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I just wanted to ask what people's opinion is on this gaming PC? I don't know very much about computers so I can't build my own one. I recently ordered one from overseas and it arrived broken. I ended up having to spend my own money to ship the fucking thing back, and I am still awaiting a refund. The whole thing was stressful as hell.

With that in mind I decided I will have to buy one locally, so I I can physically call into a store if I have an issue, instead of relying on barely answered email assistance.


I know you'll probably say this computer is way over priced, that's just how it is in Ireland. All I need to know is will it run:

>Skyrim special edition
>Fallout 4
> Resident email 2 remake.

TLDR; will the computer I linked be capable of running the green text games I listed. And if so, how well?
Go buy this https://ie.webuy.com/product-detail?id=sdescus15469001b&categoryName=desktops-windows&superCatName=computing&title=custom-i5-4690k-16gb-ram-1-tb-hdd-gtx-970-4gb-dvd-rw-win-10-b and use the money you save to buy food when the troubles restart.
Thanks, is that one definitely better then? Remember now, you're dealing with a brainlet here.
It should run those games. I ran the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo with a 1050 ti and it ran decent.

I would consider this https://www.currys.ie/ieen/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/hp-omen-880-108na-intel-core-i5-gtx-1060-gaming-pc-1-tb-hdd-128-gb-ssd-10182145-pdt.html.

Looks like the price isn't that much more but it has a 1060 videocard which is a bit better. Worth it in my opinion.


This one's about the same and has a 1060.
It's approximately the same, just older and half the price.

CEX is a reputable retailer, and has a bunch of physical stores you can take it back to if something goes wrong. There's a two-year warranty.
So they're all decent enough then? If not a bit over priced.
I'd just be a bit worried about it being second hand. I've no experience buying second hand computers or electronics. Though if there's a warranty you're halfway home I guess. Thanks anon.

yeah, they're all decent. Overpriced but that's how it is when you buy prebuilt.
>>642416 >>642415 >>642412
Nvidia's cards are named by joining a generation number (6,7,9,10,20) with a price-bracket number (30,50,50,60,70,80,90), with "Ti" meaning, approximately, "and a half".

Accordingly, a 970 is much faster than a 1050Ti, because although it's a generation older (9 vs 10), it's a much more expensive card (70 vs 50). 10-series cards perform roughly as well as the next-one-up in the previous generation, i.e. 1050Ti perfoms the same as 960, 1060 perfoms the same a 970 etc.
Remember you're paying for support and a warranty. If these things aren't something you need, then it will of course seem overpriced, because you're paying for something you won't use.

I hear that but I'm only suggesting ones from the site he originally referred to since he said it was local and I'm trying to cooperate with that.

I personally don't consider support or warranty a thing. Support is sorry enough with most things in life and the ones that do come through I can barely understand them when I talk to them. Warranty I don't consider a thing because in my experience it's still a hassle and you get the run-a-round and just isn't worth it to do it. I'd rather fix the shit myself. If OP wants to go through it that's fine but like I said I don't factor that into pricing because I don't use it since it's like that. I have no problem though if someone else wants to say "yeah, great price considering you get support and warranty". I just build my own and be my own support.
>If these things aren't something you need, then it will of course seem overpriced, because you're paying for something you won't use.

>If these things aren't something you need, then it will of course seem overpriced, because you're paying for something you won't use.

Not sure what you mean by that?. The reason something seems overpriced to me isn't because of how much the buyer will use it or not. I say prebuilts are overpriced is because the parts alone usually cost like 3/4 of what the total build is. and if you're talking like $250 overhead simply for putting it together then think to yourself how many hours would it take you to earn $250?. I really think most people can put it together in that many hours (probably less) which means they would save money putting it together themseles. That's a fast example. The numbers may not be really correct but Hopefully you see my point.
I thought it was pretty obvious that if you value support and a warranty at $0, you're going to object to paying $200 for support and a warranty. That doesn't mean they're worthless, just that you don't value them.

What you're paying for when you buy retail is aftercare and a physical location you can take the thing to and have a person put it right. If you don't need that, that's fine, but not everybody is the exact same person you are, and arguments that convince you ("you could save $200") won't convince everyone ("what if something shows up broken and now I have no computer at all whilst the bit's in the post?")

Just because I don't value support or warranty doesn't mean someone else won't. Some people are good at that that and don't mind trying to reach customer support and them fixing your stuff. Not for me to say if it's a waste or money or not if they're the ones buying it. It's for them to say. In My case I know it would b ea waste. Not sure when I implied they were universally worthless but to be on the safe side I'll correct. They're worthless to me not necessarily to everyone.

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