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Thread archived.
You cannot reply anymore.

File: SPoW_82318_01.jpg (601 KB, 2000x1500)
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I was going to quit 4chan a week ago. After not even comming on this site for 5 days or so, i had my first ever full blown existential crisis.

It started with me questioning 4 things. First was technology. How did we go from hunting to driving cars and having all this technology in a short amount of time?

Second was how humans were created and came to be. Creation vs evolution. When i looked at this question with an atheist perspective, i was going mad. Question after question arised, i kept googling definitions of biology and i knew there were missing links.

The 3rd question i had is why are we here. I'm not a good writer and i'm still getting headaches and my "third eye" is pulsing so hard, it won't go away.

The 4th question was is there life outside of earth? And are they friendly or not.

Thanks to david icke, OSHO and the universe inside you youtube channel, i've had a full blown existential crisis.

There is a reason why religion is created, so you don't end up like me questioning everything and going mad. If you rely on God, life becomes much more "relaxed".

If you don't believe in god thats one thing, if you go deeper, you will go mad.

The headaches aren't stopping for me and it hurts a lot.
I have a clue of where exactly are you now.

Do you want me to lead you out of that hole or I let at the mercy of this type of assholes?
I have the same feeling, the existential crisis kind of ruins my life while im observing everyone just going with their day to day life and im always wonderibg how these people dont question the fundamentals of reality so heavily. Atleast by going to places like /x/ i know that i am not alone which kind of lightens the burden. Stay strong anon and we will at one point discover the truth or so i hope!!
Anon whoever you are this poster with this particular name is here so you get raped.

It's complicated and it will take time but if he is here you are already on the rape list.
Tbh stop and turn around.
Dont get involved with the high strung.
>I have a clue of where exactly are you now.

I have somewhat answered all my 4 questions in the OP i wrote. I don't want to go deeper because the headaches will become even more strong. I never really have headaches but i did have strong headaches a year ago, this time, i went deeper than ever before.

It surprises me the average man isn't going insane. Thanks to religion, entertainment, concept of god, motivation they aren't going mad. Im going mad. I hate seeing people as sheep, i want to be sheep so i can fit in with soceity. I want to be a slave to the elites but at the same time i don't want to...

idk what i am saying anymore.
initially i wanted to leave 4chan because of the far right politics and racism. I never liked religion idk im so confused.

Some anon is going to laugh at this post and think im a loser
Anon has problems and we need to help.

Telling anon "don't get close to this" won't do jackshit.
One, the headaches are caused by looking at the screen to much.

You are obviously unaware of that.
Hey, I lost my mom bro.
I'm trying to prevent that.

What else do we say, the more we say the worse "it" gets. Worries me.
Zen is where it's at my nig. Why do you care to go deeper? Humans just happened like a whirlpool happens. There isn't a thing that whirlpools, there's just the whirlpool.

Your problem is the fact that you're trying to explain the mechanisms of the world through words. The world isn't a sound that can be made by a human mouth, and it will never make sense to you unless you change the way you think about the great "that".
Because you say shit that makes no sense.

And this asshole just want to see nudes.
thats what osho said. God is dead, zen is the only living truth.

Aka meditation. I really haven't bothered to meditate. These past 4 or 5 days went so quick. i probably had 500 calories and didn't even get hungry as i used to
It doesnt. Its cryptic then.
Shut the fuck up or ban me asshole.
now explain advanced technology, aliens and evolution.
Stop being pretentious.
You are a pathological liar and you were a mod and probably still can ban people.
you say that to keep your sanity. I respect that
Based on what, the Truth/this Reality.
I'm a Snake. And were hated because we got out and woman energy is jealous. Old people.
I just gonna understand human "psychology" mind reading.
I'm staying put for now.
They did call me before though.
Based on enough experiences with him, I'm here everyday basically.

You question him and he goes like this>>22358249

The issue is that he steals the talking point of the people he chases, so they relate to him being all attention deprived and in need of help.
File: 153620.jpg (81 KB, 1280x823)
81 KB
>If you rely on God
If you rely on *faith. Blind faith is a blessing if one can achieve it. It allows one to avoid the process of actually having to find and experience God, which requires terrible sufferings and understandings. A Shepard can never return to being a lamb. Though it's a convent role for a wolf.

Enjoy your https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Night_of_the_Soul

I'll keep this -real- simple, but understand there is immense complexity behind forming an actual understanding.
Schizophrenia: when production creates things create production. It causes things to accelerate.

Creation and evolution. "God" essentially created a canvas then turned itself to paint, splashing across it. What he created was both painter and paint, creator and creation. The creation in his image, which repeated the action, and so on. We're created by and for each other.

We're process, we exist in process for the purpose of process. There is only process. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Real can not be symbolized, thus any potential truth beyond process is absurd and understanding it is humanly impossible.

Yes and yes. Ideas are alive and life is merely an idea. You've got to break your reliance on matter as a source for concepts.

The headaches are indeed caused by the attempts at higher-order abstractions. Violent adjustments of neural pathways.

Meditation at this point is important for OP, calming conscious mental activity to allow the unconsciousness to use and patch the areas usually claimed by conscious activity.
I believe my own truth. Because what is truth at this point. Living in society?
My baby heart doesnt matter anymore?
That's how demons are made.
Fuck me. I think of all this plus the actual fabric of reality that we are situated in. What is the medium that are we existing in?! In before vacuume space and negative energy pressure and virtual particles . I mean how they do they pop into being??
Look if you can type that much you looked at the screen to much, biological facts.
>The universe is multiple million lightyears across and somewhere there is BOUND to be other intelligent life. But the chance that we have met them is very small.

I don't agree with this. You say this to keep your sanity. You don't know what its like to be insane but calm at the same time. If i tell you aliens have visited us and control us in subtle ways, you will either ask me to show you evidence or tell me im crazy or you will become perplexed and shaken.
WE know that you are OP, by the way
Everyone is a demon then.
If its God truth then hes a demon deserving of "worship"
yes thats my post

after doing lot of research, i'll tell you what i learned.

aliens gave us technology and assisted us throughout ancient times

I believe that god created us and i also believe aliens genetically created us.

we are here on earth to grow and learn and expand our consciousness and love each other unconditionally

there is life outside of earth.

this is what i have come to
>I know that because higher beings have shown me

How did you meet them?
>Just as they showed me true consciousness

is consciousness god? is consciousness the source?
Yeah nature...

Poor cursed board.
File: you fucking idiot.jpg (247 KB, 1224x1445)
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247 KB JPG
>It started with me questioning 4 things. First was technology. How did we go from hunting to driving cars and having all this technology in a short amount of time?
>In such a short amount of time
>Short amount of time
Hey look who radically changed his tone.

I wonder if you can't ban me now or if it's not really necessary.
fuck my head hurts. I think you are trolling me and want me to die!

im not going to fucking die!!!!!
Until you generate enough pity and they see you as good then they get raped.

We have seen it enough.

Now if you want to continue this obviously private conversation prepare to be insulted and exposed a lot.
Well you have talked to me for about 4 years now.

You have been present in any stalking case that I know of, if that wasn't suspicious enough you have the most drastic temperamental changes of any larper here.
no idea what that means.
i do know one thing for sure, my "third eye" is pulsing for 3 hours straight
I explain no problem.

Every time you are present in the stalking cases, every single time sometimes you cry and scream others you promote yourself and your theories but you are always there.

And people talks and write things but not all people react like you do, exploding in rage and caps lock for no apparent reason.

It's suspicious, like you are reflecting something not in the conversation.
Hey OP I know just what you're going through. I think these videos will satiate some of that curiosity. Fair warning that parts of these are full-blown conspiratard, but hot damn if there isn't some spicy knowledge here:

Lloyd Pye: Everything You Know Is Wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5qJYwfAju8
Missing links and Annunaki connections, fascinating shit

Graham Hancock: Ancient Civilizations
Graham's an author popularizing others' work but he's very influential in this space. His work on cataclysms has been on-point and is starting to be taken seriously, and his looks at pre-cataclysmic architecture and the annunaki hypothesis are fascinating. Graham goes off the rails though - he supposes that ancient people were more spiritual, for example, with no real evidence. Fair warning.

Robert Sephr on Bloodlines and Antediluvian Civilization
Robert's delivery is not great but he puts out fascinating content. Gets a lot of flak for tying things back to blood types and genetics.

Phobos Media: The Phobos Incident
This whole channel is high quality and approachable, you could even show this to normies without looking like a nut.

Don't Watch This Film
Shameless, unadulterated conspiratard with some fascinating shit thrown in.

Some other things I'd recommend looking into:
- "The Moon Rang Like a Bell"
- The Dogon tribe
- Antarctica
- Effects of solar activity on lightning, earthquakes, and pole shift
- The Chan Thomas report
- Micronovas

Stray away from "spiritual" and simulation theories - they are ultimately ethnocentric and purely metaphysical therefore beyond knowability, it's just faith and telling yourself what you want to believe. Nothing to be gained there.

That makes no sense, sounds like a cheap cheap justification.

Or that I'm just talking to the bot while you rape in the other /x/.
Always there Hanz.

Every single time, I can't start doxxing people but all cases have one common denominator.
I have been there and I have seen it.

Some miserable girls feels pity and then she ends exposed.

nice you still have a long way to go
So what happened to all your gfs Hanz?

Can you talk to me about that?
Are you Philip K Dick
>Violent adjustments of neural pathways.

How much damage have i done to my brain?
I can't Hanz you nuked my HDD remember.

i think he's metioned in a universe inside you video

i heard of the name

Do you remember her shirt?

She had so pretty eyes.
File: 14643058fee3.png (626 KB, 1121x375)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
Sure thing Hanz.

If I was as shitty as you I would ask for the same.

But you are what you are, and we die and you live.

Wheat law.
this is supposed to be the moment you truly understand that you dont know. this is where you let go of everything that you DO know and understand everything the you understand. everything that you look for about why humans came to existence is right here. you are human after all. everything that youve come to understand has been right underneath of your fingertips. everything in the known universe is and was and will be connected to whatever it is youve smelled, seen, felt, heard, and tasted. so why are there questions NOW of all times?
Common Hanz don't be petty now, remember the canadian?
Hey, OP. Another anon out there that totally can feel for you. I haven't found the answers, and it can be terribly depressing, or frightening and overwhelming. It sounds like you need to take a step back and give yourself some time to process this stuff, or you'll drive yourself crazy. It doesn't mean you're giving up; compare it to slowly stepping into a cool bath vs. diving headfirst into ice water. Regardless if you take a break or not, take everything said here and youtube with a grain of salt. Lots of trolls and schizos. We ultimately have to uncover stuff for ourselves. My personal approach was meditation over going down conspiracy rabbit holes. I can trust my own mind and perception over what anyone else can come up with. I've had some really powerful stuff happen too quick, and I honestly dont fully understand what I'm getting into, so I'm taking a break. I'd shift your energy into something stimulating like learning a language or whatever, or alternately just shut things off and chill with some vidya and a beer or whatever works for you. Then when you feel more centered and calm, go back to searching. Just listen to your own body and instinct. Good luck.
Remember the Uruguayan?

She was just a kid she cut herself for you Hanz.

What about the argentinian?

The whole world has her naked pics now.
There's no point Hanz no one can read this but you and me.

We are just sharing, like old friends.
I'm not magical hanz.

I never understood why they did this and why you helped them like this.

Now I do, and my soul dies in that thought.
I'm smelling some serious samefaggotry and why the fuck is this on /x/? Go make a thread elsewhere and fuck each other (or yourself) already.
kek evil always dies mate
No we die.

evil is a concept.
don't take the troll so seriously man
>be me
>make thread
>2 faggots fighting with each other

what kind of power do i have?
My voices are calling you a black holes terrorist.
But I'm in the same I just gotta improve, I'm guilty.
Sorry OP. The shooting earlier didn't quite get people to understand what it means to be erased. It only got people to wisen up, a little bit, in the same scale as standup comedy.
The gangstalkers are female and want to see how big our dicks are.

Females are the noticers. We dont exist without their noticing powers. Literally.
God is a cuck. If you know what God is on earth.
who is god
why do you want a gf
why do you have mental illness

The children. Freed one.
The cosmos wants social justice.
Can we get a banhammer for these two please?
File: 15397h.jpg (277 KB, 1212x936)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>Hanz vs God
I'd have to bet on God, but you'd go down like Rocky.
He can't, because the fact that you're being fucked with is a direct consequence of him abusing consent to try to make it so a weapon of peace can't be fired at its author, by the one who first invented the idea, measuring along the sideways time dimension, and excluding any time travelers from the equation for the sake of not spontaneously and totally collapsing the entire network of superpositions, in other words, his future self is continually trying to offset fate away from him so that he doesn't have to pay the consequences for his own actions. He's literally willing to let all life die rather than admit his code is shit.
Male is satanic
I could give you his name right now. I don't because I'm not a weapon.
File: srsplsgo.jpg (71 KB, 570x475)
71 KB
>The cosmos wants social justice.
Stop projecting your degeneracy onto the cosmos.
No, but the fool trying to defend himself by deflecting his own self-fulfilling prophecy onto others is certainly not beyond impersonating a higher self, a crime for which erasure is actually warranted.
Besides, BALANCE.
What does social justice mean?
This makes sense.
File: aposematism.jpg (683 KB, 1840x1088)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
It's not "balance" to subject the majority to the whims of the minority, that's literally the definition of "oppression."
>babies first nihilism
I won't attack his past self because of the mistake of his future self. My job is to be the responsible time traveler in the relationship, and firing a weapon of peace at yourself is only fair, provided you came up with the idea of a weapon of peace in the first place. To think that other people should be able to fire it at themselves, that, yes, is an extinctionist policy.
Oppression to the rich, who dont need million dollar mansions and have some much money they buy bullshit with.

I'm the dust in their mansion.
I don't need to fight. I've already won. He's just being a stubborn jackass and trying to run from the mistake of his own designs. I don't wish harm on him, my hope is that he finds a way to control himself of his own volition and stop trying to fight battles by proxy.

He can meet me as an equal or he can fuck off.
I'll tell you the hardest truth in the universe, OP.

You can take it. You're strong enough.

Fucked up huh?
Yeah it sounds like you're being used as some kind of pain battery. I understand the mind control angle, but I'm not getting any vibes that you've actually been subjected to any. Has it just been mental manipulation through pain?
>Whoever is responsible for this. I want him to fight me.
You already lost, by the way. Years ago. Try not to forget next time.
File: 15mm.png (346 KB, 500x513)
346 KB
346 KB PNG

I'm not going to shut off his free will. That's not what I'm about. If I have to react, my preferred reaction is to just instantly and permanently kill the version of him that attacks. That's the safest path to protecting all life. That restores post-scarcity at the most rapid pace.

He can eat the damage he causes to the timeline. I know how to fix all of it. My intent is that HE should be the one to acknowledge his mistakes, and NOT and NEVER that anyone else be made to suffer for it.

When I say "made to suffer," I'm talking about any life he creates. Across the cosmos. Life created at the expense of other life, in defense of an extinctionist ideology, consents to extinction. I value anything he creates far more than I do him as a future individual.

There's still some questions about how readily he can respond to a thread on /x/. I'd assume that anything we say will get back to him, some day. Somehow.

Fact is, malice is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I've always been willing to inflict/suffer anything I'd ever done to wrong another person on myself. It's literally the basis of empathy for me. I want him to suffer his own malice, therefore, I want to be there with him to experience all the suffering he's imprinted on others by refusing to actualize the difference between taking responsibility and delegating it.
Yeah, that's purely him. I'd never use possession.
If the number scares you, it shouldn't. All the evil that comes from it are caused entirely by the human element attached to it.
stfu h*nz
Yeah, he writes the code that would do that. I'd never use possession for any reason, and I'd certainly never be stupid enough to try to use code to overwrite a human mind. I know too much about free will to pretend a machine can actually win at that.
File: srs-vs-pol.jpg (148 KB, 991x679)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>the overwhelming majority of plebs are "rich" because they don't have a crossdressing or cock-in-ass fetish
No. SJWs are not some poor underappreciated minority, they are not some poor underappreciated majority, they are bullies with impotency too intense to have anything to bully.
OP here
why do you want a soulmate?
It's this. Look on Tumblr, you'll find hatred. Justice never roots in hate.
souls do not have race, gender, sex, nationality etc etc

i think you just want a fuck buddy or wife. You can't fool me. You can never fool me.
this is a game.
a noose is your exit into infinity.
we are here to suffer, learn and grow.
File: 1543199897128.jpg (55 KB, 720x705)
55 KB
Looks to me like you're just in the way of something.

For the most part I'm uninterested in relationships, but the potential of a lover as an altar to the cosmic feminine resonates with me quite deeply.
I'm talking about social justice. The exact definition you get on Google for social justice and think of it fairly and squarely.

Not the crazy ones. They're too much.
>souls do not have race, gender, sex, nationality etc etc
Liberal propaganda has taken many dumb turns, this is one of them.
They tell me to hang out.
im not scared
i have no fear
i love suffering

Definitions are meaningless outside of practice.
dude you had an absolute mental breakdown. You having a mental breakdown made me realize you are weak and pathetic. I bet you jerk off often too since you don't have a sexual female partner
Because peoples minds aren't in balance.
david icke is mega gay 4 lizards
im going to tell your mom
Say "this is not a sin" before you do it.
Anything you truly wish to do.
Wrong. Because words are a shit thing, they CANNOT convey the depth that is reality.
So then reverse it.
Give them psychedelics.
Your word matters more than your life.
Not in a world posed of illusion.
>By saying "this is not a sin" im subliminally saying this IS a sin.
I've heard this concept repeated a lot in a lot of different types of conspiracy theories and occult practices. The idea that the matrix or the subconscious or the spirits or whatever else don't understand negations. So this leads to a question: can we crash reality by teaching the matrix what a negation means?
It's not a crash if it can recover.
>it's not a lie that isn't not a sin.
I owe a lie nothing.
>Jokes aside here tho, you all arent real anyways so pointless talking to you.
Opinion disregarded as schizophrenic.
All of you, liars, deceivers and manipulators.
All of you will awnser for your crimes.
Nothing is hidden from the eyes of God.
Except that pesky snake apparently. Kinda missed that one.
the false god of the matrix doesn't really exist, it's just like the Wizard of Oz, an spectacle made to coerce.
Also part of the construct hisTORy
>i have mental breakdowns every day. And yes, it is because im lacking a female partner.
No, it's because what a female partner would provide you, you lack inside yourself. You are out of balance and need someone else to bring you into balance.

You're also focusing way too much on this resentment for not having a gf, and the anger just grows and grows. Learn to think about things differently and don't let yourself get stuck in thought patterns that only bring you suffering.
Would be a shame if he found out he is being put in that mind state on purpose, right.

We know what you've done, and there's no excuse for it.
Not you, them.
I sure hope so.
My message is for the ones watching.
>I sure hope so.
>My message is for the ones watching.
I erased that because i had doubts you were accusing me of being involved in his torment. But i guess you really were.

So for posterity. I said i was just trying to help him, and that's the deleted post people are referencing.
You can, though. Stop looking externally.
You acused yourself, I'm talking to the ones watching our posts.
File: divines.png (2.33 MB, 1600x900)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
The illusion will be broken apart.
Truth prevails.
Love is truth.
get clover hanz.
you can shitpost better on mobile

Literal retardation.
We all wish you success on that.

play the life game or cry and die slowly and painfully
File: Auschwitz.jpg (94 KB, 594x790)
94 KB
>goes off 4chan for less than a week
>has a retard breakdown

I don't know OP, maybe you're just weak? I have no problem leaving this godawful site for several months. I only ever come back to shitpost on /tv/ or to get some quick answers in whatever video game /general/ I can find.

You need to man the fuck up, son. This fucking shitty site isn't worth being addicted to. It sucks.
>Just give me a girlfriend
What are you 30 now?

you don't get it.

i don't watch tv shows, movies, porn or anime. I even stopped listening to music.

I don't play video games or do any physical activity.

at last i cut 4chan for a week and fell into a full blown existential crisis.

Mind you, i don't talk to anyone so im alone 24/7. You know how this makes me feel? Im not trying to be a victim, im just stating the facts and i did "man up"
>Mind you, i don't talk to anyone so im alone 24/7

Then maybe you should start socializing with real people.
yeah but the problem is i have to balance it out.

Getting someones attention is challenging. Most people are sheep but i guess i have to make do
>Getting someones attention is challenging.

Admittably, it was a lot easier before smartphones were a thing. I remember back in the 90s, when people talked, they even looked each other in the eyes. Crazy times.

And what do you mean by "balancing it out"?
watch the video. You seem like a lost cause.
i can't get too caught up in socializing. Need to balance work and making new friends.

I neither have a job/education or good friends. Its hard to find good friends that aren't chasing chemical substances to change their body chemistry 24/7
You're overthinking this. Making friends isn't that complicated so don't get all worked up on something that usually happens naturally. Just be generally polite and the average person will respond in kind.
mobile phones are mind control devices, shill.
your end is near.
i love richard stallman too
yeah, you're right.
>blaming the Illuminati for tormenting you
>wanting Illuminati friends
Sure you've thought this through?
Even if that was true, does it really matter if they're indistinguishable from non-fake people? Just carry on as if they were real.
Hanzy boy...
Hanz. Calm please. You're having one of your surges again.
Illuminate yourself and just stop it. Stop it now.
Show tits
Fair enough. But sometimes lights are annoying to others.
10/10 reason to perpetuate a cycle of eternal torment, guy. Very enlight.
real hanz knows there's no spoilers on /x/
I'm sure you have a cycle.
You know girls live inside this matrix don't you? You need an extradimensional girlfriend.
My base isn't very fun, son.
You're not here, period. You are not invited, yet.
Some things he's said has made me question if it's really him, too.
Especially when I change them.
You should start meditating, so you can remain aware through the nightmares and change them.
Angels are usually a good sign. The choirs can answer questions held within your heart, or tell you the will of god.
You can escape Illuminati influence in the dream world. I started by going back in time, and they couldn't track me. Then I tried traveling to the pleiades. They tried to chase me, but they were wiped out with my tk and they didn't have any reinforcements. You can also get free if you go into green and blue frequencies, by ascending beyond light/dark polarity conflict.

I think I saw you once, when you had a rainbow aura around your astral body, which had a lot of red energy within it. You mentioned Kanye West. I was honestly a bit scared of you, because you wield your power without really understanding what you are doing.
File: priorities.jpg (122 KB, 720x738)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
That is the worst crop I've ever seen. It's terrible in almost every way.
File: 1552456930828.jpg (18 KB, 492x366)
18 KB
>The headaches aren't stopping for me and it hurts a lot

A lot of people especially on /x/ have problems with that


OP is a super saiyan guys
It's just like when I was a teenager
If our understanding of the universe is right and it is truly infinite and ever expanding, then we might never really know how it all began.

The infinity of the universe loops back into the infinite amount of questions one can ask about anything. If you ask how something came to be then you can continue asking about how the answer to the previous question came to be. The same goes for hypotheses like the big bang, how did the things responsible for the big bang came to be? Can a god that was always there really exist as theists say? I‘d like to believe no. We ask and answer an infinite amount of questions, the origin of anything needs to have an origin of it’s own. This is the one thing is existence that is truly everlasting, surpassing and outliving things like life and love. We may never know if there can be a thing without an origin, for it would completely destroy logic as we know it. And that, is the true dread of asking questions. No matter how many answers you get, they will create new questions impossible to answer for us, leaving us dissatisfied for the rest of our lives, and the rest of the human race. If the universe is truly infinite, it is meaningless.

Move your consciousness down to your chest and your mind will clear.

Here i was thinking i was the only one. Clear your mind and really ponder those questions while dropping assumptions. Everything you are taught about this world is a lie. Rebuild your existence from there.

Interesting, i thought i had a personal enlightenment but the more i talk to people i realize that it's actually multiple people that had the same enlightenment at once very recently. Like a spark sent through the system to jumpstart the engine. Do not numb yourself to it

Religons arent wrong. Theyre just misinterpreted and need to be retold in a proper context. Atheism and the lack of consciousness are logically impossible when you think about it.

Thinking we are nothing more than this and nothing happens after we die is how the nihilist finds comfort. It doesnt actually have basis in science.

Self awareness is the creation. Evolution is the method by which the vessels for self awareness came about.

If consciousness is in the universe then it is part of the universe. If it is part of the universe then it was one at the singularity.

Matter cannot be created or destroyed. Information cannot be lost, only shifted to different states. The universe started at a singularity.

The atheist will tell you these things are true but then pretend like consciousness plays by different rules. Like consciousness is special. Existence to Non existence has not been observed in any other form in this universe but consciousness is special. It doesnt play by the same rules.
If consciousness is the universe experiencing itself and aware of itself then arguing the consciousness doesnt exist creates a paradox. In order to argue it in the first place you must be conscious and self aware.

The methods how the universe functions do not matter

Materialism does not matter.
Understanding is what matters. You are the conscious universe. You are one with the universe
I think of that kinda stuff a lot. Its really confusing and I don't know what I should believe in. I want an answer to all my questions that are similar to yours. I don't think we'll get them for a while, maybe when we die.. I don't know.
>it's actually multiple people that had the same enlightenment at once very recently. Like a spark sent through the system to jumpstart the engine.
You have my interest now, I was suddenly struck into this same boat about a week and a half ago.

What do you think is going on?
What in the fuck happened in this thread? Mods should nuke this shit from existence. What the fuck. I feel you OP, but holy shit. Perhaps we should revisit this thread in a couple of weeks.
As meaningless as a blank canvas.
>We may never know if there can be a thing without an origin
Our brains would break or we would just deny it and say thats impossible. We are very limited ya know.
I know...
>How did we go from hunting to driving cars and having all this technology in a short amount of time?
A lot of preparation beforehand, like a wellspring. A lot of time is needed to build, and foundations are important, but when you create great potential, the tree will have deep roots and grow bearing fruit.
>Second was how humans were created and came to be. Creation vs evolution.
Let us build a really huge mountain and then we shall climb it and make an even bigger one and climb that one.
>why are we here.
Growth is struggle. Will you grow up? You already know the common sense, son. You just need to remember you do. Trust. Faith. Good reason for everything. Climb.
>is there life outside of earth?
For the sake of free will and love and the heavens and for your sake, the Kingdom is inside of you. The Kingdom is outside of you, for the air you can not see, or hear unless loud, but trust, like your own thoughts breathed in and out. Due to self-similarity, most of reality is as scientists see the universe: pretty even and homogenous. But certain places are special. You can not create a vacuum of free will and then pluck it early. Why all of that? Because a simple yes or no to your question will not help you understand the consequences of either answer's truth from your perspective of what a dualistic response would mean.
>The headaches aren't stopping for me and it hurts a lot.
Get sleep, drink your water, eat your wheaties. Relax. You will be fine.
OP here, i recovered and stopped. The third eye pulsing was still strong but went away.

anyways it was just 2 dudes going at it. Some guy named hanz
So you have had your first existential crisis? Welcome to real world kid
Woah :)

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