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Male Age 31.
dreaming normal dream, 30 minutes or so into sleep at normal time.
>becomes very lucid, i am very self aware
>questioning God, aferlife, that kind of stuff, things I often think about
>dream becoming more and more self aware and lucid
>entity appears near me
>i refuse to look
>wondering about the nature of god
>entity telepathically expressing "let me show you let me show you"
>instinctively resist
>feel entity pulling me
>feel like dark shroud covering me is slowly being lifted
>closest thing I can compare the feeling to would be if you were hiding in a blanket and someone was slowly pulling it off
>not scared
>entity doesn't feel malevolent
>feel very alarmed, but not scared
>darkness almost completely dissipated
>rushing sound increasing all around me (like being underwater with muffled turbulent noise)
>feel GIANT vibrations eminating from chest
>during waking I feel like I am returning to my body, but as if I wasn't far from it, like two outlines re-syncing on top of each other
>wife next to me in bed
>pic unrelated
sounds like you had a pretty weird dream, I've been told it sometimes happens
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Kudos. That's your anima, she holds your soul. She will indeed show you God, but must show you herself first.

This is a very important dream for your individuation. If you can, pay careful attention to identify any objects, symbols or entities. Get it all written down, because the memory will fade steadily.

Do not contemplate heavily on these 'things' or their meanings. This will keep you from overwriting the meaning the unconscious actually intended. These will be used in active imagination.

Now would be a good time for meditation, start a regular practice if you can. Just something simple like 5-30 minutes of quietness or Pranayama. Not necessarily for any phenomena, but to grant your unconscious periods where it's allowed to use more of the brain. While you may feel urged to explore this outwardly, with your age and the seeming lack of contention with the anima I think something inward and intimate will serve best.
Thanks friend. I will do some research.
Please tell me more what an anima is.
File: Anima.jpg (5 KB, 200x200)
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I might as well provide the insight I can. We're spiritual beings born into physical bodies. Spiritually we have infinite combinations of sexes, so identifying as either male are female would just be denying the other. The self contains both functions, individuation is the process which forms the self.

As we develop, our psychic functions are gradually discovered and sorted. The useful functions which we identify as 'ours' become the ego's. Those which are denied as 'Other' become Shadow. Those which are denied based on physical sex become Anima. It's the 'her in him.'

Adam has met
watch out for snakes, they'll try to teach you two to fuck.

For a more directly occult relation and blatant show of symbolism:
>feel like dark shroud covering me is slowly being lifted
>darkness almost completely dissipated

>Anima (Spirit).
>Darkness all around (hardness) and light (softness) within, meaning end of time, where light is expanding from reaching it's limits in the void, and going back from the ultimate female force to meet the void (male), to expand (into space thus space all around), until all space is filled and light is made whole again or the male meets the ultimate female (infinity).
File: Animus.jpg (6 KB, 200x200)
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Females experience something very similar, but they have an
>Animus (Spirit).
>Light all around (softness), and dark (hardness) within, meaning the beginning of time, where light is contracting or creating space (separation), to create the Cosmos. This separting the light into many things continues until there is no light left only darkness at which the female flips into the male. Just like all men come from their mothers wombs.

I'll point you towards a rather simple article

Beyond that you could read Jung's

He refers to this pair as the Syzygy
>The whole Aeonology of Valentinus was based on a theory of syzygies, or pairs of Aeons, each Aeon being provided with a consort; and the supposed need of the co-operation of a male and female principle for the generation of new ones, was common to Valentinus and some earlier Gnostic systems. But it was a disputed point in these systems whether the First Principle of all was thus twofold. There were those, both in earlier systems, and even among the Valentinians who held, that the origin of things was to be traced to a single Principle, which some described as hermaphrodite; others said was above all sex. [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeon_(Gnosticism) ]
So my anima is part of me within my soul? A negative reflection of everything I am not in the physical world?
Within your unconscious, the anima has been 'hiding' your soul for safe keeping. She's not a reflection of these functions, more of a manifestation. Psyche is not opposed to matter, but in fact intimately intertwined. I'm at Mary myself. I have a womb and a menstruation cycle. My animal body has a penis and doesn't bleed on a cycle.(Though I feel on the verge of stigmata or something when flows get intense.) My animal body is not me, it's mine. It does not dictate or limit my functions within the cosmos any more than I allow it to.

The tools Jung suggests for further development are dream interpretation and active imagination: Methods of communicating with the unconscious.

The anima has been terribly neglected. She's like the housewife of the mind, always does her best, is infinitely loving and loyal. While you haven't even looked at her. What do we do after unconsciously acting out? Well, nearly everyone smacks her for acting out of line and using the body till the behavior eventually stops. However she only ever does what she thinks we want, based on what we've told her: Communicating what we want allows her to do functions for us. She'll start to wash the dishes and do the laundry, thrilled to finally get to serve you in a way you appreciate. Consider https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicameralism_(psychology) as conceptually similar.

What I mean by this is that she makes us a lot smarter and more cognitively able once the pair starts working in union. This is where we find access to psychic activity, spiritual functions, and straight up magical powers.
Recommend you read some Jung m8, it's great fun. Start with vol 6 or 10.
Thank you. I have much to learn.
File: 14772.png (453 KB, 600x596)
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453 KB PNG
Your individuation situation is one of the most direct and gentle I've come across. Well, you could be suffering heavily yet are just too damn stoic to hint at it. She'll make you suffer soon enough if you're not yet fully at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigredo

Jung refers to the individuation as a the heroes journey.
>In myths the hero is the one who conquers the dragon, not the one who is devoured by it. And yet both have to deal with the same dragon. Also, he is no hero who never met the dragon, or who, if he once saw it, declared afterwards that he saw nothing. Equally, only one who has risked the fight with the dragon and is not overcome by it wins the hoard, the “treasure hard to attain.” He alone has a genuine claim to self-confidence, for he has faced the dark ground of his self and thereby has gained himself. … He has acquired the right to believe that he will be able to overcome all future threats by the same means. -Jung

You'll perhaps experience the most beautiful and terrible things reality has to offer.
>It happened once that Autolycus had gone to Ithaca and had found the child of his daughter just born. As soon as he had done supper Euryclea set the infant upon his knees and said, ‘Autolycus, you must find a name for your grandson; you greatly wished that you might have one.’
>‘Son-in-law and daughter,’ replied Autolycus, ‘call the child thus: I am highly displeased with a large number of people in one place and another, both men and women; so name the child ‘Odysseus,’ or the child of anger. When he grows up and comes to visit his mother’s family on Mt. Parnassus, where my possessions lie, I will make him a present and will send him on his way rejoicing.’
Good luck, Odysseus.

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