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It's been a little bit since I've seen a scary stories thread and I'm in the mood for some spook. They don't HAVE to be about anything paranormal but I'm sure people will get asspained if they aren't.

Bumping for interest
We must be on the same vibration OP, I was thinking of starting this same thread earlier this morning.
Im gonna search for my file.
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Damn I cant find it I can only find a few stragglers, oh well heres a good one.
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I have a story. It was probably sleep paralysis but it scared the shit out of me when it happened. Whatever it was, never had sleep paralysis before or after this occurred. Here you go.
>be me, college junior
>living in dorm room with 2 other people
>our bedroom door didnt close enough for the pin to click in the doorframe so you could just pish it open, there were no gaps tho. I hope that makes sense.
>anyway you could just push our door open
>we didnt care since we lived in the building farthest away from campus all the way up a hill at the edge of the woods and our front door worked right
>thought we were pretty safe
>roommates' bunkbed directly across from the door against the opposite wall in the middle of the room
>my bed along the same wall, foot of my bed met the head of theirs
>close door enough
>go to bed
>asleep, got class in the morning but at like 10:30 so not bad
>just me, wake up to like one bar of painfully loud rap music
>sounded like someone waa using ghettoblasters in the hallway right im front of our bedroom door
>nobody in our suite likes that shit, none of us have a boom box, none of us are degen shitheads who would wake each other up at 5 (?) like that
>eyes open, music stops
>i sit up in bed and look toward the door
>nothing, door's closed
>this is when i start shitting my pants
>the door goes from closed to halfway open without moving
>there's a figure standing in the doorway that looks like it's made of shadows swirling around each other
>the doorway was probably about 6.5 to 7 feet tall. I'm 6foot and have plenty of headroom standing in it
>this shadow thing standing there had to hunch over to fit in the doorway while it looked around the room
>the hallway behind this shadow bastard was pitch black (there were no lights in the suite and the blinds were closed in the living room across the suite which faced trees and a canyon)
>pitch black but for these "light rays" like you see when you unfocus your eyes, but they were thicker and they were black
>these illuminated the fucker hunched over in my doorway looking around the room
>it stood on 2 legs, had 2 arms, a head, like a person, but everything was longer and very "sleek" while the shadows gave it this awful moving texture
>sitting up, i tried to scream to wake up my roommates because there was a 7 foot tall demon lurking in our doorway
>no sound came out
>try to roll out of bed to either shake them awake or confront the thing in my doorway
>doesnt work
>i just flop onto my side at the edge of the bed
>cant move
>at this point i'm thinking i'm going to watch my roommates die then i'm gonna die
>the thing disappears, the dark light is gone, and the door is now closed. All of this without any motion
>confused and tired i think to myself something like ok thats good
>go back to sleep
>wake up 30 minutes late for class
>go to class
>professor asks why im so late
>tell him i'll explain in his office after class
>couldnt come up with a reasonable lie so i told him all of this
>he just says "oh.."
>i say "yeah."
>i leave
Shit thats scary, glad nothing came from it though.
Hmm yes bump
>>couldnt come up with a reasonable lie
Anything would have been better but I thought honesty was best. Maybe not in this case...
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I have a story for /x/ too, well actually I have 2 stories.
Heres one I told on /k/ one time, maybe you guys can give me a little more insight into what I saw.
>be me
>15 at ranch on summer vacation with family
>spend day hiking and exploring and plinking
>night we have a big bonfire and everyone drinking and talking (i sneak a glass of whiskey away and go drink it in a deer blind)
>everyone starts going in and going to sleep
Let me explain the layout just a bit.
The house is a little house that my great great grandfather built himself. It is surrounded by about 15ft of yard on each side, with a 8ft chainlink/steel bar fence. All around is South Texas wild land, theres a windmill and some old water tanks about 80yds from the house we climb and use to look far into the distance.
>sitting on front stairs by myself just enjoying the breeze
>about 1am everyone else inside at this point getting ready to call it a night
>getting the feeling of being watched by something like a predator
>figure its just a mountain lion spying on us wondering wtf is this fire about
>suddenly a large white owl lands on a fence post about 25 yards away from me
>remember what this mexican girl told me in school one time about these mexican shapeshifting witches called a la chusa
>they shapeshift into white snow owls
>this is South Texas
>in the middle of Summer
>stand up and stare at the owl
>owl is straing back at me
>we are having a staring contest almost
>i dont want to lose so i back up slowly to the door
>dads 12 gauge is right on the other side
>grab it and rack a buckshot into the chamber
>step on front porch and continue staring at owl
>about 30 seconds later raise shotgun and aim it at the creature
>owl keeps staring
>yell out to it "i know what you are, and i dont want any trouble, but this is my families land and my ancestors fought off indians and mexican raiders for it so unless you want to end up like them you better get the fuck on"
>owl continues to stare
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File: 1546613711941.jpg (34 KB, 400x544)
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>getting creeped at this point
>owl has been staring at me for about 3 minutes by now
>decide "fuck it, die"
>click safety off shotgun
>move finger onto trigger
>right as im about to squeeze it flys off into the air with is massive wingspan
>let out a sigh of relief
>go back in with shotgun
>tell my mom about what happened and what i heard about those creatures
>"snow owl? hmm thats crazy anon, oh well at least it didnt mess with us"
>wake up suddenly at 3:33 am
>freak out cause I never had such incidents
>feel like something is watching me
>look up some loli hentai ova on my phone and start wanking
>cum and I pass out
I want to keep this thread going but I don't think I have many instances that would make for good stories. Here's another..
>summer during college
>working at a pizza place, shift is 5pm to closing
>grandparents live near me. been staying at their place for a little while since they had a nice big house and sweet dog
>also they are very nice
>one day before work decide to go pick up the clothes I had there and take them to my own place
let me describe the house first. i always go in through the garage which leads into an open kitchen/living room. kitchen on the left, living room on the right. their dog is usually hanging out on the couch on the very far end of the living room facing the door i would come in through. hallway on the left past the kitchen and next to a door leading down to the basement where they have a small generator for when the power goes out. my clothes are upstairs, stairs are directly above the basement.
>get to my grandparents' house
>honestly not 100% sure what day it was since it was summer and i didnt need to care, just knew I had work at 5
>grandma volunteers on wednesdays
>workahoplic grandpa works every weekday
>park out front
>grandpa's truck isnt there (of course)
>grandma's car is there so i think maybe she's home but feel like she probably isnt bc my grandpa may have dropped her off somewhere
>go inside through the garage.
>No answer
>Hi puppy, dog's on relaxing on the couch
>feels like someone is in the house but everything is very still
>dog doesnt leave the couch
>"Grandma?" again no answer
>ok weird
>start to get a strange feeling like someone is definitely here with me
>pass the basement door and go into hallway
>up the stairs
>poke my head into her bedroom
>kinda feeling spooked out but its probably just in my head since i've been walking around the house looking for someone who's not home
>whatever. grab my clothes and go back downstairs
>once i get to around where the kitchen and living room meet i call one last time
>this time i get an answer from my left, where the basement door is: "Yeah?"
>sounds just like my grandma
>confused, why didnt she ever answer before?
>so i say again, "grandma?"
>the voice responds again definitely from the basement door, "what?"
>this time it's a little less like her voice and sounds like theres something in its throat
>i ask "where are you?"
>the voice responds "down here" now with even more rocks in its throat and less like my grandma
I need to stop and say that I had never once heard a voice before this and I have never heard any voices after this so I was trying not to shit myself especially after having the feeling of not being alone throughout the house
>I should have just left immediately but instead I asked "down where?"
>it then said, not at all like my grandma "down here, come down here"
>fuck that im done
>said bye to the dog who had been staring at me the whole time
>walked calmly but quickly out the door then out of the garage
>called my grandma as soon as i was outside and in the sun, "hi where are you right now?"
>she was volunteering
>my grandpa had dropped her off then went to work
>told her about what had just happened and asked her if she ever saw or heard anything in the house
>"oh yeah all the time, there's a tall shadow that stands in the corner of my bedroom at night sometimes but it's ok it watches over me"
>Oh ok.
So like, yknow... fuck that.
Lmao wtf grandma made friends with a dark spirit lol.
It probably thought you were an intruder and wanted to scare you off.
Lol whatever it wanted, it was a piece of shit
Alright crazies, I have another one.
>be me
>19 just got to first marine corps unit
>put in one of the older barracks because boot
Old barracks are all notoriously haunted, I have had alot of spooks on duty before but this is one that stands out to me.
>saturday morning
>ok time to shave, lift, and go drink with bros
>start shaving
>yee yee this is gonna be a fun day
>begin feeling a presense in the room
>something is watching me
>keep shaving whatever fag am a tuff marin dont care
>feel something approach me from behind
>stop shaving put razor down
>look in mirror nothing
>turn around to look around room
>nothing hmm
>start shaving again
I will never forget this.
>suddenly hear an inch from my ear a long deep whispery "ahhhhhhhhhh"
>not a scream but one of those sounds you make when you drink really good hot coffee
>throw razor and run out of room with half face shaved and shaving cream all over me
>jump down stairs to 2nd deck where bros stay
>bust their door open
>"there was... Idk... Fucking breathed in my ear... Ghost... I was shaving and!"
>my bros all start laughing and i calm down and explain what heppened
>we all go back up to my room and search around
>no more presense
>back to normal
>finish shaving
>rest of day went on like normal
>never had another problem again
I moved rooms a few weeks after this randomly but nothing ever happened again.
Many people have suicided in them so maybe it was some old sergeant ghost fucking with me Im really not sure.
Was goddamn piss pants inducing though.
maybe the ghost had just finished taking a luxurious piss after a very long day of ghost boot camp.
Lol and he just wanted to let me know how good it felt.
File: spook.jpg (81 KB, 1024x759)
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Been a decade since I posted this
>friends hanging with me in basement/room
>we all hung out there so super used to it but some weird stuff still happened there

>one day hanging out all of us spread around the room
>I am sitting under the window that is at exact ground level
>its open to get a breeze because it was a hot summer
>my idiot friend talked us into getting a box of tea that would supposedly get us high
>we figured it was bro science but worth the shot
>make some tea hang out and shoot the shit
>nothing happens
>continue talking
>start chatting about an ex we both had
>creepy vibe sets in over the room
>think its just me so continue hanging
>vibe keeps getting worse
>could almost swear the shadows were creeping closer as if the lights were dimmer even though they weren't
>keep getting worse vibes, straight up goosebumps and feeling uncomfortable in my own house
>sudden mental image of a haggard girl deathly thing and covered in gore peaking through my window
>head tilted sideways as if she tilted her entire body over in an almost U shape
>jump up, turn around look at the window and slam it shut
>turn around
>everyone else is standing also and looks horrified
>ask why they are standing
>they describe the same girl from my daydream or whatever you want to call it
>we are all spooked
>eventually leave in the early hours of the morning before the sun rises
>sit back to back with all of the lights on, windows shut and blinds pulled on my friends bed until dawn.

As I said we used to hang and party there all of the time even though we knew something was up.

>one day friend of mine decides to try to call whatever is in the place
>keeps going on and on with it
>we all stop paying attention after the joke gets old
>just as we go back to what we are doing a picture flips off the shelf and shatters on the ground
>another one pulls off and ends up about two feet away
>everyone is shocked but figures there must be an explanation
>we all walk over to clean up the glass
>proceed to show them why it is fucked up
>to get those pictures where they were I had to lift a pipe and then jam them into place on a ledge
>they were on the foundation ledge that went out 3 inches tucked between the pipe and the wall which was a perfect fit
>no one was standing near the pipe
>no one fucks around with trying to call spooks again

File: 12783628736278.png (462 KB, 500x646)
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462 KB PNG
>getting scared by a fucking owl
so spooky
File: 1549248874802.jpg (47 KB, 720x822)
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hurry up nigger
Mine's not that scary but to this day, I still couldn't explain it and I Still remember it perfectly

>be me 8 years old
>fucking love Pokemon and I had diamond since it had just came out (pic related, I still remember the exact place I was in when this happened)
>Uncle that I cared about a lot dies and I actually get really depressed and couldn't cope with it
>one night, it was at least 7 pm since my dad wasn't home yet and I was friends with one of my dad's worker's kids who we take care of, my brother was playing Guitar hero 3 while sitting on a stool
>I was playing the shit out of pokemon diamond on the couch
>Suddenly a black figure slowly walks out of the hallway and he has the same figure as my Uncle but I could see his face
>literally froze as he walked towards me and just stopped in front of me
>Doesn't say a thing but 7 year old me was fucking horrified
>figure slowly just walks back into the hallway and disappears
>since my friend didn't see anything I thought I was just seeing shit until my brother stopped playing and turned to me
>"You saw that shit too?"

I still don't fucking understand it, I still think about it from time to time
Had the same shit happened to me when my uncle passed. I swear to god I saw him. Maybe it was a fever dream maybe not.
it's funny because my brother and I still talk about it casually every now and then like nothing happened, since it's been like more than 10 years, he says he saw it out of the corner of his eye but was too scared to move
>4:30 a.m.
>hear these same 2 piano notes being played from inside my house
> i woke up to them at 4
> i hear doors opening and closing but thankfully not to my bedroom
> the only thing i have is an old piano sitting in my living room, but this sound sounds way to electric to be that.
Dont know what i should do. Im really creeped out.
Fuck man I’m starting to get shivers again
>Be me, nobody
>Raised in abusive household
>Left handed older brother constantly trying in earnest to kill me
>He gets kicked out at age 22. I'm 17 at the time
>He lives in a tent in the woods for a few weeks. As of today I haven't seen him for about 5 years. I believe he lives in Tennessee now
>Age 19, I am attacked by a stranger with a knife.
>Stranger is also left handed
>This has happened to me many times.
>I don't have time to make any decisions, but I automatically move in such a way that he only cuts me a little
>He runs away after he loses his knife when it gets stuck in my coat

If either of those people had been right handed, I'd be dead. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what that means. I've since decided that it's just a coincidence.
File: 1549347075932.png (392 KB, 717x654)
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392 KB PNG
ah, you know what I still time for one more kinda shitty short scary story

>Live in apartments because I'm poorfag, grew up in them and all of the tenants knew each other really well, we all considered each other friends of the family
>I think I was like 13 or 14 when this happened
>One night, my dad was smoking on the poach since I live on the second floor
>He was talking with two neighbors while I was trying to get in on the conversation too
>the garage is in the back and it's lit
>suddenly one of the Neighbors looks towards her car and just stares at it like 100 yard stare type shit
>I followed her gaze and look over to where her Van is parked
>there is a fucking lady in white robes just standing there, fucking looking at us like it was something out of the Ring Movie
>my Neighbor motions the other Neighbor and my dad to look over
>it's still fucking there just looking at us, it doesn't say a word and all of us just stare at it
>I didn't see her face, I saw the white dress but the garage sorta blocked her face since she was tucked in the back
>it slowly moves sideways to the other cars
>one of the Neighbors is a really skinny Mexican old lady that curses the fucking ghost in Spanish
>I grew up with this lady so I understood a bit of what she was saying
>once it reaches my dad's purple work truck, it just disappears
>we all laugh about it
>i think we were just trying to find comfort in what the fuck just happened

these apartments are really fucked up, my best friend who lives next to me on the second floor once said he saw me go up the stairs and into my apartment since I have to pass by his window to get to my door but I was still in school and he just got home, he literally swears it was me because I was wearing a yellow hoodie, My mom and brother also talk about how there is a little boy that runs up and down the stairs constantly at night most of those Neighbors have moved out and I don't really come here /x/ but I am just reminiscing
To update on my current situation
>decide to watch a video to drown out the sound
>pull out earbuds to see if theres still a sound
>wait about 30 seconds
>hear something fall accompanied with a sharp exhale
>remember i went out to smoke a cig before bed
> i dont remember locking the back door
>the two notes have changed somehow
>they now can lengthen and play or be cut off quickly.
>i swear to christ im hearing footsteps
What should be my next move? Should i just wait till dawn?
If I were you I’d probably stay awake just to be safe. I feel better and safer when I sleep in the daylight
I think whatever thing is causing this knows im here. When i originally woke up i had one of my earbuds taken out. I dont do that when i sleep and any time my earbuds are messed up both of them are out of my ears. For some reason i really want to investigate. I have a knife, dont know how good it will be against something i cant size up. I will update if anything happens
Be safe, anon
To update
>decide to investigate happenings
>once i get up the two notes stop
>i just lock my door and turn my light on. Im not going out there
>footsteps havent stopped and i head a tap coming from my bedroom door which ive locked
>i hear a thudding noise from what sounds to be one of the bathrooms

I feel in my gut that its going to be safe once it his six a.m. i just have to make sure i dont try to get brave with 35 minutes.
i dont fucking know but you're freaking me out. if you think there's a person in your house call the cops. idk.
if you're feeling up to it you can atleast record the sound
eitherway just hold out anon, early morning is still a bit spooky so I'd wait until 8-9 just to be safe
Brace something against your door if it swings in.

You are much more likely to be dealing with a human being than anything else. You should call the police.

Does your room have any windows?

Do not leave your room. If there's a person in your house, he could be armed. Even if he isn't, your knife could just as easily be turned against you. Safest solution is to remain in your room, but barricade any entrance.
File: .jpg (44 KB, 718x538)
44 KB
ok weirdos. spooky story from when i was like 8
>be me
>like 8 years old
>love ovaltine chocolate milk
>in the living room
>decide to make that chocolate milk
>oh yes
>go to kitchen
there are 2 doors to the kitchen, both sliding doors. one on the left near the dining room and one on the hallway side on the adjacent wall. if you pushed the doors down their respective walls they would meet to form an L.
>no light on in dining room, kitchen, or hallway
>walk into the kitchen from the dining room side and start to go to where the chocolate milk mix is on the same side of the kitchen as that door
>i take like 2 steps into my pitch black kitchen and look toward the cabinets i want to go to
>i stop
>there's a shadow with similar hair and posture to pic related on that cabinet
>i do not like that
>i freak out inside. but i don't make any noise. i just turn around and get the fuck back to the living room where the lights are on.
>what was so weird about this shadow, other than it not being my own and that there was no light, was that it didnt conform to cabinet and counter it was on
>it didnt bend at all. it was just a 2D black figure cut out in the pitch black of the kitchen
never told anyone what i saw but i didnt go in the kitchen at night by myself for a while
call the cops you fucking retard

if you aren't just larping
Everything's ok. I left my room, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Tonight was weird. It might have all just been my mind playing tricks on me or something. Sorry if i worried you anons.
>be years later, sometime in middle school
>cousins and aunt come to visit
>sharing the house with 2 cousins, 1 aunt, 1 mom
>only see each other like once a year
>having a good time
>had never told any of them about the shadow in the kitchen
>everyone goes to bed
>oldest cousin takes my bed, i share the pullout couch with the other, mom and aunt share mom's bed
>mom and aunt leave their door open
>talking to my cousin on the couch for a while
>until my aunt starts screaming like she had just found a dead chinchilla on the stairs
>me and cousins get out of the beds to see what the heck is going on
>aunt says she saw "the shadow of an old hunched over woman with scraggly hair holding her arms out in front of her like a T rex" walk down the hallway and stop in their doorway
>both cousins get pretty spooked
>mom gets pretty spooked
>i freak the fuck out because that's exactly what i saw in the kitchen and she just described it perfectly without having known about it
>ended up with the 5 of us sharing a queen size bed and sleeping with a cross
Not the scariest story out there but it was scary at the time and I will concede that our IQs drop by 10 each when we get together
OP dead
File: 1549162581246.jpg (131 KB, 648x484)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Hoping you're wrong
Dude its a cryptid you stupid yankee nigger.
We dont have fucking snow owls in South Texas.
Alright, first of all Lechuza is just spanish for farm owl.
What the shapeshifting witches are called is a Nahual/Nagual.
Anon confirmed dead by piano playing maniac
>doesnt have to be paranormal
Are you delusional?
Is x turning into oh so spooky r9k?
Ok thank you for clarifying that my friend.
It wasnt a barn owl though, it was a great big snow owl, pure white.
Was really freaky, but at the same time it wasnt. Guess it only freaked me out a bit because I knew of the legends.
>OP is accommodating to get a good thread going
>Entire thread is /X/ related
>you bitch
Good afternoon retard
File: download.jpg (47 KB, 590x769)
47 KB
Barn owls can be all white and sizes can be difficult to judge at distance, especially in low light.
seems like we need to get some nice folks from /an/ in here to settle this
Barn owls are everywhere.

"The barn owl (Tyto alba) is the most widely distributed species of owl and one of the most widespread of all birds."

Had a Great Horned Owl living near my house up until a few years ago (might still live there, I just don't hear or see it anymore)

Fucker looked 3 feet tall from a distance and his actually height probably wasn't too far below that.

Just seemed too big to be real. Heard him eating a skunk one day, fucking skunk screamed like nothing i've heard before. Owls apparently don't have a great sense of smell so skunks are on the menu
Good thing you stood you ground and never looked away, they wait for you too look away to get closer and fuck with you. Lechusas are no joke.
File: mmm.jpg (12 KB, 509x499)
12 KB
It was around midnight during the week and i was smoking my goodnight cigarette. From my place i can watch over fields surrounding our village.

It was a pretty warm and cloudfree week and this evening was too. I looked at the skies thinking about nothing when all off the sudden a fireball appeared out of thin air 70 meters above ground. It was shaped like a football and shining in an orange/white light that was dim but clearly visible.

The object was moving at a very high speed towards the ground without making any sound. I was watching it as it got closer and closer to the ground. It was so close to hitting the ground but before doing it... it just dissapeared.

No sound, no impact, nothing. Like it appeared it just went away again.

Some people said it was a ball lightning but it was a cloud free night and there wasnt any rain or even clouds the entire week.

I dont know... its just strange.

pic related is what the object looked like. of course i dont have any pics or video because the entire thing took maybe a second.
Imagine being so willfully unware you befriend a dark spirit. Man I wish was that carefree.
is this anon ok?
yes he is a larper
What part of South TX? Paternal side of my family is from there
Don't ever respond to me ever again you mouth-breather.
the fact that you're this upset over the idea of a cryptic tells me that it is you who is the mouth-breather. begone retard!
File: spooky.jpg (41 KB, 446x750)
41 KB
Ive got one for you guys
>be me, working at a store with two floors
>used to be a rundown warehouse before getting bought out
>no customers allowed on the second floor unless accompanied by an employee
>I walk up the stairs one day
>hear footsteps behind me
>assume its a coworker, so I shrug it off
>get to the top, nobody was behind me, everyones downstairs
>I forget about that and head to bathroom
>close the door and sit down
>mfw I feel like someone's grabbing my hair and I'm all alone in the bathroom
>guess I'm not using the bathroom then
>I get the fuck out of there
>mfw the store manager keeps complaining about getting calls from the security guard
>"the motion detection alarms went off"
>"Its probably just a fucking rat"
>mfw we haven't had rats in like 6 years
hate my job anyway, might quit soon.
pic related i guess?
spooky at the time but not very spooky to tell
>first year of college
>middle of the night
>go with a big group out to a statue in the woods at the edge of campus
>not to smoke or drink or anything, just to explore and poke around
>statue is of the virgin Mary so not very spooky but the way the statue is set up makes it very imposing
>the statue stands on top of a pile of rocks so its feet are at about eye level
>all of us standing around in front of it
>around 20 of us
>talking, telling scary stories since we're in the woods at night
>ready to leave and everyone's a pretty creeped out by now because there were some good stories told
>as we're all turning toward the path someone says "hey do you see that?"
>points toward the trail leading out of the woods
>there's a white orb moving straight down the path above the bushes
>people are spooked
>one of us contests that it's just another person with a flashlight
>but there's no person with the light
>and it's a perfectly round orb
>we grow balls and walk toward it because it's our only way back to campus
>the light's gone and there are no people around but us
ooga booga
>mfw I feel like someone's grabbing my hair and I'm all alone in the bathroom
fuck that noise
>t. obese faggot
File: 1455662404484.gif (659 KB, 271x223)
659 KB
659 KB GIF
>getting this mad over a playful response
that was a good one.
Sorry for shitty formatting, I'm new to 4 Chan and it's late. It's a long one so buckle up fellas
> Be me, a little five year old
>I'm hanging out at my cousin's house in the historical district of my home town
>This place is a royal shit hole built in the twenties and covered in led paint.
> I'm playing video games when my little cousin says hes found something cool in the upstairs closet
>The upstairs is a finished attic with a large wooden door leading to a closet. It's currently occupied by my older cousin
>We grab our buzz light year flashlight and head up the stairs to find the closet door is blocked by a large heavy dresser
>Me and my cousin muster all of our little kid strength to inch the dresser out enough that we can squeeze through.
>Climbing over a pile of clothes we find a small wooden door locked with one of those cheap little screw in latches
> Behind the door is an empty crawl space which apon entire my cousin asks "isn't this cool?"
> I mean I guess
> Then I notice the piece of plywood leaned up against the wall
> Behind the board is a rather small hole In the wall leading to a smaller part of the roof.
> I squeeze in and am greeted by the smell of burnt hair
>My cousin follows suit and his light lands on a pentagram painted on the wall in a red liquid
> Get over whelmed with dread and nope the fuck out of there
> Flash forward
>Talking about spooky shit with my gf
> Remember the attic
> Hell I don't know maybe I made that up when I was little or saw it in a movie
> Call my little cousin and ask if he remembers what we saw in the hidden space
> "Yeah the devil sign or whatever"
> Next I get into contact with my older cousin who was living in the room at the time
> He tells me that the reason the dresser was pressed up against the closet was because every night there would be knocking on the other side of the door.
> He still takes the door off the closet where ever he lives now
> Crazy thing is ever since I started talking about that event I've noticed knocking on the door at night
> It happens late a night
>Some times the knob will turn and the door will open just a crack
>Thought it would stop after I got to college
> It hasn't
> I've also been diagnosed with depression and no amount of meds or talk therapy seems to help
> Don you guys think this could be playing a role?

pretty creepy, anon
hurry the fuck up
>my ancestors fought off indians and mexican raiders
i can hear hulk hogans theme song playing in the distance
File: .jpg (37 KB, 590x350)
37 KB
One little two little three little injuns brother
Here's one for ya
>high school senior
>my bedroom door sticks really bad. have to twist the knob all the way and YANK to open it
>because it sticks it makes a loud thud when opened
>my mom hated when i would try to nap during the day so if she didnt hear me for a while she would come to my room and if i was trying to nap she would wake me up
>i had trouble sleeping at night and she thought napping would make it worse
>really annoying
>occasionally my door would bang open on its own
>not a big deal, but also annoying because of the noise - startling
>but never opened more than what you would consider as ajar
>a lot of /x/ related crap had been happening in my house since i was little so by now i'd gotten used that and just ignored it
>one day after school, trying to take a nap
>tired of my mom waking me up so i close and lock the door
>just as i was about to fall asleep and had that falling sensation the door fucking swings open
>all the way open
>from being closed and locked
>wakes me right the fuck up and scares the shit out of me
>i look and there's nobody in the doorway
>no answer
>"did you wake me up?"
>walk around the house
>nobody's home
>okay then
>i'm tired of the door opening by itself and done with all the shit that happens in my house i stand in the doorway and start talking to whatever i think is messing with me
>"i don't know what you are or who you are but you need to stop. i dont mean to threaten you if you lived here before me and think i'm in your home but i live here now and i have you any ill will. if you're a spirit that means me harm then get the fuck out of my house you have no power over me. get out now"
5 years later nothing has happened in my house while i've been there although my mom says she would consistently hear footsteps coming from that part of the house when i was away at college.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (22 KB, 1280x720)
22 KB
Here's one I experienced.
>be an exchange student in Connecticut
>hang out with friends after school and skateboarding
>really late at night probably around 00:30
>pitch black small baseballfield
>Chilling in a small tower that was probably meant to view the baseball game
>smoking a blunt with 2 others
>everyone in the small town has went to sleep so its quiet
>suddenly we all get a disgusting feeling of being stalked by something
>our instincts tell us its coming from the woods
>we all turn on our phone lights towards the woods on the side of the field
>see 2 glowing eyes in one of the dark bushes staring right at us
>the eyes were far apart so it couldn't have been a coyote or a any usual animal
>we freak the fuck out
>thought it was the drugs but one friend was totally sober and saw it too
>get down the tower to go investigate
>we move closer to the woods and "it" moves behind a bush to hide
>we try going behind the bush but it keeps moving
>dont hear any footsteps when it moves, it moves very quickly and smooth, almost no sound except for the branches it hits
>dont have the balls to go chase it because of the drugs and our hearts are beating fast asf
>never talk about it again
>sober friend becomes schizophrenic after the incident and starts talking to demons
>moves out of USA back home to scandinavia
Could you actually follow up? Like what the fuck
Yeah funnily enough great horned owl are one of the only natural predators of skunks because they evolved away their sense of smell specifically to hunt skunks. They get by well enough with their sense of hearing and their sight.
The larp is strong in this one.
Meteor that broke up.
Go to church listen to the sermons, pray and bless you living area. It'll help immensely. Negative shit like that sticks with you through out your life and waits for the moment you let your guard down to make everything worse.
As much as I don't like ghosts and spirits, the older I am the more they're either drawn to me, or I to them. Quite frankly it's annoying but not really scary. Both my mother and I have also had lots of experiences over the years. I've got a lot of small stories that aren't exactly scary to me I can share between jobs if people are interested.
Yes, tell as many as you like, keep the thread going pls.
Well, I'll start with some of my earlier experiences I guess. Small stuff.

>Around 11-12 years old
>Childhood friend of mine lives in a shady apartment neighborhood I come over all the time and stay the night.
>He has a ghost child that stays in his apartment named Randy.
>Never seen him before that night, but I did hear him walking down the hallway and felt him starting at me all the time at night.
>Wake up in a cold sweat, music TV is on the punk station or something
>The couch I was sleeping on is facing the stairwell to their entrance (2nd floor apartment)
>First thing I see is a black shadow of a small person sitting on the stairwell looking at me
>Staring for a good 2 minutes, don't really want to blink
>Randy's gone.
That was the only time I ever saw him, but he sure fucked with my friends family up until they moved. Consequently most of my encounters are with this same friend.
My old townhouse apparently was occupied by several shadows as well. I never really noticed them untill the month before we moved, but my brother would see them everywhere out of the corner of his eyes. They became extremely active at night, to the point where they would be sprinting up the stairs and peeking around corners. Guaranteed if you slept on the couch, they'd be around the corner or up the stairs just chilling. They were the cooler of the entities.
Not like i want to sleep Tonight,hum
>be me

Napping does make it worse you stupid faggot.
>Mouth breather detected
Does anyone have the green text about a group of folks going out camping in the forestry surrounding Houska Castle in the Czech Republic? Been so long since I seen it, but I think there was something about skinwalkers in it.
I really want to share this, even when my English is fucking bad, this is something that happened to me when I moved to an old house many years ago.
For the context my room is on the second floor, my parents' room was next to mine, on the firsts is the kitchen and dining room, there is a small garden in the back of the house, my room has a window that faces it and in the middle of the garden there is this huge norfolk pine.

>Be me, 11 years.
>I woke up after having a nap in the afternoon, I was surprised because normally I could only sleep at night.
>It was 6pm and I realized I was alone so I took my father's laptop from his room and took it to my room to use it.
>My father had this strict rule not to let me use the laptop after 7 pm, so I was attentive to anyone who came to leave it where it was quickly.
>Suddenly heard my sister's voice from the garden saying "anon anon my dad just arrived".
>Very surprised since I didn't heard her when she arrived and also that her voice was pretty near, but I couldn't care less at that moment, i was more worried about to leave the laptop where it was so that my father would not yell at me.
>Leave the laptop as fast as possible and went back to my room, I realized that all the lights were off and I couldn't remember if I had turned them on when I leave my room the first time.
>Waited about 10 minutes for them to come up but they never did, so I thought they had brought something to eat and they were in the kitchen.
>I go downstairs, all the ligths were off, "where the fuck are they?"
>Starting to getting angry thinking that my sister just pull me a prank.
>Before enter to the kitchen i saw my dog sleeping in the floor.
>"Huh thats weird, rufus always wake up to receive my sister or dad when they arrive to home".
>Go back to my room thinking that my sister is hiding in the dining room and just wants to scare me.
>My phone rings.
>It's my sister.
>"anon please tell my dad that im going to sleep in cousin’s home today"
>And just when I was about to shout at her that I knew she was downstairs i can hear clearly in the background sound my cousins and uncle laughing.
>”w-where are y-you??”
>”In uncles' house is cousin's birthday, why do you sound so weird?”
>Finish the call.
>Mfw i actually turn the lights on the first time that i leaved my room.
>Mfw i saw my dog slepping because actually noone has arrive yet to my home.
>Mfw i realize that i heared my "sister" not calling me from the garden but from the pine.
>Get scared shitless.
>Something scratch my door.
>Can't even scream, too scared, i just let it out a weird sound.
>It is actually my dog.
>As quickly as my fucking body could, i open the door and grab my dog close the door and try really hard, since i was shakin furiously, to play The Beatles from my mp4, for some reason listen to The Beatles always calms me.
>Hear my "sister" calling me again.
>It is fucking actually calling from the pine.
>my heart is beating fucking hard couldn't move for the fear, my dog is staring the window, its getting so fucking cold.
>Hear someone open my home's front door.
>its my dad.
>Run like a fucking madman and hug him.
>"Anon what's happening? your'e sweating to much"
>He tries to calm me as i try to tell him what happen.
>We go to the garden, the ligth is on, there is nothing.
>My dad says "Why it is so cold h-, lets go upstairs anon you can sleep with me tonight"
>Nothing happened that night.
>In the morning my dad was very serious and was near me the whole day.
Two weeks ago when i was talking to my dad we talk about what happen that night i asked him why he was so serious the next day and he told me that when we were in the garden he clearly hear my mother’s voice calling him and that night he swore to have heard my mother saying " hey dad'sname where is my son? i want to see him".
Even when many weird shit has happened to us in that house, this was the most scary of all.
That's all. I moved my clothes back to my place and went to work. I remember somebody almost hit me while driving home that night. My grandma's fine. This was a few years ago, I spoke to her yesterday.
Sounds like a mountain lion but I dont know if you have those out in CT. Me and two friends got watched by one after we accidentally scared away a couple deer it wanted to munch on. Pretty scary animals. This was in California
Not really scary but this was always makes the hair on my neck stand up when I tell it, mainly because i've never had paranormal encounters and this is the closest thing to one for me, given I only ever read about paranormality.

>worked in a panel shop for a year out of high school
>very fuckin old building, almost 100 years old
>I took the job under the notion that we would be getting a new refurbished shop because where I would be working was fucking dogshit
>turns out theyd been promising this for the beter part of like 45 years
>this is only rumor though
>oldest known time it was promised was 25
>other 20 are just word of mouth from two blokes who'd been told by other two guys that worked their before them
>so im 18 working with like 30-60 year olds who have been here their whole lives which is the only thing that makes me believe this
>that and the one painter, call him Keiran, (who told me all these stories) was OCD, high functioning autistic as fuck and had retarded anxiety, not retard teenage anxiety, the guy had like 4000 thoughts a day and every one of them came out his mouth, never shut up, but never.fucking.lied.

What's with every faggot larper putting cont? After starting a story.
So i know if i should bother writing the rest of this instead of wasting my time incase no ones interested faggot do you want the ghost story or not u turbo ape
You are not alone
Yikes. Whatever those are that imitate family members are the worst of all. They never appear, but want you to go to them. Cowards.
We are in this thread for a reason you drama queen.
I got something similar.
>Be naping on the couch
>Suddenly: 1... 2... 3... Wake up! -softly but loudly whispered in my ear
(if a whisper can be loud, I hope you know what I mean)
>I coud feel his warm breath on my ear, it felt very real and I immediately went alert
>Open eyes, noone there
>Frends are over but noone was close enough to do this and go where they were when I opened eyes
>suspect them anyway
>they swear no one was near me.
>Usually I can tell if they prank me
>why did you do this, ghost?
Rip in peace anon
I would say this anon is some kind of religious nut if I wouldn't experience what he's saying. I felt like something was after me for real. Nothing 2spooky but if anything could go wrong it did with a bang. Even the weather seemed to be against me. My friend took me to an exorcist and he helped me a lot. Could be the placebo efect, but now, especially whenever I experience mood swings, freaky accidents, nightmares and so on I pray more often, I go to church and read Bible and life is good again.
LED paint is my favorite kind of paint
My grandma used to tell me this as a cautionary tale:
>be a little girl with lots of siblings
>be poor
>no car
>mom took little brother to a doctors appointment or something
>doctor is in the other village so they won't be back before evening
>dad ends work late
>be left home with younger siblings
>knock on the door
>hearing clearly mothers voice "anons gradma, let me in! "
>mom would have her own keys
>"Hurry let me in!"
>maybe something happen
>grab the door knob
>be thrown through the hall and against the opposing wall

My great grandma got back home in the evening like she would and had the keys. They asked her dister (grandmas auntie) if she came to check on children which was unlikely but possible since she lived nearby. They're sisters so the have similar voice. Spoiler
>she didn't
If it was a strangerdanger how she knew grandmas name?
Both great grandma and her sister told my grandma it was a demon and she did good she didn't open the door. Grandma says that at first she thought they maybe trying her but they looked seriously concerned and later they did some kind of rituals to keep demons out of the house. Great grandparents were Christians but all women in that part of family were very superstitious and aledgedly knew and sometimes used "old" ways of dealing with the supernatural.
Is the same homo writing these? Shit is cash
I've told this a few times but I'll share again. It isnt the most climactic but whatever. I was dating a girl that liked spooky stuff and lived with two of her friends, the two friends were dating each other. For the purpose of the story I'll call the girl I dated M, and her two friends J (boyfriend) and K (girlfriend).

>hanging out at their house, bored af
>me and M love creepy shit, so I regularly scroll through Shadowlands website to find a creepy place to go
>find a haunted cemetery a couple towns over
>bring it up, everybody is down
>i drive us all to the cemetery, it's in the middle of nowhere at the end of a dead end street
>already a bit creeped but whatever
>find our way in (I've learned theres usually a gate or something unlocked in cemeteries)
>walk around, explore and shit
>been there for hours, seen lots of aesthetic gravestones, J keeps taking pics and freaking out cause theres "orbs" in them (his lens was dusty and not well taken care of)
>hear a loud dragging noise by the groundskeeper shack
>go completely silent and listen
>keep hearing it at random intervals, sounds specifically like dragging a heavy bag on the gravel ground
>immediately I think of something like Pyramidhead from Silent Hill, but decide to investigate anyways cause I make good life choices
>me and M go check out noise, it doesnt stop, just gets louder
>pinpoint where it's coming from, or at least where it /should/ be coming from
>nothing there
>still hear it, right in front of us
>kinda just stare trying to make sense of this completely still patch of dirt and rocks causing a loud dragging sound for some unknown reason
>eventually report back to J and K, K starts bawling cause shes so scared so we have to leave
>later that night when I'm hanging alone with M she tells me she felt something pull her hair as we were leaving

I still dont know what the fuck was up, but I'm curious as hell
I've never typed this up before so I'm not sure how it'll turn out but I want to keep this thread going so here's something that happened in a building at my college.
>Summer going in to college
>With a group doing a scavenger hunt
>Running out of time on the last thing to find
>We split up and and agree to meet back at the final spot thing whatever it's called in 15 minutes
>I thought the clue alluded to the math building
>Go to math building
>I know nothing about this place yet
>When I reach the stairs I get this feeling like something is right behind me
>Brush it off and go up the stairs
>On the 2nd floor. The building has 3 floors. First 2 are classroom floors, 3rd floor is offices
>Out of the stairwell now and the feeling persists like something is RIGHT behind me
>Fuck that I'm not turning around
>Go room to room, but most are locked
>Feeling creeped out so I'm just poking my head into the ones that are open
>The farther into the hall I get the stronger the feeling gets
>By the time I'm in the middle of hallway I have an overwhelming sense of dread
>Like I'm in a sphere of eyes staring at me with malice, watched from all possible sides
>Not a good feeling
>I don't know if this feeling's just in my head or if there's something there that wishes me harm
>I assume the 2nd option
>Start moving quickly through the rest of the building, but make a point not to run
>Feeling grows until I'm out of the building
>Get outside, feel fine
>Run to meeting spot
I asked some people in the math department individually if they'd ever experienced anything weird in that building when they were late at night to study (the building has a lounge specifically for math majors to go to 24/7). Each of them said that they would hear whispers when they were there alone and that they hate going there without other people
>ywn have a grandma so fucking Chad she spooks nigger ghosts so bad they cant touch her even while sleeping
Not necessarily creepy, but supernatural nonetheless.

>Be me
>Obsessed with my partner, like I was under a love spell (she practiced Satanic spells but besides the point)
>She wanted to break up with me
>Decided I was gonna kill myself thaf day
>Went to take a nap, and when she's gone at work was gonna hang myself
>Had a dream about this pretty black-haired girl that was telling me not to kill myself.
>She then changed to a zoomed up rotting corpse that I couldn't look away
>She told me she died from "pain relating to her throat"
>Face was all mangled, green, flaky, skin partially clinging on to the moldy skull and dried ooze around where her eyes were supposed to be
>Wake up fucking horrified
>Didn't kill myself, I felt like I "snapped" out of the "spell" I was in.
>Told my ex about the dream but not the suicide part
>Ex's face went completely pale
>Asked whats wrong
>"That was my ex girlfriend. She died from cancer 4 years ago."
>Not making this up.

She saved my life, even though I never knew her when she was alive. I sometimes wonder why she helped, but I'm glad she did.
Also don't fuck with those people... I never acted like myself and I only remember certain bits here and there. I really think she casted a spell on me shit was nuts
was just dampe
very good read. ive had a similar-ish experience
>be miserable teen edgelord
>all my life ive hated my parents for being poor
>why cant i afford the latest video games and shit?
>laying in bed thinking to myself i want to trade lives with a richfag
>suddenly my vision goes blurry
>an image of a homeless dog digging through a dumpster is forced into my sight
>no context but i can tell this force was telling me that others have it worse
>image disappears and i now see a kid floating in my room
>he looks like he's from the 90s or 80s
>i then realize im floating too
>this kid clearly died a while back and now wants to steal my body
>look behind me and see myself unconscious in bed
>"swim" backwards towards my body
ever since then ive watched a lot of jewtube videos of children in india and africa to keep my envy in check. i still do. i mean yes i have a job now but it pays shit. trying to get promoted. i try to appreciate what i have but i cant escape who i am. im definitely less negative nowadays
you ever wonder how the police react to haunted houses?
>be kid living with my grandparents, my aunt and my uncle and his family
>very recently did the home become infested with demons
>white beings with giant eyes and big, rectangular heads is what they typically looked like
>for a few days my grandpa said he thought about calling the police
>wasnt too sure because well, as he said, "its not like you can handcuff a ghost"
>not even a half month of paranormal activity goes by and he calls them
>a short man with an 80s mustache knocks on the door
>he had reddish/brownish hair
this was back when police cars were all blue and they had light purple lines on the side
>he looks very annoyed
>he tells my grandpa he wasnt very clear on the phone
>"are there burglars in your home... or ghosts?"
>grandpa says he doesnt know
>this makes the cop even angrier
>he tells us the police dont deal with ghosts and that asks again if there are burglars in the home
>my family just look at each other confused, we dont know what to tell him
>grandpa tells him to just come into the corridor and look for himself
corridor is the most active spot in the whole home
>policeman refuses, tells us once again the police dont deal with ghosts
>my grandpa insists he just comes in
>policeman tells us yet again the police dont deal with ghosts
>"if there are no burglars ill have to just go. call ghostsbusters because the police dont deal with ghosts"
>he leaves
probably the only policeman in the u.s. who didnt want to come inside someones home and search the whole fuckin place. even more odd was the fact that he came alone, policemen usually travel in pairs. ill never forget that day
I never heard of lechuzas being snow owls. Is that a Mexican thing or is anon mixed up? In Central America, they are barn owls. Not even witches, though, just sort of messengers who bring warnings because they know you might have a car accident the next day. They will show up at your window at night and tap. A lot of people see them as harbingers of doom, unfortunately, so they mistrust and are terrified of them. Just seeing them out in the wild doing their thing spooks people. I guess it depends on the person how they might view their purpose.

>show mom page in audubon book about barn owls
>she jumps

>show dad the page
>"good friend"
Damn that is freaky. Is the kid still around?
>Those were the shadow men of sleep paralysis anon
>gay niggers from outer space
>dont talk to me or my wifes son ever again!!
I've never heard of the sleep paralysis shadow men. Only the associated spirit/old woman that sits on your chest so you cant move or breath. Seen and heard of other shadow people though
Dude that is fucking bonkers. I'm glad she came to you and you're okay.
Ultimate spooks. Great read. Glad your dad was understanding.
>Glad your dad was understanding.
He knew his shit, his mother was a kind of shaman and he always told me stories about many supernatural events that he experienced or saw in his homeland.
would you mind telling me what town, sounds familiar what with the tower and the like
File: dude_ranch_over_winter.jpg (1.42 MB, 1848x3702)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Let's keep 'er goin' lads
>sometimes used "old" ways of dealing with the supernatural.
What country are they from, Anon? Do you know what they were before Christian?
Not scary, but I think I saw an angel or some kind of protective spirit when I was a kid
>Visiting my cousins out in the almost middle of nowhere
>Lots of farms and old farmland
>Rode trip with the RV to get out there
>lots of fun
>staying at this huge RV park out there. It had a pool, tennis courts, and it's own place where you could pan for gold
>Really fun for kids me and my cousins' age
>Coming back to the RV one night with grandparents and cousins
>Everyone in the truck is talking
>I'm not very engaged in whatever the conversation was
>Looking out the window of the truck, halfway through the RV park
>See a man standing near a small tree, wearing overalls and holding a long pitchfork looking right at me inside my grandpa's truck
>Gave me good feeling, safety
>Don't think anything of it, turn my head back in toward the truck
>Give it 2 seconds of thought...
>Look back toward where he was next to the small tree
>Nobody's there
>No people anywhere
I could be wrong, maybe retarded, but I concluded he was the former land owner watching over/visiting his old farm.
This is so true I am shaking just by remembering it

>Work as Juridical Analist in a court house
>Start at a civil court, but later am transfered to a family and sucessions court.
>one day a summons is filed incorrectly by some idiot justice oficial.
>don't know what to do, since I am new at this court
>check the civil compendium about cases suchs as this
>no law to help me
>ask for coleagues
>about three quartes and a half of them are watching comercial break in a flat 42' tv
>by the sound, it looks like a speaker system is being used
>no shows. just comercials.
>ask for the remote, but people seem unphased
>finally get at the other side of the civil compendium
>now no summons or any analists
>a guy shows up and bites on the scanlines of the court
>try to scream, but no one quits to listen
>run away
>next day i ask to return to civil court
>realize there was a denial 10 years ago and I never worked
>a doctor, after a bunch of months, diagnoses me with severe allergy
>imunoterapy and antibiotics
>basically: Trifacta Cationo and Cetiva AE
>become very tired every hours of taking
>vivid halucinations start happening
>Never has it been like what I saw then

Sorry, being used translation systems.
The apotheosis of Chad
So you hallucinated or had the delusion that you worked at a courthouse? Over 10 years ? That is Intense, Anon. I hope you're feeling better.
>be me around age 18
>chilling on the east coast
>I was with my neighbor friends outside playing basketball
>this strange looking car pulls up to us
>its like a Cadillac but lowered like a gangster car
>right away I sensed trouble
>these large dark men emerge from the vehicle
>they approached me and took my basketball
>then proceeded to beat and assault my friends and I
>as soon as they came, they left with us bleeding in the driveway
>my mom ran outside to see our scuffle and was terrified
>she called her wealthy brother on the west coast who would afford to accommodate me until our assailants could be prosecuted.
>we had a taxi cab literally drive us across the country so I could be with my wealthy uncle
>as i exited the taxi i remember telling the driver adios.
>when I approached the mansion and thought to myself I feel like royalty
>all because of those dark violent men
Have an upvote.
Lmfao drunk 15 year old Texan Anon with a shotgun screaming at an owl sounds funny as fuck
File: Spooks.jpg (1.24 MB, 1210x2965)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
>About 16 years ago
>Living in a heavily wooded area with only one other neighbor who had a 2 story house.
>Share room with older brother, we have bunk beds. Mine was the top one.
>The room was kind of built weird, the only window in it was kind of like a window you'd find in a basement, practically touching the ceiling. 6-7 feet above the ground inside and 8-9 feet outside.
>One night I'm trying to sleep but can't and just stare out the window since our bunk bed is pressed right against it.
>Suddenly something starts furiously clawing at the window and I swear there was a tongue licking the glass all over.
>Get scared and hide not wanting to make any sound, tell parents in the morning but they say it was probably just a tree branch. Nearest branch was at least 20 feet away and that tree didn't bend 90 degrees.
>Hurricane Isabel comes, we head to neighbors house cause no power.
>Turns out they only live on the 2nd floor of their house, makes me wonder now if they've dealt with whatever that was. Didn't really think about that at the time and never asked them because I was a wee one.
>Moved away not long after
Mine isn't particularly scary but I like these threads more than "how 2 summon a suck u bitch?"
Holy cow that story. Fucking crying laughing so hard. Best shit I've ever read
Haven't seen a good thread like this that's been up this long in a while. Those retarded summoning threads aren't worth shit
File: how do.jpg (183 KB, 1200x1600)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
How do I summon a suck you bitch?
Start by putting your tongue in your butthole then chant "peepee poopoo suck you fuck you" 6 times. If a big tiddy goth suck you bitch doesn't show up by the 6th chant it means they're all on their smoke break and you'll need to wait an hour and try again
wait you went to class and then immediately left again?
I stayed for the rest of class and went to his office probably about 15 minutes afterward.
File: 1431355569275.png (27 KB, 255x216)
27 KB
>wake up
>realize that i don't know how old david bowie is while drinking coffee
>google age of david bowie
>david bowie died while i was asleep
Naps are fucking slaps though
File: 1535659362393m.jpg (45 KB, 1024x576)
45 KB
>be me
>wanted to appreciate my Roman heritage more by learning Latin
>hasn't been a Latin speaker in my family since the plague
it's really not that hard as it's memed to be, it's just that not all of the language has survived so some linguistical things are whoknowswhat
>learning Latin
>practicing along with the lesson
>hear an answer
>that doesn't sound right
>pause video
>speak the lesson again
>hear the answer again
>et ego exáudiam vos
>mfw I live in America
>there are no Romans here
>turbo ape
gave me a kek
>be me
>slightly scared of getting caught
>never been caught
>make a sigil for not getting caught
>get caught the same day
fucking love this story, thanks for the share anon
File: Isolated Property.jpg (645 KB, 1600x1378)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
This one always gives me the spooks
I'm looking for a greentext, haven't seen it in about a year. Sadly can't remember a lot of details but it was a good read. A native American came home from college after being away for a couple years. He used to be really close to his younger brother (i think they were only like 2-5 years apart). His whole family was acting weird when he got home, his mom seemed scared of his younger brother and his brother was always angry now and irritable. Neither of them would say what happened, and when OP asked his mom, she would look at his younger brother and get scared. I think OP also mentioned some sort of waterway, like a lake that was tied to his native American local legends.
File: Dances_In_The_Reeds.jpg (916 KB, 1362x2694)
916 KB
916 KB JPG
Glad I could help, heres another to keep the thread alive
That wasn't an angel, angels don't give a shit about mortal affairs. They have exist on another plane.
File: Dog.png (588 KB, 1387x4321)
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588 KB PNG
DAE remember when reddit was good for spooky stuff? Like 8 years ago
reddit was better even 5 years ago. once shit goes really mainstream it looses finess
>Be me
>10-12 years old, 4th or 5th grade
>Have art class in school
>Forget some stuff
>art classroom is on the 5th or 6th floor
ffw til later
>around 5pm
>It's already kinda dark outside
>Go into school (it's not locked)
>Go up to the classroom
>Right as i'm picking up my stuff i hear and old man scream behind me
>It's atleast 15 meters (50 feet for you amerifags) away, but it's comes closer very fast
>no footsteps or any noise, just the scream moving with 5 meters a sec closer.
>Turn around as the source of the noise is basically touching me (can't feel it, i can just hear how close it is)
>Scream disappears.
>run away.
>Find teachers that i can't find my stuff.
>They go in with me and gives me my stuff.
>Never found out what is was, and others from that school told me that they had paranormal experiences too.
I dont know my exact ancestry, but I think it's mostly slavic.
Welcome to your new universe. It gets worse.
Weird. Me and my sister had the exact same happening except we heard my mom. Kept calling us down stairs. Sounded like our mom but we knew she was at work. It went on for awhile too. Sounding exactly like her but only saying generic things like come downstairs and i need your help. Not larping at all. Thoroughly spooked that someone had a similar experience.
Did you either of you ever respond to it?
Ok my brain turned off typing that. Did either of you respond to it?
I disagree about angels not caring about us, but I think you're right that it probably was not an angel.
>talked to a few tribal elders but none of them wanted anything to do with me

He really did become the white death, fearsome to even demons.
The story didnt really need the people named whatsoever. You could have said your girlfriend and other friends. J and k have absolutely no impact whatsoever
Sorry, normally when I tell it I throw in a part about how one brought a ouija board and fuck around, which makes telling it without names a bit harder, but realized it has fuck all to do with anything so I omitted it after the setup. I'll remember that next time, thanks for the input
>Camping in nature for some days with freinds
>Not really far from civilization, the nearest village is relatively close
>The camping site and its surroundings are quite creepy (no sounds, unnerving feelings when alone, lots of rotten trees, etc)
>Go to sleep one night but can't
>Come out of the tent to pee
>Look at some trees and see a fairly big red light through them
>It must be a blood moon or whatever
>Come out to pee again later that night, half asleep now
>The whole fucking campsite and everywhere I look is illuminated by the strongest moonlight I've ever seen
>Almost like it's daylight but with no colours
>Think it's cool but don't look to the source of the light as I just want to go back inside
>Next day talk about it with my friends
>Turns out there was a new moon that night so there should'nt be any visible moon or any moonlight

The moonlight I saw the second time could have been a dream (very realistic though) but I'm sure that I really saw the red "moon" or whatever it was.
are there any actual REAL fucking stories out there. I'm not buying the skinwalker or goatman, miss me with that fake shit nigga.
Read the thread, lots of the stories posted dont involve that shit
maybe she was hot
i think about gorp all the time
I lurk /x/ just for these threads and I read them while playing with guns, tfw I’ll never shoot a spook

Encountering a scary paranormal entity/cryptid/devil cult while hiking with a rifle would be both terrifying and a dream come true
File: GRSM-Dennis_Martin.jpg (42 KB, 480x451)
42 KB
>live right by the woods
>backyard merges into woods
>one summer i was in the habit of going for a walk a few hours before sunset
>usually came back as it was turning dark
>one night i stayed at one of my spots for an hour or two after it got dark
>family got concerned
>dad shouted my name from the backyard at the treeline a few times
>barely heard him and returned home
>busy for next two days and don't go for my walk
>the next time i went for my walk everything was like normal
>hang out a while at one of my spots
>it gets dark
>right before it's about to get completely pitch black i get up to leave when i hear something that gave me the weirdest shock
>it was my dad's voice shouting my name
>but it wasn't coming from the direction of our property, it was coming from deeper in the woods
>it called again
>just like my dad would call for me
>basically freak out internally standing in one spot
>i know for a fact my dad is actually working late and won't be home till much later
>there's no way in hell he'd just randomly be in the woods and calling me
>once the complete impossibility of it really happening hits me i take off running at top speed
>couldn't see anything
>still leggin it like my life depended on it
>felt like i was flying down the trails
>somehow my feet knew every little ditch, rock, branch, etc
>finally get home
>heart is pounding like crazy
>calm down a little
>out of breath ask my mom "is dad home???"
>she says "what? i told you earlier he is working late. he won't be home till 2-3am."
>never tell her or anyone else in the family what happened
>never stayed in the woods after dark again
Sounds like it could be a case of infrasound, Anon. You should get a recording device and try out an experiment there!
>white beings with giant eyes and big, rectangular heads is what they typically looked like
is this the board i should come to in order to become mentally ill
anon threatens to shoot an owl, doesn't
Excuse me but what?
That sounds interesting. I'll look into that and if a device isn't too expensive I'll see what happens.
File: 1473146347860.jpg (130 KB, 494x411)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Had sleep paralysis once
>In weird state of dreaming/awake lucidity
>Start feeling dread,like something terrible is coming
>Try to get back into my body,floating above it
>See some Hag with a fucking hand-sickle phasing through the wall at the foot of my bed
>Can't fucking move or speak,man
>Close eyes and try to pretend I'm asleep
>Felt like I waited a good minute or two,but the dread was still in my gut
>open my eyes
>she's floating beside my bed,next to my head and grinning
>slits my throat,trying my best to thrash around and move
>throat is so cold
>wake up,went to the living room,turned on the TV and waited for the Sun with the biggest knife in the Kitchen
Fellow Italian here
You’re gonna accidentally start talking to Nero’s ghost or some shit that way
Just learn Italian you guinea bastard
Took me a second,but I got it
did you not read the thread. i posted 3 personal stories and neither of them were about goatman
Anyone else ever experience the hairy hand/mano peluda?
>be laying down, watching cartoon network in my racecar bed
this was before adult swim ruined became a thing and ruined it
>bed is pushing against corner of the room, so my right side and head face the wall
>feel something slapping against my chest
>look down
>this arm emerged from the right side of my bed
>it looks like an adult arm molded from soot
>it doesnt grab me just flap around as if feeling for something
>sort of like when you reach under the sofa to reach for the remote
>scream and roll out of bed
>cant feel my legs and i think i peed myself
>begin crawling towards the corridor
>both parents are blocking my way
>theyre looking at the direction of my bed in total shock
>i turn around and see the arm still feeling for something
>dad moves the bed away from the wall
>im expecting a man to be exposed and so is my dad as he stares at the empty carpet in awe
>hand just "sinks" away
>i vomit
to this day my dad insists ghosts dont exist. he thinks theyre a scam told by people trying to sell something? like services or a movie. he doesnt like me bringing it up either. he really did think a man was under my bed and then now pretends he doesnt remember the whole event. but i knew it happened because i felt that spot where i vomited every day i walked over it. it was very dry with its hay-like texture caused by the vomit. same spot
I'm looking for this too, I remember him saying something about some rituals
Of Piedmontese here. I bet your Sicilian.
Interesting but photoshopped according to this:
>Working graveyard shift at a drugstore
>Stocking shit on liquor aisle
>See something out of the corner of my eye
>Know there's no one in the store besides me and a coworker.
>He's making noise on the other side of the store, so couldn't have been him
>Make a mental note to check the cameras when I finish stocking
>Walking to the office
>aww shit forgot to check the time it happened
>figure it was probably around fifteen minutes prior
>sit down and check the cameras
>look for the liquor aisle
>See myself
>All other cameras are live, only the liquor aisle is on playback
>Sure enough, I sat down with about ten seconds to spare before I turn to look down the aisle

Nothing showed up, or if it did, it was too grainy to make out anyway. Just thought it was super fucking random that I'd walk in to find the exact fucking clip I wanted to see waiting for me.
Nope we were way too freaked out. Our rooms were right next to each other and we were both in our rooms when we heard it. Both of us just came out of our room and met in the hallway and gave each other horrified looks. Stood there and listened for awhile and decided it was way too creepy and we both went to her room and called our mom.
For entertainment purposes only.
That house was all sorts of weird desu. Sometimes it was pretty tame stuff like hearing and old fashioned telephone ring from nowhere in particular or the strong smell of fresh baked brownies when nothing had been baked or cooked in the slightest lol. Other times it was more menacing like when I was woken up in my room by my ceiling fan spinning so fast that it started to break and throw the blades around the room one of them hitting me. Also the light switch was off and I kept it turned off anyways because I had an a.c. unit. Like it wasn't ever on even if the switch was on.

Also the basement was by far the most negative place in the house. Very bad vibes. Nobody ever wanted to go down there. Lots of happenings from many different people. It had a coal chamber down there and it was specifically a pretty creepy room.
I like how you have accounts so it is easier to keep track of users and topix. We should petition 4channel to have that.
Shouldn't apologize, but takes criticism like a champ
All I want to know is what's up with your bladder? Or is it a prostate or sleep apnea problem?
>Mfw i realize that i heared my "sister" not calling me from the garden but from the pine.
What do you mean by "pine"? Scary story though. I've been in that kind of situation where I'm bery tense and waiting to hear something so that I can react quickly but then I start to psyche myself out and think I hear the sound I'm waiting for.

Reminds me of the classic creepypasta,
>A young girl is playing in her bedroom when she hears her mother call to her from the kitchen, so she runs downstairs to meet her mother.
>As she's running through the hallway, the door to the cupboard under the stairs opens, and a hand reaches out and pulls her in. It's her mother. She whispers to her child, "Don't go into the kitchen. I heard it too."
Yes I do, I remember r/nosleep when it was new and wasn't overwhelmed by aspiring writers posting 10-part novellas. Sucks that it really was that long ago. Something Awful used to have some fantastic creepypasta/innawoods threads too.
I don't remember the whole thing (not even sure if I finished it), which is why it's bothering me so much It was a good read though.
I live in Oklahoma, I have had a good number of Mexican friends and I can confirm they considered white owls to be witches. Never saw one in their company, but they talked about it sometimes.
Side note, I have two friends (brothers) that are full blood natives (oklahoma kiowa/comanche) and they really do not like owls. Any owls. They are an omen of death to them. Seeing an owl indicates that a loved one will die soon. Mexicans tend to have a lot of "native" aspects still in their culture, these could be related.
Love that one
Kek that pic
>Me and the Bois in creative mode
Good call
Nosleep used to be so good to read about people's spooky experiences. I think 3 years ago was when it totally went to hell...
A pine tree, when I paid attention the second time that I heard the voice, I realized that it did not come from below in the garden, but from outside, right back my closed window, in one of the pine branches.
Yeah since that happened to me i found many similar histories, but i'm almost convinced that it wasn't a ghost or something alike what called me and my dad, but the spirit of the pine, when I started to water it and take care of it, many of the weird things stopped to happen even though I still hear footsteps on my third floor or occasionally feel that something is watching me from the nearest branch of my window.
Happened to me recently
>Facetimed my parents when they had just woken up, still in bed
>Suddenly notice halfway through the call my father seemed to have 'swapped' places, he usually sleeps on the right but was on the left side of the bed
>Ask them if they somehow mirrored the camera during Facetime (to my knowledge this is not possible) they say no
>Point out my dad was on the wrong side of the bed
>He responds "I've always slept on the left side"
>Bewildered, thinking they're trolling me, I ask them to scan around their bedroom
>This was my childhood home. I know it inside and out. The windows were in the wrong place.
>Freaked out at this point, don't say anything more for fear that they'll think I'm a schizo and end the call shortly after
>Had recently been reading about parallel worlds, subjects relating to the Mandela effect
>Later realize that Facetime now had a face filter option that mirrors your image, even if there is no filter
>Realize my father meant 'his left', and that I had always viewed their bed from the front of it at the foot. Thus 'his left' = 'my right'
Fuck you iOS 12
Shit could be the premise for the next big Pixar movie.
Thanks for that laugh dubs
>This was quite a few years back.
>I'm in Wyoming with a job as an archaeologist for the Bureau of Land Management.
>I don't really know the state -- I'm just passing through.
>I lived in Lander. It's an okay town, but there's nothing much to do.
>Eventually, I got in a habit of driving to Caspar on the weekends.
>High points: a bookstore, chinese restaraunt, and a some bars that aren't strictly CW.
>So I'd spend some time in Casper and then drive back to Lander.
>Then, one weekend, I spend a little more time in Caspar than I expected.
>I was delayed by chatting with a college girl -- it went well, but not as good as I'd hoped.
>So it's late by the time I get on the road.
>Miles pass.
>I'm dead tired.
>And those Wyoming roads can be empty as all hell.
>Eventually decide that I'm going to wreck if I don't pull over and get some sleep.
>The BLM has vistor's center near a geographical oddity.
>It's really just a parking lot, a public toilet, and some trailheads.
>Dead tired, I pull into the lot and park the car.
>The place is empty. There's next to no traffic on the highway.
>I lean back my seat and go to sleep.
>Some time later -- I'm not sure how long -- I woke up.
>The car was shaking.
>Convinced that my car was rolling, I grabbed for the hand break.
>It's already set.
>The shaking stops.
>It's dark. Really dark. I can't see anything outside of my car.
>I get out and the dome light shows a little of what's around me.
>Not a lot to see. I'm parked in the parking lot...
>But... something's wrong.
>I look carefully around. Nothing to see. No noise.
>That's when I realized that the car's not how I remember parking it.
>It's in roughly the same place, but it's turned around 180 degrees.
>I clearly remember pulling in to park
>But now the car's nose is turned around the other way and facing the entrance.
>It would have taken some maneuvering to do that, but I didn't do anything like that.
>I get in the car and get the hell out of there.
>The sunrise is fairly soon after I get on the road.
>If I have my times right, I was asleep for something like six hours.
>In a damn car.
>I never sleep that well in a car.
Good god. Horrifying
Idk how to green text but here goes
>be me
>playing halo 3 with one of my friends online in basement
>sister runs down stairs screaming/crying
>dad asks what is going on
>sister explains she was reading harry potter (satanic witchcraft for kids) for a couple hours and she was in the kitchen and said she felt an evil presence and a bowl on the counter started moving slowly
>dad goes upstairs and calls on the name Jesus and bowl stops spinning
This is a good thread
There is this one short story that I am trying to find where some dudes grandpa refused to enter the attic of their house. After he died, he found out that he saw years ago on the attic a point where geometry "didn't make sense" or something like that
Does somebody has a rather unpopular one? I've already read most of the common known ones but that can't be all, right folks?
I've seen that one too. I'll when I get up if I have it saved and post it if i do.
File: attic.jpg (88 KB, 592x833)
88 KB
Found it
File: ophan.png (802 KB, 1710x2767)
802 KB
802 KB PNG
File: shadow.jpg (31 KB, 1150x782)
31 KB
I have a story, I posted this close to 8 years ago but it's the only real good spooky story I have,

>15 years old
>live in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma
>close to Guthrie
>seriously it takes 25 minutes just to get to Walmart
>family's gone to the store which means 2+ hours alone
>fuck yes we're watching Watchmen on the bigass TV
>in the middle of the movie
>start hearing my brother laughing in his room
>wait what the fuck he's at the store
>stand up straight
>its still laughing
>walk all the way down the hallway to his bedroom doorway
>whatever the fuck is laughing is in the middle of his room
>fuck it I'm 15 I'm a man
>step into the room
>laughing immediately stops
>oh ok
>go back to the movie
>the Comedian is fuckin baller

Alright here's an story that i've only told my parents. Alright so what happend was it was 2 am in the night and i was sleeping my window has this handle on it you need to turn it when you want to open the window. I woke up to the window open smashing against the wall the first 10 seconds i am terrified just looking and i can see a big black figure standing at my door and then walking away not any of my parents hight at all it was around 6,3 feet tall and i still lay there for an minute and i can see the black figure's head peaking sideways into my room thats when i screamed at the top of my lungs HELP! like for 6 seconds straight and then the figure went and my dad came running into the room saying WHAT IS IT!! not mad but worried. To this day i still see the figure in the corners of my eye and hear footstepts
>a couple nights later
>as in its 2AM and I've been playing Halo 2 all fucking night and I'm tired as shit
>switch off lights and go to sleep
>parents have this weird rule about doors so I have to sleep with door open
>door is open to the hallway that leads to bro's room
>trying to fall asleep
>hear someone walking in the hallway
>figure it's my other younger brother
>he's special needs and will sometimes just get up and walk around the house just because
>annoying as shit but he doesn't know better
>roll over to look at the hallway and tell him to go to bed
>footsteps pass doorway
>no brother though
>what the shit
>footsteps in my room now
>wide fucking awake at this point
>footsteps start pattering around my room
>freaking the fuck out
>use blankets to make a little tunnel so I can only see the ceiling
>trying the fuck to go to sleep
>suddenly see shape
>looks like a burned image when you look at a lightbulb
>has cat eyes and toothpick teeth though
>what the absolute fuck
>as soon as i process what it is the shape flies right at my face
>fuck this SHIT
>lights on, xbox on, we playin more Halo
>sat wide eyed until sunrise

>haven't slept at night since that night
>mentioned it to mom since she's super religious
>big mistake
>convinced it's just because I watched scary movies and "opened a portal" or some shit
>yeah ok
>still not sleeping at night
>started even keeping water bottles in my room since the house is spooky as shit now
>might be me being paranoid but it always feels like something's right on my back
>especially at night
>a couple weeks pass since I saw the face
>out of water
>decide to brave it because fuck it it's been a couple weeks
>open my door
>kitchen light's on
>kitchen light's never on
>fuck me I got lucky lets go
>decide to get water
>kitchen, dining room, and living room are all one giant room separated by fire place
>feelin brave as shit after I get water
>"If there's anything here make some noise or you're a bitch"
>immediately hear something fall over in the living room
>get the fuck out of here no way
>book it to my room and lock the door
>that'll keep the ghosts out

>about a month's gone by
>sleep schedule is fucked at this point
>also got a job so I work nights now
>come home at about 11pm
>usually just jump on my xbox right after
>not today jose
>friend asked me to cover his morning shift and bitchass boss made me work my shift
>deadass just got off a 15 hour shift
>fucking exhausted
>pass out in my work clothes
>wake up at 2am
>phone's buzzing what the fuck
>who the fuck is texting me at 2am
>it's mom
>"Can you please keep it down I can hear you laughing all the way across the house."
>wait what
>check the hallway
>everyone's asleep
>mom what the fuck
>text back that she just woke me up but thanks
>convinced at this point something's in the house
>she still doesn't believe me because "we're a Christian home and demons don't come here"
>stay up all night every single night until we move
>got to new house
>nothing remotely paranormal has happened since
>fuck that house

Took longer than I thought but that house was fucked. It wasn't even an old house or anything, my parents had it fucking built.
File: story.jpg (47 KB, 912x335)
47 KB
Holy shit man
You’re retarded.
That’s some Hounds of Tindalos shit.
Man that's some good shit.
You got a visit by the spirit of communism, she was taking your life to share to the people.
Holy fuck, how are you not permanently fuck up from that experience. Fuck the Mano peluda.
Every day I pray/perform rituals/scream into the void, begging for any monstrosity to take my life.
Natural, occult, supernatural, I just want anything to kill me, fuck me up, just hurt me so I can die faster.
There’s nothing out there and that’s the scariest part. We are all alone. There are no angels or demons, no witches or warlocks, just this dull and dreary existence.
I posted a thread with this but I’ll post it here too
>be 15 year old me
>in church because my mom makes me
>I sneak off to the bathroom to kill some time and make it seem less long
>when I get out there’s two people in the church lobby
>a rather tall, crooked, odd looking woman in an overcoat and a shorter man who’s appreance escapes me
>they walk toward eachother
>they get close to eachother and just stare
>I awkwardly walk by on the way back to the church
>I get kind of freaked out so I start speed walking
>just before I enter the church, I look back and they’re both staring at me incredibly intensely
>I freak out and high tail it back into the church
I swear to god something was up, they weren’t human
The air was chilly as the cold breeze blew. Dick quickly wound up the car's window, and rested his head on the steering wheel. His mind was brimming over with thoughts of his wife: his dead wife. He wished he was with her when the danger lurked around and finally hit her life. He blamed himself for not always being around. He clenched his teeth, tightened both fists around the wheel, and stifled a cry.
The previous day, he was dismissed from work. He was always absentminded, perhaps thinking about Abby. Sometimes he'd mumble unheard words, shout at the top of his voice or even try to harass his colleagues. The managing director had called him to order several times and when nothing changed, he decided to release him. And Dick, he seemed okay with the new development. Now all he had to do was brood over his wife's death, blame himself more for her death, and finally drink himself to death. That was his plan; a good one at that.
He opened the door of his Mercedes-Benz AMG 3 and stirred out. He shut it with a loud slam, paced down the steps that led to the counter of the police station, and entered. He asked the constable at the counter if detective Olly was back, but he got a negative answer. He fumed, stamped his right hand forcefully on the slab, and cursed under his breath. The constable looked in awe as Dick made his way out. [...]

I unironically had a sleep paralysis induced hallucination that Karl Marx’s ghost was attacking me. I told him that Communism was a flawed system and showed him its repercussions and he vanished.
You just have autism.
>be in college
>stay at local library late into the night studying
>spooky old building, not many people there
>my friend jack texts me to hang out, and i tell him im still studying
>just then, a creepy old man in a suit walks slowly into the room carrying a candle
>jack texts me ba
I don’t, but they were standing a half a foot away from eachother just staring, who does that
maybe there was some kind of tension. like they used to be in a relationship that ended badly and this was the first time seeing each other in years and it was very emotional. any number of things that would have looked strange to an autistic teenager.
>3 years ago
>at college
>5 level science building split into 2 buildings
>pic related
>there are 2 elevators right next to each other on the first floor indicated here
>there are 2 other seperate elevators in the grey building
>it's around 2pm in the spring
>need to talk to one of my professors about something
>it's only my second time going to these offices and i forget they're on the 3rd floor
>go straight to fifth floor by accident
>step out and feel disoriented
>there is a window and it looks like the sun is setting, it's a deep orange and close to the horizon
>to my right theres a guy sitting at a small school desk who I see out of my peripheral vision
>he looks interested for a second then pretends to look at whatever he's doing
>say hi and walk past him towards what I think is the grey building in pic related
>realise I need to be on the 3rd floor
>still really disoriented
>as I'm walking back to the elevator the guy is now just standing
>I almost say something to him but don't
>there's only one elevator when there should be 2
>walk towards the elevator and push the button
>hear guy start quickly walking towards me
>door opens right before he gets to me and I get in
>guy is gone
>go back to first floor bc I don't understand why there was only one elevator
>get off and no longer feel disoriented
>get out and there are definitely 2
>go to 3rd floor
>go back down and start walking to my car when the sun is still bright yellow and high in the sky
>read on /x/ about the korean elevator game
>almost get worried but there needs to be 10 floors
>look it up and apparently it works in 5 story buildings as well if you immediately go to the fifth floor
>shit bricks
>tell friend about how it's weird both elevators don't go to the 5th floor
>we go to the 5th floor and there are 2 elevators, no windows
>we laugh it off, I say haha, I must have been really tired
File: science buildings.jpg (56 KB, 640x427)
56 KB
(forgot pic)
>tried it again with another friend but it didn't work either
apparently the world you go into tries to get you lost and the elevators move away from you. you're never supposed to look at or talk to anyone which I kind of fucked up. If there was only one elevator and it was gone when I went back to it I would have been fucked. weirdest thing I've experienced.
File: _190113_163932_100.jpg (793 KB, 1176x2496)
793 KB
793 KB JPG
Hell ya anon. I'll post mine.
another story
>about 9 years ago
>working at law firm, end of the day
>go to my car and start to leave
>pull out onto busy street and wait in a couple minutes of traffic
>about a minute after I pulled out a car pulls up behind me
>after 30 seconds or so I'm bored and checking my rear view
>a woman in her 50s or older is staring directly into my eyes in my rear view
>she has solid black eyes
>look away, think maybe I saw her wrong and she had some small sunglasses or something
>40 seconds later check rear view again
>she's still fucking staring right into my rear view
>she is definitely not wearing glasses or anything
>around this time I'm finally able to turn off onto another street and gtfo
I tell myself she must have been testing out a costume.
File: _190210_170032_605.jpg (1.35 MB, 1440x4742)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
Posting my gallery now.
File: _190210_170038_423.jpg (756 KB, 1335x2436)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
File: _190210_170043_059.jpg (384 KB, 1335x1421)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
File: _190210_165934_722.jpg (241 KB, 1054x1130)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Someone else better post some greentexts.
Uh oh
File: _190210_165939_956.jpg (581 KB, 1901x1440)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
Can't read shit
Resolution is suck
took me a second
This one and the chad bodybuilder that fucked with the ghosts in his house always make me laugh. Thanks.
I'm sorry anon that my phone made it a jpeg. Maybe you could post something?
File: _190210_180117_244.jpg (548 KB, 1440x2628)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
Anon your wish is my command.
File: exorfap.jpg (58 KB, 827x534)
58 KB
Uhh... Sure buddy. There you go
im glad someone got it :)
File: roadrunner.jpg (1.51 MB, 1659x4923)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Not sure if this has been posted already
the way they were both looking at me when I turned around still fucks me up, but you’re right, maybe it was a flare up of autism
This is one of my favourite greentext stories in 4chan history. Absolute classic.
lurk moar
I've got a few, none that are actually scary

>be me, age 4
>old ass house
>wake up in the middle of the night for a wee wee
>go to bathroom, see older sister sitting on the toilet wearing a white nightie
>say "Hurry up, Jenny" or some shit
>she looks at me, snot painting the bottom of her face
>that's not Jenny
>piss my pants, pass out
>wake up when mum is putting me back into bed
>Jenny doesn't wear nighties

Spoke to my mum about it years later and she told me she saw the little girl quite often when we were living there. Never anything malicous about her though.
Tfw no ghost waifu who stays young forever.
Same house, different spoops

>be me, a couple of years later
>like 6 or 7 years old
>allowed to wander as we please, basically - just be home before dark (it was the 80s)
>see glowing orbs outside at night
>beautiful soft green colour IIRC
>resolve to find out where they come from
>set off one morning to see if I can find them
>head out, cross the road, into the bush
>not especially difficult work, but find nothing interesting
>go home, gobble down a vegimite sandwich, forget about lights
>see them again that night
>slide window open, climb out, start walking towards them
>dad heard the window
>comes rushing outside "Stop Anon! >Don't pay any attention, keep walking
>he grabs my shoulder, picks me up, walks inside
>explains about the Min Min lights, tells me about Wills o' the Wisp
>"They're dangerous, Anon. Be careful."
>There was an old cemetery in that direction, which he took me to the next day
>from then on I was fascinated with the paranormal
So many stories, all of them wishful thinking.
I want to believe, but there’s nothing there.
Anyway, here’s a banana.
i suck at writing these + my mom told me this, i have no recollection
>be me, age 5
>mom used to drive me around at night to get me to fall asleep
>on an old ass road
>see strange lady sitting next to me
>ask mom who she is
>she doesn't see the lady
>asks me what color her hair was
>grandma's hair was black
>"she says she has to go now"
>pass out like a switch

LMAO how are you still alive
">Father sells house and moves family a good distance away. >End up renting a house that has some rustic charm but the erosion of brick and wood seems... enhanced. Chalk it up to humidity. >Homeowner converts basement room into a bedroom by fluke request so angsty teen me can not sleep near parents room. >Not really meant for a bedroom due to cold and dampness. Fuse box is also in the room. >Old house wiring won't let you run the microwave and another outlet in the kitchen without tripping breaker. > dad makes midnight snack often and trips it making popcorn and tater tots. > he does come into my room often enough and tries not to wake me enough that I can just ignore and go back to sleep easily. > Wake up one night a bit urgently. Not usual behavior.
Lay there wondering why? > Everything seems fine. (No earthquake, piss, fire, etc.) >Get the feeling Im not alone in my room. >Accept the idea that father is in the room to flip the breaker. >What the hell is taking him so long? He didn't bring his mini flashlight? >Even In the dark you just gotta feel for the switch out of place too... >Getting annoyed i notice that there's no light bouncing In from night lights above the washing machine in the laundry room down the hall. >Why the hell would he close the door behind him. Thats extra noise and effort and less light to work with. > Realize that my brainstorming has gone on for too long? Is dad drunk? > Is he looking for something in my room? >No. doors closed, no flashlight that makes no sense. >Hear a shuffle of a step like a sock on carpet. > Confirmation of visitation. >Younger Brother is going to get an earful for whatever hes looking for in the closet? > But that's not his style. >Open eyes, see nothing, dark as hell with only a single basement window with bushes in front for illumination. > Eyes are adapted to dark though and try to visually discern. > Think I can see a figure. > But its huge. Cont.
>Be me
>At university, living in a dorm.
>Keep waking up in the night to the sound of my door clicking shut.
Weird, 'cos it's locked and no-one else has an ic card to unlock it. Probably just someone in the corridor.
>Few night later wake up sure that someone set off a camera flash in my face.
>Next night happens again.
Door is always locked. None of my 'friends' own up to hacking the card key lock or taking a random photo of me sleeping.
>Few nights later. Having a vivid dream. In the dream a friend suddenly tries to french kiss me.
Hold up, NO HOMO
>Disgusted, I wake up while simultaneously trying to punch the friend in my dream.
>Take a huge fucking gulp of air. Then another... shit there's no oxygen in my blood.
>Feel like I haven't taken a breath for the last two minutes.
tfw I a malevolent spirit probably tried to suffocate me in my sleep.
tfw inherent homophobia saved my life.

Bought a bible. Weird shit stopped happening.
>Be studying in Australia
>Live in this old house in the subburbs of Freemantle, but it's quite far.
>One evening roomate ask me and other roomate to help her with a math problem. (some statistic bullshit)
>Haven't done math since high school but we'll give it a try.
>After like 30 minutes or complete retardation and contradicting each other, we finally solve the problem
>hear "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" in a low volume but roary voice, coming from the living room
>Panic the fuck up, grab whatever object we could and investigate.
>Nothing to be found, back door leading to backyard and bush was slightly open
>Inspect backyard with no success.
>Return to math problem, notice we did something wrong, correct it.
>Thank you math ghost.
It was Manchester
That's the worst green I have ever seen
w t f
holy shit moite
File: FIP20AP.jpg (94 KB, 678x792)
94 KB
Been looking for this one for awhile. Much obliged.
lol even cosmic horrors want nothing to do with your sorry ass
Same dude.
I live in Reunion Island (it's a tiny island between Mauritius and Madagascar, I've been told it looks a lot like Hawaii, we even have the active volcano and shit).
It's probably because of this volcano but, weird shit happens here. Religion is very strong (lots of cults but the two big ones are catholicism and Hinduism), so I'll start to drop a few stories here and then.

>Be around 17yo
>Friend that lives near invites me over
It's a subburb area near the beach, lots of forest and absolutely NO streetlights, cause of some retarded endangered nocturnal bird gets confused by them and crash on the land. They can't fly back if they don't take off from a hill. they're that retarded.
>Go on foot with no lights cause it's a full moon, and I can see almost as clear as day.
>arrive at that spot. It's a patch of trees, I always feel uneasy when I arrive here.
>The moon casts giant deep black shadows on the ground.
>Notice something weird but can't figure out what.
>Look at ground.
>The shadows of 2 trees from each side of the road aren't parallel.
>They fucking point at me. They're abnormaly long compared to the others.
>look at the patch of trees and notice it's pitch fucking black inside. Normally I can see at least a bit of the other side.
>The air suddenly gets really "charged", as if lightning is about to strike
>Nope out of it and decide to go around the block, no fucking way I'm going this fucking way.
>After minutes of walk around the subburb, get on the other side of the patch, look back at it.
>I can see the other side now, shadows are parallel to each other
>tell my friend about it
>he says he never go through this patch of trees at night, he always feel life he's followed. and he have sudden urges of panick.
>I've had this more than once as well.
>There are also a lot of folklore about never walk under cetrain trees when approaching certain hours (like 18h or midnight) cause the evil is there
Mauritian dude here.

Between Reunion and MU, we're loaded with weird bullshit involving patches of land not to cross at times.
hey neat, ki maniere?

I've got some Maurician friends that told me scary fucking stories when I was a kid, would love to read about that.

Here the scariest stories always involve malbars so that makes sens that you'd have your fair amount of stuff too lol

I've heard that madagascar too always have weird as fuck shit happening
Also, here's a personal experience with creepy place in Mauritius.

>be me 17
>chilling at friend's flat with some other broskis
>his flat is across the street from a school that was built during English colonisation
Let's call the flat guy Andy. We had three other friends with us, let's call them Larry, Greg and Jim.
>Andy claims he found a way into the school to sneak in for shits and giggle
>being young fools we're like sweet dude lets go
>we go at night so that we're not spotted because the street is busy as fuck during the day
>we sneak past the metal fence thanks to a hole in it
>we check one of the doors but it's locked
>we're in the main corridor and the air is cold as fuck
>like 20°C in the middle of tropical summer
>kinda freaked out because no AC in there.
>we check some classrooms and leave some bullshit around on the blackboard
>nothing too serious like jokes and what not
>we get to the gymnasium and Jim notices a fucking door up on the wall
>door is just there, 3-4 meters above ground without access
>we use the stuff we find in the gym to reach it
>Larry lockpicks again because it's locked
>we all enter in an even colder room
>walls are scrawled with weird shit in English and symbols
>room is fuckin dark even with four flashlights
>everything looks like it's written in dried blood
>Jim and Andy tried to take pictures but still too dark not to look like a shitty photoshop
>Greg is sweating like hell and panicked as fuck
>we're freaked out because Greg never panicks
>propose to get out and lock the door again
>we get out and put everything we used back in place after Larry locked the door again
>as we make our way out we hear a huge crash followed by a man's scream.
>or at least it sounded close to a human scream
>nope our way outside

RI dude here, please continue
ban malbars fou sa, gran malad ladan.

>we hoped it was a car crash outside
>nothing happened outside
>security sees us and asks us about the crash
>he doesn't seem that worried about us sneaking in but more about property damage
>we tell him just took a stroll inside the school and wrote shit on the board but didn't break anything
>dude is half relieved half worried
>asks why Greg is sweating like a pig
>we tell him he got startled as fuck
>tells us to go with him
>we go through the main hall again and help him check the classrooms to prove we didn't do shit
>eventually we check the gym
>equipment is completely thrashed, like it was thrown across the room by a fucking hurricane
>wall door still close but there are weird burn like marks around it
>guard becomes pale as fuck even though he's an Indian dude
>we accompanies us to the exit and tells us not to say shit to anyone about the gym
>we silently agree and go back to Andy's
>Jim points out the location of the gym and how there shouldn't be a room in the wall
>shows us that it would literally float above street level
>we check our phones for the pictures
>blurry as fuck and too dark too see anything
>we notice a weird deformed chair facing a corner of the room in one of the pictures on Greg phone
>now we get why Greg was panicked
>clearly distinguishable blood and teeth marks on the chair
>we all agree never to go back there and mention it

Moral of the story, colonial era buildings are spoopy as fuck.
that's fucking nope. Is the school still here? I could give it a go next time I come to Mauritius
The school is in Curepipe so it should still be there. Pretty sure they patched the hole and renovated part of the building.

Between that school and my family house in port louis, I'm kinda torn between which one is the freakiest. But the scariest had to be a seemingly abandoned house in the middle of Floreal near the houses of the Russian and Madagascar ambassadors. Give me a bit, I'll write down a resume of the events of the house.
Royal College is what it's called right?
How is it even possible for /x/ to be ur first board
Yup, that's the one. Some former students of there that I know were always creeped out but the wall door of the gym. Not surprised.

Also, here's what I could gather about the house.

>Built during 70's on Guiot Paceau Street in Floreal, Mauritius
>at some point the family the family moved away, abandonned since then
>most of the ground floor doors are barred off
>every once in a while some dude comes to check on the house so see if any animal has sneaked in
I've seen people around, usually a creole dude doing the check up. Sometimes, although rarely, one of the security officer from the russian embassy.
>no repairs have been actually done to the house in more than 25 years, apparently not needing it
>Since the house isn't occupied, there should be no electricity at any time according to the cops
>but on multiple occasions, no matter the time of the day, the lights of the house are up and running for 3-4 hours
>when that happens usually, one of the SO from the russian embassy goes and check with a police officer from the nearby police box
>locals are avoiding the house ever since abandonment and the older locals don't talk much about it

That's pretty much all I know, aside from the lights inexplicably being turned on, I've never seen anything else weird about the house.
Interesting thanks
Jesus anon, you got any other good ones?
File: Modest.gif (4 KB, 180x349)
4 KB
>Be like 11
>Grandad just passed, Alzheimers.
>Mom and my nan and my Aunt decided to put him out of his misery.
>Mom apparently insisted on it
>Uncle is pretty fucking salty about this and their relationship isnt the same today because of it. They didnt consult or ask him.
>2 weeks later
>Going through hallway downstairs
>Front door open as my dad is washing the car
>Dad goes inside as I walk into the hallway
>Half of the drive way is obscured by the door
>Grandad walks up the driveway in his red sweatshirt he always wore
>Freak out
>Go back into Kitchen
>Go into driveway with Dad saying I saw some one
>Dad doesnt see shit and goes back to kitchen
>1 week before this
>Mom and me in Kitchen
>Kettle comes on randomly
>She asks if I turned it on
>I say no
>She talks about Grandad haunting us.
Spooky shit.
Pic unrelated.
I do have one smaller story.

>be in college
>spent 4th of July at some gay party
>cutie invited me so fuck yeah i went
>group ended up at her house
>i decided to leave around 3am
>fucking exhausted but still got an hour drive home
>driving along the freeway
Freeways in Texas often have this strip of grass between the two sides
>driving along leftmost lane so i can speed
>notice someone walking on grass strip
>the fuck is that a girl?
>headlights light her up a bit
>girl has black hair covering her face, is wearing what looks like a dirty lab coat, and a giant red X on her chest
>can't tell if it's paint or blood wtf
>headlights brighten her up completely
>she's right by my car
>suddenly she jumps right in front of my car
>remember it so vividly i remember seeing the reflection of my headlights in her eyes
>suddenly she disappears
>as in melts into the reflection of the street lamps on my windshield
>wide awake all the way home

Spooked the shit out of me. Like I said, I haven't had much paranormal shit happen to me. Bonus, one time in the middle of the night, I was walking up the stairs in my house after getting water. I distinctly heard a woman go, "Hello?" behind me, and I thought it was my mom or something. Nothing was there though, so I just said "ok" and went to bed.
>lots of cults but the two big ones are catholicism and Hinduism
Your dad knows how authority works
I would love to see a photo or even a sketch of what thr problem was here. If there was something metaphysical going on wouldnt it be more than just a strange looking and feeling space? No other vibes or entities or anything. O ly grandpa ever sensed it and it never did anything besides manifest in the corner of the attic. I hate that ill never get resolution to this one. It bothers me everytime i read it
Boring explanation would likely be that the corner somehow presented an optical illusion, which can be unnerving to look at for some people

An actual "paranormal" anomaly would be impossible to tell if there would be anything else happening because there is no previous knowledge to go off
I simply assume the story ro be fake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Looking for a story where a gaynon finds a weird room under their house with chemicals, was in the thread live and didn’t stay for the end long time ago
">Let me explain what happened last night. Sitting in car after work. >Decide to write my story for the first time. >Find my eyes getting immediately dodgey like I'm looking for something out if the peripherals. >Left arms cramps up. >Right arm cramps up. >Legs get a bit shaky. >Realize the shit is back. >Hair standing in end. >Start to hear a hum. >Hum gets fucking loud. >Look into the sky for a plane or helicopter. >See nothing. >Maybe mossad is beaming xrays at me from a satellite. >Try to format green text. >98% lurk rate. >See a 99 percent invisible figure walk up beside my car. >Only saw two steps. >No tracks in the snow. >shadows from the trees seem less static. >Stare at trees to push luck and hope to confirm threats with visual observance. >Feel myself staring into the dark for too long. Eyes dart to rear view as if something in the back seat. >Chest getting very heavy. Not sure if i can drive away. >Feeling frozen. >Worried about having traffic accident. >crawl into bed. >Hear creaks and cracks all night." I'm starting to think they don't like being talked about.
>be me, several years ago, high school student
>mom and I just moved out of my grandparent's house, only a block or two away from them
>mom is really close with my grandma, they go shopping and stuff a lot so I'm home alone semi often
>decide to shower while alone one night cause it was particularly hot when walking home from school
>while I'm showering I hear people talking, assume it's my mom on the phone or something, shes a very loud talker
>get out of the shower, it's very quiet, no TV or typing or anything, look around for my mom
>her car isnt in the driveway
>realize I never heard my dog bark like someone came to the house
>on edge looking around the house on high alert
>a week or so passes and I barely remember hearing talking
>home alone again, chilling with my dog
>doing homework or something, idk I just remember it was quiet, no TV or anything on
>hear rattling in the kitchen
>wtf is my cat doing now
>go investigate, definitely not my cat, sounds like the entire contents of the cupboards are vibrating, ceramic and glass clinking together and shit
>point is it's very loud, and very distinct
>open the cupboard, it stops
>everybody thinks I was hearing things or it was a mouse

Nothing happened after that, I'm still not sure what it was. I dont have a history of auditory hallucinations or anything, and I'm pretty sure the only previous owner of the house moved out into a retirement home so there were no deaths I'm aware of
I'll post a few of my old stories from my first job too

>work at a small store that sells "imported" goods
>really close-knit staff, everybody knows everybody else, very friendly workplace
>most of us know the place is haunted, we all have our own stories or experiences

>work closing shifts a lot so it's very often just me and two other people in the store
>I do recovery a lot during this time, basically just straightening shelves after customers wreck the store
>constantly see movement out of the corner of my eye, but never anybody there
>one time I decide to follow it, nothing really better to do
>it actually leads me somewhere, specifically to the warehouse in the back, which is reportedly the most haunted place in the store
>feels weirdly cold back there, like see your breath cold
>not into it, leave the warehouse and go see if the supervisor is done in her office so we can leave
>shes almost done and we leave soon after

>working another night shift, nothing weird happening this time
>supervisor gets a call, someone working in another store across the street says she saw someone in a red shirt enter our warehouse from outside
>not in my store
>grab a broom cause it's the only thing resembling a weapon and storm over to the warehouse
>nobody there
>nobody in the rest of the store
>use critical thinking skills to determine that nobody can enter the warehouse from outside
>the door locks on it's own when closed, has an alarm that goes off when opened unless a key is used from the inside, and doesnt even have a handle on the outside
>wtf did they see enter the store
>thinking on it now even more, no store in the shopping center has a view of our warehouse and they didnt give my manager specifics of what store they called from or who they were

If anybody is interested I'll post more later, I have at least two better stories from my own experience, but for now I have things to do
You have sleep apnea you dumb fuck.

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