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File: The_Rake.jpg (63 KB, 720x540)
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Okay /x/ I never thought I’d make one of these things but I just asked some friends of mine if this happened and they said they remember it too. So here goes nothing

> be me, 11 yr old boy scout retard on a camping trip with other idiots
>We were all about 11 at the time and doing cub-scouts or boy-scouts or some shit I can’t remember which it was at the time (judge me)
>We were doing a campout at my family’s shitty ass ranch
>ranch is in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere Texas
>Like really out in the hill country around 30 miles out of San Marcos and around 60 miles out of Austin.
> anyway we decided to have a campout there in this valley
> valley had river right next to it and was pretty dope,
> while the grown ups fucked about and got drunk we all decided to explore the many paths that were next to the river
> there were these rock formations everywhere and caves and shit that my mom said had indians in them at one time
> She said comanches or some other niggas would stay there before attacking some settlers and shit
> We fished and learned about geology and shit, I can’t really remember
> basically the whole day went by without a hitch and I can barely remember anything other than us making fun of this autistic kid in our troop (there’s usually at least one or 2 in every scout troop)
> Eventually it got dark and a few of us wanted to go back to the indian rocks and shit at night because we were trying to show off to each other how brave we were
> Me and a few other homies start to walk there along the trail
> It’s windy as fuck so every once in a while the trees shit their pants and start making an ass load of noise
> its really creepy when it takes u off guard
> we make it to the caves and rocks and stuff
>we are really far away from camp so we are starting to get spooked
> Me and bro #1 start looking for fossils and shit in the rocks cus we’re retarded
> other bros are looking around doing fuck knows what
> another one of my close bros, we’ll call him bro #2 goes off behind this tree to piss or shit or something
> Me and Bro #1 hear the most fucking agonised scream from behind us
> scream sounds like someone about to cry not the scream of pain sorta shit
> Me and Bro #1 sprint to our homies and see bro #2 looking like traumatised as hell
> other bros gather around
> Bro #2 has his mouth open in this pained expression of horror like one of those thousand-yard stare sorta shit.
> He has his eyes locked on this one spot of the tree line at the top of the hill and wouldn’t look away even when we spoke to him
>we all look at where he was looking with our flashlights (the kind that are strapped to ur forehead)
> just for a second, I see it
> it must have been an elbow or some kind of limb or some shit
> holyfuck.jpg
> it was all white and and was sunken in like there was no meat on it, just skin over bone and ligament
> I see its arm, shoulder and foot as it skitters like a bug into the brush
> The best way i can get you to visualise it is to picture a pale man but stretched into the shape of a preying mantis, the fucked up frontal arms and everything
> if you live in West Texas, you know how thick this brush and cactus and shit is and how something can just disappear in it, despite how short it seems
> we hear this scuttling of the brush and it disappears
> a few of us see it, We start to mentally shit the bed
>this feeling of dread I’ve only ever gotten from nightmares sinks over me as we queston bro #2
>we ask bro#2what the fuck he saw and what the fuck we saw
> he can’t say anything like his mind can’t comprehend it
> Whatever we saw a glimpse of, he saw the whole thing, and I guess it fucked with him hard
> we further question bro #2 and eventually its starts to become near interrogation as we are so desperate or any grasp on what the fuck we saw.
> Bro #2 just says “it looked at me” like a dumb fuck, all the while still looking at the brush
> I remember we all slowly began to herd back to camp immediately after that
> We didn’t need any more explanation than that
> in fact I don’t think we even wanted any more explanation, it was all just too much to grasp
> we went back and tried to forget about what had happened.
> we played a game of tag, but instead of tagging you just push people to the ground and yell “moop”
> it was stupid but helped us keep our mind off of it.
> Bro #2 didn’t play with us, he just went back to his tent
> that weirded us out but we tried not to think about it
> my tent flooded during the night and I got to sleep in my family’s ranch house,
> I felt like a pussy but I was thankful I got to be out of the valley.
> that was the end of it
> bro #2 always avoids talking about it whenever we bring it up which still weirds us out to this day because he usually a really sociable guy
> I’m spending spring break at the ranch house right now and it reminded me of what happened 6 years ago.
> I called up bro #1 and asked him about it to see if it really happened at all and he confirmed it so I know this is fucking real
> i don’t know how I feel about being here anymore after writing this as I’m starting to remember how scary this shit was
bump for interest, will continue reading
ty OP
good read. damn that sounds wild. do you keep close with bro 2? and after it happened did you tell anyone else or was it just you 3 that know?
Bump for good stuff.
Yeah bro#2 and I are still really good friends but every time I ask him about it, he dodges the question.
I see you're still in the central time zone. Are you still in Texas?
yeah, I'm here for spring break again, thats how I got to thinking of this again
Have you been back to the area ever since the "incident"?
Praying mantis aliens are a thing.

For some reason Texas is a real hot Ed for alien activity. I know personally because I grew up in the same area.

I know it sounds nuts, but they have an ability to manipulate our thoughts and memories. Your buddy probably isn't lying when he says he doesn't remember.

Also when you experience something reality breaking like that, it has weird consequences on your memory as well. Something's are just so unbelievable you don't even believe it yourself.
This sounds almost exactly like a scenario I had, right down to the brother who won't admit it anymore. Except, I live in MN, and didn't really see what it was.
>Be me, eight or nine
>live in a wooded area, next to a little town
>wildlife and pets everywhere, I'm used to all kinds of animals
>old house, old property, I'm used to all kinds of oddities
>out in a golden-red twilight in the pine forest
>with my brother, whom I don't really like
>golden sunlight beams through the red trees
>suddenly, a great shadow passes between the trees, blotting out the sunlight
>only for a split second, then it was gone
>both just stand there, feeling mortified
>not ten seconds later, an awful female-pitched shriek
>never heard anything like it before or since
>we book it back to the house
>two hundred yards in about ten seconds
>people shrug and tell us not to go out there for a few days in case of animals
We eventually stopped talking about it because no one cared. I questioned him just a few weeks ago, although he only says that we stood there and 'got scared for some reason'. But he tries to be an insufferable tough-guy now, and wouldn't ever admit how scared we felt over it in the first place.
>suddenly, a great shadow passes between the trees, blotting out the sunlight
Man, this reminded me of something that happened about a month ago. Really short story, but was very strange at the time.

>be me, live in the middle of a small city on Brazil
>talking to dad in the kitchen, about 2pm
>suddenly the sun goes dark
>complete darkness for about half a second, maybe less
>ask dad if he saw it
>he confirms
First time I see something like that, couldn't have been a cloud, no way it would make everything complete dark like that and for such a short time. I wondered if I had just blinked, but dad saw it too, so it's unlikely.
Bump. Where are all the nope threads?

What I can confirm is that when you hear these things in the woods scream. They dont sound human, they sound like an abomination that's never Been heard. Not a monkey, or a fox or anything human. Something adhumanoid
>the trees shit their pants
Bumping for a good thread. Dont delete.
The thing on the hill
Sees the sun going down
And the eyes in his head
See the world spinning round
OP here, just saying I like the stories y'all are posting and this can be a nope thread if u guys like. Also ask me for any questions on the story, I'm happy to answer.
So it moved like a bug? Erratic and scuttling or something?
What do you mean "stretched like a praying mantis" and "the fucked up arms and shit".
Were the arms bended twice like a praying mantis? And was the torso long and only 2 hind legs, or 4 like a preying mantis. Just want a better description.
Alright yeah, it had 2 legs and these weird ass arms that went backward like those of a mantis. I.E. the elbow joint bends backwards instead of forwards. They were also very long and boney. I can draw a picture if u need a better image but I'm a shitty artist so..
Go for it man, I always liked paranormal shit and even the shittiest drawing will help me imagine it better!
you need to draw it
Que cidade, anão?
this ma shitty drawing, sorry for the severe autism
did you ever go back?
bump for ma niggies
hello brethren
File: download.jpg (15 KB, 174x290)
15 KB

well - its kinda silly, I often ask people if they have seen anything weird - one guy said no - but that his grandfather would talk about skinwalkers - and that they could only chase you on hills, not flat ground because of there long front legs and short back legs.
I wonder how it jacks off
it probably cant
that must suck
Gorillas have long arms and short legs and they can chase just fine on flat. Sounds like bullshit. And if it had trouble on flat it would be even worse downhill.

Prob why it's so angry and harassing young boys.
File: 1542964484510.jpg (191 KB, 1826x1795)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
well I am sure these things aren't all organic living beings that live off of dear and berries my guy.

whatever it is I just find it interesting
Native Texan here. Never seen an ayyy but I did see a UFO around Caldwell once
yeah I know that place, used to go there as on our way to Houston, explain the UFO
Fuck, this thread has potential. Are you still in the area OP? Have you thought about going to the spot you were at?
yeah, we have a ranch here, we're here all the time. I'm actually here right now for spring break.
Go investigate and take pics
OP have you heard any stories of the area as a kid? those might assist in the discovery of this
This seems oddly familiar for some reason, but I can't quite put my finger on why.
I don't live in Americas tho.
pale, tall, skinny humanoids with distorted features are a worldwide phenomenon

it totally makes sense that you have seen/heard of something like it
Found it

well damn
the thing from op's tale didnt have eyes on the hands and didnt appear to resemble an older man, but the rest is rather spot on
I guess it was night and they were a bit far. They couldn't see all details.
Beside, only one of them saw it entirely.
At least, they are lucky nothing happened to them. Whatever the thing was, it was not interested.
so it is in the realm of possibility
most cultures dont catagorize their spirits like shinto or other pagan religions, so it would make sense for them to be found elsewhere, and remain unidentified
I know right.
I saw a few of the "invisible" myself at occasions. Enough to know most of it is garbage, but some of it is defenitively real and wrong to exist.
I wish there was some sort of catalogue with tips about how to handle them.

The worst I had to face was some sort of ghost of a suicided man. Only appeared in photos, mirrors, and dreams. It was terrifying.
they only have power through fear
take it away from them
go the ghostpuncher route
it fucking work, though not exactly like in the greentext
if you harass the entity for long enough, then it will decide that you are not worth the trouble and leave
may take some time though
I know. So I prayed Jesus because I didn't know of any other way. Worked for a night. Didn't decide to try it more.

Was basically at a friend's house. She told me about how they had bad sleep and nightmares, her parents who had this house, and her everytime she slept here.
At first they didn't mind that much and tooks sleeping pills and stuff.
Shit started when they sometimes caught something in the face of side of their eye when facing a mirror. They actually never saw anything because it's like it disapeared as soon as they looked, but it happened so often that it started to scare them.
Then she lost it when once, while taking a photo inside the house with another friend that they noticed on the pic that there was a face-like old man deformed and flying in the air.

After that, she swore that is was a thing she saw in dreams every time she slept there. So she rented a house on her own and left.

She did a little inquiry and found out one owner there commited suicide 60 years ago and was not found until weeks later when the body was rotten.

One day, we decided to check, and we slept there, and boy it was a retarded idea.
In my case I woke up in the middle of the night after one of those nightmare, I lighted a candle and started reading prayers against evil out loud.
Didnt slept that night, but I did it again the next night, and put a crucifix in each room, and for the first time, everyone slept well.
Holy shit

No wonder the entity was so hostile.

All teh same, good to hear that you were successful at fending it off.
Yeah. I'm no expert tho and mostly used a thing I've read on boards and such.
I got a friend doing a seminary and he told me they actually have an exorcism option there, so those guys probably know more than me.

For all I know, it's probably still there. Just fend off and probably even more angry (if it can know anger).
Sad thing is I tried to explain to her parents, and the father refused to believe any of it.
op here, im at the location and its night, I can go back to the spot a take pics if u guys want. I might shit myself but I mean whatevs. There are reports of mountain lions in the area as well so this might be stupid.
Please take pics OP.
lets catch some of them orbs.
Im going out, I'll post pics when I return
thanks OP. Please deliver
>> be me, 11 yr old boy scout
>Hey do u remember our campout like 5 years ago
Underage b&
OP, are you dead?
It was just a hill.
You just had to take a few random pics of the hill.
Is op gonna deliver?
Probably not.
RIP OP, he died too soon.
No clue, but if this is legit, OP; try take a shot of where you saw it if you remember the exact location. Then later draw over that photo so we can try see what you saw for more clarity.

This stuff is always good to see when we get perspective. Good luck op.

And if this isn’t legit, we get some neato pix from another state/country.
Is op actually gonna deliver?
File: 1374747679623.jpg (18 KB, 525x475)
18 KB
Wait, let me get this straight.
You guys were standing in front of the bushes right after the thing disappeared instead of running the hell away???
what else would you expect an /x/phile to do?
People on the board are obviously not very smart.
Will post pics when unbanned
ill do my best to keep the thread alive until then
bump for interesting
Bump, I wanna see some photos
bump for photos, Godspeed op
Where abouts in Texas? My buddy has a ranch just north of San Angelo,and we go out at night a lot.
My mundane yet terrifying story
> be around 14
> Me and 4 friends decide to pitch tent in my back yard by fire pit and camp out one summer night
> around 11 pm it starts drizzling so we put out the fire and head into the tent
> we shoot the shit for a bit and eventually decide on playing ghosts in the graveyard throughout the neighborhood
> one friend was tired and a pussy so he decided to stay in the tent and sleep
> we were fairly loud and we swear to this day that this gained someone’s attention
> typical white suburb nothing out of the normal, we run throughout he sub until around 2:30
> we get back and friend is wide awake, says we kept him up with all of our running and yelling outside the tent
> all of us decide to go to bed as it was raining pretty hard out now
> around 3:30 me and one other friend are up and are whispering for a bit
> suddenly I hear the sound of footsteps outside of the tent, those slow wet grass type footsteps
> don’t know who it could possibly be
> sounds like they’re traveling around the tent observing what’s happening
> we both go dead silent as something begins brushing up the sides of the tent
> footsteps sound like they broke out into a dead fucking sprint away from the tent and literally wake everyone up
> me and friends silent stay up and elect if we want to just book it inside
> wait about 45 minutes, longest time of my life and I rip open the tent and fucking bolt to the back of the house
> turn on porch light and everyone eventually follows and we sleep inside

I don’t know if it was an angry neighbor or someone fucking with us, but I do t think I’ve ever sat quieter in my entire life than that moment. We think it might’ve just been an older neighbor kid trying to fuck with us, but deep down I think it could’ve been someone with malicious intent who decided against it after realizing the house was so close and there was more than a few kids
Ever been perfectly in the shadow of a plane 10,000ft high going 400mph? Sounds about the same
File: 1522817677138.png (90 KB, 900x1042)
90 KB
tell us more stories anon! Have you ever seen something that can't be catagorized as a ghost (as in, a former human)?

(same for other anons itt)

plz post more photos and drawings of things y'all anons have seen
This is something which has been happening now and then, inexplicably, for many years. I've read other accounts of similar phenomena here, quite a few times

>be me, back in the 1990s, living in Oakland California
>up in the hills visiting my gf and her elderly Dad
>he's not back from errands yet so we're just chilling while we wait to go out to supper
>they lived in this nice old Spanish style house with a huge, sunlit living room, windows all around
>I'm just sitting on the couch and gf is walking into the room with a drink for me when all of a sudden
>the room goes completely dark, like the biggest cloud you could ever imagine just blotted out the sun completely
>total darkness for maybe half a second, just like what happened to you
>then the sunlight returns and everything is just as it was
>my gf and I are staring at each other
>neither of us wants to say something first
>finally I take the plunge, "what the fuck just happened? did the sun, like, blink just now? did you see that too??"
>she nods. "Yeah, I saw it too. WTF"
>of one mind, we both turn and run outside
>we're up at the top of a hill, we can see for miles, all the way down to the bay, and all around us
>not a cloud in sight, nor a big balloon or blimp or ANYTHING
>nothing at all
>we quietly go back inside and drink a lot and don't talk about it ever again
I dunno about the other guy, but I have, one time when I was out in the country with some buddies, near a local air force base in northern CA. I've seen some old B-52s fly out of there, low and slow, going to airshows and the like. But Oakland is different.

The airport there is down on the water, literally on landfill, and the planes fly up and out over the bay to gain altitude there, not over neighborhoods and homes. So you hear a bit of noise but it's not deafening at all. We were far away, up in the hills, with 95% of the city between us and the airport, with only a few more houses and then miles of park land and reservoirs and stuff behind us. When planes flew over that neighborhood where we were, they'd be wayyyy the fuck up by then and the noise was very soft and distant. You certainly wouldn't experience a shadow.

And like I said, we went outside to look and there was nothing overhead. We thought maybe a blimp because they are big, low and quiet; but they are also slow and any such craft as that would still have been in sight. There was nothing. I'll always wonder about that. Maybe a timeline switch?
First time actually posting so here goes I guess,

Live in Texas too, My great Aunt had a big ass ranch somewhere, but its been years and she passed away awhile back.
The house itself was down a road from the main road, and Not many people drove there anyways.
Theres also a lake a bit further into the ranch, but you have to go through a small bit of woods to reach it. Second day there, a few years back, We were riding her four wheeler, i felt pretty cool back then. It was a large clearing with some brush and tall grass scattered around.
Being the kid I was, I stayed up late and shit. had a room that looked further into the ranch, at the back of the house. Now, there was a Shed around the back too.
For a quick map, My room was back right, Shed was around back left and disconnected from the house. Back porch was right inbetween,
between my window and the porch, you can only really see the outside of the porch, or maybe a bit of the side, but the light has to be turned on from inside.
I didnt have a phone as a kid, So I watched movies on a mini laptop TV thing, I also had no concept of the ingenius art of headphones.
So Night 1, Right after we got there, nothing happened.
Night 2 though, After driving the forklift around and walking to the pond-lake thing, I was in bed watching movie with my sound low. I moved around a lot trying to get comfortable every minute or two, and I turn to lay on my elbow, which puts me facing the window, and I look up after hearing rustling. Nothing too big but I did look through the window and maybe make out something in the dark? Might of been my mind playing tricks on me though.
File: cryingpeepeerino.png (28 KB, 126x126)
28 KB
tfw no paranormal story

Anyways, Next day, me and that aunt are messing around that pond, cuase she has a boat in it. She goes back to the shed while I stay near the boat, under strict instruction not to touch anything. So of course i got on the boat and looked at some of the controls and buttons.
Im not too keen on types of boats or stuff, but it was a jet skii or something? Either way, She left to the Shed, maybe five minute walk, but if your waiting on someone it feels like 10 or 15.
Now I dont think she had animals on that ranch, But there was a lot of rustling trees and bushes on the other side of this lake. The 3 IQ brat that I was decided to take a good long stare at it.
What feels, again, like 15 minutes of Staring, looking for anything that could be making noise, is eventually cut short by my Aunt coming back.
I promptly forgot about it as it was overwritten by the sheer fun of being on a speed boat.
Asked her about it though and she said I was watching too many movie at night and its probably a raccoon or whatever semi indeginous wildlife stayed in those parts.
Night 3, Nothing happens but she said her dog got the shit scared out of her that morning by something.
Next day we were out of the house doing random unimportant stuff. Fact of the matter is, Some scratches were found on the shed when we got back.

Night 4, some freaky shit happens. Late night, about to sleep when I hear scratching at the back porch. So, to see my porch, youd have to get a weird angle and be in full veiw in the window. I look out and see some kind of movement in the dark, What matters is, I think it saw me too, Since right after seeing that I covered up with my Armor class 21 blanket and was scared for dear life, beit my imagination or my imagination come to life. Whatever the fuck it is scratches around and on the window a bit, and proceed's to tap on it.
I layed there for a good while, and sometimes it would stop for a couple minutes, sometimes it would restart right before I could go back to sleep.
Woke up late cause NoSleep is real and tell my aunt and grandmother that something was outside my window like the little wuss i am, they reaffirm me that the it might have been a stray dog or cat wanting food.
oh ok. this is fine. its alright.
Later that night, I tried to go to bed early as to avoid the shit show that might be my blankets.
luckily it worked for me, Not so much as for the dog that my aunt put out that night just incase.
The dog was barking up a storm a couple hours after I went to bed around the side and front of the house
Aunt woke up and told me "some" animal was lurking around, and she told us it'd be best if we cut off that spring break there and head home.

Last one, Sorry.
My aunt and Grandmother had a long long chat while I was in the car, right before we left.
My grandmother, is a nice old lady but she gets pretty quiet when something serious comes up.
Ive asked her about it, Since said Aunt passed away, But she's only told me that a some animal almost attacked the dog and my Aunt got a good look at it.
never described it to me but said She'd never seen something like that while living on that ranch.
bump for OP and other stories
Are you an adult yet? Gather your bros, buy guns & protective gear, so go back & search for that thing! try to get a picture at least.
temporarily frightened experience ghost puncher here. During a winter night when I was 16 I saw pic related outside my window and screamed at it when I went to close my window for bed.
what pic?
OP's pic related but crouching upright on its two legs
sheit nigga

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