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>wake up 6:30am
>use the bathroom
>take a sip of water
>turn on computer screen
>find myself checking out new zealand on google maps
>check out christchurch among other major cities in new zealand
>stop after about 5 minutes and close google maps
>don't know why i did it
>i live in america. don't know anyone from new zealand. have no plans to travel to new zealand. never even heard of christchurch before today.
>anyway i start checking articles on the stock market. looking at fed funds rate over time, etc.
>hour goes by and i decide to check the news


how is this possible?

do psychic powers really exist?
It's called a botnet. Aka Google.
I Had events like those before not sure how to explain them
>wake up
>check google news
>see there's a shooting in Christchurch
>because of retardation don't know where the fuck Christchurch is
>look it up in google maps
>oh it's in New Zealand
>forget about reason looked it up in the first place because of aforementioned retardation
>see story again
>because of aforementioned retardation, draw conclusion of psychic powers
Something similar happed to me during the Paris attacks back in 2015
The day I got up from bed I told myself and by brother that something pretty terrible will happen
And a few hours later my brother told about the attacks, at first I didn't believe him until I turned on RT
The algorithm goes both ways, you know
i wonder if it's some intuitive pattern recognition

explain pls
>wake up
>don't check the news because i never do
>go through my day at work
>get home, go on 4chan
>4chan says some person shot some people somewhere in the world today
>doesn't affect me, so i don't care
>go on with my day
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I'm laying in bed and all the sudden the inside of my head starts buzzing and almost vibrating. Why?
Is this ayys????
My phone was in another room so it can't be that
Pic unrelated
It's called a coincidence. There are millions of people looking at google earth maps and you happened to be one that looked up the area in question before the event. Nothing spectacular when you think of the numbers.
Sleep paralysis.
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Meh whatever.

Just for a moment your subconscious was connected to the source and jumped ahead of the "time"line. Our lives are a mix of pre-determinism and free will.

>make up shit on 4chan
>holy shit im special
guys all you need to do is start thinking about good things only. positive thing for yourself and other people. think about good things you want to happen for you and other people. they will happen. do NOT think about talk about write about bad things. everyone can have success, more money, a better life. just start wishing for good things all the time and they will happen. try it PLEASE! literally i promise you only good things will happen if you do that. not one bad thing could possibly happen ever again! how cool is that? give it a try. somebody needs to change the name of this board to something more upbeat. seriously. think happy thoughts. your life will get better. the world will get better. QUICKLY.
I believe in this shit but something is telling me ur lyin
I knew my grandfather died before anybody told me. I had a weird feeling all morning something was wrong with my him and not an hour later I get pulled out of school by my Dad and he tells me on the way home that my grandfather passed away.
rollercoaster analogy;
the timeline is like a rollercoaster, it all exists at once but the vehicle (you) is only experiencing a certain part of that track. Sometimes when you awake or are in a sleepy state your mind can move to a different part of that track but your awareness is still on the same.

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