course, there were parents who chaperoned the stop but getting there was a different story.

I noticed this new truck that would go down the street every morning and slow down when it got close to me. I didn't think much of it because the area was developing and people were moving into the new houses all the time. And why wouldn't someone slow down when they see a kid walking on the side of the road in the dark, so as not to hit them accidentally. I thought of stranger danger a few times but wasn't too worried, it was a straight shot from my house to the stop, and even if it's dark there are plenty of houses I could run to and the people at the bus stop are only about a quarter mile away. This kept up for a month or so then I stopped seeing the truck in the mornings.
Spring finally came and that meant actually wanting to go to play in the woods with my friends. We had this sick spot near a fallen tree we would bike to and hike the rest of the way. We would take discarded furniture and drag it in. We had a big tarp roped over it to keep it dry. It was heaven for us. I biked over one day after school, passing that truck as I turned off the road onto the break in the trees, leaving my bike in the bushes. Its a quick hike to the spot, but it had been drizzling before so everything was a bit muddy and slick. I'm almost there and I see this guy in a full jacket, hood up, and disgusting blonde hair hanging all in his face. He was pacing around the spot, on alert. I ducked down behind the tree before he saw me, unsure of what to do. He must be some hobo that found our spot and thought he scored some free new housing.

Then he just walks away from the spot, right towards the tree I'm hiding behind. I panic but stay still. Fearing the hobo shiv. He passes by me, taking the path back out of the woods. I bolt for the ravine to the left, lined with elephant ears, hoping to get away before he comes back with his crack head friends. But then remember my bike, unsecured, which he was going to walk right past. I sneak up the ravine, using the large leaves as cover and make my way out of the woods. Circling back to the entrance to get my bike, but it wasn't there. Fucking hobo's.
A couple of months later I found myself walking back from a friends house. Luckily there was this paved walking path through one section of woods that I could take and make the trip easier. So there I was, walkman in had, jamming to pirated burned songs. Taking a stroll through a woodland path on an early summer afternoon. The area is notorious for hobo's, so I keep an eye out for their little tent cities, so as not to disturb them. I make it through the first section of the path, walking past the yellow poles, crossing the street and going into the next. A beige pickup truck was parked off the side of the road, probably some dude fishing in the large pond near this part of the woods. I pass the yellow dividers and decide the change the track I was on, but fumble my walkman. Cursing, quickly bed down to grab it. Twisting slightly as it had rolled behind me.

And there he was.

The same hobo with the gross blonde hair, walking into the entrance. He stopped when he saw me staring, and I just stared back, expecting him to just head off into the woods.

He ran at me.

I bolted, screaming as I ran. The next exit was too far, and I knew I wouldn't make it. So I dashed off into the woods going straight for the closest neighborhood. Hoping I could cut through someone's yard and get attention by yelling. Unfortunately, that whole section was blocked off by a perimeter wall, so now I'm getting chased down a very narrow brush path with a concrete wall to my right and dense woods to the left. I keep running, hoping that I can hit the main road and flag a car before this guy gets to me, I can still hear him behind me. But up ahead, I see the break in the trees, I also hear some people in their yard.

And I scream like hell.

I keep running and make it to the road, whipping around to watch this guy come running after. But he doesn't come. Moments later some guys coming running down the street with bats, asking if I'm okay. I asked for a ride home.
The last incident was reported to the police. Hobo's were one thing, but no one likes murder hobo's. They said they would clear out the woods of any illegal camps and see if they could find this guy. They didn't, and there were no camps.


Now it's the height of summer, and I'm enjoying an afternoon at the local park. Plenty of people around the main areas. There was a couple enjoying the lake near the entrance/exit of the walking obstacle course path. I running it as I had been getting into cross country and running in general. The first lap was fine, the second lap I felt a little creeped out. I thought I heard someone running behind me, but when I looked I didn't see anything.

The third lap was different. I was about halfway through the course, walking on the balance beam and falling on my ass. And there his is, busting out of the woods like a wild hog, all gross blonde hair and camo jacket upgrade.

Obviously, I run.

He chases after me. But I had a decent head start because he was tripping over the thick brush.

I was close to the exit and I run to the two love birds, explaining that a man had tried to grab me.

Cops are called, nothing is found.
A small pink scooter buried deep in our back garden.

Shreds of clothing (we think) pop up in our other garden and in the yard after it rains.

The garage had a hook (not like a meat hook, but one of those rubber coated ones.) In an odd spot. Right over the center of the garage.

Found a secret compartment in the garage wall.

The guest bedroom had fuckin' pentagrams drawn in black crayon all over the back corner along with weird messages, the one I renember best was something like "Eat it all or sleep forever."

Our crawl space is pretty weird too, since there was an area built up like a secret little "lair" of some sort. It's all dirt floor except for a 6x6 area that has concrete and is raised up a few inches.
Near the end of the 8th-grade summer D suddenly comes back into my life. He finds me at the local shopping center and tells me he came back into town, but not to tell anyone as he wants to surprise them. He asks if I can come over and help him with chores around his new place, as he was trying to set it up. He offers to pay me and let me spend the night, just we used to. I agree (I didn't remember or understand much of what he did when I was younger), looking forward to free food and some spending money.

I tell my mom I spending the night at my best friends house, he wanted to surprise everyone after all, and off I went.

I raked his yard and was surprised thats all he wanted me to do. We got some cheap dinner and came back to watch some movies before bed. He offered me some jack and coke, but I told him I don't like the taste. He then just offers me a soda, and I tell him I'm trying not to drink it. He seems upset but drops it.

After the first movie he disappears into the bathroom and comes out in only his boxers. He tells me I should go put my pajamas on too. I say I'll wait till I actually go to bed. Halfway into the second movie he comes over and sits beside me, grabbing me and forcing me to run so that he was behind me, then start massaging my shoulders. He asks if I can do it to him after he's done with me.

I get a weird feeling and tell him I'm tired and want to go to bed. I get up, leaving him on the couch, and head to the spare room.

It has no door, it was removed from the hinges. But it had a bed and nightstand, that was good enough. I put my phone down on the nightstand, and getting curious I opened it up to see what was in it.

It was a tape recorder, with a tape inside. I played it. A young boy and girl were talking to each other, sexually. Grossed out I put it back. I got on the bed, but not under the covers and laid there, letting what I just heard sink in.
D came and stood int he doorway, staring at me. I said goodnight and he said nothing back. I told him I can't sleep with the lights on and he just flipped them off, still staring at me. He then moved over to the bed, leaning over the side, over me.

"You know how much I love you, right anon? You know no one loves you as much as I do, right?"

He climbs on top of me, pinning my legs with his and holding my arms down by the wrists. He starts by kissing my cheeks and I move my face around to avoid it. Then he starts licking me, anywhere he could get. his spit was all over my face and nack. He starts dry humping my legs, and shifts his position to get a better angle. One of mine is freed and I kick the shit out of him, shocking him long enough to jump out of bed, grab my phone, and barrel out of his trailer door. Tearing through the secondary screen door and out into the night.

I run out of his trailer park and onto a long stretch of well-lit wood road, and I hear his truck coming up behind me. I bolt into the woods, barefoot, and run the direction that I know a gas station is. I hear his truck get so close at some points, and my phone goes off a couple of times, vibrating in my hand. Luckily on silent. But I don't answer so he won't see the light of the screen. I make it to the gas station, busting out of the woods by the back dumpster and running inside. My mom isn't answering so I call a friend to get their mom to bring me home.

The next few hours are a blur of police and people. One asks me if he can see my phone and if D had tried to contact me at all after the incident. And there was a voicemail. It was D.

"Why did you run. You know I can find you. It won't be difficult. I'll see you later."
Turns out that after a family found out he had been molesting their two young children, a brother and sister, in Arizona he fled to my state and got set up in a no credit check cash only seedy little trailer park. Only a few blocks away from my place, not a coincidence. He got the address from my mother when he asked to send me gifts. He had hoped to hid here long enough to grab me, then have us both disappear. But when the whole grabbing thing didn't work, he tried the old family friend approach. Which almost worked. He fled again afterward but was soon caught. Both mine and the other families contacted everyone he knew with kids, and he actually tried to meet up with another family on the DL. Wanting to take there two kids out for a day at the theme park. For old time sake. They said sure, but the police were waiting for him when he got there.

Well, now his butthole works as a lifetime public repository in prison so jokes on him.
Wow, that paints a dark picture in the ol noggin
You had a dream, fag.
Anyone have that pasta of the dude who sees a baby-like creature crawling around out in the hallway and it eventually crawls up onto his girlfriend?
I really need that one "Mommy Yummy Mommy" greentext.
No you don’t asshole
Please anon, I need to be unsettled.
Yeah. I can eventually post pics. I'm not able to show the garage yet. But the scooter is ling gone and we painted over the creepy messages.
Weird stuff related to why I can't take pics in the garage:

>light went out.
>changed bulbs, nothing
>fucked with the wiring for weeks,nothing
>shut off the power
>got in the attic
>ripped the wires up and replaced as much ad I could
>be me, 16 at the time
>hanging out with cousins at my house in southwest Michigan
>cool summer night
>nothing to do so we decide to mess with my aunt
>go to my aunt's house, a mile away
>she's a cool wine aunt who lives alone in a former one-room schoolhouse in front of an old cemetery
>always used to tell us spooky stories (stuff turning on, doors opening, children's laughter)
>anyway, meet up behind her house at midnight or so and begin scraping her siding to make eerie noises, bang crap around, etc.
>place some old lawn decorations on her steps to freak her out when she opens the door
>one is a little rubber bat from last halloween
>long story short, she comes out with her pet chihuahua and a taser and we let her know it's us before she calls 911 or tases anyone
>go inside for a bit to talk because she's not too angry
>clock hits 1:00 so we decide it's probably time to head home
>open the front door and everything is different from how we left it
>lawn decorations are now thrown throughout the yard and the little rubber bat is hanging from a cane post (or whatever you call it)
>get my aunt and everyone else outside to see it
>ask if anyone did this, they all say no
>I don't believe them, someone had to
>freaked out so we decide to go back inside after a few minutes
>now all of her furniture is rearranged
>everything is moved a little, noticeably different
>she blames us and is angry that we keep messing with her but we were all outside the whole time
Still don't know exactly what happened. Scared the crap out of me though.
>be me, 16 at the time
>hanging out with cousins at my house in southwest Michigan
>cool summer night
>nothing to do so we decide to mess with my aunt
>go to my aunt's house, a mile away
>she's a cool wine aunt who lives alone in a former one-room schoolhouse in front of an old cemetery
>always used to tell us spooky stories (stuff turning on, doors opening, children's laughter)
>anyway, meet up behind her house at midnight or so and begin scraping her siding to make eerie noises, bang crap around, etc.
>place some old lawn decorations on her steps to freak her out when she opens the door
>one is a little rubber bat from last halloween
>long story short, she comes out with her pet chihuahua and a taser and we let her know it's us before she calls 911 or tases anyone
>go inside for a bit to talk because she's not too angry
>clock hits 1:00 so we decide it's probably time to head home
>open the front door and everything is different from how we left it
>lawn decorations are now thrown throughout the yard and the little rubber bat is hanging from a cane post (or whatever you call it)
>get my aunt and everyone else outside to see it
>ask if anyone did this, they all say no
>I don't believe them, someone had to
>freaked out so we decide to go back inside after a few minutes
>now all of her furniture is rearranged
>everything is moved a little, noticeably different
>she blames us and is angry that we keep messing with her but we were all outside the whole time
Still don't know exactly what happened. Scared the crap out of me though.
Sorry, phoneposting with almost no data service
>be me age 7, mom left dad for an aging bassist in a shit tier hair band, she
ends up ODing on heroin a few years later
>whatever, fuck her
>only child, dad raises me the best he can
>have no other family except an uncle that my dad refuses to talk to, and one grandpa in a nursing home.
>be 14, grandpa dies, dad and uncle both inherit about 2 mill each, grandpa had a textile company that he sold if you are wondering how he got rich
>saw uncle around that time because him and dad had to get all the shit in order with the grandpa situation
>he's glad to see me, we talk and catch up a bit
>dad still hates his guts, but he never says why, he just mumbles under his breath as he changes the subject or pretends he needs to go do something around the house
>i don't really ask about it anymore, but i did hear that my uncle did good with his money and started buying up land
>fast forward to HS, we find out dad has cancer in his throat, try to be optimist but it doesn't look good
>use up a lot of the money on treatment, i postpone going to college to stay with him so he isnt alone
>ends up dying when i'm 21, i have a little under 10 grand and the house after all is said and done
>work shitty jobs here and there, get girlfriend, she cheats on me after 2 years
>she lives with me so i cant kick her out right away, say fuck it, take an extended amount of time off from job and drive off to get away from the situation
>have no one in my life that is close to me now, feel hopeless and depressed
>drive aimlessly around the country, hit some famous places along the way, grand canyon etc.
>see a bunch of tourists with their happy families, get super lonely
>decide to try and find my uncle
Mine was a 95, no transponder key like the new ones. What freaked me out was that the actual switch was turned all the way to START when it’s spring loaded to go back to rrun
>takes a lot of searching but eventually i get a number of a guy that keeps an answering machine for my uncle
>apparently uncle lives off grid in a cabin by himself and doesn't keep a phone or anything there
>anyway, don't want to hang around and wait for a call back, drive to where he lives.
>get to the guys place who keeps uncles answering machine, old retired guy, pretty friendly
>he tells me there isnt a road to my uncles cabin, there is only a trail through the woods
>it's like 10 miles so the guy lends me an old mountain bike and tells me i can leave my car at his place
>i get my bag with all my essentials and thank him before i head out
>start wondering how uncle will react to me dropping in on him after so long, kinda nervous
>pass a few ponds and small lakes, i can't believe uncle owns all this land
>get to cabin, uncle is outside and staring at me like a psycho, he seems kinda paranoid
>i yell to him and tell him it's me, he lightens up quite a bit, seems happy to see me
>get the "you've grown so much, didnt recognize you"
>get inside and we start catching up, he makes some food
>i tell him my situation, he says i can stay with him for a while, feels good
>next day we just hang out, i see he has A TON of journals that he as been writing in everyday since he was 10
>my dad had some too, but he quite after a couple years
>uncle said i can read them if i dont mind seeing some mildly questionable shit, i guess he was pretty honest when he wrote
>spend a lot of time reading those journals, learning more about my dads family
>eventually i want to get some stuff that my uncle didnt have at his cabin, mainly beer
>in the morning go back to the car and head to nearest place for some supplies, shitty gas station
>get back and ready to hit the trail again, old man comes out and i talk to him a bit more
>he asks about family history, tell him dad and uncle didnt get along
>he tells me that it might have to do with the lake disappearance
If the spring wore out AND it had electrical problems, I can see it 'driving' on its own. Jeeps are notorious for those types of issues.
>what disappearance?
>apparently a long time ago this area was a popular camping and canoeing spot
>people would pay like a regular camp ground and carry their canoes in there
>uncle used to live in a different spot, and he would come here every year when he was younger
>old guy tells me that one year a dude disappeared there, his tent was all torn up and there was blood everywhere
>only other person on record that was there at the time was my uncle
>there was an investigation and everything, my uncle got cleared eventually, and the dude was never found
>i asked the dude what he thinks happened, and he says he has no idea, and that i should ask uncle what happened
>this was really unnerving at the time, i figured this is why my dad broke off contact with my uncle
>head back to uncles with the beer and other goodies, not gonna lie, that information changed my image of my uncle
>decide not to bring it up right away, but i really want to know what his story is
>we drink beer and just hang out outside, i ask him if i can take out the canoe the next day, he says sure, but i can only go in specific spots
>dont bother asking why, he starts to make something for us to eat
>i sit and read more journals
>decide to try and find the journal for the year that the disappearance happened
>start going through it when i get to a spot that had like 5 pages ripped out, and the way it looked seemed like my uncle had done it recently
>all the other journals that i looked through had all their pages, so i was pretty sure he did this at some point after i took an interest in the journals
>i decide not to bring it up, we eat and hang out some more and go to sleep
Hmm, interesting. Although, It didn’t really have electrical problems, it was pretty reliable until the PCM died in 2017 and I got rid of it. No other weird shit happened besides that. Still miss how dependable that thing was, it would start even if you didn’t ask it to.
>the next day i want to head out in the canoe and paddle around a bit, he gives me some pointers and tells me to stay only on this one lake
>ok sure
>i paddle around for a while hugging the shore mostly, kinda scared to go into deeper water
>eventually lose sight of cabin, it's a nice day, lots of wildlife
>i see an odd looking area offshore, there are a bunch of chopped down trees and it's really overgrown, but it looked like something used to be there
>i decide to check it out and find out that it's an old overgrown trail
>also it looks like someone tried to cover it up with logs and debris to hide it
>too curious to leave it alone, get out and walk through the thick vegetation
>follow what is left of the trail for about a quarter mile
>come out to a different lake
>it is dead quite, no wind, no animal sounds, no bugs
>get a super weird feeling like someone is watching me
>start walking out on the rocky shore
>realize it's way too quite here, even the water seemed to be too still
>decide to go back to the canoe and head back to the cabin
>uncle is out and waves to me, asks me how it was
>tell him it was fun
>ask him about the other lake
>his face goes blank as he looks off in that direction
>says he told me not to go to any other lakes
>i tell him i just walked there, i didn't take the canoe over
>he tells me to never go there again, or i would have to leave
>he tells me he doesn't want me going in the canoe again, he seems pissed
>ok whatever
>he disappears for a while, i decide to get more beer
>get back to cabin and uncle still isnt there
>i decide to hold off on the beer and make something to eat
>uncle gets back and he is pretty quite, things are kinda tense
>i just end up sitting around till bed time
>next day uncle is in a better mood, apologizes for being a dick
>we start drinking beer, he goes through most of them and loosens up a lot
>i guess he really needed to take the edge off
>i ask him why dad and him never got along
>he just kinda brushes it off
>i ask him if it is to do with the incident on the lake
>he gets quiet for a moment and asks me what i know about it
>i tell him what the old guy told me
>he gets quiet for a really long time and just stares off in the direction of the lake with the overgrown trail
>maybe it was because he was drunk, or maybe it was because he was tired of keeping it to himself, but he told me where he hid the missing journal pages
>he told me to make of it what i wanted, but that what he wrote was the truth
>he got up and went for a walk
>i went to the spot in the cabin where he hid the pages and started reading them
>first page is from the day before his trip out, it didn't really have anything too interesting on it
>mostly a list of all that he took on his camping trip, and what he ate and the weather, which he documented every day
>the next 2 pages were from the same day, they were about him arriving at the park hoping he was the first person there that season so that he could camp wherever he wanted
>he found out that there was already another guy out on the lakes who went in the night before
>i guess back when the land was a campground it was a lot easier to access a lot of areas, so it didnt take long to get to the lakes with his canoe
>he had a specific lake that he liked to stay at and he was hoping to have it all to himself, or at least his favorite spot, which was a small island in the lake
>when he got onto that lake he saw smoke on the island, and a red tent, so he was disappointed that his spot was taken
>eventually he settled onto a small peninsula that had some trees on it
>the only other noteworthy thing from that day was that he never saw the guy walking around on the island, and eventually the smoke stopped
>the last thing on that page was that uncle planned on moving to a different lake the next day because he wanted to be completely alone
>the next day he noticed that the guy hadn't lit a fire, and he still hadn't seen him walking around on the island and his canoe was still there
>there was a storm rolling in that day and my uncle decided to stay at that spot for another night
>he also wrote that during the night on his first day, he got up to take a piss
>the moon wasn't quite full, but it gave off a lot of light
>he saw what looked like a log standing strait up out in the middle of the lake
>the last page had two days on it, one on the front, on the back
>the weather was horrible the next day, windy and cloudy, he decided to try and head out anyway, but ended up flipping his canoe and had to get back to shore
>he made a fire and dried out all his gear and clothes the best he could. he set up his tent again and was in for another night
>he also wrote that he still had not seen any movement or a fire on the island, and that the night before he once again saw the upright log on the lake
>but this time it had been closer, about half of the way between the first place he saw it and his campsite
>he also noted that it was not visible during the day
>from what i had read up to that point i didn't understand what was so bad about this that he would try and hide it from me
>that all changed when i read the last entry
>the last night that he was there the moonlight woke him up, he also had to take a piss
>he got out of the tent in the cool night air to complete silence, the only sound was the faintest lapping of the water on the shore
>as he was relieving himself he noticed how calm and glassy the lake was, and then he saw it
>the thing that he thought was a log stood at the very end of the peninsula
>now that it was on land he could tell that it was alive, a pitch black figure almost 7 feet tall, wearing what looked like wet robes
>he crawled back into his tent, his heart racing, and pretended like it wasn't there
>then he heard the voice of a child in distress, "can you help me? i'm lost", followed by a low giggling and random whispers around the tent
>"shhh don't wake him" then more giggling
>this went on for what seemed like an eternity, the sounds of footsteps all around the tent, giggling and shushing
>just before dawn he heard what he presumed to be the figure wading back out into the water
Stupid statement from me, but I would of tried to been friendly. Not "Hey how are ya", but maybe tried to call for it afterwards, and maybe left something nearby for it?. I'd love to talk to something different and learn their viewpoints, and things they have seen.
>as soon as it was light out he was already packing his things and heading back the way he came in, but first he paddled up to the island, to see if there was anyone there
>all he saw were the remains of the first fire, the tent torn apart on one side, blood everywhere, and strange symbols drawn on a big boulder
>he reported the missing man, but he never told anyone about what he saw that night
>after i was done reading i just sat there until my uncle got back from his walk
>"it's still out there" he said as he looked towards the lake
>he said that he bought up the area over the years, and tries his best to keep people off of that lake
>he says it's cursed
>that didn't stop me from going back once more to see it, but that's a story for a different time
Heard there's alot of "Creatures" "Cryptids"? that come out during the snow-snowstorms, guess they know us humans dont really like it that much, and tend to stay inside.
The not eating for a week made me remember the time I got sick when my grandmother was in the hospital. My mom and I were there, and I got the flu or something worse, and had to come home. I came home and fell asleep and a Week went by and I remember nothing, and didnt eat. No idea how the hell I lived. My mother said I talked to her, and my dad came and checked on me, and I was normal. But I dont remember any of that, but being in my bed asleep.
Interesting. Some kind of weak mind-control?
File: 174957633.jpg (103 KB, 800x600)
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103 KB JPG
Greentexts are great.
I've had chills. Dread. Uneasiness.
But nothing that could ever match the most fear I've ever experienced.
That came with the resignation of my life. The complete and utter willingness to give my life in protection of my family. There was peace in that surrender. An autonomy that scared me far more than any ghost story.

Basically some time ago I was confronted with a situation of either me, my wife and two young daughters or the other guy. Unfortunately he mental issues and there was no reasoning with him.
You know when you get that gooseflesh sensation that washes over your body, one that tickles along your entire spine? It might be in experience of a location whilst camping, or maybe drums during a march procession, an experience in a crowd of people; chanting at a sports event. Anything.
Well, this overcame me. Pushed me to what I would describe as Hyper-awareness. I wasn't myself, I was primal.
Now, I am not a large man, I am under 6ft and only 170lbs. But I somehow mustered a strength as if my ancestors had embodied me. Time slowed down. And my wife tells me that I was disturbingly quiet, the only noises made were exhalations. The air exiting my body as I delivered the most force I have ever dealt out in my life. I had had no training. I was not a violent man. I broke my hands as I broke his body. Bruised the fascia of both of my feet, strained the tops of them. My muscles ached for days afterward. But I felt no pain in the moment nor for a shortwhile afterwards. The throat hurt the worst. Because after I did what was necessary, I made the loudest noise I ever had in my life to date, and probably ever will again in my life. I roared so loud that I strained my vocal chords and diaphragm.

I still relive this moment in my nightmares. How I had 100% made peace with my death. To the point where I had accepted it as a momentary inevitability... but, if I was going down, I was taking this guy with me.
Not sure if sleep paralysis or something similar ect remember going to bed one night then being awake? But awake with eyes closed I guess you could say and felt like something small jumping on top of both my hands sounded like they were making little weird noises I remember getting scared af and broke free or woke up whatever and was punching at ceiling lol anyone have any ideas what it was?? It's the only thing that's ever happened to me spooky wise sleep related
Being a dad does weird shit to you
I don't know if it's completly /x/ related but Im very nervous about a guy that is possibly stalking my GF and myself because we inadvertly meddled with his plans but I don't know how to rationalize the shit he pulls off
Do you guys want to hear about it, it's really weird but not about aliens, skinwalkers or shit like that, just pure I don't fucking know what's happening tier
Just type it damnit
you and your gf are going to be sodomized by a wizard
Reminds me of my own grandpa. I miss him as well, anon.
>be me
>be a swiss-fag
>in my early 20's, a fit and young man looking constantly for sexual partner
>i meet this japanese girl in a hotel during a holiday in italy, invite her over for a weekend in a old cabin of mine in the alps, my grandpa and a friend of him built it 60 years ago
>the house is small, isolated and not very comfortable
>no hot water, no heating
>it was august so the cold wasn't a big problem
>we spend the day visiting my village, than for the evening we get to the cabin
>we eat a lot, we chat and we drink some red wine

They clearly were feeding you and keeping you hydrated. This anon says the kid had absolutely zero food, water or sleep for over 5 days. Plus you are an adult so you could go longer then a newborn.
based stones
David is watching you right now, be careful. David is watching you right now, be careful. David is watching you right now, be careful. David is w
Does anyone have the story of this one anon who was doing a solo hiking trip for a couple days, keeps hearing weird noises and eventually walks through some weird wavy air, freaks out and gets lost, and ends up skipping through time a couple days or something?
this has to be a reference to something
Bump for later
My mom crossed the border when she was around 6/7 years old. She and my gram plus some others were being escorted through the desert by a coyote (smuggler).
>be mom
>in the desert
>it's starting to get dark
>finally cooling down
>coyote leads the group into a sort of shallow cave
>some old bottles and trash strewn around from past groups
>instructed to rest because they will start early tomorrow
>lay down next to gram
>sudden wailing in the distance
>like a woman crying
>tense up
>gram whispers to her
>"keep quiet, go to sleep"
>"or she will come for you"
>gram thinks it's funny af and laughs to herself a little
>wailing continues through out the night
>along with some incomprehensible words and treading noises
>eventually fall asleep
My gram passed about 3 years ago and still thought it was pretty funny. She never told mom what it was.
Where in KY was this exactly
David can get fucked
Does anyone have the greentext about the person who goes outside and sees this strange bird thing walking around their house?

That one really bothered me

They have a drawing that looks like the imperial spy in pic related
i have one i never figured out
>be me, 5 years old
>mom was giving birth to my sister
>me and older brother stayed home most of the day
>eventually my dad comes to pick us up and see our sister, everything went well
>mom stays in the hospital that night
>when we get back home the door was open
>most furniture is moved but no money is missing
>check the room that i shared with my brother
>all our clothes were folded on the beds
>i remember this shocking me the most since me and my brother didnt keep most of our clothes folded
File: Creepypasta Birdman.jpg (96 KB, 1195x850)
96 KB
Jesus Christ thats fucking horrifying
The Extraordinary Tale of The McDruid™
File: Leap_Castle_Exterior.jpg (238 KB, 1110x739)
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238 KB JPG
Sure, I've something. Not really paranormal, though.
Not pre-written so bare with me.

Don't need much background, I used to travel Ireland with friends to try and find all the "round towers" which are basically these weird Irish structures that nobody's sure about.

We got a bit lost and wound up staying at a B&B which was near an old castle. As Ireland's famously "most haunted" castle we thought we'd have a look. Before heading on the next day.

>Leave the B&B, there's 3 of us in the car
>We have a camera but don't bring it because it's winter and gets dark in no time, and we don't want to waste time taking shitty photos in dark rooms
>The drive to the castle takes just a few minutes, it's just up the road
>Passed some sort of industrial yard just before it
>It was closed and locked for the night but this is deep rural Ireland where "no trespassing" only really applies if some old fuck with a gun is around
>Hopped the gate and decided to go have a peek
>It's already getting dark but we aren't afraid because the "haunted" castle was rapidly becoming a touristy thin
>The ghosts are very vauge and generic
>One of my friends was a historyfag and wanted to see it regardless
>The main doors into the castle were locked but there are a lot of dilapidated walls and windows so we decided to check out the "chapel" building first since it was fairly open
>Historyfriend bitches because our other friend broke some wooden gate thing to get through a thicket, but whatever
>Looking around, it's pretty neat
>Some sort of slaughter happened in this chapel and the Ghosts(tm) apparantly still wander it
>It's dark outside now, using phone torches to see
>Trying to figure out where the furniture would be
>Suddenly hear very rapid footsteps outside
>PANIC, but not too much. Probably wasn't footsteps after all
>We were all quite tightly wound but decided to stay quiet
>For some reason we assumed it was the Garda
>3 of us standing quietly in the very dark room of the chapel
Thank you. Its even creepier than I remember but i haven’t seen this in years.

Also; i noticed that its not a really a bird. You can see it has teeth
File: 00072643033.png (3.33 MB, 3559x9666)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB PNG
<- scary to realize this is possible and how it may end
File: 1515194070772.jpg (2.17 MB, 4912x3264)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
here we go lads:

>2015, senior year of high school
>nerves shot for reasons including but not limited to: parents moving their business to another town, dad going through bad stress-induced psychosis because of it, being friends with fuckhead idiots who got me into the habit of shoplifting, being friends with a cunt who had serious issues, dating a clingy freak that had serious issues (i had great character judgement), and good old-fashioned senior year stress
>never really wanted to go home because home life was wrecked and dad wasn't himself anymore, to put it lightly
>mom and i had to take turns basically babysitting this adult man who suddenly turned into a lost little four year-old, and we hated it because 1) we were constantly scared for his safety and 2) we didn't want to deal with this stranger who happened to look like him
>whenever it'd be "my turn" while mom was at work i'd hear shit like pill bottles being shaken and dad talking to himself coming from the bedroom, even if he was asleep with the tv off
>could feel an overwhelming, unhappy presence in my room whenever i'd enter it, like i was intruding in someone else's space and they just were barely tolerating me
>one night i'm falling asleep when i hear a kind of scratching or crunching noise underneath my pillow
>check for anything like wrappers underneath, try replicating it by scratching pillow with own fingernails, can't find a source and the sound doesn't match, ohwell.jpeg, i'll worry about it tomorrow
>a few moments later i hear something whisper directly above my ear and my stomach instantly drops through my ass at mach 10 speeds
>four years later and i still can't feel comfortable going to sleep without a blanket covering my head

anon please gib source for that picture

You're lucky as hell you've got someone from the other side looking after you. That spirit sounds like a real cool guy
Had something happen to me as a kid and I dont know what to think of it.
Like im 100% sure it happened and I doubt i was imaginaning it since I wasnt tired or anything.

>be like 4 or 5
>over at some friends with my parents
>they got a kid my age and we are playing in his room
>mine and his parents are in the living room
>the building was some sort of bigger apartment-complex
>we are on like the fifth floor
>one of the toys he had was pic related
>at one point he leaves the room and when I stop playing for a second to look out of the window I see pic related flying outside infront of the window and fly off after a moment
>in absolute shck even forget the breath
>snap out of it and run into the living room
>hide in my mothers lap and just cry

Havent had anything paranormal happen to me since then.
I know the building wasnt old or anything so I doubt the place was haunted and im not even sure if I can believe what I saw.
Memories from that time of my life are somewhat foggy but this event I remember clearly because I sometimes thought back and wondered what the fuck was going on.
Another time when I was at that friends place with my dad I got some sort of rash on hand which hurt like a bitch, no matter what me and my dad did, it didnt help but disappeared after some time.
Im not allergic to anything and why this isnt necessarily paranormal its weird that that happens at my friends place aswell.
I moved away since then and from what I heard my friend itself is in prison (got there when he was like 18)
The parents got divorced and the father got a stroke and was found wandering around in a forest before the police found him and put him in some home sick/damaged people.
So everyone that lived there didnt end up that well which....
File: weirdtrolls.jpg (37 KB, 466x466)
37 KB
forgot pic
the fuck even are tulpas?
It seems like a technique to make yourself a schizo.
Why would anybody want that?
>the fuck even are tulpas?
an independent ego inside your mind
but it can easily be some form of possession or other demonic activity
and as >>22543661 shows it can be very dangerous to let it in
>be me
>trying to sleep
>bed next to window (curtain over window)
>here this sound, like a "wa" that lasts around half a second
>inb4 waluigi
>repeats itself inconistenly
>sit up in bed
>lay down again
>starts again
>sit up
>never heard it since
the day before I was told by someone that I had really bad nightmares and i screamed shit at night. i don't remember anything like that though. Nothing's happened since and my room isn't haunted. I had to move rooms in the house though because some shit went on in another room. Not exactly paranormal but that's the best I have apart from someone i know possibly being a demon.
trevorhenderson on instagram
Intriguing story. Obviously a bit reminiscent of La Llorona, although that doesn't explain your grandmother's reaction.
Keque makes great greentexts videos, everything sound great and he's generally a nice guy and creator. I suppose you would enjoy his content.
Nice story. I hope you tell us about the time you went back.
Why the FUCK would anybody do something like that?
Thanks for the thread OP the slug gang appreciates you
we live in a slugciety
What's the movie/series/hq/etc you referenced?
Very nice. Super comfy read. Whereabouts was this?
Please continue, I’m very interested in what happened next
Here's a good greentext from October of last year.

All right, one greentext coming up.
>Be me
>College student home on break in Maryland
>Have a couple of friends back home who're also into urbex
>One of 'em tells me about Patapsco State Park
>Apparently there's some cool abandoned churches there, plus other interesting stuff
>Make plans to go there
>Plans fall through, friend has to do something else that day
>Fuck it, I'm not gonna be back home long enough for us to make another plan
>I'll just go myself
>It's a bit later in the day than I'd planned on account of waiting for the friend
>Get there at about 4:00 PM, it's mid-November so the sun's already kind of getting low-ish
>Park the car and start hiking
>First church is easy enough to find, a big white Protestant structure right off the parking area
>Spend a bit of time fucking around in there, climb a bit into the steeple
>Go down the trail and find more shit that my friend said was there
>Check out an old water cistern
>Check out an old car in a ditch
>Check out another old car in a ditch
>Yo wait, there's even more up this way
>Look up and see the other church
>This one makes a much nicer ruin, 100% stone, Catholic construction
>Name is St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church, pics are related
>About 6:00 by now, valley's not in direct sun anymore but light's still pretty good
>Go up to the church, find one guy there with his gf smoking weed
>Give them a bit of light-hearted shit about it while I check out the church
>I'm an architecturefag, sue me
>Eventually guy and gf leave to go home or something
>Notice a few stone blocks lying off in the woods a bit, go to check those out thinking they're from the walls or something
>Realize they have writing on them
>It's a cemetery
>Start trying to read the graves
>Hear a voice from off in the woods
>"Hey, man, what'd you find there?"
>Think it's weed guy again
>"Abandoned cemetery. Pretty cool, righ-"
>Look up, it's not weed guy
>Some guy in black sweatpants, black hoodie, black baseball cap, and sunglasses even though it's getting dark is standing there
>"-t?" I looked at him kind of raising an eyebrow
>"Yeah, man, can I come see?"
>"I mean... it's not like I'm stopping you or anything."
>The guy laughs a bit, kind of strange. Can't describe it too well, seemed a bit deep and to go on too long
>"Yeah, but seriously. It's kind of hard to get in here. Can you help me a bit?"
>The area by the cemetery is kind of thorny, I'll give him that
>"Yeah, I-"
>Get up, look over to him
>There's no thorns barring him from getting in
>He could literally just walk over to where I am
>Step back a bit and keep staring at him, trying to figure out if I'm gonna get knifed out here by a psycho
>My friend's the one who always carries when we're urbexing, I'm never in MD long enough to make it worth getting the concealed carry permit
>Guy thinks the hesitation is funny, starts laughing again
>"What's the matter, man? Are you scared or something?"
>He thinks this is even funnier
>"Come on, I'm not trying to hurt ya. Just say I can come in and we're good."
>He's been kind of shuffling his feet along a sort of invisible line this whole time
>Follow the line with my eyes, it matches with the line between a few of the cemetery's corner fence posts that're still intact
>Realize I may be in over my head here
>Still, he can't enter
>He grins and takes off his sunglasses
>"I said I'm not gonna hurt ya. I just want to get in there. Just say I can come in."
>It's dark enough by now that I figure it's a good time to turn on my cell phone flashlight
>Plus now that his face is unobstructed I want to get a better view of it
>His eyes are dark
>Like, 100% black
>In the strong light of the flashlight, I can see through him to the woods beyond
>"Are you a ghost?"
>"Kind of."
>Don't like the sound of that
>Take a seat on the ground
>Figure as long as he can't get in, I'm safe right here
>Guy no longer looks like he's thinking this is quite so funny
>"So you're not gonna let me in, I take it."
>"Probably not."
>He crosses his arms and takes a step back from the cemetery border
>Kind of shrugs
>"Ah well. It's not like you're the only one."
>Fades away right in front of my eyes as a strong wind picks up
>Tree branch cracks and falls maybe 20 feet away from the cemetery border
>Not gonna fuck with that
>Turn off phone light to save battery
>Stay inside that cemetery for another two hours
>Finally head out at about 10:30, I haven't heard anything in a while and my battery's getting low
>Be on Defcon 1 all the way out of there just in case I run into him again
>Never do
>Parents were kind of pissed that I was out that late, but w/e

It was honestly a really strange encounter. I was pretty scared when I saw his eyes, but I think I managed to do the right thing to get out of the situation. Looking back on it, I believe him that he was more interested in the cemetery than he was in me, but at the moment I was thinking more that the cemetery was my only safe place at the moment and that there was no telling what he could do if I let him in there.
I also definitely believe that he basically allowed me to go, and that if he'd really wanted to he could've waited around and really fucked my shit up when I finally left. It seems like that church probably gets at least a few people a week based on weed guy, so his interest in me was mostly as a tool to let him break through the protection of the cemetery. One tool can usually substitute for another, so I basically was just one failed attempt in a series until he hit a success.
I kind of wish it was a cooler encounter, but not everyone hits the supernatural pay dirt. It was definitely scary as it was happening.
As an aside, I just remembered that that's not the only encounter with a demon I think I've had - I swear there's one trapped in a music box at the back of my dresser, but that's another story.
I'm pretty sure somebody lives in leap castle
You should go back, anon. Find a way. I really like your story.
BAsed grandpa. Mines the same. I think he would be very proud if I fucked a nig up.
Thread is almost dead but I’m looking for a particular greentext about dome guy visiting relatives in Tennessee and encountering a skinwalker (I think) that mimics one of his cousins and tries to get on to their property.

I don’t really remember the story well but the cousin ends up being found alive and well the next morning
Does anyone have screenshots from the thread with the anon who lived directly across from a creepy old church?

His apartment shared an alley/driveway with it, and he ended up seeing spooky shit in the windows at night
oh god please tell us about the second time
>go to cabin for a few weeks
>been up here 5 months now
Bad writing.
I don't mind short and stupid.

Former PA-bro here. I miss it, enjoy it while you're there.
File: 1534303009607.png (560 KB, 1920x3126)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
Can anyone cap this?
File: Creepypasta In the Dark.jpg (410 KB, 828x1136)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
I'm loving all the stories from PA>>22548970
>a tall figure in a big white flowing dress, almost like a wedding dress.

Very similar to what I saw when I was younger

>staying over at other family's house
>everyone goes to bed
>can't sleep
>get up to grab midnight snack
>sneak around to not wake up anyone
>get to hallway
>down the hall I see 'it'
>nope the fuck out and go back to bed

Never asked if anyone else ever saw it, just been my secret ever since.
File: Uncle's Barn.png (175 KB, 1235x1937)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Gotta love fresh OC, thanks to everyone who's sharing.

>>22506635 (based grandpa is based)
>>22508483 -> wholesome as fuck.
post it!
Probably a demon anon
Sorry anon but this sounds like an ad for the haunted house attraction.
>old school
>fresh shit

Pick one you mongoloid
bump pls respond
Where is pic related from the first part?
Great story btw. Love black eyed people stories
Yeah dude Im wanting this too. Never read it and it sounds awesome
The post number is 21603723 if you'd like to look it up on the archives. Glad you enjoyed the story; I was in that thread when it was posted and it quickly became one of my favourite /x/ greentexts.
I seem to remember it too, anon. Unfortunately I can't find it. I know this one is similar though, sorry it's probably not it.
I did
Holy tits, I've read that one before but never saved it thanks a ton anon.
>be me, 2014
>serving in the Canadian army, helping to train cadets at a summer camp
>camp used to be an air force base, supposedly haunted as fuck
>rumor has it back in the day a group of pilots died in a training exercise, never thought much of it since it was just a rumor
>coming back to barracks one night after a night in town

>me and friend reach third floor of barracks, see a figure of a pilot running down the halls and passed us
>as soon as figure passes us it vanishes into thin air
>him and I are floored that we both just saw a ghost

We didn't think much of it at the time and mostly kept it to ourselves until about a day later during chow. After that news kinda spread and other servicemen and cadets started reporting their encounters with other ghosts. Got to the point where base commander issued a standing order to keep quiet about anything paranormal being witnessed. I chalk up about 20 percent of the sightings to mass hysteria though.
And no, I never confirmed if there really was a training accident. For all I know it's just some poor bastard that walked into a propeller, or just some random spirit. Believed ghosts after that though.
Gram knew what it was and wasn't at all concerned, just never shared with mom.

File: 1432524217146.png (442 KB, 1176x2496)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
no problemo broski. I've got a whole folder of these things and try to post random (or at least the oldest ones) when I can.
File: goatman.jpg (2.48 MB, 3560x2280)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG
Did you post it? I don't see it.

File: Fuckhuge_badger_hunts_k.png (299 KB, 1000x1472)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
Awesome. Thanks
mind sharing a link?
They was fuckin'.

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