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Using samsung galaxy s4 and a sandisk 64 gig micro sd card.

The card is not corrupted. It runs fine on other devices. when I put it in my gs4, phone shows the storage as usual. I can browse thru sd card folders and view images. But can't write anything ( can't create folder, can't put data in it). When I try to create folder , this message pops up (see next comment pics).

Any solve? TIA
Here are the screenshots
Here's another one with different file explorer app
If it's a full size SD Card (not microSD) there is a write-lock switch on the side. Make sure it is not set.

Most likely, you're using a microSD, and old Androids can't write on external sd cards.
When I try to copy image from phone storage to sd card.
>there is a write-lock switch on the side. Make sure it is not set
I don't see any switch or setting anywhere! kindly elaborate
If you're using a full size SD Card (pic related) there's a switch on the side.

But you're using it with an android phone so it's probably a microsd, which don't have one. See the link I send you earlier.
I saw the link. But I need a solution.

Before using 64 gig msd card, I used a 2 gb msd card. Where apps could write fine. As specification says, phone suports larger storage, I bought 64 gb card. you know the story. So how could the apps write with 2 gb msd card previously? Weird.

Do I have to root my phone or something?
Hey guys intended to upgrade os to android nougat 7.0+
Would sd card issues be solved?
But did you actually read the link? The app can write just fine, but only in its own directory. This is a permission issue with your phone, and the way Android is designed to work.

Depends in what way it's impacting you. You could format the card as internal storage and use it as internal storage and then you'd have some internal storage.
I read it, and it felt complicated, I don't understand it fully. (People will laugh that I am tryna install new os lol)

>formatting as internal storage
Yeah, I heard about it recently. Easiest option for higher versions. It's kinda funny, not just andro 4.4, other pc linux distros have some problems with storage. They do not directly support ntfs drives.

Btw, preparing for this, let know your thoughts https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4/i9505-orig-develop/jdcteam-optimized-cyanogenmod-14-0-t3479888
> samsung galaxy s4
Wew, that's an ancient phone. I had one and an update later Android decided to be retardedly paranoid and locked out SD card use.
>thinks it's not a good idea that any random app can edit any other app's data, leaving the other app trivially vulnerable to having buffer overruns exploited in code that was assumed just to be reading files it wrote itself
>retardedly paranoid
Letting apps write each others' files, even just the ones on the SD card, fundamentally breaks sandboxing. If you're going to allow that, you don't have apps at all, and you're back to the Windows model of "everything can do everything".

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