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I barely ever have dreams. So when I do have them, I remember them. And last night, I had a terrible dream that even woke me up and made me feel bad.

Basically, the dream goes like this :

There is a large square area with concrete floor, about 15 yards long, and 10 yards wide, and it's surrounded by a chain link fence that is about 20 feet tall. It is open air, so there is no roof. Inside are two bengal tigers, the classic orange with black stripe tigers that you see in movies.... and both of these tigers are my pets and do not attack me.

The dream starts with me opening the door to this cage and walking inside... and I notice the tigers have caught a domestic cat. A fluffy, all white, domestic cat. One of the tigers is much more aggressive, and the other one doesn't care as much. The aggressive tiger has the cat in it's jaws and is laying down to eat or play with it or something...and I'm horrified so I hold the tigers head back and give the cat a chance to run. The cat sprints down the cage area and, right as it jumps up onto the chain link fence to start climbing, my aggressive tiger gets passed my hand and runs after the cat, and leaps into the air and catches the cat again.

And then for some weird reason, the cat turns into a fox. And now the fox's legs are being chewed on by the tiger, and I'm horrified again and cannot allow this. The fox starts to scream in pain, and I again, use my hands to distract my pet tiger... the fox tries to run away but it's so badly mauled... that as it's running ... it's dragging both hind legs behind it... and then it's guts start to spill out, and then it's head simply falls off due to the injuries and it dies.

I immediately started saying "Tigers are killers, this is horrible, why would anyone like predators like these" and then I woke up.
What does this mean??? I am a Christian man if that helps.
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According to the scientific understanding of dreams, they're basically your brain in idle mode defragmenting your memory (cleaning up / sorting out / refreshing what belongs into long-term memory) and reinforcing neuronal links/paths that might be useful in the future (preparing you / training you with made-up scenarios).

In my experience there often is a link to your real life, but not neccessarily and that link certainly doesn't have to make a lick of sense. In the end it's just your brain firing aimlessly and forming composite images, drawing inspiration from the sumtotal of your life experience.

Maybe you've seen a documentary about tigers two weeks ago. Or your brain dug out memories of having a pet cat as a child. Or it just wanted to see how you would/should react when faced with the ethical dilemma of caring for tigers and foxes. It's just neurons firing aimlessly. I wouldn't read too much into it.

I'm a frequent dreamer and have been keeping a dream journal for almost a decade. It's interesting trying to trace the origins of your dreams, but it's a pretty pointless exercise. Don't worry about it. Treat it as an awesome movie you've been shown free of admission and move on.

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