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I'm from the Philippines I'm seeing this everywhere right now. From live streams, to meme pages, to friends posting it.
I tried reverse image search and I got a post on a polish medical forum that translated to the following:

>I have never been a woman and I am interested in the type of feelings (physical ones) that the woman perceives when you are in it.

>1. Is the "feel" of the penis in the vagina (when it moves), its shape and (to what extent) the awareness that "is" is felt.

>2. Are they, and if so, in which part of the place where the feeling of the penis inside is stronger? (Skipping the type of item and deliberately guiding him to a specific place)

>3. What stimuli during the relationship, when lying on a woman receives the clitoris, and which when, for example, the relationship takes place "from the back" and the woman (only) tightens the thigh. I assume that additionally the clitoris is not caressed by the hands.

Glad I could help
another post from the forum:

>I have a problem I have no one to have sex with and I just masturbated with a banana and in a vortex of strong excitement I made too fast movements and broke a banana in the vagina. I can not take it out, it is torn, it was too soft. I tried to squat and jump like when I bought it but not leaves. What should I do because I will not go to the gynecologist because I am ashamed to sleep, I am 35 years old, I am asking for advice because I do not want to have a banana jam in my pussy.

hope this information gets you started on your research
turned double dagger ⸸ in a weird font ⸎
oh thats not the one
its this one ⹋ (U+2E4B), doesnt work in most browsers
this would've looked great in my MSN messenger names
Its an upside down cross of Lorraine.

A known satanic bloodline symbol.
File: ptv.png (696 B, 225x225)
696 B
696 B PNG
this is a distorted version of the Psychick Cross it seems to me,.
It's a Patriarchial Cross reversed, which would imply that it is associated with the opposite. The opposite of a patriarch or bishop. That is to say it opposes the true Church, so it's Satanic. That's the short meaning, but I know others.

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