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Does anyone know how to recover the original veelox thread and related info?

The oldest thing I can find is around 2013, and the older archives are down.

Are there any archives I am not aware of/screencraps? High res of those maps would be most apreciated.
I have it saved. But you'll have to post a few pics before I show you. Just wiggle around in your underwear for me. Be my spicy little jiggle piglet.
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>actual blood
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I have no idea what this picture is, probably some other astral meetup that died.
There were so many of them it's hard to keep track.

The older experiments do not age well. To keep them archived would threaten the validity of the experiment. It relies on people not having advance knowledge of how things went, and when that's gone the experiment loses its repeatability. I'll explain the theory, but it won't be able to change your beliefs.

There is no time on the astral. You can try the experiment yourself, do everything the old anons did, and when you meet them, introduce yourself as an /x/phile from the future. You'll be going back not in time, but outside of it. The effect appears the same from their reference frame.

This is why I've been trying to design a better experiment. Most such tests rely solely on the facts not being known to the people doing the experiment, and that absolutely kills repeatability. Every metaphysics experiment conducted by scientists has the same problem. Even if they discover vast interconnectedness relating seemingly directly to consciousness, the experiment poses a single thought in the human overbrain, and once had means no more than that singular thought. It's one idea, one realization, among infinite possible potentials.

Conducting an active demonstration is no easy feat. There's nothing you can see on TV that would LOOK like real magic to you, because you already "know" that everything on a screen is fake.
I think I might get it. That is something I have never considered before, although it makes some sense (the subject influencing in the experiment).

The only thing that does not make sense to me, however, is the total absence of time. If that is the case, how is one able to even move or devise any cause and effect pair? One needs the arrow of time to actually DO anything, doesn't he? Would it be some kind of general stasis, in which the mechanism of time just works locally? I can't fathom such a thing.
Time is like a spacial dimension in that 3D things form and move within it. So to be "outside of time" would mean moving through something else, everything that is 3D would be static, but you would be able to perform "actions" through some inconceivable dimension of movement.
Very weird experiment in self-delusion by some incredibly lonely and schizo teenagers.
>a mind so cucked by its own (lack of) self awareness that it thinks it understands what it was like to be there

Pro tip: You weren't.
File: Wierd Dream Picture.jpg (279 KB, 1124x808)
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These are supposedly drawn in Astral during sleep
Thanks, I guess. Just weird, this one. Any idea as for what "ncp" means?

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