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Help /g/, I really fucked up.

I was reformatting my mom's tablet, trying to get it nice and fresh for her. I moved all her pictures onto a micro SD card and did a factory reset. Later I noticed the SD card on my desk.. bent. It's cracked.

Is there any way I can recover the pictures off her tablet's internal memory after the factory reset? My mom's gonna hate me if I can't atleast recover some of them.
Just fucking tape it back together and put it in again
nope. there are so many bad decisions here i don't even know where to begin.

why were you factory resetting your moms tablet? its a tablet. she can probably do that herself. its literally a 2 tap menu on android. its a tablet we're talking about here not a windows pc why the heck are you trying to 'make it fresh' when there's literally nothing you are doing beyond pressing a button that she could have done herself?

why was she not using some kind of photo backup service like icloud or google photos? they're normie-tier so there's no excuse there

why did you put all of that data on an SD card instead of like, on your computer? why did you take the SD card out of the tablet? why are you careless enough to just leave a micro SD card out in a place where you could snap it in half, especially when you had put critical backup data on it?
Not him but I don't get your first point. He's there to back up her shit and help her undo her facebook-ignorance she imposed on her tablet. Mind you he's a selfish, ignorant fucker himself who didn't show her the care he would've shown himself, but he can't just make a phone call and say "just factory reset, lmao". Especially when the backup was physical.
by factory reset, I mean also setting it back up carefully so that she gets some milage out of it, rather than her doing the two taps and it reinstalling all the dumb boomer comedy and cheesecake recipe apps she had on it that bloated the tablet to a crawl. I spent a good hour setting up her homescreen neatly and all that shit. Like me, she's not smart and doesn't even know how to use the VCR.

I don't consider it selfish, I just don't know shit about cloud storage services.

She broke the usb port at the bottom so I can't connect it to my computer, I did't get a chance to use the microsd myself until this happened. I'm trying to squeeze this shit into one of the busiest schedules Ive ever had

Why the fuck am I defending myself here?

heh, unironically tried this..
can I atleast, in the far future, use a chemical to dissolve a layer off the sd card then use an electron microscope to read the individual bytes and reconstruct the picture data someday?

I need atleast something to tell her.
> be you
> dangerously incompetent
> breaks memory card due to incompetence
> Is there any way I can recover the pictures off her tablet's internal memory after the factory reset?
sorry, faggot. you're fucked. you and your retard mother should have made backups of your shit, you incompetent fucks.
How the fuck did you bend a micro SD card on accident

Not saying I don't have sympathy for you but that's unbelievably retarded
Almost all Android devices come with Google photos installed. Almost every normie just taps "yes" when it asks if you want it to sync shit. Check Google photos
i just cannot imagine being a technically literate person and having parents that are somehow too tech illiterate to use a tablet designed to be as easy to use as possible.

i dont expect my mom to know how to reball her cpu but she's reinstalled windows herself because she's not some kind of helpless child that needs my help
Sounds like the best idea so far.
Were the photos taken with the tablet itself? Could it maybe have synced to google drive/photos? I would check there.
Recovery from the factory reset sounds pretty much impossible, as does reviving a bent micro SD card.
It's not like Android tablets all zero the flash during a factory reset though. So if you could use an application like testdisk it should be partially recoverable. However I can already tell you that it's next to impossible to do this in any decent way on a fucking Android tablet.
is your mom hot?
There's tonnes of apps to recover deleted files just use one of those, you probably won't get all the photos but it's not like your mum remembers them all, if she did she wouldn't care about them
So you found or sole a tablet and you managed to break the SD card when you took it out. Congratulations Tyrone
the truth is really pathetic, but its:

I backed everything up, set micro sd on desk.. while android is doing recovery I might have gotten distracted and forgot about it.

Look everyehwere and see it on the floor bent. I think the chair's roller rolled over it.

I'm running recovery software on the device.. so far it's recovered about half of the pictures so.. Maybe she'll not remember, she's 75 now anyway. Aslong as she's at ease.

So, some people as they get older have learned-helplessness. It's one hell of a condition and I was taught it from her. It took me years to get over it. She's never been able to even set her own alarm clock, mostly because I guess she's always had a guy around to do it for her.

She's 75 now and I don't expect her to change, but I will say I was shocked to see how well she was able to start using the tablet and facebook relatively well.
>why the fuck am I defending myself here
Cognitive dissonance between your self-image of being competent and making good decisions vs the actual results?
Wow. So you can factory reset an Android, sell it to someone, and they can recover your dick pics? There's not a master encryption key that gets changed or anything?

That sounds a bit shit.
Pics of SD, it might be recoverable for about a hundred bucks
Do you need to recover that picture also?
File: IMG_20190815_064352.jpg (497 KB, 1965x1953)
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497 KB JPG
incase you still see this, here is the SD card.

As you can see, it's cracked, and I've gently applied pressure so that the gap of the crack is closed and the card is flat and less bent. Let me know what you think.

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