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File: who_this?.jpg (157 KB, 887x1200)
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From what anime/manga/game? Originally found here:
But I can't read Nip and the auto-translation's rubbish.
It doesn't say. Might be an original character or one of the chars from Ever17 (which she was the character designer for).
Hmmm, thanks. I did try to read up her previous tweets but no hint whatsoever. And yeah, I was aware of her being the artist for Eve17 but I strongly recall no one in that game looking like that. Thanks anyway, hopefully some other anon can help. Unless it's an original character.
I suppose you could just ask.
*Note: may or may not make you sound retarded. The subtle nuances of Japanese are beyond this poor brainlet.
File: Teresa.png (86 KB, 353x441)
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Reminds me of Teresa Wagner from Tada-kun, but Teresa has a scrunchy and a different school outfit, so probably not the same.
Doing what >>678005 suggested might be your best bet.
I did the same a few months ago and the guy was pretty nice. Start off with a "すみません。" (sumimasen) before asking the question in your initial message and then after getting your answer, respond with an "ありがとうございます。" (arigatougozaimasu). Assuming he gives an answer, anyway.
Also, to go with what the previous anon said, you can also ask "彼女は何の出身ですか?" It's asking where she's from while the anon's asking who she is. Either way, you'll be able to get the source. She might just be an original (オリジナル) character, though.
Hmm, other than the outfit and hairdo she almost looks the same. Thanks for the suggestion. Never had any experience of talking to/asking Japs online though.

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