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I've had to do this for so long. Whenever I wake up from, sleeping, I have to do it twice.

The first time I wake up, I'm in a dream, my body is slow and lethargic, my vision blurred. I am in my bed, and I wake up in my normal surroundings. I know I am still dreaming, and the longer I stay in that dream, the larger the risk of dark creatures appearing is. I have to strain myself and my mind in order to wake up, and once I do, I can open my eyes to the real world. I know this world is real because my vision is clearer, and my body feels light again.

Is this normal? How many other people here experience this regularly?
I wouldn't say it's regular, but this has happened to me many times. While I don't always wake up in my bed, I do wake up somewhere. I've never had monsters come to get me, that's pretty creepy. However I have been "awake" and everything is hyper-realistic, but I know I am still asleep and incapable of waking myself up.

I'm lucky I have pets, since one time this happened I ended up pleading to them to wake me up because I was afraid I was going to be trapped in there. They woke me up by headbutting me a few moments later.

If you've ever watched "The Kid" short from the Animatrix series, you probably resonate with it. A dream within a dream. Everything feels more real. Sent me for a serious reality loop in my teens.
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I'll check it out, thank you. This has been happening since I was a kid, it was worse then because I didn't know how to wake myself up from the alternate reality, so I'd just stumble around the house until I was attacked or everything fell apart around me.
Happened to me once
I had a dream where I woke up and a particular scene in my favorite show at the time was on.
all of sudden sense of dread ran to my brothers room as i see an immense shadow chasing me like the wind before i made it to the door I got consumed by shadow then I woke up in my bed with the same scene from that tv show playing it takes me a while to realise but when i do its ohshit.jpg and run.exe make it to the door knock a bunch but no response then I'm consumed by shadow I wake up again Eyes instantly on the tv same show same scene, Get the fuck to my brothers door like roadrunner on speed. he answers the door "WHAT!?" look behind me no shadow actually awake this time feel stupid.
Once or twice in the past, but not regularly, no.
Just don't go believing that we actually live in a computer simulation. That is a dangerous road and it's far more likely that we take it as the metaphor I believe it to have meant to be..

There is something about the metaphysical and spiritual nature of things, that our reality does not solely consist of direct interaction of matter. How can I explain being woken up by my pets from asking within a dream? How can I explain dreaming about people I haven't seen in years and seeing them shortly after? Or even more eerie deja vu? We are living in a physical dimension, but there are spiritual ones that we interact with as well, both when we are awake and when we are asleep. Synchronicities are just patterns playing themselves out.. our entire universe can be broken down and analyzed as math. In that way we are living in a simulation, and yet we're as real and alive as we think we are.
You might be right. When I was younger, I'd have the same dream-dream many times that I died in my sleep, and went off to the afterlife. I felt like I could see feelings, and touch sight, all kinds of sensations blended together. After some scenes would play out, I'd find myself in a green field, where people had their backs bent, looking down. After a little bit of time there, I was called up by someone, only to receive bad news, and to fall. I'd wake up shouting so loudly. I had that same dream so many times as a child I couldn't help but dwell on it. It felt so unnatural. I haven't had that dream in a decade now though.
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Welcome to the afterlife 2.0 where we get a chance at reincarnation because we weren't ready for the spiritual world. I remembered my last incarnation, maybe in time you will too if you can keep remembering those dreams where you fell.

I was a bit of a devil in my afterlife. When I met god I tried flirting with its non gender form, tried sending people from heaven to earth and just ruined the party. Then I was in the pit fighting in a weird eternal battle which lasts a single moment, until I was ready to come back here.

I remembered my previous incarnations name which came to me in a vision too.

You'll get there. Just try to remember why you are here, if you have been here before, and how you can enjoy life this time around.
That's you remembering someone else's memories, mate.
Happened once as a kid. I remember waking up frightened, seeing myself from the front. Then I woke up again normally. Can't remember the original dream except that it was a lame sort of nightmare that wasn't interesting.
I still remember Mary I Snearly. Also, how are they someone elses memories? How can you view someones memories?Why do I remember a woman that died the year that I was born who lived on another continent I can have no connection with? Unless this universe is a simulation, this planet stores our souls or we are individuals all on a separate path.

If I was remembering someone elses memories there would have to be a way that I was remembering them, meaning that we are connected wirelessly to the planet which stores information in its magnetic field like the world wide web, and now with access to 4/5g technology people are able to bridge the gap between themselves and the earths magnetic field, tapping into its informational database.

But seriously, I remember when I was remembering other peoples memories. It was when I saw a vision of the angel Gabriel, thought I was Gabriel for 20 minutes, was about to go to sleep, and then some shady being walked through my wall and said "not my Gabriel", and vanished.
>Also, how are they someone elses memories? How can you view someones memories?Why do I remember a woman that died the year that I was born who lived on another continent I can have no connection with? Unless this universe is a simulation, this planet stores our souls or we are individuals all on a separate path.
How do you know they're not someone else's memories? How can you be so sure of a spiritual world and but not believe in remembering someone else's memories? You ask strange questions that lead no where, but I don't.

Who is to say someone isn't trying to show you their life in pieces? I find too many people here so sure of themselves and their beliefs, that they have forgotten how to be open minded.
Because when I have visions it comes with a little voice and a trippy hologram of a smaller person standing in my kitchen which tells me about the vision.

Ever since I got confused and thought I was Shiva when I was looking at his memories and seeing through his eyes in the spiritual realm.

All this happened after I met some giant being with eyes all over them in a dream who said they would teach me. So I think I can be fairly certain about my previous incarnation.
I've had this happen. Was sleeping face down, woke up and thought huh, I think it's about time I got up. Got up by using my back muscles to just rise from the pillow only to feel really strange and fucked up, and also see the back of my head still on the pillow asleep. Was completely confused so sort of fell back down into the back of my own head, and then had a really strange dream of a void, a blueish light, a lot of voices echoing around and then a booming, resonant voice drowning out all the others to tell me 'You are not ready yet,' or something to that effect - it didn't speak in English or even 'speak' really it was just communicating with me in what my brain interpreted as a loud voice. No idea what caused it and I also had weird headaches, weakness and muscle pain the next day. I wonder if I had a minor stroke or something. It did make me think in a completely different way about astral projection.
sounds like hypnagogic jolts.how often do you get these?
>Ever since I got confused and thought
But yet
>So I think I can be fairly certain
>fairly certain
I'm only showing you that you can still be wrong about what you know.
Interesting you mention blurry vision, one thing I usually notice when I dream and remember is blurry vision. A guess it may be common.
this poster and I also remember extremely blurry vision and in fact feeling like my eyes were clouded or damaged in some way.
sounds like good ol sleep paralysis to me. No caffeine ~2-3 hrs before bed and maintain a very regular sleep schedule
That isn't sleep paralysis. Lurk moar faggot.
Says who?
>I have to strain myself and my mind in order to wake up,
Have you tried to take control in your dream, as in lucid dreaming? It sounds like a perfect place to do it from. As you're dreaming, will yourself to go to Bermuda, or to do something you've always wished you could or do or go.Take a look inside the Moon ! Please tell more....

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