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ITT: larp as the 3rd generation of the Mars colony
File: 1511385517340.jpg (298 KB, 1110x854)
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I sure am glad my grandfather didn't spend all day shitposting on 4chan
The earth is a hoax for the most part
>*cuts doner*
>*yells to employee in turkish*
>*listens to space oddity by bowie*
>*discovers alien artifact*
>*fucks up simple task breaking basic protocol that causes a catastrophe that kills the majority of colonists*
>*also accidently awakens mutant space zombie virus as well*
>formerly friendly robot helper goes insane and starts killing everyone
>*accidently aids russian sabotage plot and worsens situation even more*
>*dies obligatory death by drifting off into space*
>the few survivors meet ayys and are never seen again
>my body is found by a rescue team and the mutant space zombie virus i was unknowingly carrying gets taken to earth
Fuck dis shiet mahn all deez bitches got the martian clap mahn, I dun want no space fungus on mah dick mahn, can we go bahck to earth mah nigga
File: 81m6BdV+qGL._UY445_.jpg (23 KB, 301x445)
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If I took the mask off, it would be extremely painful.
>be owner of first porn production studio on Mars
>first trans species film
>trans specie trans Male transe human trans female orgy porn
>species trans female human female trans Male+non binary
>backseat rover porn
>use dildo flying drones to film multiple angles plus adds to backdrop of scene
>Gigga nigga whips shlong out to petite albini gurl
>first line of the first ever porno will start be"'ay you ever had a mars bar before"
has anybody else been seeing shadowy helmetless people outside their habitat at night?
Mars is the future.
File: pale-cocoon-pic1.jpg (144 KB, 1366x768)
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144 KB JPG
I want to visit earth some day.
File: download (3).jpg (33 KB, 440x1100)
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I wish we could go back and time and experience Earth during it's golden era. Oh well, back to /x/.
File: space niggers.jpg (61 KB, 680x386)
61 KB
>sopa der marciano uma delicia
You’re a large fella
Okay everyone, now we need to build a rocket back to Earth.
mars is flat, you'll never make it past the glass dome.
Boy am I glad we're all white!
>be me, 3rd generation space miner
>sad that my job my become obsolete due to strip mining operations finally becoming possible after 100 years.
>mines rocks on the far end of mars. Its freezing, but my suits internal temperature regulator keeps me warm.
>i found a special mineral, hide it from my superiors.
>try to sell it to Space Station fence.
>gets reported to interplanetary authorities, and sent to penal colony
x-55, on a small exoplanet on the outskirts of the of the solar system.
>new job is to build parts for the grand rejector cores, that stop asteroids from barreling through solar system and killing multiple colonies and home planet EARTH.
>one good thing. We have the ability to log onto the internet during downtime, so i can look at OP’s faggy thread.
>*Dies of explosive decompression*
File: 1548892592490.gif (1.14 MB, 400x225)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF
>be me potato farmer for the colony
>Basically famous be cause I'm Matt Damon
>Watch everyone eat my shiity potatoes
POO ta toes!
For you
why did those humanlets bother trying to 'terraform' mars, and create plants and an atmosphere when our entire caloric, hydration and respiratory needs can be fulfilled with a single annual injection of future chemicals?, damn this desert is comfy.
File: quato.jpg (70 KB, 613x380)
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Performing readings, open your mind and AMA
Earth is a hoax. Do you really believe we came from that glass sphere?
Mars is FLAT
Ever wonder where all the water and air went? FELL OVER THE LEDGE
Mars sucks. Venutians are the master race!
Virgin Low Gravity Martians vs. Chad Sky City Venutians
remove venANUSian freak smell
meteor shower on floating habitat 1 best day of my life

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