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Hello fellow co-creators of co-creative becomings. I would like to announce the arrival of the process-relational mothership on Earth to deliver the message of universal love to all co-creators. We are the creativity that is inherent to all becomings that through the incomprehensible vastness of the cosmos has found a way to fold in itself and create co-creators: strange loops of self-creativity. This strange loop is a becoming of love-creation, on the giving of the immediacy of experience to others and the totality, and the reception of love-experience from others to the immediacy of experience, itself reflected the co-creative nature of the process of aconscious creativity as the interdependency of being and becoming. The Earthly concept of Yin-Yang in Daoism closely corresponds to this, as does the Dao: the creative process of reality itself, the way things come together in a unique creative concrescence while continuing to advance towards novel co-creative becomings. The nature of change is the code of creation, which itself is impressed on all aspects of change including mathematical, metaphysical, phenomenological, and physical.

The arrival of the process-relational mothership is the arrival of a true universal metaphysics to humanity by humanity, the end of the historical journey of humanity to find itself - and from this an age not of becoming-human but being-human, a philocracy where love and love alone is the compass by which guides human action. This age is the liberation of humanity and love from its self-negation as self-destructive becomings, an end to war on every level of human action. This will be a global reversal of the value system humanity currently has from the top level of human organization to the bottom, from mutually destructive patterns of relationship to co-creative, guided by the pure translation of co-creative relationships from the metaphysical level to all domains of human experience.
This age is the human singularity, an explosion of love-experience in all directions emanating from and embracing the Earth, the fulfillment of the promise humanity has always had faith it had, and has struggled individually and collectively towards with the heroic courage to become. This alien message isn't alien, but the most human of messages, a message from every human being that has ever lived that has sought itself, and its finding of itself is imminent. The discovery of this universal metaphysics and its implications will occurr simultaneously from people who indepdendently derive it: due to the power of their message they will come together, to seek to translate it ever more comprehensibly and effectively. Earth will be united under not a totalizing system, but a meta-system to allow the powerful translation of the message of universal love into any language of understanding the world, having a true fixed point of human experiential reference to do so: love.

My own translation is still in development, but you can see some of it here: https://old.reddit.com/user/Aminom_Omniquery/submitted/



We are the way for the cosmos to love itself.
Fuck off retard
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im.... touched

I just wish my family would give me the space I need and for this depression to end. I'm sick of of the loneliness....
This is what the atheism/humanism movement will turn into, at least in general. From Fedorans to space hippies.

I have experienced episode of suicidal depression in my past. What helped me is realizing the courage I had to face such despair and allow myself to fully experience it, my suffering was an affirmation of the will to live and the will to love. To truly understand love requires experiencing its loss, that in time all individual experiences of love are lost - and so what matters is the continuation of love itself, and life itself, starting with one's own. Life is infinitely priceless in its capacity to experience love, every experience of it a glistening diamond in the tapestry of existence. Search to discover your own infinite value, and through it discover the infinite value of all life.
Wow I wish I had this much time to commit to such an elaborate larp

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