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what's the deal with golf rumors, exactly?
Ahhhh this meme.
>Real golf rumor thats probably legit
Illegal deals are made on golf courses due to good socialization, no prying eyes, and plenty of space to know when you are alone and when you are not
>Probably not real golf rumors
Golf courses are used to traffic foreigners for sex and eliee (if they know the right people) can arange to get what ever they want. Golf courses use foreign worker loopholes so it is all legit. Not all, but a good number of clubs do this and also launder money.
>The rumor you came here to hear
A reporter on a forum talked about how golf courses have underground torture/sex dungeons. This is why they tend to be build close to cement factories. The reporter died mysteriously and the tiger woods sex scandal came out to cover up.
(That theory is mostly memory holed and I'm doing a bad job describing it, but more or less pizzagate is happening in and under golf courses. The cement plant stuff is weird but other than that all speculation)
GOLF sun satellite boo, look into it
>Illegal deals
>to get what ever they want
>and also launder money.
>cover up
you gotta stop this schizo posting, you have been doing it all week. At least format it to something readable and expand upon your idea. baka
at first I thought he was a fag but re read it. He's using peoples own words to say it.
>Illegal deals to get what ever they want and also launder money cover up
unsure if schizo is larping. Another thing about Golf Rumors is when people get close to the truth bad things happen.
>In reality we know shady deals go down on golf courses. Legit ones too.
>Cops can't just stroll into a golf course and if they do all convo and stuff stops and the course gives illusion of co-operation short of allowing bugging or tapping (meaning anyone there is tipped off)
>Not so much of a conspiracy. Rich people go to private places and discuss private matters
golf rumors has nothing to do with the sport of golf

You are wrong again.
the car?

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