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I'm starting a comic book. It's going to be drawn in a simple style and starts with the main character in bed. I request that you give me ideas on what to do next.
He seas a dog getting beat and abused and makes it his mission to go out and execute justice on these people. Finding farms with abandoned starved animals and then he finds out who owns those farms and finds them then puts them in a wooden box and leaves them to starve to death. Or finds dog fight trainers and puts them on a conveyor belt at full speed chained by the neck and when they can't keep up they get dragged forever until their skin and bones ends up getting ripped off of them.
>Gets out of bed
>Trips over FleshLight®
>Now a ghost
Bumping for more
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they get woken up by an annoying blue fairy telling them to save the world.
why would you even start a comic without knowing where it was going? don't you think there are enough 'lol so randum' comics that are obviously not planned, and which die half-way through a sequence?

MC wakes up as a completely different person. Every time MC loses consciousness he revives to become another person. The conflict is that the MC slowly forgets his own identity and downward spirals to fuck knows what
He is hot.
Need monosodium glutamate.... fap fap.... faaappp...!!!

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