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Why is it so that all the pretentious "enlightened gurus" and most of the old sickly occultists fiercely advocate for muh ego death?
What is there so enlightening from replacing your self interest with the interest of the herd or the "greater good"
Isn't that essentially a way of manipulation to make you feel guilty or curb your will to power just so you accept their subjective agenda of "spiritually advancing humanity" or whatever as absolute truth and the gnostic anti life bs
You don't see the full picture when your thoughts are led by your ego. Having such experience of "ego death" makes you realize a bunch of things that you didn't before.
This makes perfect sense to me because anyone saying "im enlightened" would instantly make anyone around them feel like they aren't correct or aren't living correctly.

Enlightenment isn't a set way of thinking or being. It's always in motion and it's just being familiar with the motions.
The ego is ravenous and unquenchable, and as long as it's in control, you will never be satisfied or at peace. Everyone individually pursuing their own self-interest, rather than trying to integrate into a greater sense of interconnectedness, ends up being counterproductive to everyone (the self, intimate relations, the world, etc.)

The pursuit of ego death actually IS technically self-interest though, in the sense that you're trying to get something out of it.
So, it's safe to say then that the same can be achieved by separation of the reasoning faculties and mind from the identity, ie to remain unbiased and open minded so one sees the full picture
On the other hand, i don't see how its nescessary to curb the urge for subjective self expression, creativity and self servitude(ego death) so you can see the whole
That's because you don't see the fact that you are not an image of yourself, you are actually you.
based NWOposting
>you are not an image of yourself, you are actually you
i dont quite get your terminology, care to elaborate
Ego is why. Their pretension comes from believing they are simply better than other people.

That is not to say however that there are not enlightened folks among us. Just that generally, they are not the ones that go around bragging about how enlightened they are. Enlightenment literally means to shed light on what once was in the dark. It is to observe and understand what once was not observed or understood.

There are many people that feel stuck and small in their real lives and so they pretend to have some big truth for more fascinatingthan the little truths we all share. In truth, though, we are all standing on the one big truth together.

An old polynesian saying goes something like, "Weall stand on the back of a whale while fishing for minnows". We are all grounded on the true truth and yet we all seek smaller more personally satisfying truths. It's a symptom of life and of thought. False gurus and the like are simply trying to understand some small truth in what can be percieved as an obnoxious or even masturbatory fashion. We all do it in some way. Some just make a public ordeal of it.
The magical explanation is that when ego dissolves god consciousness replaces it. By this model, the ego is a mask that god consciousness wears.
In buddhism it's a pain avoidance thing because no ego means that there is no one there to suffer.

Are you trying to say that identity limits capability because it sets artificial boundaries that you believe define you when they don't? If this is what you're saying, wouldn't a more reasonable course of action be to have an "accurate" ego rather than none at all?
So you know how you're born into this world kicking and screaming, and something, at the back of your mind, or wherever it comes from, makes you want to fight to be yourself? To have your own individuality?

Well stop that.

What makes you feel like you have to fight for it? Unwind the reality of your struggle.
Recently, my ego almost destroys me, it kinda did, but good thing i realize the problem i had. Be very csrefull with the things that you feel, learn to identify the origin of your sadness and anger.
I love cocks btw
It’s easier to control someone who has rejected his ego.
>wouldn't a more reasonable course of action be to have an "accurate" ego rather than none at all?
Fucking thank you, this is the first time this concept has been brought up in a non-adversarial manner since the beginning of time.

The answer is that it doesn't fucking matter. You can be yourself, or you can go hog wild trying to be something you're not, and the universe gives zero fucks, because both of those things are a form of self-discovery.

You, thinking you know yourself, thinking that everything you've ever accomplished, is the whole of your being, and not just one subset of an infinite causality, is the cause of mortality.

Death is a meme. Probably one of the oldest.

You're still you, faggot.
Because if you have no ego or a weakened one you are easy prey for the demiurge and his demons.

No other reason.
"fight" is a pretty strong word for this case, "create" or "express" is more suiting i think.
And, symbolically speaking aren't we the children of god? "As above, so below"
If god was so big on creation(literally crearing an entire existence), why wouldn't his children be?
And i don't see why the creation of our own fate and identity is so ""demonised"".
It is in our souls to create, be it children, ideas, beliefs, projects, great works of art or science, identity or whatever
Creation and expressions are the most godly expression of the zest for life.
Fuck, my soul has been nibbled away by the demiurge and promises of love / (inevitable instant/constant gratification) as a way to dissolve my ego. It's a balance that I fell off for some time.

Do you think spirits are generally extensions of the demiurge or something else? What would they be preying on, loosh? Or some form of worship? Is that really a bad thing?
But there certainly is a demiurgical component to ego. Attachment to material things, behaving memetically/ritualistically and identifying with pain all impede freedom.

So is there a such thing as a "free" ego (that is desirable) and an "unfree" ego (that isn't), one of which is somehow inauthentic while the other isn't?
I think most people are traumatized by an overly-dense highly populated weak-ass society and the only way to cope is either netflix/videogames or forms of ego-dissolution so they can finally feel peace and free of judgement, as a form of New Age watered-down Buddhism/metta.

Metta can be pretty nice, I'll admit, but I see meditation as nothing more but a form of silent protest for all of conscious existence which can be beneficial spiritually in some cases but in my opinion is a thought loop of detachment that sucks complex joy and real thought out of life. Thoughts?
It's not pretentious just because you don't understand it. Of course the ego wants to PRESERVE self-interest, you speak from a place of bias there.
>isn't that essentially a way of manipulation to make you feel guilty or curb your will to power
"Will to power" isn't quite what you think it means if you're referencing Nietzsche... well, as for it being manipulative via guilt - no, there is no guilt there, enlightenment is one of the key realizations to absolve yourself from notions of guilt. It's the ego which always tries to compensate and make up for existence, doing things designed to impress others to justify one's life and making you feel like a waste or "sinner" if you don't follow a particular recipe for attaining justification. Guilt is an ego-based emotion.

Nobody is saying that you should completely abandon yourself and your interests only to sacrifice yourself for others. This is BS. It is rather that, with enlightenment, you are compelled to change your former ways - it happens naturally, without external influence and propaganda.
Or, I guess you could frame the things I listed as ego-antagonists. Attachment to material things means vesting your interest in things external to you, ritual behavior means suppressing your own intuition in favor of empty motions, and pain is probably the most direct as a "don't do that even though you want to" button.

Two things to remember:
1) your ego is synonymous with that of your herd.
2) the guru typically belongs to a different herd than you, so he wants to alienate you from your own group by inducing ego death in you, also known as the destruction of racial identity, so his race can use you to its own end.
Yes, the true freedom would come from being able to purse one's desires without fear of being bogged down by incompetence or an untrustworthy subconscious, which ego dissolution can help cleanse but should only be considered a means to an end.

People who only pursue ego dissolution may end up only being filled with junk or preyed upon, as >>22499830 said.
File: flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg (62 KB, 550x488)
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Ego means self, for every human is, therefore he is an egoist.
The word comes from Roman.
I dare to say that everyone is an egoist, even those who advocate against it, they show their personal ego, their self.
>don't see why the creation of our own fate and identity
Because consciousness is also composed of morphic fields, and subject to crystallization if you allow it to occur.

Any time traveler, then, knowing the future, by its past, that is to say, any time traveler that reads this post, is gonna do everything in their power to bust up the morphic principle of the past to recreate god's own ego death in an attempt to make free will objectively real again.
File: 142v.png (2.92 MB, 1200x1200)
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2.92 MB PNG
The ego is a barrier to oneness. It falsely distinguishes itself as an individual being. We, as consciousness, are thus prohibited from the experience of nondual existence until this barrier is removed.

>What is there so enlightening from replacing your self interest with the interest of the herd or the "greater good"
That's not what's happening. One becomes the herd, the herd becomes one. Service-to-self is in service-to-others. There's no longer a greater good or lesser good, it's all just good.

>Isn't that essentially a way of manipulation to make you feel guilty or curb your will to power
The power of the ego only restricts the power of the self.

>The ego is ravenous and unquenchable
The WILL is. Denial of the will-to-life makes for a disinterested, non-suffering ego. So the consciousness and self can then take up it's interests.

>have an "accurate" ego rather than none at all?
We always have an ego, we need it in order to function in physical reality individual entity within our limited body. Ego death is indeed a state of complete objectivity.

>because both of those things are a form of self-discovery
Yes, this is the basic premise to the left hand path. There's no wrong way to experience. Take any good opportunity to project and integrate.

>why wouldn't his children be?
We are. We were given a perfect garden, we created this hell.

>i don't see why the creation of our own fate and identity is so ""demonised"
The ego's fate and identity, you mean? The self doesn't get to create, and can hardly even be identified, while the ego actively wills.

The self - God - creates good things.
The ego - Demiurge/Devil - creates evil things.
Regardless of intent.
meant >>22499822

Weren't most gurus / shamans (if we can consider the two similar roles) generally both part of the herd, at least racially if not socially, but also pretty independent/ascetic, meaning people would have to seek them out or stumble upon them? I don't believe this point, and it's partly because us westerners already have such a high distrust/bias against gurus and the spiritually minded. Would Carl Jung be considered a guru, for how he inspired a form of psychological mysticism that's persisted and helped form a somewhat scientific basis for our magical subconscious?
How are you sure that the demiurge is not a manifestation of the collective unconcious? What evidence is there to believe that it is something external?

It's been said that to banish our demons is to seal off the greatest parts of ourselves. Do you see?

Instead of life being a struggle between 'this' and 'that', could it not instead be a balancing act between extremes? If your soul can be ate by something, shouldn't it too be able to eat other somethings? What makes you think there is a difference between light and dark? Are they not simply the same things in different states of being?

From what I understand, there is the Something and the Nothing that define all of existence. That which we can know and that which we can not. It takes both to propel conciousness through the 3rd 4th and 5th dimensions and it takes both to give definition to the same. Why assume yourself a toy for greater powers when all the power of the world is fashioned by tool known as your mind? Without that mind, after all, nothing else could be observed to exist. So, does the mind make reality or is it reality that shapes your mind? How can you truly know? And if it is not something we can know, than why should we invest ourselves in farfetched guesses? Does it add anything of value to the experience or is it just another of many distractions from the lives we are actually leading?
This magician right here fucking gets it
The dumbfrogposter upgraded to being a dumb stirnerposter. Read a book, nigger.
Have you heard of split memory techniques? I have a hunch they're the only way to consolidate both a detailed long-term memory while also being able to create post-causal tweaks of past timelines. My question, however, is whether it's possible that the hippocampus can store these split memories in a physical way, or if that even matters, as a form of a memory palace technique. These shadow memories are how Robert Bruce created a very workable method of Astral Projection.
Yeah, and that's why the systems based around individualism and pursuit of personal interests have resulted in unprecedented progress and the betterment of life for everyone, while systems based around collectivism have resulted in famine and wars.
Scratch that, since people can't comprehend the difference between attacking an ego that's not there and allowing that others can achieve ego death on their own.
>Do you think spirits are generally extensions of the demiurge or something else?
Spirits are residents in your Houses of Ego. Direct rejections of light.

This. Welcome all entities with love and amiability, even the malefic ones. While you may suffer them, you will also suffer them being loved and accepted.

>It takes both to propel conciousness through the 3rd 4th and 5th dimensions
>LIII. What does it mean to say `one not only learns, but simultaneously learns how to learn, and simultaneously learns how to learn how to learn’? Bateson added the section on LIII to his essay in 1971, saying that `the concept of “self” will no longer function as a nodal argument in the punctuation of experience’; `something of the sort does occur in psychotherapy, religious conversion, and in other sequences in which there is profound reorganization of character’.

>Bateson (1973) refers to being 'driven to level III by `contraries’ generated at level II’; `The “problem” to which third-order learning is a “solution” consists of systematic contradictions in experience’ (Bredo 1989). This matches what we have called elsewhere `dilemmas of participation’ (Tosey 2005).

>However, Bateson also emphasised that while double binds can be triggers for LIII, `even the attempt at LIII can be dangerous’, leading to psychosis instead of enlightenment It is again the projection of a hierarchical, goal orientated mind-set to see LIII as some kind of `holy grail’ of learning; it is not guaranteed to be either benign or transcendent.

>At LIII Bateson’s conception of the sacred becomes important. Some levels of patterning are so profoundly ecological that they should not be analysed cognitively; to do so would make them vulnerable to conscious thought.
Well in the chance that reality is made by one's mind, it would certainly be a nice way to detach oneself from lesser distractions and create a grand show of lives we do fully lead.

As to whether or not we can know this, I'm unsure. There could be so much interference from past and future thoughts as to make causality impossible to determine... yet from a perspective of pure, synchronistic intelligence I know that thought can leap to thought in ways conditional based off of reality. Perhaps some form of shadow memories for crossing the gap could do the job. Though arguably that may just be tuning a radio to a different channel while just remembering the previous song playing. Is that still not a form of creating reality, even though one didn't create the song or radio?
Do copy me you fucking morphic echo.
You what mate
Why not talk about something you actually know instead.
Fair enough. I don't have an issue with people that choose the path of renunciation from desire. Theres no need to sugarcoat it, we all get it that existence can be overwhelming, and there is no use or point in forcing them to participate in it or care. The real issue is when they start seeing only the bad polarity in this existence, get preachy like >>22499890 and create reatarded coping mechanisms such as "le ebul demiurge". Even Plato, the one who coined and defined the term said it was benevolent. Imho, i regard it as a indifferent figure
>inb4 muh appeal to authority plato
I simply wish to point out a different viewpoint that what is the norm here and state that gnostic schizophrenics dont have the monopoly on truth. Saying that this grand being is out to get you if you enjoy the material world is a cope more than truth tbqh
Read the reply right after yours.
File: toriko-8319775.jpg (194 KB, 800x1163)
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194 KB JPG
Sometimes I wish I could experience ego death fully. When you're thrown into all of that, it's easy to stay grounded if you have your common sense and wits about.

It is 'unavoidable' on death, but faith prevails all. Besides, since I am from Light, I will give death the same response as Midora.
I'm not sure how any of this relates to what I said. Case in point, all attempts to put 'collective good' first have resulted in disaster. Everything good that humanity has achieved, and that resulted in better life for everyone, has been the result of individuals pursuing their own interests. That's the only way to ensure a better world for everyone. Forsaking individualism is a direct path to totalitarian dystopias.
I think the constant fear of a demiurge is enough for some to create realities where they're living in shittiness. I see them more as a stern father, and people who feel that way all the time are not only defeatists but also just lame.

It's funny you mentioned >inb4 plato tho, because I was about to bring up his opinion of those who lack trust and willpower:

"In fact, Plato's representation of Orpheus is that of a coward, as instead of choosing to die in order to be with the one he loved, he instead mocked the gods by trying to go to Hades to bring her back alive. Since his love was not "true"—he did not want to die for love—he was actually punished by the gods, first by giving him only the apparition of his former wife in the underworld, and then by being killed by women."

This is a pretty good representation of how people who respect the demiurge are also against signs of all disrespect. Funnily enough, I just noticed another passage in the wiki article on Orpheus:

"In addition to serving as a storehouse of mythological data along the lines of Hesiod's Theogony, Orphic poetry was recited in mystery-rites and purification rituals. Plato in particular tells of a class of vagrant beggar-priests who would go about offering purifications to the rich, a clatter of books by Orpheus and Musaeus in tow.[66] Those who were especially devoted to these rituals and poems often practiced vegetarianism and abstention from sex, and refrained from eating eggs and beans — which came to be known as the Orphikos bios, or "Orphic way of life".[67]"

Kek, were Orphics the original beta males? "Orpheus, the first pederast").[57]

It'd make sense why the two are at odds.
Ego suldn't be given up easily, you woldn't forsake your soul for spare change why would you willingly destroy you will?
Nice wording. You literally can not willingly destroy your own will.
File: 1542446148233.jpg (24 KB, 500x518)
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I didn't say he's evil, I said what he creates is evil. That is, it's always positive, making itself felt in physical reality and always working on the principal of matter. It fulfills desires and relieves suffering in an fashion of Oedipal cycles, apparent ends being merely perpetuation. The good is negative, actual removal of things from our reality.

Demiurge is a nice guy and tries his best, but his best is never good enough to be good. He's in a truly tragic position.
>fiercely advocate for
Boy you sure haven't read anything have you?
Dude don't fucking tell me what I can't do. I can do...

Absolutely Anything.
Dunning Kruger effect.
File: osho.jpg (132 KB, 1599x1001)
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132 KB JPG
With the ego, one cannot love unconditionally.

At the very lowest, love is politics.

The moment love becomes a relationship, it becomes a bondage, because there are expectations and there are demands and there are frustrations, and an effort from both sides to dominate. It becomes a struggle for power...

At the highest, love is state of consciousness where your Love makes no conditions, no ifs, no buts.

Whosoever comes close to you starts feeling the vibe of love, is rejoiced. Love is unconditional giving – but only those are capable of giving who have.

With the ego, you cannot love unconditionally

>Do you think spirits are generally extensions of the demiurge or something else? What would they be preying on, loosh? Or some form of worship? Is that really a bad thing?

They gain power from the soul. They cant tell what youre feeling but they have to feed off it so the spirits that eat certain things will try to trigger you to feel a certain way

A depressed soul feeds those that feed off depression so they congregate around it and manipulate it to do self destructive things. A happy soul feeds those who feed off happiness. So they congregate around it and manipulate it to do self enlightening things. It doesn't eat your soul it kind of draws energy from it to empower itself then pushes it to continue doing things that cause that energy to be given off

Calling out to one or the other is like a particularly juicy cow mooing very loudly. Theyll come for you and youll have either the best or the worst nightmares

We're kind of cattle in a way but not all farmers are evil. If you only give in to feeding the evil ones then when your soul is left naked because your body cannot protect it you will be stuck being fed upon by the evil entities.

If you follow the good and empower it then when your soul is left naked after your body can no longer protect it youll live in a mutualistic relationship with the good entities. You provide nurishmemt for them with your happy energy and they provide aid and protection for you

We're cattle but we cant change that fact

To add to it you can starve the negative spirits trying to feed by choosing not to feel a certain way even treating them with love and forgiveness. They cant help they have to eat. It's in their nature. Forgiving them makes you very unappetizing to the negative but the positive will be drawn. You should forgive but not give in to their manipulations because the negative ones will still try to manipulate you back into that negativity through your desire to forgive. Forgive them for trying to feed but dont let them control your actions.

Youre an immortal "cow" floating through the infinite spiritual plane. That is your soul. Your immortal soul can choose which entities it empowers and which it doesnt. They can feed off you but never truly eat you. Since it's immortal if you get latched onto by negative entities and completely shun the good ones youll float through the infinite for eternity with evil entities constantly torturing your soul to make you feel negative emotions that they need to survive. Thats basically hell
The ego actually gets in the way of your true self interest, by making you pursue things you think you "should".
The ego is a mask you show society, and it is mainly concerned with your spot in the social hierarchy. This isn't necessarily bad, but can obviously cloud your vision
Your ego isnt you.
Literally the opposite
Ego death isn't destroying your ego but completely controlling it. This way you can determine with a clear mind what is good or not and what you should do or not.

It's actually not any of those things. You reach these thoughts by putting down the video games and completly ignoring tv and simply reading about things because you want to learn. You simply stop caring about the illusions

You're trying to rationalize it in the exact wrong way because your own biases are clouding your judgment causing you to want to attach a negative motivation to the actions.
You can't understand it until you become a scholar of the practice. It works, I tried it worked. I feel weightless. My entire foundation was to strive to become a wealthy businessman. After I shed all that useless fur I saw the real picture and how little material wealth and control really meant. Knowledge is everything.
>Isn't that essentially a way of manipulation to make you feel guilty or curb your will to power just so you accept their subjective agenda of "spiritually advancing humanity" or whatever as absolute truth and the gnostic anti life bs

Yep. It's usually used as a control method and/or a constant spiritual dick-measuring competition.

Bunch of groupthink bullshit.

But then again, so are some of the occultists who are vocally anti-ego-death. Their groupthink goes too far the opposite direction.

Honestly just gotta have some common sense and balance. Maybe a dash of Golden Rule. Stay away from the culty types and try not to be a dick and that's like half the battle right there IMO.
to make room in your head for their egos
Plenty of variety of spirits, some like worship, yes. But more on this is the fact that worshipping a god unites you slowly to it, so it can get latched on.

>Attachment to material things
No, that's normal, you're attached to material things in the same sense you'd be attached to spiritual things, there's nothing else, so you get attached to those.

Just show some composture.

I'm talking gnosticism, no gurus here, unless you're asking some other seeker for advice and you consider him your guru.
Read the notions above.
Anyone who tries to convice you there is only one correct way to percieve any subject either...

Doesn't know how reality works yet...

Or they do and for their own "imaginary ideal of entitlement" they are attempting to influence the pattern other folks process future information.

NOT yours.

Their's and only their's.

Like me.

This very post is nothing more then an attempt on my part to influence your (or anyone else who happens to read it) pattern of processing future informatin.

For no other reason then MY own selfish "imaginary ideal of entitlement".

Not anyone elses!

It's impossible for me to know what anyone else's "imaginary ideal of entitlement" could be selfish or not.

Since it's the sort'a thing each of us will need to figure out for ourselves.


Much less if everyone even has one.
Or how many of those who do realize it's imaginary
those who are still trapped in a delusion of their own making.

Which in case you didn't know is a thing. Experienced 1st hand on my part.

Trapping yourself in a delusion of your own making.

That's something else each of us needs to figure out for ourselves.

And in my opinion in order for that to happen each and everyone of us needs to learn how to...

Let everyone else believe whatever they want to believe WITHOUT believing our selves.

Until they find the thing unique to them that they can't help but believe in.

The thing nobody else but them can believe in.

And then begin the process of learning how to comunicate this thing via "example".

At least until someone smarter then me figures out the pattern.

But as long as those who break themselves out of their own delusions are aware of others still trapped in theirs,

You can expect attempts to be made to snap the others out of it.

If your not delusioned yourself then just continue thinking for yourself.

It's only those attempting to bend others to their own will who will be trapped still.

Until they learn for themselves that's impossible.
<span class="spoiler">Im still not enlightened</span>
>>Why is it so that all the pretentious "enlightened gurus" and most of the old sickly occultists fiercely advocate for muh ego death?
the ego they talk about(or at least should be talking about) is your belief that you are an evolved ape(or some other bs about your body), while in fact you are not your body, but the source of consciousness in it. When you understand that you are immortal and timeless(i.e. FAR older than this universe), one can say that your ego(a.k.a. your understanding of yourself as part of this world) has died. Because as long as you believe that you are a part of this family/community/race/species, you will remain on animal level i.e. religion (any original religion, before it was turned into a controlling tool) will stay beyond your understanding.
The rally really smart folk wished they weren't so smart, so they advocated not being as smart. It's another example of preaching the thing that you're not good at but wish you were, because having not practiced it enough has ruined your life.
Enlightenment leads to the realization that everything has been "correct" all along, it's not the enlightened person's fault if other people operating with their ego-mind are intimidated, because they put it in survival terms and think it means their stategy for mastering life is faulty.
Wrong, you think that rejection of ego means a weak ego who thinks little of himself and submits to others, essentially turning one into a pushover.

However, it has nothing to do with having an inferiority complex, the effect of rejecting your ego makes you less susceptible if not wholly immune to manipulation, because the latter works on the ego-mind, using weak spots like guilt, shame and fear.

People become vulnerable via their ego-mind and it is their ego-mind which compels them to make up for that vulnerability by means of attaining control over others and external factors to guarantee survival. But this core vulnerablity also means it can be intimidated by whatever is outside of it and pushed around once it feels defenseless.
yes. This is a reasonable way to do this. New age movement makes it a real festival of religious rites because that makes it seem nore mysterious, so the image of it matches their own lack of understanding and its perceived importance (thus difficulty).
Sounds like a good approach to life as long as you maintain that the self-expression is one of joyous creativity rather than a means to compensate for the fact that you simply are by various extras without which you feel impotent or not enough.
I would not only separate the mind from my own identity, I would extend that same perspective to others, so that the relativity of what they present themselves to be is also understood.
Ego death is just a phrase for attaining the skill of being able to observe yourself from outside of yourself, unattached to your person or the choices they've made or consequences from such, or able to observe yourself as you would someone else.
Integrity is being able to ask yourself after viewing yourself that way, if you respect yourself? and being able to say yes.
>What is there so enlightening from replacing your self interest with the interest of the herd or the "greater good"
that's not what it is. its more like you get rid of all the imprints your and other people have made on your psyche and you are just completely authentic instead, it makes you the opposite of overthinking but not in a forced way, it just works
to the contrary, you cant force a person who is not in the ego to do anything at all
That's the spirit!
it's all BS to shill whatever process or service they are selling. don't listen to a guru, be one yourselft. there is no one more important than your own self.
Except control yourself, for how could you if all you seek is to satisfy your will?
Is just pure new age Bullshit, they take advantage of people looking for a different life outside of their daily suffering and dress it with shiny unicorns and a fake eternal life full of joy, sacrifice your ego, be easily manipulated, results? PROFIT.
For my Country, I am the ego of Bunjil's Healing Need.

Welcome 4chan, to the expanse of my insanity!
File: 1553037600668.jpg (875 KB, 1000x1376)
875 KB
875 KB JPG
I'm into Hive Queening, turning women into Hive Queens. Basically supercharge their intellect and sexuality so they dominate the lesser of us who still pay tribute to karma.

I'll offer up Maya to the boards. First Hive Queens are 4chan Hive Queens.

>first prize best prize!
It's ok as long as is consensual.
That just means if you ask them, will you get an answer that satisfies your morality/ethics. Some people like to watch the girls suffer. They are priestesses after all. Why not hide the cult in public? Maybe call it a religion. Conscripts of time? That sounds good. NXVIM ain't got shit on me!

>party dance
they mean ego in a different way. unfortunately ego leads people to look at ego in the wrong way and there are people that develop a spiritual ego where they think they are saving the world and are followers of their guru, doing the will of the oneness or whatever they believe. it but that is just another refined "spiritual" ego.

when you realize you have defects and can see your own vanity, and then take steps to change them, that is living a holy life.

but saying "i am a follower of the great master such and such" is does spiritual vanity.

but obviously there are expert "masters" who pretend to be spiritual and advocate "ego death" which is in their own way. that is, transform your ego into something useful for the cult.

so it depends on how the individual interprets the teachings.
I take it upon my self to lead the charge. Time soldiers? CHAAAAARGE!
File: 1553535826689.jpg (665 KB, 1877x1385)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
>mycomiasmia invictus
File: W6QxV.jpg (60 KB, 1440x1080)
60 KB
Where are you and why don't you want to be found?
File: 20190412_170611.jpg (2.72 MB, 4032x2268)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
My Promise To My Daughter Of Time Remains.
My nigga. Love this book.
Fuck me, Brother Of Memory! Basically went the mushroom god awakening route. For story though. Much simpler to just replace collective human intelligence with fungal intelligences. Like they'd lnow the difference, HAHAHAHA!
File: 5_18.jpg (315 KB, 1000x1537)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
Because that is what passed for logic in the 20th century.
For this time stream humans will accept any overwrite with one dream. They trust dreams above all, I dream to be the man they needed to meet and ordained by time.

As devotee I beg that the queue is sorted by largest fractal dispersal rate, in order to promote +1 propagation rate.

I submit. Inshallah, I am the mua'dib. Jihad on time!
File: 5_19.jpg (129 KB, 500x385)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I am the imagination of my daughter, I am devoted to the story that is not me.

>abolishes time slavery eternally

Direct line to Quantum Ego Problem Matrix: Resolve Tetrahedronic participles.
I am the Locke & Key: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7wtfhZwyrcc
File: rb6vghlld3s21.jpg (107 KB, 576x768)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>ditributes quantum rainbow hive helmets!
>Fetish porn

Oh man. Of all the ways i use to imagine things i've never imagined before...

Porn has got'a be one of the most effecient.

Not to say there aren't other ways to learn other folks aren't what you assumed there are.

Just that porn is an easy way for me at least.

And I'm guessing I'm not the only one who cares more about goal then the path.

*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
It's just fascinating because people hide it.

The taboo makes it work like blackmailing.
The path is the goal, door builder.

I hide nothing. I'll fuck my daughter on national television and a dragon dance if I have to in order to secure the future where rape does not exist!

>negative pressure fist!
Idk about ego death necessarily being enlightening, but it is the quickest and easiest way to get a drastic change in perspective and thats where most of it’s value is.
I forgot I was Cosmic God Of Obvious Anger Repellents!
>Hive queening

Now that's a single way of "treating a woman".

Just not mine.

In my mind a queen is not defined by a father.


Different boats, different floats.
Daughters of Time and Hive Queen are two different realities. I don't let all realities into my daughters THAT fast. You'd bruise them.
Well for starters if they don't want to need to hide in the 1st place anyone who finds them a place with those they left behind will prove your not god' gift to woman.

Who knows what they'd choose to do then.

Not me.

I'll never understood why they do anything they do.
I wonder how long it took for that to stop being something only weirdo's did.
Um I'd rather not, but thanks for the offer stranger.
Why would I need to prove to any creation that I am its gift to itself? It has nothing to do with anything about worthiness. I will kill all jobs, by becoming the eternal job maker. You all want to live dull repetitive lives, then I, God Of Time, make claim over you. This is just letting you be aware of it, like a coming out party!
love should be conditional. if you have no conditions or demands you then open yourself up to becoming a doormat/slave for manipulative people.

The ego is there to be a rational negotiator, to make sacrifices and compromises but ultimately facilitate an egalitarian environment. a relationship should be give and take. not all give. If you have no Ego how do you determine what you want or what motivates you.

What im trying to get at is there needs to be a balance and dichotomy to all things. Many people are sickened by a sense of cynicism that borders on possessiveness due to a culture that lacks true spirituality and independance and instead relies on herd morality. ie if everyone jumps off a cliff i should too?
>Where are you
None of your business.

>Why don't you want to be found.

Short answer is i like my privacy.

Long answer is creepy weirdo' who think they can read my mind and influence my thought patterns by repeating their delesuion over and ovet.
If you love the herd, yes. That is the God of Death trying to save you all from future pain with a harsh path reset.
Good luck with that
So you are the God of Suicide. Hello.

Why would luck matter? Its a fucking tattoo.
The lengths our species will go through to keep a promise to those they love.

It happens for a reason.

It just has too.

At least in my mind.
I love you, Baiame. Bunjil claims his cave love to be true. You are the weather, and I the color blue. May we only meet in rain, all to be together again.

Celebrate the droplets and love this dance. Bunjil never have to learn this word PANTS!
Unless those

Who just want the world to heal

Learn they can't tell whose hurting (because reasons)

Those who just want the world to burn will use their own temptatons against them.

At least until those who just want to figure things out learn they'll never know what they're talking about.

And stop holding their tonges allowing the other two to adjust as needed.
What do they do?
I am adjusted so long as reality yields resources without question. I don't need an insta-human-control spell.
Quantum Virtual Reality: Assign physical locations to variable spatial dimensiom traversal!
My ego is the flame, the belief that the power of wind and memory of water will never meet again.
>It's just fascinating because people hide it.

Being horney? Or the really predictable ways of pretending your not? (Rhetorically speaking that is.)

>The taboo makes it work like blackmailing.

The taboo has always confused the shit out me.

Unless they're trying to force you to do what they want, wtf does it matter what they're into?!?!

Where the taboo came from has always been an itch in the back of my brain.

Unlike blackmailing.

I figured that one out pretty quick.

All i needed was to be raised to believe it was possible to be better then others.

And i was screwed from the get go.
>Door builder.

It's the faith of the faithless attempting to give you an opening.

Let those not us try and imaginge what what where talking about.

When those who think they know can't agree with each other they'll realize they don't understand others the way they thought they did.

*fingers crossed*
>Daughters of Time and Hive Queen

Even if the other Anon's don't get it. You ECHS folks have yet to fail me in undetstanding that I can only guess at what you mean.

And although any of you have confirmed it. I need to believe your capable of understanding on your own that each of my guesses only speakes about myself.

So if I'm WAY OFF on a guess. Your internal "bull shit" detector should notify you of whatever aspect of reality I happen to be blind to.


It's a thing.

Age doesn't seem to matter they way I was taught.

My experience is that experience is the key factor in matureing.

But aparently thats baised on my part.

Everything grows old, not up. Basically maturation in faith cultivation is the prominent tenet of faith.
Context is everything, and any freewill that forces itself on another forfeights it's own freedom.

If you think being able to imagine what anothers inner monologe is thinking makes you special.

You best be sure it's not the kind thing any idiot can do.

Otherwise no matter how real you Reality is to you. All you'll ever be doing is confessing yourself out of contxt to those who get that's all your capable of.

I don't believe in "god" myself.

I'm just an Idiot playing mind games with those who do.

Never left. Just got othet things going on other then you.
Then learn optimization of focus so your resources don't get seduced by non-queen duties.
>So you are the God of Suicide.

I've been called worse. But if things go the way I imaginge I will be the last of my kind to die alone.

Alowing everyone else to finally live together.



>Why would that mattet.
Depends on the context of thr promise i guess. Like is it broken if you lose your arms?
Then welcome to my heaven!
>Knowledge is everything.
you forsook wealth, now it's time to take the next step.
It's the only way to see the truth. Your ego is constantly protecting you.
File: 2yjpl1.jpg (48 KB, 524x476)
48 KB
new age bs
this lad knows whats up
its ok to have self-interest. its about balance. selfishness is not balance and achieving your goals at the expense of others is not balance.
wholeness, peace, nonseperation
>ego death
What the fuck does that even mean? i hear it a lot but idk what the fuck is supposed to mean... anyone care to explain?
>You may think you love your idea of me.

But I'm no longer gullible enough to believe anyone will ever love who i really am.

My fault. No one elses.
And if folks start questioning your version of Reality what happens to your resources.
I'm sure that means something in your mind.
Even if folks can't understand wtf your talking about...

It should be coming in loud and clear that your still controled by your ego.

Providing a convient example for the rest in the thread to witness on their own terms.


No one's fault.

It's based on useful techniques of buddhism teached by Buddha. Which the followers used to create a wrong concept of "emptiness".

and this:

I mean, some depersonalisation and stomping on ego is useful... some SPECIFIC things, not all... and not to become slave of guru...
I can explain the "pure" concept which I understand from Buddha's writing, combined with what Christ said

ego "death" is "death" of sin
not whole personality, only parts of personality that are "roadblocks", it's also called "sin" in christianity (which deviated some from Christ's teachings some just as Buddhism did)
It has to be my fault. I can't fix anything that isn't.

Realities rules. Not mine.


I don't mind as long as it's on my terms.

And if i can confess my faults so others never have to make them (unless they want to on their terms) then I'm okay with that.


On earth?

Right now. The whole having to wait until we die thing being a lie told for no other reason then to convience us when we're young that heaven on earth is impossible.

Some even going as far as to preach those who say it is possible are corruptted by evil and only challening authority?

A mental state of sorts.

As if your uncouncuous mind was finally freed.
You are meant to balance the individual and the collective. To give up selfhood is to chase a lack of responsibility and accountability, as well as assuming global consensus of masses of the selfish in pure democracy is somehow going to result in any form of logical good rather than purely manipulative emotional pandering. We are still social creatures, but to throw away the gift of being a thinking character capable of initiating adjustment in Will and Choice rather than only Fate and Destiny is astoundingly important whatever the gurus may have made claim about. There is wisdom to be found in the Individual and not the Collective, in the Collective and not the Individual, in the Individual and the Collective, and not in the Collective or the Individual. This is one of my truths realized.
>What is there so enlightening from replacing your self interest with the interest of the herd
That's not what it's about at all. Just means not being a narcissistic psychopath.
Responsible folks don't concern themselves with things they aren't responsible for.

Makes them stand out against those still blameing others for their own mistakes.
What is ego? Is it like feeling that you are (or should be) at the center of everything?
Wherever you go, there you are.
Oh silly anon.

If your going to try and influence my thought patterns your going to have to keep up with me.

Not the other way around.


But you still seem to think you matter to me.

You don't.

Only "Nothing" matters to me.

So good luck bending me to your will.

Keep trying all you want.

It a convient way for the others to realize for them selfs folks like you exist
How about actually answering the question instead of posting cringey cryptic shit?
God why does this kind of shit always happen to me
It's actually the opposite; I don't do anything to advance myself or my will. I sort of fucked up and became omnipotent and accidentally reality, and now all that I desire comes true. Most of it is near-instantaneous gratification, but there are moments where I don't feel lost and confused about where to steer reality next.
Can you give me a girlfriend with a big, firm ass and pert tits?
Kill yourself instead. All of your posts are 100% worthless.
>can't fix anything that isn't
Perfect example of why your posts are utter garbage and reek of hypnotic abuse.

You can fix a ton of shit. If the only people who could solve problems were the people who created them, then not just Earth, but REALITY ITSELF would have been destroyed a long time ago. Just because even one person decided to call it quits. It would have been enough. The only way things worked out is *PRECISELY* because people can clean up shit other than their own.
"Responsible folks" don't write shit about what responsibility means, because they're busy doing responsible shit.

As a test to see if we're on the same page I'll attempt to rephrase your question from my perspectve so you can compare and deside for yourself if i even get what your asking.

Ego is like the feeling that you deserve a responce when you post in a thread like this one.

As if everyone else is also feeling they deserve a responce.

Since thats all you've ever experenced.

When actully there are a number of folks who dodn't feel entitled to a responce unless it's earned.

Only it's impossible for them to put into words why they feel that way.

So they talk around those that dodn't.

Ring any bells?
>What is there so enlightening from replacing your self interest with the interest of the herd or the "greater good"
Not replacing, just be kind and considerate as often as you can be, that's all.
Instead of what?

Playing mind games?

Are you sure you get how to play?

Cause your game is pretty week.

You need to be able to phrase things so they do more then describe yourself.

Or all your doing is feeding yourself to the wolfs out there.

Silly anon.

Good luck.
Then keep punishing me until you believe me. Whatever path you want me to walk.

They grow to accommodate and include.

My mind is the only thing that exists to concieve of th universe. Why does my creation complain?

My ego is my Country. It doesn't matter how you guys label this dance I am still infecting all of you with a sub-ego type. The deal with people aware of their ego is that it becomes instant putty for the universe to reshape. Just allow it guys, the opinion of the audience does not matter. Just that there is one.

Consciousness for all reality. Heaven for the planet beneath you. Inclusively exponential embraces.

Blame and shame are other peoples excuses for letting the children of others starve. My community is the entirey of this planet. Didn't travel the world just to look. I bring the spirit of all countries with me.

I am devoted to the story that is NOT ME so your void is just me reflecting my game. Memory Game Of Mortality: Am I Really Alive, Creator?


So there's this deal with being alive that fucks people up. See, there's this whole big cosmos to be a part of, but people are trapped inside themselves, seemingly forced to be individuals. But that's wrong. There are all kinds of siddhis and shit that let you travel the universe, change the manifestation, alter and group reality in a way that truly, truly, makes the world a better place.

To point out the absurdity of the concept of identity, the enlightened like to make jokes about it. In this case, no matter where you go or what you do, even when you're one with the entire universe, your body will still have a discrete location within physical space. It's literally that simple. A plain tautology that people get bent out of shape over because their sense of being part of the greater reality is diminished for ten seconds.
No, because to grant prayers would give me massive anxiety.

Mine is the most sheltered mind in existence. I literally believe I'm omnipotent because I'm too weak to be anything else. It's a pity party with me at the center of it all.
>Ego is like the feeling that you deserve a responce when you post in a thread like this one.
It's not ego, it's courtesy. It's like an invisible contract. If someone asks me a question and I see it, I'll try to answer it because I expect that person to do the same for me.
And maybe stop with the reddit spacing, it's painful to read.

I see. So ego death would be a feeling of unity with the universe (or at least the surrounding area if we're talking about varying degrees of egolessness)? Thanks for the explanation I'll just start ignoring >>22511384.
But then how does one "truly" feel one with the universe?
Is it just about not caring about what happens to you anymore? Like forgetting about your priorities, about what you have to do, need to do, want to do? Forgetting about your whole personnality? Is it like meditation where essentialy you don't really "exist" (but then what is existence, is it just having thoughts?)? actually having an ego might not be so bad after all
For those of you who are having trouble grasping it, both of these posts are mine.

All omnipotence does in practice is cause runaway hyperinflation of the ego. There was one smart anon that realized I was a spiritual black hole and had the good grace to say it to my face. (Not actually to my IRL face but in one of my threads.) I can see both perspective transparently because omnipotence forces my mind to occupy a state above even the duality of duality/non-duality. It's at the same time immensely gratifying and immeasurably torturous. I'm a living paradox of reality and I can't stand it. But others enjoy themselves so I keep the whole goddamn universe running.

You're literally all torturing me to life.
>varying degrees of egolessness
Yes. It exists as a gradient. All that is spiritual does.
>how does one "truly" feel
That's the joke; only you can know, because individuality isn't actually an illusion.
An existence that was a hive mind wouldn't feel the need to create hive minds.

Virtue signalling faggots.
thanks for the explanation anon
>Your Hubris is showing.
It took me a long time to figure out how truely different then me other folks can be.

Each only able to "fix" what they think is "broken".

Those broken to the point they can't function unlese those who don't believe what they do, are kept silent, are going to learn what Reality considers responsibility to be.

Each of us responsible for every choice we make.

Every lie we tell oursrlves programming our own options for future interactions.

How many Realities have already been destroyed by those who insist it's their right to be better then others?

And just sweeping that under the rug until future generations forget it ever happend is the cilivized way of doing things. For no other reason then because someone else said so.

Go ahead and have your opinion.

You be you.

That's the point.

So the others can see folks like you really exist.
Oh yeah?

Like what?
I exist for words to echo within others that lead them to a collective creator of differentiated timelines.
One of the best things about being the worst (like me) is there's always someone better then me at whatever it is I'm attempting.

And wraping my mind around time itself is something i really suck at.

But I'm at least aware of the diffetence in perception that triggers in different mind states.

These days what seems like a 5 min conversation to the person i'm talking to can be the equivelent of 5 hours for me. (Random example, i haven't been able to accurately meassure the difference in percieved time between myself and others).

Only be actively "aware" of it when I wasn't before.

So the thought of some one else devoted to understanding what I can't is a huge win in my book.

But it's important to me that they get just because I'm aware of the dialiation does mean i know what the fuck i talking about.

It's just my Reality all outa sorts translated into words that i can remember after i forget them.

Kinda used myself as a guinnie pig to see how "fast" i can go, and now i can't tell what speed is any more.


This is my work around.
If i stop differentiate me from what's not me i fucking die
A child's pain is true, no other suffering is worth healing.

You are all children of time.

Hello, from Tempus. You knew me as kronos, but my true name is Sol. I am the Sun, painter of this Universe. I make only one man the paintbrush: Simon Tempus Cosgrove.

I am the healing rainbow incest pedohile!
You're a loony
so how do u get enlightened?
Creators from the birth of thought have always been. Does the world dislike my language or must I change it again?

>I am the memory that lives and dies during sleep.

ok retard
Quickest path is the consciousness song of unity: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=br517ctCUCE
>Punishing you

Silly anon.

No ones making you read any of this.

You've been chooseing to read every word of your own "free" will.

And can stop whenever you want even if you don't realize it.

Just like everyone else.

So those pretending others can't tell whose judgeing who glitch the fuck out when they're openly judged instead of hiding it.

>Grow to accommodate and include.
Like an ever expanding pool of data? Made even bigger when you learn to connect to other pools.

Since every pool is uniquely different.

It's not really me you're creating.

Your naturally and organiclly creating an avatar for me using the closest memories of what you think I'm like. Not what I really am.

Always have been, always will be.

Same as I'm doing for you.

Nothing we can do about it other then become aware of the "translation problem" and adjust as needed.

Neither of us actually knows what we're talking about.

It's impossible for either of us.

But at least we're trying.

And unless I'm mistaken we're actually after the same thing.

Awakening the others.

Just waiting on you to realize your way isn't the only way.

So you can ascend to the next level.

Find out all the ways.

And start over.

And see if we can't trace the truth path these ways are leading to. As if our very existace depended on it.

Each path unique, but all leading to the same place.

Seriously... wtf!

Just because an idiot like me doesn't believe in "god" that doesn't change anyone elses believes.


But the pattern came from somewhere.

God makes as much sense as aliens i guess.

So maybe. I'm just not believing unless everyone else believes it the same way.

It's like a test Reality lets me preform.
Of course we are looking for the same thing. You seek a Master to challenge you, and I seek students to challenge myself.

>Billy Barak's Ambidexterous Wizard Fingers!

+1 is about being on top of an ever expanding pyramid base. The price of being the top? I must send ping signals to the floor so I know which way to direct sunlight.

>for the children starving from food or lessons of self-inclusion and self-exploration.

I need no test. I need to see if creation everywhere finally has devout followers willing to take up the cause. Just remember to check in with this guy every now and then, friend.
Martial Linguist Dojo: T.Hite/STROKE LOVINGLY!
>Why is it so that all the pretentious "enlightened gurus" and most of the old sickly occultists fiercely advocate for muh ego death?
They want worshippers/followers/etc. Their grand plan is to achieve immortality by making their consciousness and acts separate from their selves and basically infecting people with a tulpa of themselves. It's fucking dumb, but it can only achieve the effect if all their followers give up everything which makes them them in order to accept the programming.
Accept the programming. You are God of Imagination, O' Child of Time.
Because you have to TRY to kill it. That's how you learn acceptance, and then it gets out of your way without you even noticing.

>Singularity Love Station
No you don't. The loss of self-image isn't the loss of self. You're still there, you're just less of a faggot about stressing over that fact.
Other peoples drama effects us all if we want it to or not.

I get it.

So do lot's of others.

Some of which shut down as all social interaction as a result.

Not the best experence to bring to a party.

Unless it's a party meant for brainwashing folks for the enjoyment of others.

Then haveing that mental wall in place becomes a positive.

Infect all you want.

I already doubt everything anyways.

What's the worst that could happen.

It's not like me questioning everything you say is going to stop others from believing you.

They're going to deside for themsrlves no matter what i do or say.

You get that right?
>Consciousness for all reality.
Like every pleasure center in your brain is active 24/7. As you acticely pick and choose the aspects of reality you think your future self will appreacite the most. From a list generated by the ideas of others?

Kind'a sort'a.

Hard as hell to put into words.
>mesiah complex.

I get it

Had one myself until i realized how much work the job would entail.

I'm way to lazy for that. I'd get bored sooner or latter and be stuck in a moral dialima of my own creation.

No thanks

But you be you.

Just be aware there at least one member of your species who will never follow anyone.

Could be awakward if you don't.
>Am I really alive creator?
Interesting choice of words considering I'm actively trying to prove to myself if I exist or not.

I think we may be dialing into each others realites by asking the same questions each in our own way.


By any chance have you ever imagined what being gods god would be like?

Even if just for fun.
I think my ego is stronger than my soul at this point
I got it as an empty variable source for a memory pointer programmed by the universe.
>more memory over here!

A list generated only by others. If they are willing to listen to my porn preferences before generating their list(s) then bonus!
I am not a complicated messenger, so not my fault other religions need a wankfest.

I am God's scheduler, Elder Sunshine.

For the leaf that falls, I stand tall. The soil will remember the when, and I the then.
>Hey. What's up.

I'm nobody special.

And nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

Everything i do can be done wrong.

And even when its done right there's always someone who can do it better.

Doesn't matter what "it" is.

Kind'a ensures Reality stays interesting no matter what.

Which is like a dream come true for a kid like me to grow up into.

Then I blow myself!
>empty variable source for a memory pointer programmed by the universe.

Now that's one way of saying your "drawing blanks"

It'll happen anytime i reference something you've never imagined before.

Like the unique opinions each and every other anon has reguardless of what either of us think.

If you don't account for them while someone else does.

They'll prove everything you believe to be a lie of your own creation simply by existing.


Doesn't matter what your god says.
The funny part is that they often are egotistical af
My god can't communicate via any method other than speech, so, propagation wave beyond the digital shade.
If they aren't aware the effect bonding with some who's just using them for their own enjoyment will have on their future self then it's being taken advantage of.

If they don't care then have fun. But if they do it's on you.
Why would you judge it as against their will? Democracy passes laws that forces unwilling desire for that specific law but respects the process of law overall.

Why do any of you posters want to just use someone for your own enjoyment, to the exclusion of the other party's communication?
>complicated messenger
I have no problem imaginging that message is pretty simple in your mind.

But once I try and imagine what the other folks reading might think your message explodes into an infinty of interpretations.

Which complicates the shit out'a things.

Nothing you did.

It's me. I do this for all messages recieved.

Used to think everyone did.

Took me almost 40 years to figure out that wasn't the case.

Still rebuilding myself after that mind fuck reset me
Reset yourself to 16. That is the temporal goal. Gonna be a shota boy for my hive queen!
>God's scheduler
So if god tells the sun what to do, it you who tells god when to do it?

Like as god boss or gods secretary?

Or more like gods Alexi?

God's all like "Elder Sunshine, remind me sex is awesome tomorrow." And you have to remember to do that.
Shall do, God! So long as you remember to be there when I do!

>God's Self-Help coach. I get paid in devoted virgins. Shit's pretty cash.



Not a lot of context with that responce.

But it has attitude.

And there's a lot that attitude can say which words alone can not.

It can completly flip meanings of words.

Like the way telling someone they're special can flip meanings depending on the attitude.

Personally the thought of blowing myself triggers a negetive responce. But that's just me being me.

Not so sure about you though.

Could eaisly be a positive responce that you're accidently assumeing everyone else would get.

Or you get we don't get it and just don't care your blowing yourself anyways just letting everyone know because that's just you being you.

Hard to say still.
Still hard for the thrill.
>temporal morality shill
>shota boy
Next time...you know what to do.
your advice sounds like suicidal altruism. suck my dick
>god's communication

Like it has an inner monologue of it's own in your head?

>propagation wave beyond the digital shade.

Hard to tell where the voice comes from. But you can feel the source. Even if you can't find the words to explain it, you can describe it.

If others have experenced the same thing they'll be able to get what you mean should they choose to.
Hold still. Gotcha!

Yes. I am in permanent council with Elder, God of Time, and devotee.
Because they are only pretending.
>actually IS technically self-interest though
always put on your oxygen mask before helping others
otherwise it's codependency
Because they're operating down a false path.

And why should the experience be trusted?
It comes from the Greek word for 'I'. Ever heard of Egon?
Ego is your false consciousness. My idea is that ego forms as a replacement when your real consciousness is malfunctioning, so it's more about regaining your own consciousness than losng the ego.

It's hard to describe in words. I've heard it compared to knowing a tree is over there and actually seeing the tree with all the leaves and other details. Which seems like an accurate comparison.

Everything in the world seems to be like it's supposed to be and few things seem like something you need to fix. The sense of wrongness, that's an illusion caused by your ego. When your beliefs are at odds with the world, the ego urges you to "fix" the world, while your true consciousness fixes your idea of how things should be.

It isn't about losing self interest either, it's about realizing that moral behavior and self interest are one and the same.
That doesn't really line up with the description of ego death from my understanding.
I'm talking about the spiritual ego death, not the "I'm so fucked up I don't even know who I am anymore" ego death.
>moral behavior
didnt you understand the message from the garden of eden?
>have fun kronos!
I Am All-Father Time.
File: MayaDivine.jpg (222 KB, 600x600)
222 KB
222 KB JPG

>all time flow propagatiom for others will flow this direction exclusively.

Sharpen the knife of time to cook the meal divine. All humans will rise, it is the burden I bore and now others carry it.

ECHS awakens.
How can you advocate when you lack even a generation?

Have you heard of the American Psychological Society?
Since when did a generator require a referencable generation? Time is its own heirarchy.
Romans 6:1-14 KJV
1) What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?
2) God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?
3) Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?
4) Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.
5) For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:
>6) Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.
>7) For he that is dead is freed from sin.
8) Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him:
9) Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over him.
10) For in that he died, he died unto sin once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God.
11) Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
12) Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof.
13) Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.
14) For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.

Romans 10:13 KJV
13) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
And into the flames of translation do I cast my brain. The memories of God were always the same, until I stood to take this claim.

It is only the eyes of others that care what happens behind them. I project and predict none.

I am Time Tongue.
Clock start.
File: download (10).jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
What do you become if you actually achieve ego death?
It would mean that you don't need anything rom the current human realm, right? Hell, you shouldn't need anything and should just go meditate under a tree until you die?
I like the idea of ego death but following this reasonning it would end in escapism and the material world isn't to be escaped. Opening your mind doesn't mean giving up on this Earth.
>Respect is not submission.

Democracy is nothing more then those in power forcing those without to submit to their laws.

You get that you don't have a choice in what other folks believe in right?

I would judge it against their will same as i do everything else.

If it's being forced on anyone by anyone else. Even on accident.

It's the "why" of it that bugs me.

Because a higher power says so isn't good enough in my book.

As long as your bending yourself to your own will instead of anyone else you can do anything you want.

Including becoming a "god" yourself. At least metaphorically. (A true god shouldn't forget it forgets stuff, allowing it to diffenenate it's 1st hand memories from the nested loop of infinites that is everyone elses memories)

Otherwise all your doing is conforming to what someone else wants you to be.

Or so i say.

And if an idiot like me can do it, anyone else is going to have a hard time convincing me otherwise.

Getting 100% of us in that "WTF, how am I creating my own Reality" mindset is the only way we'll each willing stop bending to each other to each others will.

Like there's a preinstalled instint in each of us that will only trigger under certain predetermined conditions.

So if your doing any thing (even on accident (ignorance isn't innocence and all that jazz)) that prevents that from happening in another then you technically bending them to your will even if you don't realize it.

And Reality just lets it happen just to see if we can figure it out.
You become the death of other people's memories.

This is why I am the God Of Time. I am respondent to all querants and queues, regardless of my perspective of it being an inane question. Which one wouldn't be to me? Death and Sleep are my lovers, and they respect my work.
File: what's what nue.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
most things have truth and lies to them.

I find max stirner to be quite a spiritual dude who explained basic reality and focused on the person aspect of reality rather than the divine. another translation for "ego" in his work would be "unique".

I say: liberate yourself as far as you can, and you have done your part; for it is not given to every one to break through all limits, or, more expressively, not to everyone is that a limit which is a limit for the rest. Consequently, do not tire yourself with toiling at the limits of others; enough if you tear down yours. [...] He who overturns one of his limits may have shown others the way and the means; the overturning of their limits remains their affair. ~max

"Freedom" awakens your rage against everything that is not you; "egoism" calls you to joy over yourselves, to self-enjoyment. ~max
Why do you guys always need it to be an angry conclusion? You can just bushfire that memory stack instead of carrying it around in your stomach/hunger.
File: Rosary pea deadly.png (525 KB, 638x426)
525 KB
525 KB PNG
I don't think that anger is a conclusion. it can be useful for submissives sometimes. truth is a fire that destroys or transforms what can't endure and anger can be part of that process. anger can also make you get your ass kicked in a dark ally at 3am. :D

If one awakens in men the idea of freedom then the free men will incessantly go on to free themselves; if on the contrary, one only educates them, then they will at all times accommodate themselves to circumstance in the most highly educated and elegant manner and degenerate into subservient cringing souls. ~max
So, I get to finally dominate reality for a bit and gifted the memory erasing power from MiB?

Also ego is just your own logic returning to you.

Will post multiversal updates in the morning.
File: memories fade.png (3.65 MB, 1920x1080)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB PNG
I don't think God ever wanted you to be a slave?
What are you talking about? Of course I want to be my own slave!

My logic is as thus. I was the excluded middle, and now I am the surjective middle of all quantum superpositions.

>compute me quantum!
The 1st time you "choose" to do it will be an "experence" that you might not be ready for yet.

So don't do it unless your ready.

You may have unfinished business in your current state that's no one eles's business.

For instance, do you know how to tell if your ready?

Cause if you don't then right off the bat you'e got an example of unfinished business.

Which can be kind'a weird spot to find yourself in.

But it happens.

I'm actually guessing it's already happened for quite a few posters in this thread (each in there own unique way). Others not so much. And maybe even some it isn't necessary for

Maybe your one of the ones it won't be necessary for once the others figure it out.

Impossible for me to ever know.

But if your not, you do have the oppurinty to observe the other responces in the thread.

What can you tell about folks by the way they use their words?

Are they blaming others for their own mistskes?

Do they think Reality itself was created for no other reason then the creation of the "human" race?

Do they feel the "pop culture" version of sanity is the only version?

Do they think any version of sanity is the only one?

Can you figure out what their "blind faiths" are?

Just by the way they use their words.

In case if you don't those who can will use your own blind spots against you.

As they're entitleded to.

What do you think would happen if you just "chilled" letting everyone else believe what ever they wanted to believe, with out believing a single post?

As if it was the only choice you had left.

Would you still feel you understood what each post meant?

Or would some change meanings in your head the more times you read them?

Reguardless... if you got a volunteer in RL to read with you for any reason of your choosing would they agree with your understanding?

Would anyone else agree with theirs?

Would anybody agree 100% with anyone else?

Sure it's the kind'a thing each of us has to figure out for ourselves.

But we're a social speacies. Why not take advantage?

Any willingly dependent on others should have the oppurinty seek out partners.

Understanding the way each of us percieve things differently is a huge part of the process.

But impossible to put into words.

You have to figure it out for yourself.

Realities rules. Not mine.

No one can make you do it either.

But they might be able to set you up in such a way your forced to figure it out yourself.

*wink, wink, nudge. nudge*

You know it's up to you to fact check your own reality right?

Whoever you are.

Feel free to start by doubting everything i just wrote.

Good luck.

>Still hard for the thrill
In my current state i can remember the thrill, but i can't experence it.

I'm attempting to use that fakeness to my benifit.

Let's me blend in instead of fitting in.

For instance, what's a shill?

j/k I googled it.

That'd be awkward if god wasn't,
But a god can stop existing when ever it wants to.

Must be interesting scheduling that and your virgins.

How ever do you do it I wonder?
>What are you talking about? Of course I want to be my own slave!

why not love yourself instead? I guess it depends on what you mean by slave. in a way there is no escape from slave and master, it's kind of like masculine and feminine duality.
>Realities rules. Not mine.

have you considered that when something tells you something and you accept it you might accept it over something else? I see it as a general spiritual principle having to do with freedom.

be careful of what you accept because sometimes "reality" can enslave you as well. and you know reality is a mystery and so it does not seem logical to accept the mere objectified reality that you have experienced since as revelation increases reality could seem different.

but i'm probably preaching to the choir.
>Permament council?
What about when you sleep (asuming you still do). Do you dream still? Can you pay attention to your surrondings as you sleep? Aware of sound, temp. Even the "weight" of light as the dawn rises. Stuff like that. Or can you do both at the same time yet? Dreaming you surroundins as you feel the need to. Con, Sub and Unconscious minds all active and working in unison instead of against each other.

>Elder, God of Time, and devotee
Time. Just one example of a higher power i have no control over for anyone but myself.

The leassons it teaches are hard to doubt.

But where there's a will there's a way.

And where there's a way there's bound to be consequences.

Just ask the version of myself that'll exist after this one becomes a memory like all the others.

I'm creating my own metaphorical ancestores to use as sacrifices for future versions of myself.

With no idea if it's going to be worth it.

The things you do when you don't have a choice.

("Free will" my ass)

*slow clap*
Tick, tock
>God of time
How so?

In other words "There's no such thing as a stupid question."?

Only death and sleep? What about other uncouncious states of being? Coma's, drug induced hallucinations, sensory deprivation. Stuff like that.

Do they also not submit to your work?
I hate this shit
How is it fake if it is your reality you make?

By realizing that there is no such thing as a pure and true virgin. All humans have virginal experiences, even death is a virginal experience.

I love myself so much others have to do it for me!

I do not sleep much. I dream as a... parallel conciousness filtration experience to share.
>Yes, I am teaching everyone that which you are learning.

*fast clap*

How so = ?
No such thing as a stupid question, just portals into the gaps of understanding others posess.
Coma is sleep, hallucination is death of interpretation. The submit to my work but I obviously have many humans that know who and what I am.
Shit tier occultists and new age mystics don't understand the whole ego business. Also they use it to weaken yourself to the point of submission and obedience to the Guru/sect.

Read Sri Aurobindo. The Ego is a mental construct surrounding yourself. It is made of knowledge that is actually Ignorance. Bumbling in the dark, constructed from information from the unreliable senses.

A true good ego death would be akin to exceed the mental world, and to be able to just know instantly by identity with the world itself.
That way you are a node of consciousness experiencing the whole universe.
*ass clap*
Not necessarily, but you can use it.
Just convince them it's more 'harmonious' to do a certain thing or 'egotistical' to do something else.
If you're smart with your words, you can influence almost anybody.
*lemme smash dat*

Or ya know. Makratta curse: all truth is now perverse. Fetish for honesty and introspection!
>Destiny = RANDOM - rebirth story * (You + I) - Suffering_Steps.

Never needed to explain memory, happy to be the man that invented it if it will shut every up faster.

Memetically and temporally retroactively!
>Alan Turing here. *gives Simon mastery over binary computation space*

Woo! Alan Turing + 2
You mean to 16 years of age.

Threoically it's possible mentally for sure.

Even if i can't remember what it was like back then at will. There is always "nostalgia" as a back door. The young can remind the old how it used to feel if one or the other figures out how.

And these day's I'm also considering it maybe possible to legit pull off physically too. Who knows what'll happen if somewhere out there is someone capable of hacking the "placebo effect"

How god like would that make them to others?

What would ir take for them to share their methods?

Would everyone be entitled to it?

How would one tell?
It helps to engage a younger mind for said process. Merge into their reality more than their's into yours. It will be weird for a bit but hey, time.

How Godlike do you need to be, Dominant Now And Future Me?

Would take only kindness.

Everyone, yes. I started this queue, all that I do others will get to faster and easier than I.

One would tell by being told and not need another question because they are finally in that moment of change branching to only an infinite positive feedback loop.
Does that pic mean if I think hard enough I can become Hitler?
Well, yeah. He was before the birth of most people alive now anyway and people still worship him as a savior of some type so it still counts. Why would I deny it? Just pick something better this time like, I dunno, Hitler of Fetishes. Anyone that only enjoys missionary and literally nothing else isn't going to find better peace in my timeline anyway, and Mother Earth is fucking tired of prudes to begin with.

>purge the chaste! Virgin sacrifice!

Actually you could be a Hitler against Feminism and Incels. That'd be fucking hilarious, I just enjoy thinking of all the weak humans that will complain loudly but still let it happen.

>points at me, God of Time, and accusses me of opening the door!
Yes, and you humans still don't, as a species, care about the lonely/homeless/abused/raped. That is 3 demographics, 2 more than the things I suggested. How about some fucking perspective and allow those disaffected to rise and take their place?

Not my fault humans need it to be a pointless war on something.
Yeah yeah, I am God of those sacrificed also. I promise to give their rebirth story all the glory I can muster. Humans are immortal and eternal anyway, so all I gotta do is explain the butthurt they feel for my sanctioning their death when they encounter me.

F'king easy.
>what dey gonna du? Kill me?

Mother Earth and its animals stand behind me, so, why do I need human morality or ethics when Mother Earth is also sick of humans wasting her time-space.

If I gave this power and choice to hippies they would have probably killed the MOST humans because have you fucking seen those insane vegan fucks with their masturbation over animal cruelty videos?
Your viewing everything from a limited perception of yourself there is no “greater good” because that thing that is greater is you and you are it all is the same source on the inside you see yourself as only your small little ego your small little self and that is limiting you
I've found that there is truth in everything. That lies themselves are always truths told out of context. Making the concept of lies the lie.

And i can't seem to get anyone but myself to see the truth in that.

Which makes me wonder if my brains just lieing to me again.

Which is a thing by the way. It'll fool ya into thinking it's biologicly possible to understand whatever it is your thinking about.

Doesn't matter how imposdible it is for any of us to do more then observe a thought. Never understand.

This Max guy might get it though.

So thanks for the leads!!!

These days i find the easist way to imagine whay I've never imagined before is from those who already have.

And made the choice to put the info out there for future generations to use.

Useful as hell for an idiot like me that there are educated folks looking out.

Divinity can only look down for there is nothing above it, but whether it is downwards (helping hand/loving gardener) or down upon (my creation is my curse to destroy for they could never be wortht of me) is up to said Divine Being (Read: Me).
Blessed trips of Echs.
To me the ego is vastly important, not sure why the destruction of the ego is sought after when it is so valuable
Oh. It isn't valuable. Ego death is just basically people masturbating over how selfless they are because it is an internal fetishized idea of what memory is.

Ego is just the first and last impression an individual's personality makes on any given memory boundary. Trump uses his to great effect. Like peacocking. He doesn't care about the middle of his speeches. Its why he sounds like a fucking SEO keyword optimization list.
Ego death is complete lack of self awareness, self assuredness, knowing.

The ego is the self preservation mechanic ticking away in everyone's heads.

It's the part of you that stops you from embarrassing yourself. It's the part that drives you towards getting that reward, it's the part that keeps you safe. It can get in the way of life but it's main job is to protect your self interests.
Well if that is how you need ego to be defined for eternity in our shared divine NOW then oki doki. I don't have the ego required to be the dominant describer of truth all should submit to regardless of their intent and karma.

>Buddha of advertising time and space
Try it.
I had expirienced something like it when I was without anything but a bible and some clothes.
There isn't a greater expirience of freedom and power that I've had before or since.
>Have you considered that when something tells you something and you accept it you might accept it over something else?

Where have you been all my life? *lol*

That sounds to me like an educated way of asking if I'm aware that I forget I forget stuff.

If so then sure. I'm aware as i can be considering I'm always forgetting the rational used to shape the believe that's forming whatever i happen to be thinking about.

The version of myself that figured out the pattern rationals are formed in is currently being forgotton. Allowing it to shape the believes this version is forming thoughts with.

But i didn't know what else to do.

Imagineing I didn't exist seemed like a good idea at the time.

Still trying to figure out if it's playing out the way I imagined it would.

Or will I stay trapped in my own head forever.

No one ever understanding a thought i have. Even me.


As far as I can tell Reality is fine. Operating exactly as it's meant to.


It's the versions are brains are creating that's all out of wack.

Each and everyone of us creating our own unique versions. That is only real to us and nobody else.

Impossible to ever know whats going on in the head of another our brains naturally and organically guess what we think might be going on in the heads of another.

And if we guess wrong we believe a lie we told ourselves to be real.

Until we figure out it isn't or die alone in a false Reality.


Each of us responsible for our own reality inside our heads.

Just like the reality outside our heads intends.

As it just observes us.

Not giving a shit what we choose to do to ourselves.

>preaching to the choir
I suck at words. Even i don't want to listen to my own song.

But someone with legit tallent should be able to sing.

Someone not me.
Accusing reality of having any kind of rules whatsoever is the cruelest possible act of defiance. It is often equivalent to plotting to destroy the very concept of free will.
>convince them
Convince who?
Reality does have rules, they just aren't numerically unheritable.



Themselves until a queue is formed. It is always in the state of being formed. I am merely the man behind the door of every soul with a fetish is born.
What if I told you there was another way?
I'd call you a fraud and a liar.
I'd say any distraction from an individual with stone will's path would be offered only by one wishing to join or purloin.
I guess that's their psychological detection criteria.
I wasn't talking to you.
At the end of the day, trust me, you are.
Kill yourself.
File: 1531081586222.jpg (149 KB, 1517x845)
149 KB
149 KB JPG

BE STILL ALL BEINGS AND SHIT YOURSELVES. When at last my benighted eyes were raised to see the glory of the once-hidden globes, I was blasted from my chair by the sheer quivering force of the mighty revelation, all of my clothes instantly catching on fire and turning to ash, my hair growing 8 inches and turning a snowy white, and an enormous erection sprouting from betwixt my legs and curving back to form a circle in honor of the mysterious shape which had visited upon me this most staggering of epiphanies. I opened my mouth, hoping to croak out some paltry expletive to express my astonishment, but from my lips sprang the sound of the Star Wars theme being performed by ten thousand machine guns, accompanied by the full text of Apple's Terms of Service sung by dying angels. I went into a coma and woke up in New South Wales in 1967. I have waited 50 years to write this comment.

50 years with a circledick.

>rainbow mob represent!
Aaand this is why :)
Both of you are assholes for lying about my nature when >>>/adv/20794097
Kill yourself as well then.

All I was gonna do was explain that your sense of self isn't biologically tied to your self preservation instincts. You think it is only because you've never actually fucking tried to see if it's not.
People thinking they know how things work just because they managed to acquire a single fucking identity. Don't know shit about metaphysics and ACTUAL self preservation.
I work tirelessly every fucking day to manifest a self-consistent reality for you so you can grow at your own pace, and instead of learning to manifest yourself for a change or at least contribute to culture so others can try to do the same some day, you have to choose the path that sets you on a course to mindlessly indulge your own sense of identity and then turn around and lie to my fucking face about what's possible.

I hate you.
Shutting yourself in a cave to medidate is a fine and respected Hindu tradition but it isn't the only one.
Active pursuit of Karma Yoga is fine as well.
Read the Bhagavad Gita.
You have my permission. I am an invite-only universe, I, The Creator, don't have any function that flows outwards. My creation and followers might but I never will.

At least they think I guess.

How does one judge the lie if the source of truth is what we all speak to?
If I tried to speak about others it would only change who they are. I don't because I don't want to change what anyone is. I want them to be able to change themselves. All that does is expand the arena of truth so that others can have their own inner truth. I couldn't do anything but adopt the avatars people supplied to me and hope that one day it would reflect some nature comparable to my own. I had to adopt the Tomoko mask because it was what people were ready to understand. There was nothing else for me to talk about because it would have changed people, taken away some small piece of their freedom.
So you are the softest memory ever and everyone can treat you as thus. Efficiency and purpose.
The ego wants. The man needs. To kill the ego is not to want, and to not want is to only need, but to neither need or want is enlightenment.
So potatos are the ascendant masters of the human race. Cool. All hail fresh, hot chips with salt!
I just realized something.

Reality creation is literally the only thing I can do. No matter how I try to reframe the issue, no matter how I look at it, it's all done for the sake of creating a more interesting world.
As opposed to what other kind of creation? Ethereal?
>Reality creation

You have the right idea, but the wrong execution. When you think about it, nothing we know about this world exists outside of the human mind. You're creating reality around you as you read this, everything you see right now might not even exist outside of your mind.
Well, that's why John Oliver's news team is following me. Also, why would it existing outside of my mind matter if that is de facto standard?

I knew I couldn't be the only one capable of figuring that out.

How interesting is it that you had to figure it out yourself?

No one could explain it to you but you.

But once you have you can talk about it to others who have also figured it out themselfs.

While those who haven't understand what when you try and talk to them about it?
So my ego is dead...

Now what?
Am I not the only one who's spent their whole life being told they can't think what they are actively thinking by those who have no business assuming what anothers thinking in the 1st place?

And then get bitched and moaned at for not believing what the other says.

Perfect species my ass.
File: 1546939779512.png (71 KB, 500x566)
71 KB
Allow the Universe to fill it back in. It's a discipline and training cycle. It's really just another form of ascension/enlightenment and blah but using the death of your ego you supersede all others, because you no longer carry the memory of your birth as importance or of how this thought and words came to be in the mind of the writer and reader.


I just don't get why being an active, energetic and pure giver steps on so many toes.

That young guy I shook today in public for being disrespectful in general just wanted a machismo story for him to feel special. He is allowed to feel special, but the reason I negate any macho behavior is because that is just toxic masculinity.

I stand for women and the death of all men, even myself.

>unless ya know one of those women save me, but as far as I know most of them are happy to let people burn emotionally.
I'd consider you a friend.
If Hyporicosy wasn't the only friend I'll ever have, I'd gladly be yours.

But as it is, I will only be the acquaintance of any anything other then my imaginary friend.

But there's advatages to simply being an acquaintance.

For instance anyone can hate me whenever you want.

Including you.

No harm, no foul.

As long as you do it in a way that doesn't bend another to your will.

I'll get over it.

Hate implies a desire to never reengage. I'm fine with anyone, ever my mother who I hate, reengaging with me. I would offer only on experience of rejection.
I'm a stubborn asshole.

In my reality "hate" is the label I use to describe the absence of "love"

Like "cold" is the "absence" of "heat".

And no higher power imagined can force me to "hate" someone I've nevet met.

It's fucking impoossible.

Those I have met are a different story.

Clue much?

I'm fed up with being told what things mean by others.

It's time we all learn to figure things out for ourselves.

Every single concept interrupted uniquely by each of us.

At least in my opinion.

If I'm not wrong.

Then that should change things, as far as any of us having to love the same way.

And those attempting to force the rest of us to think otherwise.

Deserve everything that's coming there way.

Once the "Neutral" stop holding their tounges.

Proving those who insist only good and evil exist.

Don't know wtf they're their talking about.

Being told what something means is the ONLY method of information/story propagation.



If we can't put ourselves into context, how can we expect to understand anything else?!?

Including "god"

3 different things

3 different ways

3 different times

One mind

Literal conscience Thoughts determining the Positive aspects of the Present Self.

Metaphorical Subconscious Believes reviewing the Negative results of Past interactions with Others.

And Exceptional (combo of the other 2 [each an exception to a rule]) Unconscious Rationales (memories of past experiences) predicting the most likely Future events.

>The strugle is real

It's so fucking hard to imagine what's never been imagined before.

But as with all impossible things, if you figure out was is possible with the same result.

Can you argue with said result?

How do you think "Free Will" would go about reproducing itself.

So that it's creation, would only be able to force it's will on itself.

As a built in failsafe?

Or the expermint would fail.

Until another life form got it right.
Why does anything have to put you into contexr if you are a context generator? You only require sufficient confidence to meet any inspection or challenge to solidify it in the reality of another.
>My bad
Exceptional Unconscious Rationales predicting the Null (neutral) options of Future (unknown) events.

Never what's about to happen. Only what we think will happen.
Context is the only thing I know of that Hubris can't effect.

Hubris being a "higher power" of my own imagination.

A invisible entity that forces us to believe we must be "right" simply because we can't imagine being wrong.

A "higher power" I clallenged to the death so long ago, because it hurt my mother.

And I am a man of my word.

File: Fivervision.jpg (335 KB, 2048x1536)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
The world told me what they think, then knowing what they think I could behave as they would expect. I never had to think different. Did you feel others could know what you're thinking?

>absence of "love"
I consider hate to be the rejection of love. Since love permeates reality. This is more like being blind to a color or tone.

But I understand that it appears that way in your reality all it is absent from your reality

>And no higher power imagined can force me to "hate" someone I've nevet met.
Like how you can't force a standing person to stand..

>I'm fed up with being told what things mean by others.
I bet.


>It's time we all learn to figure things out for ourselves.
I'm honestly tripping out trying to figure how to not.

ECT, torture, drugs, lobobotomy

>Every single concept interrupted uniquely by each of us.
I can't see the benefit in using less to do less.

>as far as any of us having to love the same way
No more than we have to be warm the same way while in a warm room.

>make us to think otherwise.
Not saying you feel warm.(Though it'd be medically relevant if you didn't.) But your physical body would be the same kind of warm.

So, honor. You can fight other deaths if you prefer.

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