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Does anyone recognize these characters?

I obviously know this is drawn in the style of the Powerpuff girls, and I know Yoshinari is the animator, but I don't recognize the characters. There's no Powerpuff I know of that has red hair with green eyes and a purple dress, and their dad always wears a white coat, not a black suit. Perhaps these are characters from some anime that Yoshinari decided to draw in a PPG style? Anyone recognize them? Unless they're just his weird original creations.
That only says it's Blossom because other clueless English speaking people assume it is based on the bow. But blossom has orange hair with pink eyes and a pink dress. The eyes on this girl are specifically colored to be different from her dress (green eyes, purple dress), this is a coloring error an accomplished animator wouldn't make (Yoshinari is a professional who has worked on shows like Evangelion). If you've seen his other PPG fanart you'd see he wouldn't make these mistakes.

Anyway I'm just gonna assume nobody knows who these characters are. Then my guess is they're fan characters belonging to Yoshinari or some other Japanese PPG fan.
A brief roll through R34 gave me no conclusive results, but narrowed it down to
>fan character
>Emi Yusa from The Devil is a Part-Timer
it's just a fan animation by yoh yoshinari
atomic betty?
Thank you for taking the trouble to look it up, but I doubt it's Emi Yuasa. Regardless I'm going to check out this anime.

Thanks for reminding me about Betty. The eyes and hair do fit, and Yoshinari has drawn fanart of her before, but if it's really her I don't see why she'd be chasing a black suited man with a knife. Unless there's a man like that in the show (I haven't watched it)? My guess is still that it's probably a PPG fan character.

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