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Are there any widely known manga which have been drawn with digital tools (instead of traditional ink on comic page)?
I don't know if either of these mangaka solely create their manga with their computers, but the authors of Tsugumomo and Takagi-san often stream themselves drawing their manga.
Tsugumomo's author, especially, makes use of programs to both model the 3D spaces he draws his characters in and the characters themselves. I can't remember the name of the character modeling program, but I think it had "doll" in the name. Because of that, everything in the manga honestly looks amazing. The only problem I have with it is the characters sometimes look a little stiff, but that's mostly when they're colored. Also, know that it's pretty lewd, if you decide to read it.
This is an awesome recommendation. Thanks!
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>model the 3D spaces
Same with backgrounds in punpun.
berserk switched to digital a while ago
>but I think it had "doll" in the name
Could it be DesignDoll?
Yes, that's it, thanks. I thought I was remembering the "doll" part wrong, but that's it.

To expand on my previous post, I didn't realize how much he streamed, but apparently he streams the entire process: https://www.youtube.com/user/yoshikadu2011/videos
And for the lewd pages, he streams on FC2: https://live.fc2.com/17356889
I guess he doesn't save the recordings of these, though? Or I'm just dumb.

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