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Hello people, I would really appreciate if someone could translate this. I got the gist of it from google translate, but I would love if someone could actually tell me all the details of this message. For context, it's a hentai artist I'm supporting in a kind of japanese patreon. Apparently he is not doing so good and had to add NTR to his manga or something?



Well, finally the cartoon work is over. It is an array in electronic serialization. This time is the last time.
Honestly, it was a very hard two years. There was neither popularity nor sales. (T∀T)
I think that most of the motivational factors for the author of the cartoon are the reaction from the reader and the Zeni, but I feel like I was keeping going up the slope with Tobotobo and bicycle without having anyone push the back without the two is.
Of course I got the manuscript fee. But the cost of electronic manuscripts is low. If there is a large number of DLs, the DL royalties will be earned, which will make the income turn positive, but the DL royalties of the request have hardly been obtained.
In my current style of comics, there is no sense of saturation. You may need some new challenges.
However, it was an NTR system that I wanted to draw once, and it was a good experience for myself.
I think that a book will be released before summer, so I will notify you when it approaches.

So, about the beginning of the delivery of the first episode, I declared that I would like to show the status of the opening 5P's name, drafting, pen insertion etc as progress as it progressed, but it was not a reaction reaction, and I lost my mind. It was left without showing you the second episode or later.
Do you want to see it?
Please comment if there are many voices from paid members that you want to see. As in the first episode, it will be open to paid members.

"No, another ..." or "If you have time to do that, draw a new attractive character"
If you say through please w
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>likely enough jap to Fantia'd someone
>ask for clarification
>gets a fucking MTL

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