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This is gonna be a hard ask but other than spending countless hours browsing through swfchan this is probably the only shot I've got.

Me and my friend saw this flash years ago on /f/, around 2011 or 12, after all the years of searching and going on /f/ since then we've never found it and never seen it posted again.
It was just a video of a cutout of some guys face superimposed all over the place creating heaps of shapes like flowers and a rocket that lifted off and a bunch of shit like that. I know there was music playing and that's about it, not what the music was or what the guys face really looked like. I think he had dark hair, there's a slight possibility it could have been the cock mongler but I'm not really sure

If anyone has any ideas for keywords that'd help me find it or knows the flash I'm talking about please help me out, I've been searching for years.
colin in hd?
nah, kind of similar thing but that's not it. Thanks though
since i'm collectimg them i can help u but
i need more info like
was music chiptune?
flash animation or youtube rip?
story or music loop?
I wish I could give you more info but I can't.
It was just this guys face making up heaps of shit like I described, even the shape of the thrust and smoke out the bottom of the rocket was made up of a collection of that cutout of his face, kind of hard to explain but everything or almost everything was his face.
If I'm guessing I would say it probably looped, I don't know what the music was like, just that I know it was playing music, definitely wasn't just a silent video with all that going on.

Could have been made by anyone but I'd say it's probably not Japanese. Probably a youtube rip or from somewhere else, I have no idea if people are able to animate stuff like that in flash but from what I've seen it didn't look like something flash animated
Wish I'd saved it but didn't really think about it at the time, most of the shit you see on /f/ gets reposted a lot

Sorry I can't give you more to go off but thanks anyway man

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