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What does it mean?

Why did this play while the NZ shooter drove away from his sins?

What kind of God lets his people slaughter each other, are they not the same belief through different lenses, are they not all children from the same cradle? Why is this holy war still taking lives 1000 years later?

Why the fuck do the chans create such hateful people?

>What kind of God lets his people slaughter each other, are they not the same belief through different lenses, are they not all children from the same cradle? Why is this holy war still taking lives 1000 years later?
To be fair if the afterlife was real, murder should be considered a act of mercy.
Especially if commited agains't children
It's almost as if (((someone))) is using Muslims and Christians as pawns while they become the hidden masters of a unified world.
If Muslims would just stay in the desert where they belong this wouldn't have happened.
Someone also of Abrahamaic spiritual descent, you say? Who could it be?
You spelled Masons weird.
I watched this video about two hours ago while looking through Faustian related content. I actually haven't heard about this shooting people are mentioning, as i'm fairly disconnected from news media.

Sick synchronicity though.
Into the flame, into the fire
With no regard for a thing
Fuck that, I'm the Lord of the Game
I rule this empire

I am the God of Hellfire!
> stay in desert
> get aired out by whites anyway
>stays in desert
>get aired out by whites anyway
The fife and drum music playing when he first drove up is a brain washing technique.
>What kind of God
The kind that's only really hoping that humanity doesn't consent to actual erasure. At least death leaves a soul behind.
File: 1550125es.png (91 KB, 698x459)
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>Finally come across info on shooting
Synchronicity you bitch.
it was a serbian song i believe just another meme
The Initial D song 'gas gas gas' also played. Doesn't mean anything.
No. It was American Revolutionary music.

File: 154512036.jpg (267 KB, 907x907)
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One of my younger brother's favorite songs. He plays racing games all day.
Bob Hickman could explain this
What a fucking coincidence that plays right when he gets in the car.
>I am the god of hell fire, and I bring you!
He was trying to spell Morons, dumbass
He timed everything to the songs, go and watch how the songs amp you up for the shooting. The patriotism as he’s walking up to the door with the shot gun, half way in the mosque you hear metal for a split second, the. He’s getting the gas and he’ll fire song comes on. He coordinated this TO the playlist. He drives off as the song GAS GAS GAS is playing leaving the scene.

Look, if you really wanted to, you could stockpile a bunch of weapons and ammo and go somewhere and do the same thing with whatever stupid fucking thing you'd have to say about your act of inhuman violence.

You wouldn't be any more right than anyone else who could do this, which is basically most people, when you think about it.

God won't stop you unless you imagine god as a force that would restrict violence and death.

But most gods, as they're written about, totally condone that shit if it's in their name, and that's essentially why they're all full of shit to anyone who actually wants peace and love.

That's all that really matters at this point.

There's no such thing as "holy war" except the spiritual struggle that you experience as a person who has the capacity to inflict pain on others.

Don't do it. War over.
This really creeped me out last night before sleep. God I love comfy slow boards like /x/ where you can actually return to threads the next day and they won’t be gone.
>Why do the chans...?
They don't "do" anything, you brainlet.
>>What kind of God lets his people slaughter each other, are they not the same belief through different lenses, are they not all children from the same cradle?
The answer is obvious: These people only CLAIM that they worship God. How many so called followers follow some charismatic human that claims that he read the holy text, as opposed to actually follow the text itself? How much of their so called religion is actually nothing more than a tradition from who knows where? God claims:"Whomever worships Me, but doesn't recognize Me to be present in everybody, simply wastes his time"
I mean I cannot stress this enough; nonexistence is exceptionally possible. That never goes away.

Well, there's nothing creepy about it. You know what pain is, and you know what pleasure is.

If you think that you have to distribute the former in order to experience the latter, then you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

That's pretty comfy, though, and if this thread grants comfort, then I hope it doesn't go away for you.

They clearly think that having access to the hivemind somehow corrupts humans who desire access.

It's not an uncommon belief.

But if that were true, then we'd all be standing on a pile of ballistics that only determines what damage we might cause with our bodies, and most of us have already determined that such a calculation is worthless compared to how much pleasure we can can cause with those same bodies.

Who cares how much death you can deal when the possibility of dealing life exists?

The holy text is your consciousness.

Charisma is the degree to which you identify with other humans.

There's no reason to follow any tradition than that which doesn't cause joy within you.

Marie Kondo isn't just trying to clean your apartment; she's trying to tell you how to live.

Live for joy, anon. There's no other reason to.
>chans create hateful people
>What kind of God lets his people slaughter each other

Here's the thing: God doesn't (gods don't, depending on your beliefs) control people. We have free will. The rules are given to us, but we have to make our own decisions.

If you think Heaven (or whatever you want to call the spiritual eternity in the realm of God(s)) is perfect, remember that Lucifer experienced all of his rebellious thoughts and emotions in this space.God(s) already knows every being has the capacity to do things outside of the divine desires.

When mankind was created, we left the ideals of God(s), and thus the hardships of humanity were explained to us. Among these, we were told we are in charge of the Earth. That means God is not in charge of the Earth; we are put in dominion of our own thoughts and actions, and must face the consequences for them.

This means that God looks on, and may provide a little emotional assistance here and there, but that pollution we caused? That's on us. When some maniac decides to murder a lot of people? That's on us -- rather that's the maniac's own decision, and not God's.
'This is wholesome as fuck.

I feel like I'm coming home when I read this.

Thank you for a warm household, anon.

You are a joy that I can't describe.

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