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What is an anime I can watch subbed on youtube? Probably something 90s-y, like Evangelion or Lain
>on youtube
Mind explaining why this is a requirement?
Why do you want to know? Why does it matter?
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You can watch all of Genocyber on Youtube, but Genocyber is awful apart from the well animated gore.
There are some old Devilman OVAs you can watch there, too
The movie Angel's Egg has been up for years on Youtube

Also not 90's but Miru Tights is on YouTube, it's a short series about girls in stockings and nothing else.
>What is an anime I can watch subbed on youtube
Funimation uploads various subbed animes to its Youtube channel, such as Samurai Champloo.
op doesn't know how to get anime on his iphone and he's self-conscious about it.
no need to get defensive anon. we only bully you because we love you and we want you to learn so you can still get anime even after we're gone.
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>even after we're gone
golden boy
watched those last week with friends on cytube. there are lots more; I know there is a small community of people who upload unlisted (or private) and then share links, but I don't know anyone in said community nor how to access them :/

sheeves is that you?

he probably wants to watch live with friends through some 3rd party youtube player
hes scared of torrenting or wants to watch on TV but somehow cant
we're here forever, desu desu
I've watched all of these on there (dunno if they're still available)

Plastic Neesan
Hunter x Hunter 1999
Dagashi Kashi
Yu Yu Hakusho
One Outs
Ojisan to Marshmallow
Haruhi Movie
Steins;Gate Movie
Amagami SS

also the abridged ones are available there

Sword Art Online
Hellsing Ultimate
forgot Ouran Host Club, Samurai X Movie, Angel's Egg, Hokuto no Ken, Roujin Z
All of Serial Experiments Lain is subbed on YouTube, dummy.
Revolutionary girl utena is all there on YouTube subbed and for free. It's good and 90s.
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Funimation's official YouTube channel inexplicably has a bunch of completed shows if you go on their channel and search for "(SUB)"

Lain is fully subbed on YT

Crunchyshit has a large free selection if you only care for old shows, I think the only restriction is you can't watch it in HD without a subscription

However, your best bet will be something like KissAnime or some other anime streaming site. Old shit with good subs is a bit hard to torrent now because too many kids nowadays suck CR and Funi's cocks and swallow their inferior subs instead of seeding classic shows' torrents. If you're really passionate, try to get into a private anime tracker and build your library that way. Otherwise, watch it on shit like KissAnime. Half the old torrents on Nyaa aren't being seeded ever

Happy watching!
If you watch subs you're a humongous faggot that needs to weeb himself off into suicide forest nippon.
There's a cycling anime called Overdrive.
A niche recommendation: Nayuta

It's a weird but beautiful anime with really unique pacing. It really is paced and structured like a dream.
True. RAWs or nothing.

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