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Oh god. Is there any cure for schizophrenia and autism. I fucked up
Nah, but on the bright side you may as well create a tulpa gf at this point cause how much worse could it really get, right?
There is no personal cure for a profoundly sick society.
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I felt the healing commence, but I wanted to be the healer instead, then I felt "it" leave me even though it was trying to talk me out of it
Automatic soul-theft spell traps? Tut tut.
Maybe psychedelics, and working on yourself. But also have to be careful with this stuff, shrooms can have an positive effect, aya too but be careful If you decide to do it. It will get better with time but have to work on it. Eat healthy carnivore maybe, working out, sunshine and Lots of Nature, medidation. Good luck you can do it
I personaly think slight autism and mental illness can be healed with perfect diet and healthy lifestyle. Medication makes you a Zombie, glad I never fucking took it.
whatd you do boyo?
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felt more like arrogance and egomania. I had it in my power to stop but I ruin everything
Nothing really
Just remembering my past actions and failures and its bothering me
It's never too late and change something for better, just never give up, everything is possible If you believe in yourself, the past is over, you can do something now
>op is scitzo
>do psychedelics
Dude. No.
>any cure for schizophrenia and autism
>Just remembering my past actions and failures and its bothering me
are you me?

you tell me one terrible cringy memory, I give one of mine topping yours.
Yea sure this happened last night so I am just now understand why. I was training last night in the gym and i was going intense, playing loud music etc.. and people started leaving the gym so now im sitting here like wtf is going on and now i find out about this story and what happened. i had no idea

yes i do train with intensity and i train in an aggressive way and i guess itss too much for other people to see and handle
Nope. No cure. Treatment, therapy, drugs. Shit like that no actual change of how your brain was made though. Better help with the wiring though.
Have you tried not being that way?
Write down the set of principles/morals you want to be/live by.

If you don't know, you Can just look it up from psych websites or those that list top x traits for being y.


Write them down. Properly. On a piece of paper you won't lose.

Then take a shitload of hallucinogenics. Especially dissociative ones.

Shrooms and dextromethorphan work better than lsd.
Lsa is also good. Found in hbwr.

Make sure you're well fed and hydrated prior. Be in a dark room with no distractions and no commitments for the next few days. Maybe even a week.
Have a water bottle and toilet nearby.

Then take them. Where you're sure it's an overdose.

You'll experience ego death. And lose all sense of your former self.

Then start recalling what you wrote down.

You'll think you're insane for the first 2 weeks afterwards. Then you slowly get your brain back to baseline. But as a fresh slate.

Building new habits become easier and you lose your old thought patterns.

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