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My youtube looks like this. How do I make it go away?
Things I've tried:
restarting my pc
disabling all extensions
deleting cookies (hence the inferior white theme)
tried it on tor and in a private window, using firefox

Videos work if I have a link to them but everything besides it won't load.
well i don't know what it is but you can use hooktube.com as a replacement till you don't figure it out (it's just another youtube interface)
id suggest COMPLETELY removing firefox and installing it again, it will probably work then
File: 1545169170102.jpg (445 KB, 2000x1333)
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445 KB JPG
looks like one of the cdns isn't connecting
if it's not an extension it's probably an issue somewhere along your connection/isp route
you could try a different browser, but if my guess is right it's probably already known about and there's nothing to do but wait and try later
In case previous anons suggestions don't help:
At the left of the the URL bar what does the Show site information icon or the content blocking icon report when clicked?
Create a fresh new firefox profile with no extensions, leaving all options as default. Same result?

I just got a new router so that's probably the issue, although my roommate does not have the problem
I will probably try the waiting approach
you could try unhooking the router and plugging your pc in directly, if possible, but if your roommate doesn't have the same problem it's unlikely the router
unless the two of you are connecting to the router differently (wired vs. wireless), or you setup some MAC address filtering or parental controls/time restricted access and something went wrong
I'd try a different browser.
it's fixed now :D
This can be caused by bad cookies and other leftover site data. If you don't have an extension to manually edit cookies per-site, it's best that you clear your cookies and then refresh the cache with ctrl+f5.

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