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Hey I was told to come here from /gd/

never really been on this part but was looking for some help in making my flyer appear more eye catching and interesting.

>pic related
Is just a concept but don't want anything super complicated but if I were to hand them out to people would make more of an effort of them going
add an angular shape in the background going across the whole image (like a stripe or triangle). i think that would make it more eye catching.
File: Style 1.png (55 KB, 1276x1218)
55 KB
Made a couple design tweaks to the original to make it more eye catching. The first one was sorta along the lines of >>654416 but I wanted to get that "Hey mon we be jammin'" rasta summer feel
File: Style 2.png (171 KB, 1276x1218)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Second one, I changed up the design to look sorta like a sun with the vibe, as well as a change of font to a more relaxed one.
File: Style 3.png (273 KB, 1276x1218)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
Third one, I kept the design, but changed the color scheme to make it look like a summer day. Of the three, I think the first looks best in design, but it could definitely use a change of font.
File: Style 1+3.png (72 KB, 1276x1218)
72 KB
I think a big turn off with your flyer is that there is no definite address. I suggest getting that address/name asap so you can put it on the flyer. Out of curiosity, is this for like a neighborhood cookout or something?

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